Your Journal - April 2021
Your Journal April 2021
The journal about your experiences as cosmic energetics steadily unfold their vibrations.

Be creative. Make a journal rather than purchasing one. Title it. Consider making each entry a letter to an “Ascended Master” or an “Archangel” or just address each entry to your Higher Self. Share with others of like-consciousness (and super-consciousness) what you are experiencing so that you do not feel alone in your journey.

Remember, we are all transforming to Higher Beings and are Cosmic Citizens.

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Dear Higher Self.

These feelings come and go. One minute I’m so sure of what’s coming and the next I feel like a scared child. I’m trying my best to stay in the balance. To stay grounded. There are times where I feel like I’m being pulled out of my body, or I feel dizzy. I look around at all the people and the state of the world and I pray for them. So many people look lost. Some don’t want to learn about the truth and that’s their journey. I have to learn that everyone is not going to want the truth as much as I do.


Apr 29 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear Soul:

At times peace falls upon me , out of the blue , this stillness , this silence …

But , I remain puzzled and confused , more questions than answers appearing . If disclosure is a healing tool ? Some people I feel will find it hard to believe , friends and family now are telling me I am crazy , will not see me because I chose not to vaccinate , at times I think they may be right … it took me years to begin reading about other beings , and the unconscionable things being done to young children in the world , was a very red hard pill to swallow , even if this is a matrix , and we have never left home … it feels like a exodus .. at times . Very confusing times , Disclosure will this help ? Are some people not ready ? Are they going to go mad or deny it ? And all this talking about Ascención ? What does it mean ? Some will go ? Some will stay? Living in 3 D? Or are we all going to be in and out of the different dimensions? I know spiritual teaches who are pure souls and they function well within the world now … and they talk not about any of this disclosure , that also confuses me greatly ..

I have found so much courage in reading about all these patriotic movements and the justice we all crave, I find it hard to believe that is not part of the plan …
I keep doing my bit , dealing with my ego the best way I can , it feels like ages I have been doing this work ..

Thank you much for this space , much love , light and victory !


Apr 29 2021, Your Journal April 2021

To my Dearest Higher self, Angels, Light Beings, God,
I can slowly see more and more black and white movies through my third eye. I am totally smitten with this unique experience and I would like to open up more. I can now start to see vivid colours in the sky, just the other day I saw a whole part of the sky was a light purple colour when I was talking to someone. It quickly vanished. I am in love with the experiences that i am receiving and so look forward to more.

Much Love and Light


Apr 28 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Today i had an idea of SPIRALS.

While meditating i found my breathing producing in my mind a counterclockwise spiral on inhalation and a clockwise spiral on exhalation. I discern this as my way of receiving information (inhale) and putting out energies on the exhalation. I played with running the spirals in either direction, on inhalation or exhalation and found what worked for me as a system of asking and receiving, saving or discarding patterns, running light ramps to source for these thoughts, and gathering information from behind or ahead, future or past. In a way it’s like collecting and throwing energies, and i ask that this is all under the tutelage of my higher self, the angels and saints, higher light forces and all who serve the light. I have found i can use this to purify and clarify energies i feel, thoughts i have, dreams ambitions, questions and about any other thing that could apply to my intentions, knowledge base, spiritual growth etc. For these insights I AM very much grateful!


Apr 19 2021, Your Journal April 2021

My Ancestors told me to lean into Shamanism more.
I finally, after weeks of contemplating their signs and nudging to do it.
Since then (a week ago) I have resources that weren’t open to me before.


Apr 18 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear Jesus,

After the Age of Aquarius activation in December 2020, I felt I was on your path, the path of the healer, the Son/Daughter of God, fully able to use my word in my faith of the power of the Divine Creator. Things were going along very smoothly for me. I was able to practice self care, help and heal others, and live and love in my power. In the beginning of 2021, I hit many bumps in the road, but was still able to manage mentally and emotionally. I felt in control, still able to assist others and I felt very energized. Then issues from my past, not fully healed, emerged from the depths. My foundation began to crumble under me and the fears I didn’t realize I had began to take over my thoughts and emotions. Since then, I haven’t been able to meditate, use my intuition, heal or have patience like I used to. I was made to face the demons and fear that I had. I thought I had faith, but my faith was tested and I was mad. Mad at God and myself. I was so mad and angry at God, I screamed and cried. Every day. I was forced to stop putting effort into healing others. My life took a completely different direction. I realized that I lacked self love. I realized all the issues I had with others were issues with myself. I hate what I see out in the world. I focus on the lack that I perceive to have. I felt abandoned by you and by Mother Mary and all my guides, angels and loved ones. And I realized all of these things are untruths. I Am not abandoned…I never was. I chose to be here and descend to Earth. I Am not unloved because I Am love. I had to experience the negative to assist in these moments. My intuitive abilities have not fully returned. I haven’t attempted to heal others because I need to heal myself first. I need not prove others wrong, and instead know in myself what the Turth is and live that Truth completely. I Am not where I want to be, but that is my ego speaking. I Am exactly where I need to be, now. Jesus, please walk with me and I will listen. Please hold me in Love and Light and remind me that I Am forgiveness. Please help me see the beauty, and embody the peace. Help me keep my faith strong. Send Mother Mary to nurture me so I may nurture others. Finally, show me the ways of healing so I might assist Earth and her inhabitants to Ascend into the Light and Love of the Infinite Creator.
I Am Human, Fully Divine. I Am Divine, Fully Human. I Am The Resurrection and the Life. I Am the Light. I Am the Love. I Am the Truth. I AM.

In loving service, Kylie


Apr 16 2021, Your Journal April 2021

cher anonyme des coeurs celà fait du bien de pleurer celà permet d,évacuer ce qui nous rend si malheureux ou malheureuse. JESUS qui est JESUS ?
vous marchez avec lui,vous dormez avec lui vous parlez avec lui,vous faites vos courses avec lui vous jardinez avec lui … Vous etes jésus,je suis jésus nous sommes tous jésus.qui est il?
C,est notre corps qui est très grand pas en chair il est en cristal surmonté d,une couronne de cristal de matière subtil Pour l,instant il est a l,état brut blanc il ne brille il est mat.
quelle salade on a lu buvez et mangez le corps du christ ? quelle imagination débordante nous avons .
il faut se couper des sources de la boite auquel nous sommes branché ;mettre la boite aux repos
créer une jolie prière qui nous fait plaisir avec les émotions du coeur .car le coeur est le cerveau central et c,est le coeur qui communiquera avec le grand soleil .C,est tout pour l,,instant
si nos parents nous avez créer avec le mode d,emploi nous serions des robots
par leurs immense AMOUR ils nous ont confiés à nos parents adoptifs pour que nous puissions développer notre intelligence.
nous laissons faire des bétises a nos enfants pour qu,ils comprennent nous les corrigeons
se serait un manque d,amour si on les félicitait en les encourageant à continuer .

NOUS NE CULPABILISONS EN RIEN c,est par les erreurs expérience que nous apprenons

IL n,y a pas de culpabilité à avoir il faut aimer nos défauts pour reconnaitre nos qualités

très chers coeurs je vous aime


Apr 16 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear Higher self,
Beam me up Scotty!!!!!!


Apr 16 2021, Your Journal April 2021

auourdh,uit chere ame j,avais décidé de me reposer après avoir laché un peu de leste d,un poids aussi lourd que l,univers . depuis ma petite enfance mon père m,envoyait un petit cailloux pour me parler au travers de personnes ,d,images ,de reves, de situations ,d,etres étranges etc…je ne comprenez rien a force de poser des questions sans réponse je me suis résignée a mettre tout celà dans un panier.quand il y a eu des etres étranges qui venaient me voir dans mon travail mon père m,a appelé bien sur du fait que nous comprenons le langage des formes on nous montre des formes pour communiquer tout dépend de la propreté de nos filtres les formes peuvent plus ou moins étres déformés. bien souvent on peux recevoir des images de forme pour nous mettre en alerte.Mon père est très agé et très en forme pour me recevoir il avait aménagé un trone il s,était revétu de vétements de ce qu,il y avait de plus simple ainsi qu,une couronne .il m,,a reçu avec son grand sourire comme j,aime et tout joyeux.Il a appelè le personnel pour me montrer un tas de choses quand ils sont repartis .Il m,a regardé dans les yeux,il a posé le doigt sur ses lèvres et m,a dit .Chut ce que je te montre c,est un secret il ne faut rien dire ;,j, ai compris qu,il fallait que je prenne la poudre d,escampette je suis partie a 800km C,,était en l,an deux milles .

cher ame je vous parlerais des tremblements il y a une explication simple restons calme
,la chine représente une couleur chercher là en vous et vous comprendrez .NOS PARENTS nous montrent des choses et nous ne les comprenont pas Parce que nous ne sommes pas véritablement prochent de nos parents ….
je ferais un autre journal .
il va falloir faire un choix soit nous continuons a obéir a la baguette a nos parents adoptifs par leur autorité leurs roles est de nous éduquer avec le fouet s,il le faut
soit nous retrouvons nos véritables parents pour ceux qui le désire avec un doux breuvage de miel et de lait
soit ont recommence ses classes 25000 pour obeir à nos parents adoptifs avec un breuvage au cyanure
on a le choix c,est un choix personnel individuel rien est imposé

soit nous nous rapprochons


Apr 16 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear Jesus

I’m sorry that I don’t talk to you, don’t feel bad, I don’t talk to a lot of people, but you deserve an explanation, I’m confused about you, I’m learning, but you for some reason touch me on an extreme emotional level, I want to be strong and brave brother, and I’m not with you, I feel your pain to my core, I cry and carry on like a fruitcake, I can’t hold it together when it comes to you, that is why I ignore you my love. may visit me anytime 💕


Apr 16 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear Soul of mine:

I ordered food to go the other way , second time since this crisis started and as I was opening the cardboard box of oriental food , I could see and feel how unnatural and unloving this all felt. My friends and I had a conversation about precisely this , how food to go , it is even eaten differently , it sort of calls or makes us eat out of a box, not seating properly or gathered , over heated or with a mushy consistency from seating inside a container for too long .

I hope after this is all over , at least this stage of the game, and we begin to see and live food as nourishment with all its nurturing , quality , in community in love , in peace .

No food to go , for me , food for thought a lot these days .

May April showers bring May flowers to all of us !


Apr 15 2021, Your Journal April 2021

I Wanna Thank The Holy Spirit For Having Shown Me The Absoluteness Of The Love Divine, For Teaching Me A Way To Love … How To Say … Extrasystemic ! … All Embracing – Being Everything And Nothing At The Same Time … But The Grain Of Sand Or Rice Are The Infinite(S), And Viceversa. All Is Pure Energy Of Love- Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart And My Soul!!!


Apr 14 2021, Your Journal April 2021


I’ve always wanted to create a beautiful temple surrounded by a beautiful garden.
Surrounded by beautiful flowers, greenery and herbs, it is a place to pray quietly.
A place full of love and harmony with beautiful crystals shining.
It is a place where everyone can seek healing from beyond the universe.
It is a place where you can think and learn about beautiful philosophy with a divine light.

My image had to swell even more concretely, but it stopped there.

Dear, ELIAR-FLOURS, I knew your name. You are a Magical builder of the universe. I learned how you create beautiful spaces and colors,as an artist.
You can even erase a dark black astral plane white like an eraser, bringing beautiful colors to it.

My wish is to meet you and ask for teaching. How can I create such a beautiful thing?
I am looking forward to seeing you!


Apr 14 2021, Your Journal April 2021

bonjour Anonyme de votre si jjolie coeur en réponse a votre très beau journal a l,heure actuelle il n,y a pas d,étude nous avançons tous en meme temps vous devez préparer vos corps pour tous ceux que j,ai expliqué .MON JOURNAL doit etre partagé pour tous sans exception .qu,elle estt nié elle vous a dit la vérité pourquoi? parce que vous avez dieu et diesse en vous pourquoi chercher ailleurs .Créateur a tout ;chaque humain a tout donc il n,y a pas lieu de chercher ailleurs ce que nous avons a l,état latent .nous devons réparer ,huiler etc…mettre tout en ordre il faut etre opérationnel donc fete confiance aux techniciens des autres dimentions et petit à petit nous recupèrerons nos capacités pour devenir ce que nous sommes.

dans l,autre journal des mots qui ont peut etre pas été compris
le YeTi = YouTube
pomme bleue = Sonic Elevator
c,est là qu;il faut aller réellement sur l,écran
en faisant celà vous allégez le travail de tous les etres qui viennent des autres dimensions
pour faire des activations
allongez vous fermer les yeux et pensez a rien laissez vous aller
le but est de pouvoir monter en fréquence dans de bonnes conditions
les enfants du créateur ont dieu diesse en eux qu,ils aient travaillés ou non spirituellementt
dr schavi est là pour apporter baume conseil et réconfont et se veut rassurant avec son chat joyeux.
si vous avez ressenti depuis quelques jours c,est dieu diesse en vous qui active vos propres énergies de l,intérieur en vous celà se fait tout seul sans dualité .
le but c,est de se préparer proprement sans se griller.
j,espère avoir répondu a certaines de vos questions
avec tout notre amour à tous anonyme de mon coeur
je t,aime profondément


Apr 14 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dearest SOURCE, Thou Who Are the Divine Mother, Thou Who Are Narayana, the “Sustainer”:

Thank you for your allowing me to assist in the elevation of planetary and galaxy consciousness by teaching sacred principles. This, as you know, has been my “Mahavrata” (“Great Vow”) for a long while. As all beings travel through the Photon Belt and receive continual influxes of Thy “HOLY LIGHT”, many are still questioning the process because the symptoms of it are often very challenging. Please allow each person to understand the reception of Thy LIGHT more profoundly so that their unsettled feelings can be mitigated. I often notice that as I am in prayer, meditation, or contemplation that bright sunlight streams in through the window of whichever room I am in at the time. My HIGHER SELF has told me that this is one of your ways of letting me know that you are near. I also know that it is an influx of nutrition for the physical vessel. Dhanyavada! (“Thank You”).


Apr 14 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear God,

I’m so grateful to you for sending your shekinah to me, she healed me, filled me with love and joy, I was at peace for a time, I’ve wondered about her for so long, and denied that she was a part of you, only because of my lack in understanding, its been a tough road to trod upon in my world, I believe in you, I believe in the shekinah, she is me and I am her now, I know you know everything about me, but I’m still learning about you, I crave more knowledge, I need more of you everyday, I don’t know how to ask for a more personal relationship with either of you, I’m hoping you will read this and respond kindly, I miss your energy and I miss dreaming with you, I’m afraid, please don’t forsake me because of my ignorance, I love you ❤


Apr 14 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear Higher Self,

I want to say thank you for sending me to this planet and allowing me to witness changes and experiences. Life here can be challenging at the times, but here’s nothing what we couldn’t do, because even after the darkest nights sun rises and gives us warmth and light.

I still have so much to learn and experience, making myself a better person and helping others in need. Especially now, then here’s so much confusion and pain.

In end we are One and this journey is eternal.


Apr 14 2021, Your Journal April 2021

It’s been a year since I started the journey of knowledge. I’ve been half-awake since I was born. The current state is whistling in the ears, various intonations, and different lengths of time. Last week, I picked up a very high and strong tone in the right ear. It was the third time in six months. From yesterday on, I sometimes see shadows peripherally during the day, flashing colours and seeing glowing balls flying fast. Then I see these little glowing balls against the sky or the white wall. The chakra system also manifests itself. Lower chakras are good but work is being done on upper chakras. I feel a big wheel on my forehead between my eyes, sometimes it feels faint, and sometimes it pushes. I remember last year, it was a beautiful day, and I was lying on my bed, meditating, and suddenly there was a strong metallic crack from the places where is the pineal. I can smell the crown of the chakra, too. I’ve been in pain in this place since yesterday.

I will tell you the dream from this night 13.4.2021. In the dream, I had the impression that there was a division of dimensions. I was in some places where there were a lot of people, and by the end of the dream, those people were disappearing. First, they turned to mist, and then they disappeared completely.

White Raven

Apr 13 2021, Your Journal April 2021

On the morning of November 20, 2020, I was fired from my healthcare job for refusing to wear a mask in the departments that used to be mask-free areas before COVID-19 came along. Today I received a notice letting me know that my certification to work as a Sterile Processing Technician is terminated. I made the decision to not renew my certification because I no longer wanted to be part of a LOUSY healthcare system that is only about POWER AND GREED.

FREEDOM is a BEAUTIFUL, SPIRITUAL GIFT from GOD and I LOVE being FREE to SPEAK and LIVE in TRUTH. Very GRATEFUL to GOD, Q, ANONS, and many other LIGHT WARRIORS for inspiring me to take MY POWER BACK.



Apr 13 2021, Your Journal April 2021

bonjour à tous et à toutes j,aime beaucoup chacune de vos aventures, nous avons tous fait des études pour comprendre il y a eu des classes pour expérimenter le négatif il y a eu des classes pour expérimenter le positif et des classes mixtes pour les deux. que se soit ici ou ailleurs dans des pays lointains ,d,autres galaxies d,autres époques celà a toujours ètait le meme but. découvrir le cadeau de ce que nous sommes. ce qui importe c,est de tout aimer dans toutes les facettes celà je commence à le comprendre. pensez vous que nous sommes pret pour la suite?


Apr 13 2021, Your Journal April 2021

I understand collateral as my line didn’t start here… I am not only the mix of Irish blood to drops of everything, my spirit started long ago. I am Atlantean I know, I am the fish, the glow. My halo so strong it was forged in fire for time can be longer in pain for gain. May I find the wisdom to rise The Phoenix of Nine Tales.


Apr 12 2021, Your Journal April 2021

What to say, hmm. . . . .

I could talk about meditating at 16 in the middle of a high school football field on a hot day, asking God for it to rain very very hard. Comically . . .God answered back with a hail storm That was fun!

Or, last September, the night before having to make the decision to take my brother off life support. He had been hit by a car and had suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. While meditating that night, I felt an overwhelming warmth come over me telling me “He lives”. Believe it or not, my brother walked out of the hospital just in time for Christmas!

Or, what I believe to be my third eye opening, which was a vision of pure source golden light falling down on me like rain but with a grand feeling of warmth and a love like I’ve never felt in my entire life — I didn’t want it to end, and I held on as long as I could! That was last December, about a week before the final Age of Aquarius meditation.

However, I feel inclined to tell of my dream-state alien abduction (not sure of a better way to reference it) that happened about 2 months ago. I was fully alert, but pretended not to be, and from the shadows, as I was floating and facing downward) I was implanted with what appeared to be a small olive branch. There was no pain or anything, everything was exceptionally clean and actually quite pleasant. As I was being returned to my bed, I didn’t hesitate to make a move and playfully tackled him from behind before he could get away. I had determined it was a him based on his strong, masculine, but hairless facial features. He didn’t appear to be startled, and simply turned and looked back at me, and me feeling like a child in comparison, I just smiled and gave him a big loving hug. Suddenly I heard a loud noise, as though he was being called to return, and he disappeared. The next day I happened upon a video talking about Bible references to the olive branch, which pointed me to Romans 11:17 (a number I see often, and a verse that mentions grafting of the olive branch). It all seemed quite synchronous, indeed!

Wow, to be able to express openly without judgement – this is AWESOME! I have truly enjoyed reading others’ journal entries and hope to read many more.

All, I am so excited for the beautiful future that lies ahead! Love you!!!


Apr 11 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Lions Gate of 2017 opened up many experiences that were multidimensional for me. I had always experienced the metaphysical aspects of things since I came to Earth but the Lions Gate was like an LSD trip in a most fabulous way.

Was attuned to Usui Ryoho Reiki that year. Within months, I was talking to the other side of the veil and eventually connected with the Lion Family and started the discussion of my time in Babylon, Jesus in the political atmosphere and the ET presence during that time.

Months before December 2020, I started extreme spiritual purging and consider most of 2020 “The Year of Tears”. I remember that the discussion of mankind’s retribution process was huge and frightened me somewhat. I worried about all the things that I could have done to hurt others.

Then the EPIPHANY – my biggest retribution was to myself. Not loving and honoring myself. The times I thought suicide was the answer. I also viewed THE EVENT of 2020 as an external process. Wrong again, it was all internal and “the Death of Ego” was an experience that was quite intense.

I was told to create a list for my NEW EARTH life in which I did and then one night during communication with my Pliedian family I was witness to meeting with my Earth Family (my mom and Dad passed away) voting for certain qualities and experiences they wanted for me. Then an item would be pulled from my list and like a whirling of energy they would say, “Policy Set” then move to each item, “Policy Set”.

The soul work had been done first and now the new existence that is being created on this Earth was also set for me by my own desires and the help of “family” from the other side of the veil. I am now being guided to an area in the US to step into portals and worm holes to work with my Pliedian family of light. I did not know why they chose a sleepy town in the middle of Texas until I found out that that town sits on a 50 mile, 1 billion year old, pre-cambien monolith called Llanite. This mineral/rock is very powerful and creates a fabulous healing quality for the residents and the water there is one of the purest sources. Thank you for reading my “Cliff Notes” to my journey.

My adventure will bring healing qualities for all, a very long life of joy (I am 61), and I guess there is love in the picture even though I did not include that on my list. That Policy was Set for me by family.

Remember the qualities of the muted lunar light. Manifesting is done through the waxing moon. Rest and releasing of all that no longer serves you is done by the waning moon. The full moon is a powerful tool to set things in motion for what you desire and need. Love and Light to all my family out there. What a ride this has been. Glad to be here.


Apr 11 2021, Your Journal April 2021

l,égo oui c,est un sujet qui serait bon d,étudier car j,ai mis des années et des années de comprendre ce que c,,était et je ne pense pas que j,ai tout compris nous avons tous un égo sans exception ,
le jour n,est pas meilleur que la nuit
la lumière n,est pas meilleur que l,ombre
sans matière noire nos corps nos muscles nos yeux tous nos organes pendraient la matière noire sert de ciment pour former le corps physique
le noir l,ombre n,ai pas mauvais.
Vos averses d,avril fleurirons de belles fleurs en mai car vous y aurez mis du sentiment de l,amour

Les peurs doivent se nourrir d énergie de peur plus on les nourri plus on n,aura de peur c,,est comme pour les sentiments les défaults donc il ya different procédé ou technique qui existent.


Apr 10 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Coral tulips sing the joy & beauty of sunset hues.
First dandylions close.
Treefrog hums the evening into peace.


Apr 9 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear Higher Self/Angels/Archangels

Ever since 2019 my life change I don’t see things like i used too and I don’t resonate with a lot of things anymore I’m feeling a lot of emotions and anxiety I was one main one i keep confusing it with fear so I get scared allot every time a thought cones into mind i get scared of it and I wasn’t like this a few years back but I know it ms for a good cause we need to bring Heaven on Earth but first we have to work on ourselves before we can do that I always see angel numbers everywhere I go 11:11 777 555 444 angel number are keeping me sane because sometimes I feel like if I’m going crazy.


Apr 9 2021, Your Journal April 2021

To All Selves,

I Love you All So Much. EGO-2-Egg. May I be as strong and brave as I am hard on myself. May I bring April Showers for May Flowers.

I will be Me no matter how much darkness pours from false light.

Light = Truth
Darkness = Lies

0 to 9 are the numbers we see on the calculator…

Love is powerful, no judgment is full of power.


Apr 9 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Ce nouveau programme ( Votre Journal ) est une bonne chose c,est comme une porte que l,on ouvre pour y découvrir une source rafraichissante d,,expérience de chaque soleil en miniature dontt vous etes les écrivains
le ruissellement des mots quel qu,il soit nous permet de nous raffraichir et nous évader pour un court instant
j,ai aimé chacune de vos expériences; un grand merci.


Apr 8 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear Higher Self,

Ever since December 2020 I have been on a spiritual journey connecting all the dots all that has been and is at this present time. I’m very grateful for the spark of magic you point out to me every moment of the day.

The birds, sun, the sound of water running down the creek, the wind blowing gently to caress my body form, the abundance of health you have guided me to achieve with eating the food that has life and light (fruits and veggies).

Clean live water to hydrate this beautiful vessel I am in (body) to have this wonderful human experience. I am so grateful for all family and friends that like me love to enjoy each other’s company with love, compassion, grace, joy.

I am sooo grateful for the information I receive everyday 24/7 on past lives all the knowledge that you have shared and are helping me access to better my human experience in this now moment.

I am grateful for the compassion I have learned to have with my self (how to be gentle with myself) in times of trauma healing and especially how to let go with grace and love. I am grateful for you always want me to be in high vibration and frequency as I am everyday practicing leveling up my vibration and in constant communication with you.

Thank you I love you soooo much words cannot describe.


Apr 8 2021, Your Journal April 2021

These are two experiences I’d like to share, I will address it to the Galactic Federation.

The first one is during a meditation, had the gift of being able to leave the body. I reached probably the ionosphere, probably… I could see the Earth curvature, it was all pink colored, probably the ionospheric plasma.

I was over the Gibraltar Strait, I could clearly see all Europe and the coasts of Africa. It was during a mass meditation.

I saw a pillar of white light coming from above, in this pink environment, coming down in brighter waves and reaching Gaia, but I wasn’t able to see where it was touching down. There was “something” descending or ascending through this pillar, a brighter orb…

The other thing I saw was a white glow, not very big, on the surface of the Planet, it was located in North-East Germany…

I wasn’t able to stay concentrated for long due to the emotions taking over…


The second occurrence was during a state of trance, altered state of being, proper inspiring music, eyes closed… this is quite recent, few months ago… I saw a massive spaceship, kind of how the artist concepts illustrate Jerusalem.

It was just outside the window, very very real, “disk” shaped with all the lights on, massive, over yonder. Than I saw the Merkaba, 3D shaped, geometric, lines in bright yellow, glowing, with a rainbow of colors, in the blue… while the spaceship was in a darker sky… the Merkaba was much close, I would say in front of me.

Again, I wasn’t able to stay concentrated for long, it was so real that I opened the eyes to see better… of course it was on the Astral Plane, but incredibly, closing again the eyes, all these things reappeared.

I interpreted this vision as “my spaceship” and the Merkaba the vector to board the craft. But I wasn’t ready to board yet, just guessing, as my mission here is not yet over.

I want to tank the Galactic Federation for sending this ship toward my way, I will resume my position on board when the time will be right.

Much Love and Light.


Apr 8 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear Lord, Father of the Universe and Creator:

Reading these other heartfelt journal entries, have compelled me to share some of my own findings during these particular times, more precisely this past month or two.

I notice feelings and emotions come and swiftly move pass me, they do not seem to have that awful Velcro effect, that stickiness they once had.

I live with less fear, but do not seem to grasp a future yet. I see there is potential out there for our humanity, but still feel saddened by the state of affairs in the world. It often feels like labor pains. Something unknown ready to be born.

I have been keeping a gratitude journal, seeing beauty and connecting with spirit and with love as best as I can.

Today’s gratitude note goes to precisely Disclosure News, I do not know how I got to read this blog, it was probably a few years ago two or three, reading it, is part of my daily evening ritual now and I love and feel safe with the information shared here. Thank you all the contributors .

May all beings discover their true beingness.



Apr 8 2021, Your Journal April 2021

In un momento di difficoltà della vita,dove mi sono fatta prendere dal panico e dalla sfiducia,ho fatto un sogno che me lo ricorderò sempre!
Mi trovavo in un giardino bellissimo,con una cascata,ed ero un cigno. Sentivo l’acqua che mi trascinava,era come viverlo in quel momento.

Sentì una voce che riempì tutto il posto:
Ti ho dato le ali, perché non voli?

Il giorno dopo ho pensato: forse questa cosa che voglio non è per il mio bene,e dentro di me ho rinunciato!
A sorpresa, ho passato l’esame già prima di cominciarlo!


Apr 7 2021, Your Journal April 2021

When I was about eighteen years old, I had a dream in which I was asleep at the local airport, waiting for a flight, when suddenly the whole waiting room went up and everyone was screaming and I was almost two meters away from the hall window.

And i asked the man stayed in my right hand side, if we were all going up, and he said yes, and I do not know why, but I said no one should worry, and we got somewhere and entered a tunnel.

It was round and it was dark and we all moved forward, and at the end of the tunnel, everything was clear, and as soon as we entered the end of the tunnel, the river was very beautiful and when people saw this scene, they all achieved a certain calmness and all from The rocks were diving into the water and we were all happy and I took a moment to look at the other side of the tunnel and saw that there were many tunnels next to each other and people were screaming and coming out of the tunnel As soon as I see the river, everyone achieves a certain calmness, and I wanted to share this dream experience with you, my dear brothers and sisters.

And I hoped to see all the people by that very beautiful and meaningful river.


Apr 7 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dear Higher Self,

Each Day since the December Solstice has been like a dream. I’ve systematically taken all that I have learned from the “Law of One”,the Bible, Quantum Physics and now “The Completion Process “, to heal my own wounds. I knew that these wounds were blocking me from achieving great things for over 35 years. These wounds would open each time I felt a trigger and left it unresolved. But now it seems as if magically I can see them Clearer. Once I acknowledge them I don’t see them return.

Of course,I need to improve my eating fast.I can’t take anymore midnight stomach aches. So I’ve cut out meat and grease since Dec.2020. Now I’m working on the eliminating the sweets. I wish you could help me figure out a way to be more disciplined. Donuts taste so delicious.Or maybe if you could just take away my cravings for pastrys. Any how….I’m slowly noticing that my body reacts better to simply fruits and water.

I’m so happy truly eternally happy. And Now….all I want to do is remain happy!

Your Indigo Child,
Princess Pea

Princess Pea

Apr 7 2021, Your Journal April 2021

Dearest Higher Self: I reflect on a dream I had decades ago.

In the dream, I was driving down a highway, and as I glanced towards my right, I saw a raging rivet. Waves were surging and flapping violently. Then strong winds occurred, and I had difficulty controlling my car.

Suddenly, as anxiety gripped me, I was transported to a place where very bright light gleamed. Everything was calm. All of the buildings were gleaming like pure crystal! I parked my car and walked into a huge temple-like building with lots of rooms. In each room there were people dressed in clothing of different eras of time.

In a large hall, people dressed in ancient clothing of thousands of years ago (Egyptian-like), were smiling and sending LIGHT to everyone from their hands and third eye. When I awoke, I realized that the raging waters represented emotional turmoil, and that the high winds were solar winds. The place of LIGHT was another dimension.

The rooms with people wearing clothing of various centuries symbolized time lines. In conclusion, the dream was a message about human erratic emotions being acted upon by cosmic events, but all time lines are being given LIGHT, and the knowledge of these current times (the “Now”) was known in ancient space/time continuum. So, LIGHT has been coming to us throughout many thousands of years to heal and protect us and to help us to level-up!


Apr 7 2021, Your Journal April 2021

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