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Your Destination is Just Ahead


Your Destination is Just Ahead – SaLuSa. By Gabriel RL.

Again, as one might expect, great moves have been going on behind the scenes, and now the signs of it are seen from the “outside” much more comprehensively.

The wheel is spinning” and those who are most capable will be able to see it clearly and be sure that your resistance to the onslaught of those who belong to the darkness has paid off.

It’s a matter of time before everyone sees, in full, the big picture, and what was being moved.

The true intentions of those who serve the Light have served as protective shields in the work of barring the final onslaughts of those who have not yet accepted that their time of domination is over.

It is as the old saying goes: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s“.

So let the old man look in the mirror and see himself, taking nothing for himself of what belongs to him, because your destiny is well in sight and has nothing to do with the old ways.

It is natural that sometimes you are immersed in great torments, since the new, in your lives, requires that you take a more active attitude.

It is also normal that you have to make choices that for you thay may occasionally be very hard, because sometimes they imply letting go the loved ones who have chosen to take a new path.

You must seek to understand that every change requires movement, and you are, right now, in a great starting point.

Dear ones, your old Selves no longer support themselves with the new one that is settling.

Restarting toward the Light

Restarting toward the Light

Your Destination is Just Ahead

The comings and goings will become more frequent, as everything fits and click into the new experiences.

As time progresses, your karmic debris are moved so that you can release them as quickly as possible, you can move forward.

Clearing the Karmic Debris

Clearing the Karmic Debris

Your Destination is Just Ahead

This, beloved, is not an imposition of the Creator, but a choice of yours before this present incarnation, because this time you chose Ascend, and you do not want anything to hinder you.

The comings and goings are often painful, and although you take two steps ahead, you always give one back, most of the time, due to the fear of abandoning the old.

But the Creator is infinitely loving and allows you to take a step back so that you can confirm that the old man is no longer part of your lives, and so you give two forward, in a safest way.

In the end, everything is an experience and the more you expand your consciousness, the more you become aware of it.

With less and less interference from those who belong to darkness, who are now more monitored than ever and with their influences increasingly and drastically diminished, you can begin to see the first signs of freedom of choice, consciously using your free will, and without interference.

You have been induced, in many of your lives, to take some decisions based on certain emotions and thoughts, instilled by beings outside your planet.

Though you have always been endowed with unimaginable power and able to withstand any influence.

But you must also consider the great experience you have gained, that allowed you to further expanded your consciousness and it is now much stronger than ever, and you will no longer fall into the traps set by the draconian (negative) minds.

Conscience Expansion

Conscience Expansion

Your Destination is Just Ahead

Look at your future, which is already in sight, and know that you will not go through such hard tests.

You are demonstrating your greatness.

The more you resist the last attacks of the darkness, the more you will secure your places in the journey into the cosmos, which are already waiting for your presence, there you can teach how life is at low vibrations and how you can resist.

Beloved Ones, there are many students waiting for you, and be sure that you will be greatly applauded when you go out into the cosmos to give your testimony of Ascension in the thickest darkness.

With your expansion, we are increasingly empowered to draw near to you, so that your physical bodies are not so affected.

It also ensures that those who oppose us can not interfere in our approach, as the contact with us is your choice.

In our most recent meetings, diplomats from various civilizations have listened lovingly to those who wish to keep your reality as is.

These, knowing that their time was over, and even threatening to destroy your planet, heard from the Great Masters of this Universe that a planetary destruction would no longer be allowed, so that it would again harm an entire system.

They were told that they should respect the decisions of the human species of the Earth who are freely choosing the contact with their Space Family.

The Dark Forces can not oppose the expansion

The Dark Forces can not oppose the expansion

Your Destination is Just Ahead

Although they were upset, they could not oppose the energy present at the meeting, leaving it in the respectful silence of the Light Forces present.

Know, beloved, that most of you are part of these meetings.

Although some human beings believe in the death and hunt down those who desired your destruction, in these meetings there is much Love and respect.

It is something that you will be aware of as you expand your consciousness.

You will look to those who persecute you with more Love and you will be able to help them more quickly in their work of returning to the Light.

You are really experiencing a “break of  the matrix” and when you see souls, once devoted to serving the darkness, For Light, do not be frightened.

In the same way, if you see souls once devoted to the Light to withdraw and give up their ways, do not be frightened either, but rather understand, as we have always said, that everything follows a higher plan and, in a general way, everything serves the Light.

It is a great experience that you are bringing to a conclusion.

Some of the souls chose to tread their paths from beginning to end, connected to the Light of their hearts.

And these are the most sought after in these times of great transformation, they will be the balance between the comings and goings, between those who come and those who go, between those who serve the Light and those who serve darkness.

You will be above that.

You will truly be above duality.

Beloved, you know: that is why you are so active these days.

It is you who are responsible for balance.

Not because this was imposed on you, but because your veteran souls have the proper abilities to do what needs to be done.

Ready to the First Contact

Ready to the First Contact

Your Destination is Just Ahead

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and, as a spokesperson for the Galactic Federation, we wave with a flag to show you that the finish line is already in sight. Do not retreat now that you are so close to what took eons to arrive. We know that you are tired of the long journey, but we also know that in your hearts you are proud of yourselves because of your magnitude.

We give you our Love and blessings, of all those who make up our fleets, for those whom we consider true masters. It is we who desire to see you, more than the other way round. We see many of you desirous of meeting us to give us a hug… Oh, dear ones! Our desire to make that happen is even greater. We have a lot to learn from you and we will not miss any opportunity when the time is right.

Be in Peace, Be in the Light.

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, always very honored and grateful!

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