Yaldabaoth Cobra Gabriel Disclosure News Italy

Yaldabaoth Cobra Gabriel Disclosure News Italy

Yaldabaoth Cobra Gabriel Disclosure News Italy. We would like to do our own analysis on the issue of Yaldabaoth, it has tentacles, maybe not, it has eight, no, it has a thousand, maybe more…

First of all we would like to thank Gabriel Raio Lunar, we immensely appreciate his great work.

It’s a pity having had the perception that the community of the Awakened has gone lost in front of an Animated Gif … is quite shocking to see that people can not understand that, living in the Matrix, what we see is not what it is .

Many fail to realize that a cube isn’t a cube, it has no sides, no edges and has no form, but it’s only energy.

And understand the concept of that poor octopus is not what it is, but only an instrument to highlight the progress, in a pictorial way, the only one we had available, towards the Victory of Light?

We believe that the purpose of the revelations coming from Gabriel Raio Lunar on Yaldabaoth, its percentages, are clear energy transmission, demonstrated by the fact that it has become viral, obviously some were able to focus the energy that was contained in it, there is the need, even if it’s a Gif.

Others have focused on the Amimated Gif, the number of tentacles, the percentiuals, still clearly anchored to scientific materialism.

We would not want that all this will lead Gabriel to stop providing these data, personally I feel the need, we think it’s light beam to follow.

Gabriel please keep your channelling on Yaldabaoth via Pleiades-1 alive, please!

We had also the perception that there are still many, perhaps too many, which, it is probably in their unconscious, due to some material needs, that are in need of a CREDO, a FAITH, a sort of SAVIOR GOD.

No way, it is not required to “believe” in our path towards the Light.

Cobra, in our view, has missed the point, but maybe it’s not his fault, once again the awakened, and this shows why the event has not already done and dusted, have not understood Cobra’s message, nor the Gabriel one…

We would like to express our opinion again, strongly, and perhaps also explain, or how we see, the various messages.

The Octopus isn’t an Octopus BUT THE PROGRESS OF THE REMOVAL ARE REAL, if you want to continue to see the progress we need to go beyond a stupid Animated Gif, go over it, perceive with our essence of light what is behind, the REAL message of the Gif, but apparently not it’s that simple, is it?

If you guys want to choose a CREDO, a FATTH, a RELIGION, keep looking on the web, sooner or later you’ll are able to understand …

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