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William Reich Orgone Energy

That’s A Big Stinking Pile Of Orgone


William Reich Orgone Energy – By Clif High

Orgone can be dangerous to your health…

Dr. Wilhelm Reich died in prison in 1957.

He was killed by the government which was convinced that he was correct in his claims to have ‘discovered’ the Orgone Energy.

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William Reich Orgone Energy

William Reich

William Reich Orgone Energy

The government thought he was correct, and that Orgone was just his name for VRIL.

The government had been bedeviling Reich since the mid 1940s.

Finally able to put him in prison for committing no crime in 1955, they arranged his death two years later.

Following that, they arranged to confiscate, and burn, all his books and publications.

Burning was their form of shadow banning back in the day.

The government used the pressure of the AMA & other stooge organizations filled with small minds to prosecute Dr. Reich.

His real crime was not that he was trying to help people with his approach to ‘orgone energy accumulation’, but that he was unwilling to recant about having discovered an unrecognized ‘current’ in the aether with potential benefits for humans.

The government was pretty convinced that Reich was correct, though they were focused on VRIL energy as a result of the tussle with the Germans on-going at the time of Reich’s “discovery”.

Reich used a lot of the same concepts and language found in VRIL to describe his ‘orgone’.

He died, IMO, because of two cooperating thoughts: that he actually had discovered ‘orgone’, and that the language he used was too similar to those same words being used by the Nazi’s in describing VRIL.

The hell of the situation is that Reich was wrong, at least in my opinion.

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William Reich Orgone Energy - Orgone Accumulator Chamber

Orgone Accumulator Chamber

William Reich Orgone Energy

Having done extensive research over the years into the ‘delicate and obscure’ subjects, as well as reading all Reich’s writings, it seems obvious now that Reich was being deluded by instrumentation intrusion.

Yes, I think his conclusion about the discovery of a new ‘force’ that he named Orgone was wrong. Yes, I think his discovery exists, but not as he thought.

That is, I think that Reich discovered by way of instrumentation error, biophotons.

It was at least four decades after Reich’s “Orgone” discovery, and the decade of his death, that the first hint of biophotonics would be scientifically validated in repeated experiments.

Sensors capable of picking up biophotons did not exist until the 1950s.

William Reich Orgone Energy - Biophotons - Artist Concept

Biophotons – Artist Concept

William Reich Orgone Energy

Reich’s electromagnetic instrumentation, the actual cause of his death ultimately, was exquisitely sensitive for his, or any time.

But he never could have made the interpretation that it was light, not a form of electromagnetism that was being perceived by his equipment.

Reich was just too damn early.

His ‘orgone’ was actually his instruments, finely sensitive and tuned, reacting to the biophotonic activity of bodies, life and stuff.

His conclusion was valid, his description of the properties of biophotonics incredible in its precision, but his understanding of what his experiments revealed was flawed.

Reich ‘proved’ biophotonics in the 1930s without ever tumbling to the idea that it was light.

Actual light particle, the photon, being generated and used by the body.

And between bodies. His experiments proved the interconnection of all things, but he placed the dynamic coupling of life in the realm of the aether, and a new force he called ‘orgone’.

True, light is nothing but a modality of the aether as it is expressing this Matterium, but Reich never made that leap.

He thought, and wrote, of ‘orgone’ in more electromagnetic descriptions, and considered that it was indeed a ‘form’ of electricity.

Some aspects of the results of his experiments convinced him that the ‘orgone’ could be accumulated.

This led to the creation of an ‘accumulator’ built around the concept of alternating layers of metals, and organics.

The idea being that the metals were impermeable to ‘orgone’ and thus would trap the force for later use. These accumulators did not work. At least they did, but not.

You see, Reich’s design basically created a large volume, ultra low amperage, capacitor. His devices store electricity in the form of low amp static charges.

Capacitors, even designed with orgone in mind, are still very powerful devices.

This is why Reich’s ‘cloud busting’ technology actually worked. He had made accumulators that were huge, static-charged, capacitors, on top of which Reich mounted a group of interconnected tubes of considerable length, thus forming perfect wave guides for slow induction weather control.

Much like what we have now with ‘doppler’ radar being used in ‘gangs’ via coordinated interference pattern entrainment.

So Reich could make it rain using his ‘orgone’ accumulator.

That was a big problem for government. Really, of course, when we say ‘government’, it is understood to mean, the [DS] controlling things since the introduction of yet another rapacious central bank (the Federal Reserve Bank) into the country.

But anyway, the [DS] pulled government’s strings, and pointed at Reich.

His life was shit everafter until he died in prison for committing no crime other than coming close to the discovery his conclusions affirmed.

He came very close. But it wasn’t the VRIL.

The government [DS] was disappointed in Reich. As they are now, with CERN. The work at CERN’s LHC is an organized approach to trying to discover, and control, the VRIL energy. However, just because it is organized, and funded, does not mean success.

In fact, so far, there has been none.

The VRIL remains elusive. The [DS] is still determined, and still pursues it.

William Reich Orgone Energy - William Reich Cloud Buster

Cloud Buster

William Reich Orgone Energy

We can but note that all the documentation, millions of pages of it, that the Nazi’s had produced about VRIL, remains classified in government vaults since the end of WW2.

Perhaps if we had these it would explain why government is so intently racing to nail down the VRIL.

In the meantime, we have Biophotonics and we can still bust clouds, thanks to Reich.

A good man, suffering a hard life, and coming to a bad end. It was not the instrumentation errors, nor the unfortunate choice of words to describe his discovery, it was the criminal central banksters desperately needing to retain control who ordered his death…and to obscure….something?

What is it these [DS] fuckers think that they are hunting? And what is more important? That they find it? Or that we don’t? Hmmmm….

Wonder if it is worth a FOIA on VRIL & Nazi’s?

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