White Hat Takeover

White Hat Takeover

White Hat Takeover. By Teri Wade.

If you look back only a couple years wow have things changed, this is because of the White hat takeover.

They are assisting humanity bringing us to a shared timeline of Light.

The success of the White Hat takeover within the U.S Military was a key factor.

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White Hat Takeover - Matrix is Cracking

Matrix is Cracking

White Hat Takeover

Cosmic, Universal Law was petitioned to help assist our species confidently trigger the shift in consciousnesses and role out a global shift towards a timeline of Light.

These top officials of the US military started to realize what was happening and decided to plan a takeover of this global Cabal who have destroyed our planet through their wars.

The Trump administration was put in place by these White Hats at the top of the US military to take down this global scourge. Again, nothing is a coincidence.

The placement of Donald Trump and his administration has been in the works for decades.

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Basically, these White Hats gave their support to the resistance of this global Cabal.

Hence, the extreme chaos playing out in the United States and the world stage.

There was a secret military refusal to take orders to go to war with North Korea.

Faced with an internal mutiny in the US military the Trump administration adamantly ordered them to stand down.

Cosmic Law, Universal Law was granted and the United States attained additional resources to help in this takeover that will help direct humanity to a timeline of Light.

White Hat Takeover - Universal Law

Universal Law

White Hat Takeover

Time travelers have been put in place for this time in history and to help fulfill this White Hat takeover.

They chose certain people that would be the most successful and have the most leverage to steer humanity to a successful shift to a timeline based in Light.

Some Dark institutions are going to have to wait till after the shift to be transformed or destroyed from the outside in.

However, several key institutions that were under Dark Hat leadership were targeted and taken over by the White Hat leadership.

White Hat Takeover - Time Travelers

Time Travelers

White Hat Takeover

The United States government and the United States military have been taken over by the White Hat leadership.

The White Hats firstly take over and infiltrate the ownership and the Director boards of these Dark hat run institutions.

ET’s are a major part of this process including technologies so far advanced and available to any human institution so resistance is futile.

Once the White Hat ownership and leadership is onboard it’s quite a simple matter to install positions of authority and power.

Optics can be very important! Meaning, sometimes existing Dark Hats are being allowed to continue in appearance of being in charge during the day.

When the shift is initiated the White Hats will take action and take over for all to see.

The institutions that the White Hats are targeting are the worlds financial systems bringing in financial shifts that will defund this secret Dark government and begin implementing a Light based worldwide financial system.

So, any organization that is supporting the existing Dark are being heavily targeted.

The media is another one and a key resource supporting this Dark agenda. Many of these media conglomerates are being heavily targeted.

Hence, the harsh and truthful condemnation of the media from President Trump.

After this Light based shift there will possibly be a war of words, an information battle between the Dark controlled media and the White Hat takeover media.

But, there will be no doubt the outcome of this battle.

White Hat Takeover - The Shift

The Shift

White Hat Takeover

Even one media conglomerate being taken over by the White Hats and switching over to truth would be sufficient.

At the time of the shift the White Hats will takeover all airwaves.

The human shift into the Light is also being targeted.

Meaning, those who reneged on their promise or had doubts have been eliminated or replaced.

Soon, very soon, humanity will witness the greatest shift ever imagined.

A shift from the current Dark timeline to a timeline of Light.

This shift will be initiated by a Human team of politicians, media and financial people all supported by the White Hat takeover of several key institutions.

Again, the takeover of the United States government and military by placing Donald Trump in position was a key White Hat takeover.

At the time of the shift truth will be told to all and trumpeted worldwide the announcement of the White Hat takeover.

Freedom for humanity and the liberation of our planet will be announced.

White Hat Takeover – The Shift - More By Teri Wade
The Beginning of Violence – The History of Earth

The Beginning of Violence – The History of Earth

0 million years ago there was three planets that harbored life forms Earth, Mars and Maldek. Many of the beings that got displaced by the great flood of Pangaea incarnated on Mars and Maldek which had harsher conditions than Earth but had forests at the Equatorial locations and plenty of water. Most of these souls incarnated as 4th density beings. The realm of imagination, thought creation and the dream state.

The History of Earth – Pangaea

The History of Earth – Pangaea

There has been four major civilizations on our planet and many minor ones since the grand experiment started to unfold. 1. Pangaea 2. Lumeria 3. Atlantis 4. Our current civilization. There was two major events that dramatically impacted the history of our world. The destruction of Maldek, which is now our asteroid belt and the destruction of the surface of Mars. There was other events that also took place, one being the Orion invasion… the infusion of the Draco race. The reign of the Sirians and the Zeta Reticulans, the Grey’s.

Humanoid Form – The History of Earth

Humanoid Form – The History of Earth

This form that we have got to know so well, meaning our arms, legs, torso, head etc. is a result of genetic experimentation and research comprised about 900 million years. Most of the animal life forms on this planet have been brought forth as a side effect of this research. Yes, life exists in many forms much of it we would not recognize. There are carbon-based life forms, silicone-based life forms and even lithium based lifeforms. All life begins in the simplest of states. It sounds crazy but even hydrogen has a level of awareness.

The History of Earth – Pleiadian Teachings

The History of Earth – Pleiadian Teachings

First of all humanity needs to realize that time can be changed and modified by our own awareness therefore history is not written in stone but is an ongoing tapestry of events. But remember, each event is also happening in a different timeline and we as humans can jump those timelines individually and collectively. This Universe that we find ourselves living in began about 20 billion years ago. Approximately 4.5 billion years ago we went through an expansion and Earth was formed out of dust and gas mainly hydrogen. Throughout this physical chemical process Source (God) differentiated itself into units of consciousness we call souls.

Dreams Portal of Communication

Dreams Portal of Communication

If more people would pay more attention they would realize that they are being communicated with continuously throughout their day. Remember, death is not the end. When we die we transform into another form, a form that is not visible to the naked eye. This is the very reason your guide can be 3 inches from your face and you won’t see them. They are in a form that our human mind cannot articulate yet.

Leaving The Matrix – The Eden Within

Leaving The Matrix – The Eden Within

Leaving The Matrix Leaving The Matrix. By Teri Wade. As the old Matrix slowly unravels before our eyes the human species has arrived at a pivotal point. It has become quite clear the separation between the evil agenda and the light agenda. From the very beginning...

Vibrational Revolution – Law of Vibration

Vibrational Revolution – Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration means all the energy in the Universe vibrates at a certain frequency, so it’s always in a constant state of motion which can never be destroyed only transformed. So this means everything that vibrates at a certain frequency is going to attract that certain frequency… the Law of Attraction meaning, you create your own reality with your Vibrational Frequency. You get back what you put out.

War On Consciousness – The Last Days

War On Consciousness – The Last Days

We’ve all heard the saying, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” We are the ones that will save ourselves, nobody is going to do it for us. We are the ones responsible for saving ourselves. Too many think it’s a frightening thought but believe me there is a plan, there always has been a plan and your higher self is in on it. Unraveling the truth and finding out the darkness of what really has been going on in our world, our entire existence, can be quite shocking for some.

Precession Of The Equinox And The Photon Belt

Precession Of The Equinox And The Photon Belt

Understanding how the magnetic structure of the planet has been manipulated and how we can transform it is mind boggling. But, many on this planet are recovering that memory and much more! We are at the beginning of starting an entire newspaper reality on this planet. Our solar system is part of a much larger solar system called the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters that are rotating around their sun, Alcyone. Our planet rotates around our sun every 365 days and our sun make a revolution around Alcyone every 25,630 years, Alcyone makes a revolution around the center of the galaxy every 225 million years. On December 21, 2012 we passed the Precession of the Equinox which was the beginning of an entire new cycle, the start of a completely different reality.

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