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What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone - Readers Corner

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone – Readers Corner

We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done. – Common book of prayer

Let’s go on a vision quest together, in which I, the manipulator of letters, and you, the seer, journey through time and space. We will have no worries here because time can never be fleeting and you just as time will always infinitely be in space.

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The truth lives behind the eyes of the looker and the devil remains in the details. This quest may be undertaken for a variety of reasons: as a part of initiation, to fulfill a vow, for healing, or to acquire relationships with the spirits.

I will name this quest Hanbleceya- from the Lakota meaning, “Crying for a vision.”

In the Lakota tribe, the seeker attempts purification in a sweat lodge, then they fast and rest in a hole dug on a mountaintop for four days. Here and now, you and I will sit in peace and contemplate what today is called Psychology.

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone - Gaslight


What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone

Psychology is the science that deals with mental processes and behavior. As listed on many websites, the science of psychology benefits society and enhances our lives. This is a quick form of gas-lighting. Now that you have seen this, let us cross that out, discard it, and go backward. We will start again here in Aku-byodo, a Japanese term for “Bad-sameness.”

In Zen-Buddhism it means the pit one can stumble into on the path to enlightenment. Psychology emerged in the late 1800s from Physiology and Philosophy, from what the herd believed to be a necessity in order to fix human issues in a sickening society being bounded by laws. “Necessity knows no law except to conquer.”- Maxim Publilius Syrus.

During the 17th century, Rene Descartes introduced the idea of Dualism. Where the mind and body interact to form the human experience. We may thank Descartes for his contribution, however, between c. 1199-1278 , Madhva, had already brought this idea into existence at the school of Vedanta.

This word was, “Dvaita” which is Sanskrit for Dualism. We can go even farther back in time to that of the Egyptians and compare the implicit dualism of Seth and Osiris. Or the Greeks with the goddess Athena. But instead, be here now with me and think of Gaia, the most beautiful example of contrast. Mother earth breaths in and out life and spins to and from the darkness.

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What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone - Mother Earth

Mother Earth

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone

I ask you now, if the Science known as Psychology came up after the knowledge of Dualism, how is it that mental health diagnoses are completely Non-Dualistic? How is it that Sociopaths and Psychopaths do not have a contrasting partner? Socio-path means to follow, and a comrade, which is nonsensical. Perhaps an opposite could be a Leitpath, of which would mean to lead. Life is a dance.

The other day I created a Reddit Account under the name PsychFarmerChick to try and help a person that was convinced they were a sociopath not yet diagnosed by authority, they were looking for love. I have since deleted this account, and avoid personal social media. Yet every once in a while I will sign on under disguise.

Sociopaths are said to behave this way-

They break rules or laws,

They behave aggressively or impulsively,

Never feel little guilt for the harm they cause others,

They use manipulation, deceit, and controlling behavior.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

This is how the conversation went….

I tried to explain to them that it was of benefit that they had not yet been given a diagnosis.

If opposites attract then the Sociopath would be looking for a Leitpath (a term I created by contrast in word meaning). I said with a diagnosis you will further solidify yourself into this personality and will end up with at most a 5.5% chance if they like males and 1.9% chance if they like females of finding love.

I said you have no authority holding a diagnosis over your head, you can undiagnose yourself quickly; they thought I was ludicrous.

Today, in our society top psychologists/psychiatrists are telling people that the majority of upmost richest businessmen are psychopaths, they are now saying there are good and bad psychopaths: How detrimental to the youth to be clouded by greed in such a way that they are making mental health diagnosis sound cool?

This person I was speaking with wanted to be a Sociopath. “When gold and jade fill the hall, their possessor cannot keep them safe. When wealth and honors lead to arrogance, this brings its evil on itself.”-Lao Tzu

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone - Mental Health Diagnosis Sound Cool

Mental Health Diagnosis Sound Cool

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone

Wilhelm Wundt was the first psychologist to use scientific research methods for investigation. He published a book in 1873 called, “Principles of Physiological Psychology” which outlined the major connections between psychology as a science and the study of human thought and behavior.

He perceived humans as subjects and sought to apply experimental methods to studying internal mental processes. Ouch.

It is here that they began to lose the unique individual spiritual experience with Source and started grouping mental processes for an explanation of a progressively damaging authoritative society.

The beginning of psychology’s attempt to pull the awakened one’s inward mind outward by force. Aku-byodo. This led to William James or the “Father of American Psychology” and the term Functionalism. We went from Structuralism to Functionalism, in other words, they started to break down the mental process into smaller parts and changed to viewing consciousness as a more continuous and changing process. The authority evolves to become more authoritative.

The thoughts of others were light and fleeting,

of lovers’ meeting

or luck or fame:

Mine were of trouble

And mine were steady,

So I was ready

When trouble came.-Alfred Edward Housman

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone - Healing Minds

Healing Minds

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone

At the turn of the 20th century, they welcomed Sigmund Freud’s undeniable positive influence (gas-lighting) on the science of psychology and his belief of early childhood experiences and unconscious impulses contributed to the development of adult personality and behavior; with the use of Psychoanalysis. Children are more awake than most adults.

Then with Pavlov and his brutal abuse of man’s best friend. Bringing about behaviorism and the rejection of the conscious and unconscious mind.

We very much have both a conscious and unconscious mind and a collective conscious and a collective unconscious mind.

The unaware and unawakened were introduced to classical conditioning. Control of society, by chaining down the mind. Then came the works of Rogers and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone - Pavlov's Dog

Pavlov’s Dog

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone - Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone

Finally, ending in Cognitive Psychology using the scientific method to study perception, memory, decision-making, problem-solving, intelligence, and language.

These only tightened the chains of authority on the people. But as I have said before, this control will never hold, they cannot keep up with the evolution of the awakened consciousness and unconsciousness.

Carl Jung knew this and was pushed aside. He remembered to practice psychology as an art, not a science, he remembered it was supposed to be a spiritual awakening experience, by looking deep within. He advised studying ancient history, theologies, and philosophies, to travel to the pyramids in your mind, and find your Shadow Self. “To the superficial observer, it will appear like madness” – C.G. Jung.

He was so far advanced that his book, “Libre Novus” was not published until 2009, 48 years after his death. He explains how the awakening process will be different for each person, and the soul can never be the object of judgment, but that knowledge and judgment are the objects of our soul. In Greek this is called, Gnosis.

Until next time dear seer. Namaste.

“Take seriously every unknown wanderer who personally inhabits the inner world, since they are real because they are effectual.” “We are real and not symbols.” “We are just as real as your fellow men. You invalidate nothing and solve nothing by calling us symbols.” -Carl Jung

Building Parallel Systems – Lisa Renee

Building Parallel Systems – Lisa Renee

Becoming coherent or energetically balanced is a necessary requirement in order to connect and communicate deeply with one’s inner spirit, and these skills are not taught in the current educational model stemming from the Controller Pillars of Society.

News Burst 2 June 2023 – Get The News!

News Burst 2 June 2023 – Get The News!

“Once prominent Western scientists such as Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University and John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago have all but disappeared from the mainstream media.”

Roller Coaster – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Roller Coaster – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The new Earth’s Matrix anchoring in the core of the planet through its Logos gave start to a sinc of entire Multiverse from 3D to Absoluterra in the 13D Pleroma. Next up, will be the link of new Causal Matrix and its full activation. The speed of the processes depends on many factors, including the astro-weather in the coming weeks.

The Planet Mercury – Laka – Pleiadian Collective

The Planet Mercury – Laka – Pleiadian Collective

With Rocks And Mountains And Deep Craters, It Is Abundant With Metals And Elements That Would Tell Humans That Life Would Be Impossible. With The Highest Iron Content Imaginable, Know That Beings Created To Live There Would Reflect The Activity And Aspects Of Their Surroundings.

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