What Happens When We Pray During Auspicious Solar Energies

What Happens When We Pray During Auspicious Solar Energies

What Happens When We Pray During Auspicious Solar Energies. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Sun of our galaxy generates a magnetic field that is carried throughout the solar system.

Particle fields of Vibrational Frequency are attracted to the Sun from the Great Central Sun, also known as “Alcyone”.

Scientific research indicates that our Sun is becoming increasingly magnetic or in the reception of particle fields more profoundly, even though, of course, it is still giving-off electrical currents which send forth necessary energetics to our DNA and cellular records for acclimation to the eventually coming “New Golden Age”.

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When we pray at specific times of solar energy, our petitions to SOURCE and praises of SOURCE— in whatever language we employ and via whatever Divine name we invoke— are stronger.

The word “pray” is rooted in the Sanskrit term “prach” which translates as “to ask”. All known languages have a word for “pray”.

For example, in Dutch it is “vragen”; in French it is “prier”; and in German it is “fragen”. In the ancient Medu Neter (“Sacred Speech”) language of Kemet (Egypt), the word was “Tua Neter” which translates as “Sacred Praises”.

For thousands of years, people have outstretched their arms and raised their hands towards the Sun and prayed for guidance, healing, knowledge, and protection.

What Happens When We Pray - Prayer Wheels

Prayer Wheels

What Happens When We Pray

Ancient civilizations did not worship the Sun; rather, they understood that it originated from a sacred SOURCE that created everything in existence.

Previous articles have discussed that one of the first revelations to earthly humanity was that SOURCE acted as a DIVINE MOTHER who was Self-Created and Self-Creating, having fertilized, gestated, and birthed all of creation from a vast watery cosmic womb.

Therefore, “SHE” also birthed each planet, galaxy, universe—the entire cosmos and all that each contains of good, having given the highest beings in each dimension free will.

In ancient times (such as in Kemet), Priestesses and Priests prayed seven times each day after first washing out their mouths, and washing their face, hands up to the elbow, and their feet. Before the first prayer at DAWN, however, an entire bath was taken.

In later ages, Muslims began to practice what was called “wudu” in their Arabic language before praying five times per day whereby they wash these same bodily parts.

Interestingly, the Prophet Muhammad of this religion admitted to his followers that many of the tenets of the faith that he gave to his people as well as the ritual practices were the same as in earlier times.

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What Happens When We Pray - Prayer Mala

Prayer Mala

What Happens When We Pray

His words about Islam translated from Arabic into English were: “This is not a new religion.” All of the world’s revealed religions are predicated upon older spiritual paths, even though in many instances, cultural practices have been added. Regardless of how humanity has often contrived various aspects of history and religion, and has also created various myths to explain cosmic forces, the orchestrations of SOURCE have been allowed to be studied and have been found to be amazing in their sacredly organized workings.

Thus, regarding the Sun, it has a pushing-out of flares, winds, and plasma as well as a pulling-in of vibratory energy from all that is encircled around it, and this includes the thought frequencies and the audible sounds of our prayers in whatever language in which they are uttered.

The three most auspicious times for both prayer and meditation are DAWN, NOON, and SUNSET.

At DAWN, the Sun begins to grow in LIGHT, often displaying a pink-like hue or a peach-like hue upon a gentle blue horizon as it surges upwards.

At NOON, the Sun reaches its highest peak in the sky sending-forth its brightest rays.

At SUNSET, the upper circumference of the Sun disappears, and it sets below the horizon, often displaying a reddish hue or a deep orange hue against a darkening horizon which will eventually move from being a silvery blue to having a grayish tinge to finally being the deep sapphire-like blue of night.

Each day the pallet of SOURCE contains sacred paints even when storm clouds develop.

What Happens When We Pray - Divine Throne Room

Divine Throne Room

What Happens When We Pray

When we pray at the times mentioned—DAWN, NOON, and SUNSET—we send out sound frequencies (either silently or aloud) comprised of sub-atomic particles which are energized by spiritual particles, and the two types of particle energy together can manifest as the experiences that we are invoking to SOURCE to provide.

What Happens When We Pray - Chapel Ceiling

Chapel Ceiling

What Happens When We Pray

Even when we are just praising SOURCE for “ITS” magnificence and not asking for anything specific, we are still sending out sub-atomic particles which radiate throughout the “Divine Ethereal Cosmic Palace”, and by doing so, we are blessed with unalterable goodness.

This is why beginning our petitionary prayers with gratefulness for the blessings that we have already received is very powerful in creating greater blessings.

As is being regularly discussed in articles and in videos by those who are aware of the enormous changes that are occurring in the cosmos in this “Now” which, therefore, includes changes upon Earth/Gaia, solar energetics are a major “Divine Force” that will propel us into a new, higher, faster-vibrating dimension which will be a totally new space/time continuum–a new “Yuga” ( Sanskrit for “Age”) of ongoing life.

With the continual Divine influxes of LIGHT from the numerous cosmic occurrences such as high solar flares, strong solar winds, pulsating plasma waves, shock waves from co-interaction regions of Earth/Gaia’s traversing through the heavens, comets, asteroids, and more—our communing with SOURCE in prayer is vital. Obviously, prayer is received by SOURCE at any time.

However, the three most auspicious times discussed above are most advantageous because they are filled with awesome vibrational fields of “particle power” expanding out and creating golden keys to special heavenly portals.

There are many postures for prayer. Some people prostrate on the floor. Some people stand with arms straight up and palms out (the ancient “KA” sign of Kemet). Some people stand or sit and stretch out their arms with their palms up at their sides.

What Happens When We Pray - Mantra And Meditation

Mantra And Meditation

What Happens When We Pray

Some people make the Vedic “pranam” at their heart center (commonly known as “praying hands”) and make a slight bow to SOURCE.

Posture is not as important as the sounds we make with our audible voices or silent thoughts.

Many people use malas (Sanskrit for “garland”–a set of prayer beads) and pronounce a sacred mantra (Sanskrit for “mind tool”) upon each bead.

Prayer beads become vibrationally charged with our mantras, and when we wear the beads, they continually vibrate throughout our auric fields.

Certain substances of which malas are made have specific metaphysical properties.

What Happens When We Pray - Ganesha


What Happens When We Pray

When mantras are pronounced on the beads, this is known as “jappa”, and the entire process of praying and meditating with prayer beads is called “Mantra Yoga” which translates as the “Ritual of the Mind Tool of Divine Union”.

There are billions of people on this planet—all having different ways of beckoning to SOURCE, and they call upon SOURCE with various names.

However, let us all realize that there is a power in the special times of prayer whenever each time frame of DAWN, NOON or SUNSET occurs in our different countries as the Sun stretches out its rays, not just giving us light and warmth— but also giving us what has been scientifically discovered as Vitamin D receptors (cholecalciferol) for the health of our physical vessels and acetlycolin (a neurotransmitter which controls nervous system function).

Spiritually, we are blessed by the Sun with specific coordinates for entrance into the “Divine Throne Room”.

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Making Miracles – Dr Schavi

Every path has its own holy texts, rituals, spiritual beliefs, and daily practices. There is one SOURCE which is the anchoring in all of them. This is like agreeing to meet for a scrumptious meal at a certain restaurant, and everyone travels a different road to get there.

The Power Of Melanin And Our Ancient Roots – Dr Schavi

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Melanin is a photo receptor, a receiver of LIGHT, and it is a door through which LIGHT enters the human physical vessel via various sensory organs. With sunlight, the “God Particle” (pineal gland) releases into the bloodstream melatonin which effects melanin production in many sites throughout the body temple.

The Great Alignment Of Sound And Light Transmission And Reception – Dr Schavi

The Great Alignment Of Sound And Light Transmission And Reception – Dr Schavi

On Wednesday, October 20. 2021, our galaxy known as the “Milky Way” comes into alignment with its closest galactic neighbor—“Andromeda”—which is approximately 2.5 million light years from Earth/Gaia. This is significant because this alignment occurs on the same day as the height of the Full Moon of our solar system in the sign of Aries in the Tropical Zodiac and Pisces in the Sidereal Zodiac both of which signify, in brief, “new leadership”, “new information”, and “higher spiritual understanding”.

Scalar And Non-Scalar Energy And Other Points On Wellness – Dr Schavi

Scalar And Non-Scalar Energy And Other Points On Wellness – Dr Schavi

The word “Scalar” is from the Latin term “scalaris” which translates as “ladder”. “Scalar Technology” deals with a process whereby there is a constant magnification or increase of energy in its output or steady amplification or magnification such that a powerful effect is made within an area—(for example, in the atmosphere), and either enhancing its frequency or destroying all atmospheric molecular structure and also the molecular structure of every material item within it completely.

The Arrival Of Heightened Energy – Dr Schavi

The Arrival Of Heightened Energy – Dr Schavi

On Wednesday, October 20th, 2021, our lunar orb will glow in fullness, and as per usual, heightened emotive responses are the result due to the Moon’s “pull” upon human feelings and as Earth/Gaia also experiences intense activations of “Her” electromagnetic field. The magnetosphere of the planet is already filled with positively-charged protons from both the Sun of our solar system as well as from outside of our galaxy.

Enter Eclipse – “Lights, Camera, Action!” – Dr Schavi

Enter Eclipse – “Lights, Camera, Action!” – Dr Schavi

On December 4, 2021, at approximately 2:33 AM and 26 seconds (Eastern Standard Time), a SOLAR ECLIPSE will enter the cosmic auditorium “dressed” in the sign of Sagittarius in the Tropical Zodiac and Scorpio in the Sidereal Zodiac. These signs symbolize higher knowledge, expansion, foreign affairs, philosophy, and long-distance travel (Sagittarius) and transformation, secrets, and transcendence (Scorpio).

Elohino And Nvda Create A Medicine Circle! – Dr Schavi

Elohino And Nvda Create A Medicine Circle! – Dr Schavi

The word “Elohino” is a Cherokee (original name “Tsalagi”) word for “Earth”, and “Nvda” is the Sun. Early on Wednesday (Eastern Standard Time), October 13th, 2021, our planet’s magnetosphere (the magnetic area surrounding the planet) was blasted by plasma waves (charged electrical particles and gases–coronal mass ejections) coming from the back side of the Sun.

Steady As She Goes! – Dr Schavi

Steady As She Goes! – Dr Schavi

The phrase “Steady as She Goes” is often used by seas-going captains. It can be used now to express that Mercury is just about five days away from its direct motion on Monday, October 18th, 2021. However, the post-shadow will be in effect until Saturday, November 6th, 2021 when Mercury will move from Libra (balance) into Scorpio (transformation) in the Tropical Zodiac.

Major Kp Index Review For Escalated Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Major Kp Index Review For Escalated Frequencies – Dr Schavi

The KP INDEX registers activations to Earth/Gaia’s inner core and outer field (its geomagnetics) due to powerful solar energetics such as flares, winds, and coronal mass ejections (also known as “cosmic rays” and “plasma waves”)— all of which are sent via the pulsations from the “Great Central Sun”.

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