War on Swift After Bush Executed

War on Swift After Bush Executed

Ben Fulford

War on Swift After Bush Executed. By Ben Fulford.

Secret War On SWIFT After George Bush Sr. Executed

Since the death of Nazi Fourth Reich Fuhrer George Bush Sr., the battle for control of the world’s financial system, and thus of the process of deciding humanity’s future, is now centering on control of the SWIFT international interbank electronic transfer system.

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A final battle is taking place between the 13 bloodlines which have traditionally controlled the planet, and the meritocratic Gnostic Illuminati who control the U.S. military-industrial complex, multiple sources agree.

The battle is heading for a climax of sorts now that George Bush Senior has been “executed,” as confirmed by both Pentagon and CIA sources.

Here is what a CIA source had to say:

Swift Banksters Cartel

Swift Banksters Cartel

War on Swift After Bush Executed

DNit Telegram Channel

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“I have been told by two sources that G.H.W. Scherff (Bush) was actually indicted on September 10, 2018 for crimes against humanity, child trafficking, sedition, and treason. He allegedly plea-bargained a deal with the military tribunal hearing his case, to be executed/suicided to keep his legacy intact for his family and the sheeple. Trump signed the death order. So was it a clone that was executed, since we also have intel that he died in June (another clone). I think Bush/Scherff actually died in January 1992, choking on sushi and then finished off by Barbara Bush with a poisoned cloth (as seen in the video posted last week). Military tribunals are set to begin on January 2, 2019.”

Pentagon sources, for their part, said U.S. President Donald “Trump was careful not give Bush 41 a state funeral, as this executed criminal was denied a horse and caisson like Reagan got.”

To the victor belong the spoils, for Trump picked former Bush Attorney General Bill Parr as his next AG and he chose ‘the day that will live in infamy,’ December 7th [the Pearl Harbor anniversary] to do it,” the Pentagon source added.

Ronald Reagan Funeral

Ronald Reagan Funeral

War on Swift After Bush Executed

The CIA source also wondered if Barr made “a deal to avoid military tribunals and then be ‘McCained’? (the term being used lately for execution/suicide). Maybe he flipped like Senator Lindsey Graham?

The death of Bush, the former U.S. Ambassador to China whose brother handed over U.S. military secrets to that country (as did Hillary and Bill Clinton), means that the U.S. and China are also heading to a showdown as bloodline families seek Chinese protection, according to secret society sources.

Pentagon sources say the arrest of Chinese conglomerate Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou “is aimed to take down the Clintons and their treasonous ties to China back in the 90s.

Chinese Freemasons previously admitted to this writer that they had invested heavily in getting Hillary Clinton elected as US president because they had been promised the “United States of China” including ASEAN the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

US military intelligence also has confirmed to us previously that George Bush Senior provided China with the technology needed to accurately guide their nuclear missiles.

The purpose of the Clinton/Bush transfer of military technology to China was to make China more equal militarily with the G7 so that their planned “Gog vs. Magog” war would be sufficiently destructive to result in their planned artificial end times.

Instead, the religious fanatics behind this plan are going to face military tribunals “starting in January 2019” Pentagon and CIA sources confirm.



War on Swift After Bush Executed

To prepare for these tribunals Pentagon sources say “Army Chief General Mark Milley was named as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to provide continuity and protect Trump into his second term.

This announcement was made unusually early to send a message to the Deep State as the previous JCS chairman was army and Army was chosen again at Air Force and Navy” the source continued. Air Force and Navy brass have been heavily implicated the planned World War Three, which is why they are missing their turn to run the entire JCS Defense Intelligence Agency Sources note.

To understand what sort of world changes the US Military Government is hoping for, let us take a look at what US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a speech delivered at the German Marshall Fund on December 4th 2018.

In this speech Pompeo said we need to “ask if the current international order serves the good of its people as well as it could and if not we must ask how we can write it.

Later in his speech he made it clear that current international institutions like the World Bank, the IMF, the EU, the UN, the African Union and the Organization of American States were all failing and needed root and branch reform.

Here are some excerpts from his speech:

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have been set up to help rebuild war-torn territories and promote private investment and growth, today these institutions often advise countries that have poorly managed their economic affairs to impose austerity measures that inhibit growth and displace the actors of the private sector…

Today at the United Nations, peacekeeping missions are dragging for decades, no closer to peace…

The UN was founded as an organization that welcomed peace loving nations…

I asked today: do they continue to faithfully serve this mission?… Is the EU assuring that the interests of the countries and their citizens are placed before those of the bureaucrats here in Brussels?

However, the solutions proposed by Pompeo – to imitate what Trump was doing in the United States and to reaffirm the power of nations-states and US leadership – are stuck far from the course when it came to offering solutions to the problems faced by the Western world on the Planet as a whole.

For example, he did not mention that the current financial system. controlled by a few interbred families, devastated the middle class in the G7 and created huge gaps between the rich in the rest of the world in places like China.

The situation is now such that 0.1% of the population controls more wealth than 90% of the population, yet Pompeo does not propose to reset or a jubilee to correct the situation.

Neither Pompeo has mentioned the fact that humanity has wiped out 60% of animal life since the ’70s or offered any kind of solution.

In fact Trump tweeted on December 8 that “the Paris agreement is not working so well for Paris, protests and riots all over France, people do not want to pay a large sums of money, too many in third world countries (which are run in a questionable way), perhaps, in order to protect the environment.

For sure the Paris agreement was based on the fraudulent science that “carbon causes global warming.” We will not go into details here but look at the link below for an excellent example.

Friday Funny: Scottish “record high temperature” caused by Ice Cream Truck

However, at least they were trying.

The White Dragon Society proposes an alternative that consists in organizing a future planning agency with a meritocratic staff to preside over a multi-billion dollar campaign to stop environmental destruction and end poverty.

This could also provide work to the “useless eaters£ slated for mass murder by the Nazi faction on which Trump has taken over.

We would like to see the US Military Government propose something similar and bring China, India and the rest of the world on board.

In any case, the global warming faction seems to be losing the battle for the West, especially in France, they headquarters of the global warming Rothschild faction. Here Pentagon sources say: “the former French chief of staff, fired by French president Emmanuel Macron, Army General Pierre de Villiers, is the People’s Choice for the Elysée Palace.” They add that: “Le Pen is more powerful than the sword and, if she cannot be President, she would be a good Prime Minister or Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The struggle of the US Military Government against families bloodlines however it is far from over. Returning to Pompeo’s speach from the beginning of this article we note that he said:

America intends to lead now and always: for example, here in Belgium in 1973, banks in 15 countries have formed Swift to develop common standards for cross-border payments and are now an integral part of our global financial infrastructure. Swift recently disconnected the Iranian banks sanctioned by its platform because of the unacceptable risk they represent for the system. and the system as a whole.

What alluded here is the European (bloodline) and Chinese effort to circumvent the US Swift sanctions by establishing an alternative system of international payments.

This is happening now, with countries like India, Russia and China they are unloading Swift to put an end to US control over international financial infrastructure.

The United States reacted by forcing regime changes in European countries trying to get out of Swift, so they are (partly) the problems of France.

The other great battlefield is Japan. Here on December 6th Softbank Corporation reported a four-hour shutdown of its mobile and line telecommunications network.

Softbank worked with Huawei (the name 華為 by the way means “for China”) to sell its phones and use its payment system.

There is also the suspicion that Softbank is using the IPO in its telecommunications unit, set for December 19th, as a disguised way I’m selling the unit to China in particular to Huawei, CIA sources claim.

Please note that Softbank has acquired the management of Fortress Asset, which owns Musashi KK, the company whose machines account for over 80 percent of Japan’s votes.

Richard Koshimizu of the Independent Party of Japan has provided detailed evidence that the company founded by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s grandfather, former Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, is known to steal the Japanese elections.

It is also worth noting that last week the Abe Government passed a law to privatize Japan’s water resources and is allegedly sold at a discount to Veolia, a subsidiary of the French branch of the Rothschild family.

He also recalled that the CEO of Softbank, Masayoshi Son, received at least $ 45 billion from the Israeli puppet (Rothschild) hereditary Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Anybody want to bet on Son?


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War on Swift After Bush Executed

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