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War For Our Souls - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

War For Our Souls

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

War For Our Souls – By Lev

The System has doubled, tripled its efforts to hook us, bind us to itself, at any cost to keep our attention with news and actions. It is suffocating from the lack of vital energy, which is trying to pump out from us with all its might. The most terrible thing for the System is our indifference, not reacting and not bending…

Attempts to hack us are still the same. No conflict is ignited without external intervention. From petty quarrels, malicious trolling and family scandals to revolutions and global wars – there is always a third party pushing us with their foreheads on the principle of divide and rule.

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We may not believe in its existence, but it is enough to remember ourselves during an outburst of anger or despair and we will understand that our actions, words and thoughts do not always belong exclusively to us.

If we have never had such outbursts personally, remember those who were violently hysterical or fought in our presence. How their eyes changed, losing their human expression and turning into empty eyepieces through which another entity looks, how the face and facial expressions are distorted. Remember what destructive and mean deeds the subman does at such moments.

War For Our Souls - Subman


War For Our Souls

And now compare this with the behavior of the elites and the authorities appointed by them around the world, especially since the pandemic, where every second word contradicts real facts and deeds.

These are global forces acting synchronously behind the scenes, although publicly they demonstrate confrontation and disagreement to the point of losing the pulse. But their roles are carefully calibrated. Improvisations are allowed, but only within the framework of a pre-composed script. We must understand this clearly.

Acts of aggression and violence are not committed by a person on the basis of jealousy, hostility, fear, and greed or racial-religious hatred. All these are, first of all, programs used by the System and its runners.

Each program is launched by an invisible beneficiary, who feeds and exists due to the energy released at the moment of an emotional outburst. It is called in different ways: imperil, lush, or gavvah, but by its nature is the same.

What are its vibrations, and what are their parameters in Hertz? Here is the most minimal list of energy impacts by which the countries and continents are run:

Woe – from 0.1 to 2 Hz; fear – from 0.2 to 2.2 Hz; resentment – from 0.6 to 3.3 Hz; rage-0.5 Hz; perturbation – from 0.6 to 1.9 Hz; pride – 0.8 Hz; irritation – from 0.9 to 3.8 Hz; irascibility-0.9 Hz; anger-1.4 Hz; disdain, contempt-1.5 Hz; superiority-1.9 Hz; megalomania – 3.1 Hz.

The beneficiary does not wait for convenient conflicts; he constantly creates and provokes them, directs and launches in the right time and region for self. He does this almost openly only because we allow it, participating in his games at the level of our actions, thoughts and emotions. We ourselves feed by our gavvah the milking System, deployed on the planet, although we could have refused long ago.

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We must finally understand that our world and the consciousness of many people have long been under the rule of forces that are not human beings. They remain invisible to us not only because it is easier and safer to run us that way. They are afraid to become visible again, as it was in other times when our heart, mind and DNA were not suppressed by fear and division into enemies and friends.

The forces in question are mainly on the astral and etheric planes. But there are a lot of them in physical bodies, especially among the ruling elite. They manipulate those who also look like a person, but are not, or have long ago lost their humanity.

Due to this, a significant part of the Fifth Race turned into the most weak-willed sheeple, how they name us, obediently led to the slaughter with brainwashed and empty eyes. A slave should not think, he should unconditionally sacrifice himself at the first call of his masters, whose tools are old and primitive, but have been operating to this day from millennia, if to believe the history they wrote.

War For Our Souls - To Sacrifice Self at First Call

To Sacrifice Self at First Call

War For Our Souls

For a long time there has been a war for the Souls of people on the planet. This is a hybrid war, including the info and genetic parts. The current hype narrative is a nuclear Armageddon.

But it has also a higher meaning that lies far beyond the interests of Earthly rulers. It consists in sifting humanity on the grain from the chaff, the free from the slaves, the creators from the driven sheep.

This separation is happening right now, and we feel and see it well.

All processes are explicable, as is inside – is out. The external war will stop only when we wish it ourselves, stop the inner war, refuse to sacrifice ourselves and fight with others.

From a human point of view, any war is terrible. From the point of view of the Spirit, all participants in the events and parties perform the roles entrusted to them, provoking each other to awaken from hibernation and fear, and the manifestation of will.

The victim and the tyrant are a karmic couple, often changing places in this and other incarnations.

Today’s situation is given to us to activate the ancient genetic codes that unite us into a single whole. These genetic codes have been dormant for millennia, but now it’s time to power on them under the impact of new quantum energies coming to Earth from the Galactic Center.

Sudden jumps in mood and health status are the result of the awakening of these codes, although they also could be a System’s manipulations.

The old reality is crumbling, but the new one is still too fragile to fully consolidate. Therefore, we are all so stormy even without immersion in the news, the only purpose of which is to sow fear and panic in us, so as not to let the new codes to be activated, and our consciousness awaken.

When Love runs out in our Soul, the resulting void must be filled with something. It is usually replaced by fear and its consequences, which we see around us now.

Fear suppresses the glow of the Soul, deprives us of will and Intelligence, reduces us to animal instincts, and makes us manageable and obedient. But the Spark in the Soul can never go out; it can always be made brighter again if we desire it.

War For Our Souls - Spark in Our Heart

Spark in Our Heart

War For Our Souls

Parasitic forces can feed on our fear, but they can never completely consume our Soul unless we give our permission to it.

That is why such a number of administrative and procedural rituals are around, starting from obtaining documents and permits to live on Earth and ending with forced-voluntary jabs, comedies of elections and public squabblings in the highest echelons of power.

Each participant agrees with the proposed rules of the game, and over and over again weaves himself deeper into the System’s network of control and suppression, allowing it to bite off pieces of his Soul under the pretext of law-abiding.

Fear for people is a guardian before moving to the next level of consciousness and development. It filters and redistributes Souls to different layers of reality, where everyone will find themselves in the company of their own kind.

Scare itself is illusory. It cannot physically harm us, but can attract those scenarios that we are afraid of, because thought is material. Getting rid of fear activates the hidden resources of the Spirit that each of us carries inside or can receive upon request from our higher aspects.

War For Our Souls - Activate The Hidden Resources

Activate The Hidden Resources

War For Our Souls

Having the freewill to accept or not to accept fear programs imposed from the outside as part of our reality, it’s time for us to use this freedom and make a choice – to accept the imposed “new normality” or to say a decisive no to it by any available means.

For each of us, the price of such a choice is strictly individual. In some cases, simply ignoring it will be enough, but the choice was, is and will always be. This is another truth that has been hidden from us for many years and centuries by the laws, doctrines and pressure.

We are not obliged to participate in the global guignol of the elites, simply expressing our intention to do so. Our attitude to what is happening determines how much their plans will come true, because even in conditions of fear and division, each of us has the strength of Spirit, freedom of choice and support of higher aspects that can change EVERYTHING.

The first changes begin with ourselves, and then manifest in the world. One will awaken few, few will awaken many, and many will awaken all.

Unlike the film of the same name, the 3D Matrix works in our tacit agreement with the rules of the game, which means that each of us can get out of it, if desired, by simply ceasing to accept any orders from its agents Smith that go against conscience, freedom, Love, common sense and Life.

The Matrix is divided into several density levels, in which the same events can be perceived and even occur in different ways. The greater is the fear, the harder are the event and its consequences.

All vaccinations and medicines in the world are designed only to suppress symptoms, our energy centers and senses, but not our healing, so all political games have only one goal – to retain the power of invisible rulers and puppets controlled by them. Some call these puppets a Cult, others – a Global Predictor, others – a Deep State and Freemasons, but the essence does not change from this.

External rule is embedded in the highest echelons of power on this planet and penetrates into everyone who is afraid to show their strength of Spirit, will and uniqueness.

War For Our Souls - Agents Smith

Agents Smith

War For Our Souls

Thus, any of us can become an agent Smith of Matrix, who has lost touch with his Soul and has become a controlled cog, receiving and broadcasting the agenda of the Grays and the Darks.

Submitting to agents Smith against the voice of conscience is tantamount to voluntarily giving up our strength and partially our Soul. That is why they create such supposedly hopeless circumstances, abundantly impregnating them with fear and hype, because it is the energy of free Souls that they are most interested in.

At the same time, it’s important to understand that not all agents Smith have become such of their own free will, so it is not wise to divide them into bad and good ones. These are just consciousness of a different order, many of which are also awakening now, but it’s much more difficult for them to do this for many reasons.

The main one is fear, which permeates the entire System at all levels. In it, everyone is afraid of the boss, and the boss is afraid of his subordinates, because they are aiming for his place, not shying away from anything to achieve goals. Therefore, every day of work in the System for most of its representatives is similar to surviving in a war.

Today, their most powerful weapon is the media. News, lies and brainwashing have long been synonymous. Hence the recommendation: if we cannot be neutral about what is happening, it is better to stop watching the zombie-box. The necessary information will find us by itself.

We have to remember that talking heads on TV have nothing to do with humanity for a long time. These are literally controlled machines whose task is to collect the maximum amount of havoc and, if they are lucky, physical victims through provoking conflicts and embedding in our DNA. The latter is the primordial code of the Creator in us, connecting the physical body with multidimensional reality, and helping us to withstand the onslaught of any force.

They have done this many times in our repeatedly rewritten history and are trying to do it again today, because we continue to succumb to their tricks, as many of our ancestors did. The only dissimilarity is that now is a different time, different levels of energy information, other Souls have come to the planet, which means that mass awakening has much more chances.

Any war is, first of all, a war on the Subtle Plane, and only later, it’s a cannon fodder’s battles. The war is fought first for an energy resource, and then, for a physical ones.

Obtaining an energy resource often comes down to sacrifices. The global ritual of sacrifice of our civilization was started long before the so-called pandemic. Any war in history is such a ritual, and any mention of war for plausible purposes is direct energy programming for the death of entire generations.

It is no secret to anyone that ABSOLUTELY ALL actions of the authorities involved in the conflicts of States have several levels of benefit exclusively for the ruling elites. It is never about any interests of the peoples, as it never talked about health during the performance called plandemia, coronaviru$, and jabbing.

War For Our Souls - For The Death Of Entire Generations

For The Death Of Entire Generations

War For Our Souls

What are these levels of benefits?

1. Financial – for States and arms companies, as well as Big Pharma, oligarchs and other avatars of the Matrix, seeking to make money on any conflict and, at the same time, ignite a global crisis, the inevitability of which has long been littering on the screens, preparing for another collapse of hopes.

2. Political – for the leaders of countries, seeking to retain power at any cost.

3. Energy – for Dark and Gray space races, who consider themselves the masters of our planet, but are not. Gavvah for them is not even a business, but a way of survival, nothing personal.

All these goals and benefits are supposed to be achieved at the cost of millions of fates of those who voluntarily and forcibly agreed to tightening screws once again. But we don’t have to participate in this!

The cynicism, rudeness and brusqueness of global control structures speak for themselves. They are afraid of losing power and are trying to keep it at any cost, although they have long been entangled in their own theater of absurdity and contradictions.

This behavior is inherent in drug addicts, whose whole meaning of life is to get a new dose. He will steal, lie, and invent new excuses (rules, laws, and measures), hysteria and manipulation, just to prevent withdrawal, equivalent to death.

Power, being the most powerful drug on Earth, produces much more serious distortions into human Soul. Animals trapped or in a state of rabies behave in much the same way.

“But what about Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, Galactic Committee, why are they turning a blind eye?”, – many men are asking.

As long as a large part of humanity agrees with the System in any form, they cannot directly intervene, although they do a lot for the transformation, ours and of Earth, for the Transition to 4D/5D.

War For Our Souls - Can't Intervene Directly

Can’t Intervene Directly

War For Our Souls

Higher civilizations have long made it clear that they will not allow nuclear war and conflicts on our planet, but earthlings themselves should also make maximum efforts, and not just endlessly and passively wait for manna from heaven, Events, Flash, etc.

Environment is a hyper-sensitive mind-space. It immediately adapts to our radiation. Our every choice, action, thought, emotion, sigh and heartbeat is recorded by the surrounding space, which then reproduces our aspirations in reality.

The more fear, hatred and division are present in our thoughts, intentions and deeds in everyday life, the more these qualities the space are boomerang back into us, saturating and impregnating by them, and building further events, based on them. That is why we need to think before thinking.

How to avoid influence?

The primary protection has always been and remains the preservation of inner peace. Any of our emotions or pain, whether for a loved one or an unnamed stranger, is a door for Matrix sysadmins to enter.

All mass plug-ins, no matter to what they serve, cling to our strong emotional outbursts – whether it’s anger, hatred, fear or our bright glow, which they are trying to extinguish. It does not mean that we need to shine less, just remember that bright Light attract attention, which is not always friendly. This is especially noticeable for empaths.

Don’t afraid to shine if you do it calmly, in the full absence of fear, being confident in your strength of Spirit, and keeping respect and Love for self and for the world.

Calmly and without fear, look into the eyes of everyone who inclines to hatred, obedience or aggression under any pretext. System operators are afraid of direct contact with our Soul. Its Light is equivalent to physical pain for them. Sincerity, reasoned opinion, unwavering attitude and fortitude are as destructive to Matrix agents as acid is to jellyfish.

Keep the Creator in self, your uniqueness, adequacy and respect for others. Don’t rush to condemn and get involved in squabbles, fleeting desires to prove your truth and other verbal battles. If you have such a desire, ask yourself: “Is this my thought?” Keep track of your emotions, don’t let them control and run you, because emotions and thoughts are not only food for energy parasites, but often are provoked by them.

War For Our Souls - Provoked By Them

Provoked By Them

War For Our Souls

Make YOUR choice. Let go of the old reality with its programs, and all your fears, resentments, emotional conflicts and anger. Live your life as much as possible and let the positive transformations that you feel inside happen, and not what is broadcasted from TV screens.

Now, the most powerful energy flows are coming to Earth, from which the old world is literally bursting at the seams.

These flows not only awaken dormant DNA codes, but also radically change the surrounding space, awaken the consciousness and Souls of people, which means there will be attempts to confront those who are doomed.

Learn to track these attempts and stop their influence. It’s not as difficult as it seems.

Pay attention to your well-being, especially on the days of Equinoxes, Solstices, holidays and mirror dates, because it is at this time that the most powerful quantum flux and changes are taking place, which every time another villainy is trying to resist.

In parallel, the adequacy of the perception of those who are stuck in the old paradigms is being tested, which means that there will be provocations to hatred, condemnation, a sense of righteous anger, justice and other horror stories. The hogwash will continue to pour from the screens, as it has been for many years, but we are not obliged to take it and involve our loved ones.

Keep a distance to negativity. Allow only bright thoughts and emotions into your personal space and send your inner Light to those who need it.

The System is already buckling under the weight of its own laws, restrictions and conflicting rules. Don’t support it with energy of your attention and emotions, don’t get involved in its tricks, and you will see how at first the influence on you subsides, and then disappears altogether.

Stay yourself and don’t be afraid of anything! Just KNOW that you are protected, our world is safe and no viru$, no law and no parasite can take away from us the freedom that belongs to us by right of birth as a multidimensional FREE SOUL.

More by Lev

Wall Street Vs. Main Street – Part 2

Wall Street Vs. Main Street – Part 2

And in this context, there are leaking reports that the old Fiat dollar bonded SWIFT global financial system already completely replaced by a new Quantum Financial System (QFS)… That the US national debt was fully wiped out… That the new instant QFS settlements were launched in all Central Banks around the world, and the liquidity was placed in the accounts of the respective payers who were waiting for the codes to be entered for issuing money… Regardless of this info sources, is it true or fake, it looks like a powerful message to the builders of national and global debt pyramids and the DFs who are concentrated on the finishing of today’s economy of the planet.

Wall Street vs. Main Street

Wall Street vs. Main Street

Behind-the-scenes acute conflicts within the ruling elite over the complete zeroing of corporate and government debts, deliberate gold and silver underpricing, digitalization, chipization, quantum computers’ aims, and other issues are not just another war between Wall Street and Main Street. This is a global confrontation to the death of two ideologies, two approaches to the entire world economy and Finance reset. In the first weeks and months of COVID-19, it seemed that this was just an exchange of blows in a biological war for world economic leadership between specific countries. But now a different plan has emerged.

The Dark Forces: “With All Frankness…” Part 2

The Dark Forces: “With All Frankness…” Part 2

The Dark Forces develop behavioral products using artificial intelligence from personal and additional data in “data processing factories” located in the “clouds”. In appearance, the company is a modest search engine that produces several results based on the user’s query. And it remembers everything about it: of course, for improving the quality of services, the search system.

The Dark Forces: “With All Frankness…” – Part 1

The Dark Forces: “With All Frankness…” – Part 1

The front line in today’s space and ground war against the Dark Forces is not horizontal as in past World Wars, but vertical – from the Earth surface to deep Cosmos. Allies and assistants to the Light Forces, as well as to the Dark Forces EXIST IN ALL COUNTRIES. And they are chosen by their deeds and loyalty to a given mission.

New Bio And Energy Weapon Part 2

New Bio And Energy Weapon Part 2

COVID-19 is, first of all, a live weapon of mass destruction under the Dark Forces NOW’s agenda. It is targeted against the civilian population, who had no defense against it. Especially when from the very beginning three modifications of this delay primer were used. In the pandemic course, as was planned, dozens of new, allegedly mutated, varieties were launched. They are already adapted for a new age, social, national, and racial groups.

New Bio Energy Weapon Of Mass Destruction – Part 1

New Bio Energy Weapon Of Mass Destruction – Part 1

The war against Dark Forces, which the Higher Light Hierarchy, Galactic Councils, and the Light Forces ground team are waging on the quantum, astral, plasma, etheric, surface, and underground levels, is successfully going on 24/7. One of the main difficulties is the Toplet Bombs, the last line of defense of Chimera, Archons, and Cabal.

Bahrain Operation – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces – Part 3

Bahrain Operation – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces – Part 3

By 26 December, 2019 the Tree of Death Global Cleanup was completed. The next stage has come – the restoration of the Unified Tree Of Life of our Local Universe. This happened during the Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019. It is noteworthy that it began with the entry of the Earth into the penumbra of the Moon just in the waters of the Persian Gulf, over the localization of the Earth’s part of the Tree of Death, on the Dilmun Island in Bahrain.

Operations Turkey Iraq – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces Part 2

Operations Turkey Iraq – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces Part 2

Another example of the Light Forces ground team and Higher Light Hierarchy combat cooperation is the operation, which they jointly conducted in April-May 2019 in Turkey and Iraq. To date, it is fully completed. It is about the elimination of several Dark Forces bases in these two countries. The first place of ops was the Göbekli Tepe Hill in Turkey, where one of the Earth’s Solar portals is located. This vital infrastructure for the planet provides its connection and interchange with the Sun as a source and conductor of the Universal Energy of Life.

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces – Lev

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces – Lev

The Light Forces Ground Team and the Higher Light Hierarchy have conducted and continue to carry out more than one joint operation. Some of them are now can be disclosed. And almost every operation is actively involved in one of the two Builder and Curators of our Local Universe, which until recently was the main leader of all Dark Forces in it. But first – the short preamble.

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