Wall Street Vs. Main Street - Part 2

Wall Street Vs. Main Street

Part 2

Wall Street Vs. Main Street – Part 2 – By Lev.

And in this context, there are leaking reports that the old Fiat dollar bonded SWIFT global financial system already completely replaced by a new Quantum Financial System (QFS)…

That the US national debt was fully wiped out…

That the new instant QFS settlements were launched in all Central Banks around the world, and the liquidity was placed in the accounts of the respective payers who were waiting for the codes to be entered for issuing money…

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Wall Street Vs. Main Street - Global Currency Reset

Global Currency Reset

Wall Street Vs. Main Street 

That banks are ordered to start zeroing out mortgages, credit cards, and other forms of personal debt, and all other debts – individual and national-will begin to be fully repaid very shortly…

That there will soon be a statement on the return of the US dollar to the gold standard…

Regardless of this info sources, is it true or fake, it looks like a powerful message to the builders of national and global debt pyramids and the DFs who are concentrated on the finishing of today’s economy of the planet.

One can reasonably suggest that these leaks are the last warning to the Dark Forces, who continue to slam the United States to cripple, paralyze, and disintegrate the country using Wall Street as a financial battering ram against Main Street because they see in it the ultimate obstacle for NWO.

Today through their financial-political lobby and paid MSM the Dark Forces are trying to misrepresent the current US crisis as the result of misguided WH policies.

But this disaster the DFs deliberately created themselves solely for one scope – to completely demolish the entire world economy.

And as the trigger, they have chosen the United States – an important pillar of international Finance, trade, and manufacturing.

“The main obstacle to a stable and just World Order is the United States,” likes to repeat George Soros.

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In the second quarter of 2020, the world’s largest economy experienced the largest drop in history – up to 50 percent of GDP. The country has been hit by record unemployment, which rose to 25%. There are no sectors left in the US that can absorb the 32 million workers drawing unemployment and those who aren’t in the unemployment system.

Companies reported a collapse in revenue and filed for bankruptcy en masse. In the first quarter, operating profit for S&P 500 corporations fell by $661 billion in annual terms – almost 50 percent. This is an anti-record since 2009. In the second quarter, the situation deteriorated even more due to the collapse in sales and production volumes as a result of COVID-19.

The Fed, cornered by the Dark Forces, continues to throw out astronomical amounts of dollars. But they do not get into the American economy, but settle with global financial speculators, whom the DFs use as hitmen.
As the DFs and Wall Street designed, the securities bubble became even bigger than it was in 2008. The new $2 trillion coronaviruses “stimulus” thrusts stocks into the stratosphere. This ticking time bomb aimed at the US crash far more deadly than it could be ten years ago.

Main Street is already suspicious. Earlier they thought that the Fed tries to save the US industry, but now this is not looking like that. They suspect that the Fed is Wall Street racketeers influenced, turned to the shaheed that is ready to blow up even itself as an institution to ruin the American and global economy for paving the New World Order.

After all, the Fed is, in reality, a private bank and must comply with the decisions of its private owners – the largest DFs’ global banks. Although formally, from a purely legal point of view, the Fed ceased to exist exactly 100 years after its official creation in 1913 – from December 25, 2013, as was envisaged by the original procedure, and already seven years is in the process of balance sheet winding up.

Today the Fed is divided into 4 parts:

  • The Fed-1 – as unused annuities of the Russian Romanov Royal family, which in 1913 is participated in the formation of the initial capital of the Federal Reserve.
  • The Fed-2 – as a holder of the United States zero balance.
  • The Fed-3 – as the holder of the winding-up debt balance where are accumulated all monetary obligations of the main financial “Masters of the Universe.”
  • The Fed-4 – as a platform for consolidated counterbalance, reflecting all current financial operations of the Federal Reserve, which are directly controlled by the UCC.

All money printings made after December 25, 2013, including the replacement of worn-out dollar bills with new ones, are illegal, and that the Dark Forces and Wall Street know perfectly well, and they blackmail the regulator with it. And although the Fed has lost the right to issue the dollar after its 100-year existence, it continues to do so covertly through one bank from among the Fed’s owners.

In March, the Fed twice lowered the key rate (to 0 – 0. 25 percent per annum), launched a program to buy up $ 500 billion in government bonds and $ 200 billion in mortgage-backed securities, and later announced that it will not limit quantitative easing. The Fed has also launched several new lending programs. Total spending on supporting Main Street and the US economy has reached 30% of GDP.

As the Dark Forces trap planned, excess liquidity has inflated a giant bubble that they are preparing to burst, bringing down all domestic and global markets. Only once in the past 20 years have the US stock prices been more inflated than they are now – in 1999, on the eve of the dot-com crisis. By the end of June 2020, the stock price-earnings ratio for the S&P 500 index had surpassed the extreme levels of the dot-com bubble in the early noughties. The gap between markets and economic realities has never been greater.

Wall Street Vs. Main Street - Gold Standard

Gold Standard

Wall Street Vs. Main Street

The DFs well aware that hopes for the Fed’s stimulus policy and the excessive liquidity that the regulator is pumping to restore the solvency of the Main Street companies will not be fulfilled, despite the regulator’s promises to buy high-yield corporate bonds, that is, securities with a high risk of default.

Right now, the risk-return ratio in the stock market is the worst that market participants have ever seen. According to the calculations of the Dark Forces, their prepared markets fall will be so strong that after junk securities and corporate debt bonds, the Fed will have to buy shares from investors. Funds and exchange-traded players have already lost the ability to make bets on the decline, which threatens to collapse the US stock market, and will cause a domino effect on all others.

The debt economy – a model that the Dark Forces brought to Earth from the Rigel system and entrusted 300 years ago to a well-known family with the same origins – like the plague or the current COVID-19, has infected all countries. Due to the DFs’ forced interdependency of globalism, the crisis in one country created a domino effect of the crisis in other countries. Therefore, according to the Dark Forces’ motto “all countries and their economic policies must be managed by a global central authority” to prevent “knavish governments” and “scammy central banks” from upsetting the balance.

The current events in the European financial sphere confirm how strong the negative impact the DFs’ global interdependency can be. Coronavirus hit European banks and economy harder than US banks because in the United States most lending, such as commercial and residential real estate loans, is done on an “originate and sell/securitize” basis, while European banks keep many more loans on their balance sheets.

The 2Q results of most large Western European banks reveal further increases in credit losses as the economic outlook has worsened substantially since the 1Q results. Banks suffer a capital hit of up to €380 billion as a result of the economic disruption from coronavirus.

In the first quarter, COVID-19 hit, forcing many banks to provision for expected credit losses, with the result that sector-wide ROE slumped to 4%. Many large banks reported sharp drops in profits. Five big banks – HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Unicredit, BBVA, and Societe Generale – posted net losses.

In the second quarter, more banks took a blow due to so-called “loan-impairment charges” (LICs) – an amount that a bank sets aside in case its customers cannot make the required loan repayments – rose sharply. At the 20 banks, LICs almost tripled year on year in the first quarter, to around €24 billion, eating up more than 55% of pre-impairment operating profit (compared with less than 20% in 2019).

Wall Street Vs. Main Street - Gold Reserve

Bad loans are a problem in many parts of Southern Europe, including Italy, Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus, a long-lingering legacy of the 2008 crisis. There was a sharp jump of non-performing loans in Eastern Europe. The banks in the region are hit by a wave of bad loans that will last beyond 2021.

With full certainty is anticipated three waves of bad loans: a first wave in the fourth quarter of this year as anti-COVID stimulus measures expire and struggling borrowers begin defaulting; a second, slower and more spread-out wave that may follow in the first half of 2021; and a third wave, resulting from the contagion effects of failures in different parts of the economy and supply chains, that will appear towards the end of 2021.

The International Monetary Fund announced the beginning of a global recession. According to the IMF forecast, the current crisis will be the deepest since the Great Depression of the 1930s and will surpass the financial crash of 2009.

Today’s global crisis is a continuation of the 2007-2009 events. What was happening then in the US, Europe, and the World?
The financial crisis began in 2007 with a depreciation in the subprime mortgage market. The Fed was forced to lower the rate to help all DFs’ biggest banks, American International Group, Fanny May, and other financial institutions which were hit to death by the credit drain. The Fed started the Troubled Assets Relief Program to supply short-term funding to banks, AIG, and others with sub-prime mortgages.

The DFs financial-political lobby was used for bailouts and the Fed pumping $17 trillion in the Too Big To Fail at the expense of the taxpayers that took the main hit. All these funds didn’t come to Main Street but went to speculations and secret Dark Forces space programs. In one major European country, the uncovered liabilities on derivatives of only one bank were four times higher than the then state GDP. The housing crisis, financial collapse, and economic fallouts of 2008 are still here.

In the short term, the dollar will still rise in value due to uncertainty in the markets. But by the end of the year, the trend will change because of the Fed’s aggressive measures to support Main Street and the economy. As early as next year, the “greenback” may lose at least a third of its value against the basket of currencies of the leading economies. Especially concerning the Euro and the Yuan due to the shift in the balance of competitiveness of the economy and the money supply in favor of the EU and China.

In 2020, the US budget deficit will triple to $4 trillion, the highest since the Second World War. The Fed’s balance will swell to $10 trillion due to the coronavirus crisis. And since all this money is only the result of the printing press, the flight of investors from an unsecured currency is only a matter of time, which the Dark Forces have once again scheduled.

Wall Street Vs. Main Street - Bull

Wall Street Bull

Wall Street Vs. Main Street

The DF’s maneuvers damaged not only the United States and Europe but are targeted against all civilized nations using COVID-19. In March 2020, the US courts received claims for 20.1 trillion dollars against the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese Government, and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. If this DFs’ plan would be successful, then all existing Chinese $ 4.2 trillion assets and holdings, its derivatives, foreign exchange earnings, and export contracts could be confiscated and seized. The Chinese residents and individuals around the world whose capital and shares are owned by Chinese residents, shareholders and founders will lose the right to use offsets and cross-cancellation of debts in the global banking and financial system in favor of China, which greatly hampers the NWO.

However, the Light Forces have their counter-plans. Since the fall of 2019, notably, they have already four times thwarted the DFs’ attempts to bring down the US economy, and after it, the current global economic system.

Wouldn’t be the next step – the world debt pyramid zeroing, Quantum Financial System legalization, and return to the gold standard?

It pays to take note that in the world already accumulated about 3 million tons of gold. This gold cannot be stolen or removed from the secure vaults where it is stored.

The Light Forces technologies are used to quarantine it until QFS legalization.

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