Veil Removal - From 3d To 4d And 5d - Part 28 - Lev

Veil Removal

From 3d To 4d And 5d – Part 28

Veil Removal – From 3d To 4d And 5d – Part 28 – By Lev


As of astrological update. Exactly on October 6, I could not sleep because I received full clarity with so many precise details and the whole business plan all night long involving so many people in my circle or the ones I met for various reasons…

My vision was as follows:

A huge project built on the land of the native Indians, which we have in abundance here in Canada, city, and surrounding, I call it an “Island of Love” with so many futuristic-looking buildings (golden glass or crystal looking and natural products) with sacred geometry, surrounded by beautiful flower gardens with many crystals, where everything will be based on the principle of sharing and cooperation of already open human gifts and powerful abilities, supported also by free energy and new, previously banned technologies collected around the world, programs for new 5D children and animals, environmental projects, healing/ energy alignment of, first, indigenous people and then all the rest looking to move out of the miserable 3D life’s challenges… and so on …
A complete 5D project that allows everyone to open the impulses and creativity of 5D energy in full cooperation and unity. I have already started to share, but I will officially announce it at my party, to which I invited all these people from my dream to the Thanksgiving party at my home on Monday, October 11th.

Local establishment of a legal state government of The People to The People (already created in BC, Canada, and also in different places over the world), which will be legally protected from the corrupt 3D governments. Funding through a new powerful Financial Quantum Mapping system (always existed, but now in a hands of Light Creator) that supports such projects.

So true … Everything is so true that we have the full support of the planets in our Solar System. These powerful energies of October work with very determined but balanced souls on their way to creating a physical 5D supported by the inner energies in 5D subtle energetic levels built by all these cosmic brothers and sisters that DNI is constantly informing us about them.

The physical 5D must be built by us … not from the outside, but by us, strong earthlings with ambitious, compassionate, innovative, futuristic, but always loving and balanced visions and dreams.

Thank you for confirming my new extremely strong and decisive impulses, through which I can see how it brings an END to the whole destruction of my close sisters and brothers, watching this madness around. Perfect timing … let’s all create our New 5D Earth, PHYSICAL 5D Earth …Has anyone else received similar impulses and visions?


8/10/2021 at 22:10

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Thinking from the heart about creative projects or any other way facilitates the vibratory increase harmoniously. I know that we are many with different qualities as numerous as varied to bring a change the reservoir of the master heart is only asking to help us they just have to ask that’s how our source will take more and more power.

Everyone knows what it is appropriate for him to carry out even if we have the impression to be awkward. In the beginning, we will become more confident as the vibrations increase. The inner sun moves forward giving the signal to the outer sun to move forward at the same time.

In this way it is harmonious. As the inside moves forward the outside moves forward we can’t be attacked. Duality is not put into action, it is the master heart that directs the operations from the center.

But those who command the Central Sun or any other put duality into action by illuminating the interior in imbalance, whether it is prayer or any other discipline do it by thinking through the heart.

The heart is a Divine reservoir. How can one think that one can take your sovereignty? Who invented such a thing? No negative entity can enter the heart, neither teddy bears nor stuffed animals.


07/10/2021 at 19:29


Astrological events are an important factor, but not decisive. Their energies are neutral. We make them positive or negative, stimulating or blocking and destructive.

On September 23, 2021, the Higher Light Hierarchs launched the Veil removal procedure and began unpacking our energies into the new 4D space.

It’s great that a lot of people got so close to the 4D that the energy of the stelliums started to take the Veil off from them.

Veil Removal - We And Stelliums

We And Stelliums

Veil Removal

As of December 2020, those who are ready for the 4D Transition began the activation of the dormant DNA segments and gradually building up from two working strands to twelve.

Here’s another and very interesting testimonial, in addition to the QUESTIONS part which for convenience will be in the first person.

“I had it happen at intervals of about two months. In my case, the activation occurred at night.

The consequences on the physical plane were then painful, since the procedure was accelerated, and therefore not at all sparing.

My Higher Self informed me that I had until August 2 to complete the procedure and have 12 activated threads by that date. And so it happened.

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Veil Removal - 12 DNA Strands

12 DNA Strands

Veil Removal

At the same time, new neural connections were forming in my brain. At night there were bright flashes of light in my head. A crystalline body began to form.

On August 2, also at night, my Higher Self switched me from the old 3D planetary lattice of consciousness to the new 4D crystal grid of Earth. It was also at night.

Once I woke up feeling that my brain’s right hemisphere was being pierced with an energy drill in a certain place. It lasted about 15 minutes, it was unpleasant but bearable. However, then the painful sensations dissipated for a whole day.

From that moment on, my timeline began to unfold around the scenario of life in 4D.

In August, the events began to indicate that I would soon have to materialize my dreams thanks to the fourth dimension energies.

Veil Removal - 4D Energies

4D Energies

Veil Removal

It sounds like science fiction, I know. But I feel like the opportunity for it to come to fruition is about to open up. I’m ready for the 4D space opening. I have a start-up project ready to launch. I’ve been working on it all my conscious life…

Then, in August, my Higher Self informed me that I would be having a Veil removal at the end of September. And that I have to be ready.

On September 23rd, again at night, I awoke to the presence of the energies of my Higher Self. Previously I had only identified it by its vibes. I couldn’t see it on the Subtle Plane in any way.

But then, half-asleep, with my eyes closed, I saw a man’s image on my inner screen. About a meter away from me. And for some reason, I recognized him immediately.

Is that you? – I ask mentally.

Yes, – was the answer.

Well, finally! – I responded.

And then the Higher Self performed the procedure of removing the Veil. It was as if it cut a certain boundary above my head with a beam, and the Thin-Material cocoon broke into two halves, like a shell.

Veil Removal - Into Two Halves

Into Two Halves

Veil Removal

And inside the shell was me… Then, my Higher Self was gone… And I fell asleep.

In the morning, there didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary, only one thing that I didn’t immediately notice.

Overnight, my little palm tree had died. It was a gift.

I’ve had it for years, and it’s never even been sick. And then it’s like the plant burned up, as it was hit with hot water.

The leaves went from green to white, and the stems went soft as if they had boiled overnight!

And I realized that something was starting to happen around. In the afternoon I sat down to work at the computer and suddenly noticed that I could not feel my body at all. It was as if it was transparent, weightless.

Veil Removal - As If Transparent

As If Transparent

Veil Removal

And I saw myself unusually, as if from the side as if I were standing behind my back. It felt incredible! Awesome!

But from the next day on, the space around me began to change.

And here’s how.

I lay down on the couch toward evening and suddenly began to see that all the objects in the room seemed to be slightly fluid, moving, shimmering, and vibrating. And the air feels like it’s made of jets of rain.

Manifested light energies moved around me, energy orbs of different colors appear and disappear.

And from me comes a soft and gentle swirling light, like fog.

It is generated from my body and diverges in different directions by concentric alternating and playing with each other waves.

It was very beautiful. I lay like that for about 30 minutes, watching the unfamiliar dance of space.

And my own energies and the energies around me as if came alive, manifested, and marked themselves.

But as soon as I got up and walked around, the space curled up into a familiar picture. But if I stop and look, it unfolds again. As though it’s playing with me, and sometimes joking.

Veil Removal - Gentle Swirling Light

Gentle Swirling Light

Veil Removal

For example, my son came up to me, and we started discussing something. I saw between us, from somewhere above, a thin, glowing thread descending from nowhere.

My brain reacted habitually: a spider’s web! My hand reached out to catch this web. I caught it but there was nothing in my hand.

I continue talking to my son, and again the “web” appears. My hand automatically caught it – nothing! And so four times, my God!

My son understood everything, looking at me and smiling. He didn’t even say anything. It was clear to both of us without words. We laughed…

It is already daily, I consciously contact with the new space of the fourth dimension. My Higher Self said that this is only the beginning of 4D and my mutual merging.

But even one percent interaction is good for the first time. My heart pinches and jumps for joy. And sometimes my body ‘leads’ sideways, and I feel like I’m about to fall…”

Veil Removal - To Fourth Dimension

To Fourth Dimension

Veil Removal

Until recently, many believed that the removal of Veil would be abrupt.

That the energies of man and 4D will immediately gush into each other, creating a discharge, a Flash.

And it could have happened, if not for one nuance. The fourth dimension is delayed because not everything is fully ready for it.

The vibrations of many people are already at a high level, and about to reach their full potential in 4D.

Some walk around like atomic bombs – such a strong compression inside.

But there’s nowhere to be fully open up yet. Four-dimensional space on Earth is just emerging, hurrying up, forming right before our eyes. It is preparing us to carefully accept and deploy our new energies.

It is good that our Higher Selves allow us to contact with 4D, to interact and penetrate each other, even if not on a full scale. At least we opened for familiarization with what is already waiting for us. It is so human!

Veil Removal - Even If Not On A Full Scale

Even If Not On A Full Scale

Veil Removal

The Transition into the fourth dimension which has opened with the beginning of the New Galactic Year, the Veil removal, the Ascension, and the unpacking of energies will be only a gradual, gentle process.

But it won’t be endless. It will end with a specific Event – crossing the threshold into the next dimension, into a new band of high frequencies forever and irrevocably.

Many of us link our movement into the fourth dimension with Earth’s Quantum Transition. This is true and not quite true.

Our planet is picking up frequencies on its own. And we’re on our own. It’s like two different beings working on themselves. Of course, both processes influence each other.

However, if Earth suddenly makes a final vibrational leap tomorrow, opens its fourth dimension in full, and we do not, we will hardly be able to see it because our vibrations will not coincide.

Veil Removal - The Vibes Doors Are Open

The Vibes Doors Are Open

Veil Removal

Given that 3D has already started to wind down in parallel, we have to adapt to the new space.

That’s why it’s time to consciously raise our frequencies. This is our currency in Transition. It’s our entry ticket. The doors are already swinging wide open, and Veil has begun removing.

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Our Body – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Our Upgrading – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Upgrading – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

January 2022 is an ideal time for a deep revision and a thorough reset of our fundamental values, concepts, and mental attitudes. Of everything, we used to rely on when making decisions about our long-term goals and personal life.

Afterword – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Afterword – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

By January 5, 2022, many ground teams of Lightwarriors and Lightworkers disclosed a lot of new info on what happened during and after the mass meditation on December 21, 2021.

Our Inner Work Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Inner Work Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On January 3, 2022, at 17:28 CET, the Galactic Committee transmitted another information about the Transition to 4D and a brief assessment of the current situation on Earth. Galacom focused its info on the topic that Co-Creators now consider the most important for earthlings – on the factors necessary for entering and staying in 4D.

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