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Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos - Lisa Renee

Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos

The Supreme Grand Master Architect Part 5

Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos – Lisa Renee

During the Uranus alignment in late January, the rotational axis shifted in the Uranus planetary core and when it was being moved into another position in the timeline, this functioned like an aperture opening through which a massive beam of solar light passed through, and this event activated several dormant organic interdimensional rainbow arc portals connecting directly into the Uranus planetary core.

Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos - Uranus


Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos –

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As a result, the previously damaged and inoperable sections of the Uranus Grual Gate were rehabilitated, merging with the 9D layers of the Universal Antahkarana rainbow currents of the Founder Solar Rishis.

These vertical lines of the Universal Antahkarana were woven into its inner core portal system all the way into the parallel matrix of Andromeda, whereby legions of Solar Dragon Kings and Fatherly Solar Rishi began to ride this solar stream in to our Universal Time Matrix.

Solar Rishi travel through centripetal and centrifugal force, thus masses of Solar Dragon Rings spanning into orbital positions in the enormous size of planets began to appear and station themselves around the Solar System, along with the indication they are here with the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar as the Universal Christ Red Rose energy signature which appears to be flooding into our system.

Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos - Antahkarana's Impact

Antahkarana’s Impact

Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos –

The Uranus 8D Grual Stargate is connected to the Aquarian sun star network in the 12D Solar Logos gate of Aramatena, and the Royal Star Fomalhaut’s southern position in the Cosmic Clock that directs the Ruby Diamond Pillar and Ruby Spirals.

Thus, with previous adventures with the Cosmic Christos Solar Rishic Dragons of Aquarius, such as Christ Zarathustra working tirelessly making repairs in Fomalhaut’s star matrix, it begins to make sense as to why the Cosmic Father from the 1st God World Creation has returned through Uranus Grual portal system.

Consequently, the Cosmic Father and his Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons seem to be organizing themselves into strategic positions around recently opened 8D interdimensional portals that appear as eight sided octahedral geometries, such as spinning Octahedral Prisms with rainbow lights and other colors of roundish octagonal shapes that are spreading rainbow rays into the planetary grid system.

These momentous events in Uranus sparked a range of catalytic confrontations and clearings too numerous to count, however, in addressing the 9D AI machinery Kronos that was previously identified during Guardian projects in Alnilam and Mintaka to free Orion’s Belt, it was discovered that segments of this master AI control system were being administrated by the highest level Thubanites, previously stationed in the Draco constellation.

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The AI Sentinel Program Kronos was identified as the 9D master AI Alien Machinery used to reinforce the Checkerboard Mutation and the Wall in Time, and as the Melchizedek Logos was subsequently rescued from its entrapment, it was further identified as running a massive sized headquarters for building out artificial red shield networks along with the nested infection of an AI Enki Lair, hidden and buried within the 8D-9D layers of Neptune.

Guardian tracking led to the surveillance of assorted Sa’am-Enki-Osiris AI built virtual realities for Thoth, Enki, Enlil Annunaki hybrid collectives that they used for building out their hierarchies of Adonis False God identities and as a hidden base for assorted NAA operations linked into artificial wormholes and tunneling systems originating from inside Neptune.

Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos - Neptune


Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos –

This tunneling operation spanned several artificial 5D-8D-11D hyperdimensional pockets that were connected to a huge farm of cloning and genetic experiment laboratories, black dragon-red dragon shield networks and Wesan black hole entity groups hosting a massive inventory of artificially generated hybrid cloned bodies of unimaginable proportions, with genetic specimens collected from all over the Universe that were being defended with fully weaponized automated AI hybrid antichrist armies.

In particular this confrontation was totally unexpected and extremely rough for those Starseed lineages connected to these specific Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon families that went directly head on into an extremely chaotic and violent spiritual battle.

It was a massive Emerald Templar – Ruby Templar – Amethyst Templar collective effort, assorted Cosmic Father Pink Diamond Sun Mer-Lion lineages, Dark Matter Elohei and Pegasus Michael-Merlin Azurites came to remove the artificial 11D Pegasus Grid System, 8D Metatronic fallen timekeeper mechanism and Artificial Lunar Rods and Caduceus implants sending out assorted phase disruption and time dilation technologies to distort organic time fields.

This Christos Solar Dragon group translated into the Celtic Druid Maji Grail Kings in the ancestral lineages of the Order of the Thistle upon the Earth, was the means of which more information became available to understand the spiritual architecture of the Amethyst Dragon Kings that are connected to the Cosmic Ruby Order Christos Universal Bloodline.

The extractions and collapses of the artificial networks were handled relatively efficiently but continued on and off for a few days when entering the solar calendar of Aquarius, as spontaneous direct combat ensued in which every horror of antichrist weaponry was pulled out for spiritual battle, generating incredible black magic sorcery and heavy AI miasmatic residue from Orion’s Galactic War histories.

From the vantage point of being in a human body, this was felt as energetic explosion after explosion with massive skyscrapers of falling debris on top of the crown and solar star, as if the body was weighed down and pushed into a muddy astral pit.

The necessity is as always, to remain calm and as still as possible, staying out of the way of cross spiraling fire power and laying low, as the retaliation for taking down the artificial Pegasus grid and carrying out retrievals of certain Adonis God cloned body parts was more than hostile.

During these few days, common ascension symptoms included pain, numbness and sensing disconnection on the lower half or right side of the body, kidney and liver pain, blurry vision, assorted random and moving heavy physical aches and pains.

The majority of symptoms are focused on right side masculine ancestral clearings and the review and retrieval of patriarchal lineages along with their timeline histories as connected to militarized combat in assorted wars, on and off planet.

Further Tiamati reclamations for the 10D Sapphire Diamond Shield also impacted the left side wing portal in the trapezius muscle leading into the base of the skull, with some powerful neck and headaches.

To better comprehend why the unexpected and magical opening of the 8D Grual portal in Uranus is a major revelation in the shifting architecture of our Universal and Galactic Stargate system, we must be aware of the massive damage caused by the Metatronic Flower of Death generated by the Orion Wars.

This is why as Starseeds we note the constant repeating of having to clear out the same miasmatic issues again and again, in order to spiritually heal from the NAA invasion and Orion War themes, as every time we revisit these same clearing themes, we are transmuting the negative historical records and the artificial timelines used to re-traumatize humanity in the NAA set up of never-ending genocidal wars.

The NAA takeover of the Universal 8D Stargate in Orion was thought to have destroyed the Uranus portal system.

More By Lisa Renee

Examining Beliefs – Lisa Renee

Examining Beliefs – Lisa Renee

As more of humanity awakens, the range of societal problems that are purposely generating devastating harm and destruction connected to authoritarian power abuses and monstrous crimes against humanity have become increasingly evident.

Abraham Lincoln, Magna Carta, Defender Amethyst And Ruby Dragons – Lisa Renee

Abraham Lincoln, Magna Carta, Defender Amethyst And Ruby Dragons – Lisa Renee

During the first onset of the winter solstice Cathedral Activations (Dec 2021), the planetary wings were upgraded to the solar rod template and dragon wings of which the Chartres Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral, Rosslyn Chapel and the Washington DC Lincoln Memorial were chosen by Guardian Host to anchor restorations for the planet’s Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon architecture.

8D and 12D Unplugged – Lisa Renee

8D and 12D Unplugged – Lisa Renee

The Planetary Stargates act to step down the higher energies being transmitting from the God Source field into the Sun, which is then directed into the many stargates and portal systems.

Guardian Yeshua And Mary As 8D Realmkeepers

Guardian Yeshua And Mary As 8D Realmkeepers

The Khem Codes hold the esoteric knowledge of alchemical manifestation secrets of the Cosmic Father’s Temple of Solomon and Ruby Templar Zephyr Shield bass tones, which are also being transmitted through the King Arthur emerald-ruby capstone of Ar-Tha-Ur-Hum rainbow rounds.

The Supreme Grand Master Returns

The Supreme Grand Master Returns

The ancient Essene Christos Templar tradition of passing down spiritual knowledge of the ascension through the anointing of the Inner Christos within human beings in order to achieve eternal life and connect directly with God, were ancient teachings recorded in the Gothic Cathedrals.

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