Up-Leveling Is Continuous - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Up-Leveling Is Continuous

Up-Leveling Is Continuous – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

For several days continuously, solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, and more “cosmic tunes” have been playing throughout our galaxy and planetary spheres (magnetosphere, ionosphere, stratosphere, atmosphere, etc.), and they will continue to resound with up-leveling power and increase the likelihood of geomagnetic storms which will subsequently activate our planet’s vibrational frequency and amplitude (variously known as “Power” or as “Schumann Resonance”).

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Up-Leveling Is Continuous - Solar Prominence - 7 February 2020

Solar Prominence – 7 February 2020

Up-Leveling Is Continuous

We must remember, however, that we will not always be able to detect from technological instrumentation what is actually occurring relative to the activation “pulls” upon Earth/Gaia.

The human being has now also become “instrumentation” of how what is happening above is a result of what is happening below.

This has been discussed many times in different ways using metaphorical language to express a major supernal process as well as how to handle the incoming LIGHT and its symptomatic causations.

As the LIGHT expands and as vibratory energy increases, further information is required in order to acclimate to the non-stop surging of life force exuding from the Great Central Sun to our Sun and into our planet—all eventually moving into us—every atom, molecule, and cell of our being— upgrading, transforming, and regenerating.

As we expand and increase in LIGHT, we also are capable of miraculous mystical manifestations in numerous ways.

Self-healing is one aspect.

We have within us natural, SOURCE-given healing energetics.

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Up-Leveling Is Continuous - Source-Given Healing Energetics

Source-Given Healing Energetics

Up-Leveling Is Continuous

Our physical vessels, minds, and emotive responses to daily affairs can be cleansed and healed of disharmony or imbalances via using the SOURCE FREQUENCY that is steadily coming into us.

However, we must BELIEVE in our power and use it correctly and also realize that it is the power of SOURCE that we are receiving.

We, can, for instance, rub our hands together briskly and place them on an area of the physical vessel that is experiencing an ache or pain for a few minutes as we breathe in and out slowly and deeply while also placing our tongue at the roof of our mouth to activate the pineal gland response.

The discomfort will disappear.

The caveat, however, is that we must BELIEVE in the power moving through us.

There is an erroneous notion among some persons, and their proclamation is “I am God!”.

The truth is that we are IN and OF GOD; we are not God incarnate.

Many people have completely seemingly lost their senses relative to this idea, and it is important to discuss it so that we can properly anchor to SOURCE LIGHT.

Up-Leveling Is Continuous - Radiation From The Source

Radiation From The Source

Up-Leveling Is Continuous

If any human being were GOD, the INFINITE, the SOURCE, the ALL, then there would be no wars, no material greed, no diseases, no famine, no disrespect for the very creations of NATURE that we supposedly would have made, no racism, no child trafficking, no subjugation of women, etc.

There would be no need to complain about financial challenges because when money was needed, it could be simply called forth and suddenly appear pouring down from the ceiling!

There would be no need to voice angry shouts at political leaders who force certain mandates onto the citizens of a nation because whatever caused the mandate experience would never have existed in form anyway!

There would be no need to deal with laboratories and constant development of toxic substances because there would be no sickness!

There would be no need for prayer or meditation because we would only be praying to and meditating on ourselves!

The point has hopefully now been understood.

We have been blessed with certain powers and abilities by SOURCE, but we are not SOURCE!

Mankind’s arrogance and ego over many eons of the space/time continuum has caused much suffering because of the disharmonious vibrational “notes” of consciousness, feelings, words, and actions being released into supernal particles which can take material form.

This, too, has been discussed in previous written discourses.

So, the electrical frequency of thought and the magnetic frequency of emotions need not be again discussed herein in detail.

For further clarity, ancient scriptures have, of course, taught about Avatars—a Sanskrit term which translates as “One Who Descends” and which is a reference to the scriptural teaching that when conditions on Earth/Gaia (or any other planetary realm) become so horrible that beings in these realms cannot solve the problems with their SOURCE-given capabilities, then SOURCE will incarnate in the form of a particular realm (in this case we are speaking of becoming of the physical form of a human) such as did the Avatars “Tehuti”, “Krishna”, “Rama”, Maio Shan, etc.

There are those who believe that Yeshua Ha Messiah was also an Avatar but some who believe that he was a great World Teacher and Prophet.

An “Avatar” knows the details of all of his or her past lives and experiences.

A human being does not, although he or she may be given glimpses of the past in dreams, via meditation, and in mystical daily experiences.

In terms of Yeshua, when he was praying in the garden while his disciples slept and before his arrest by Roman soldiers, we must ask: Who was he praying to—himself? No.

He was praying to SOURCE—not himself.

He taught us that we are all sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH—of GOD—of SOURCE, not in a physical sense, but rather, in a spiritual sense—having capabilities being given to us from the DIVINE PARENT.

Up-Leveling Is Continuous - Connection With Source

Connection With Source

Up-Leveling Is Continuous

He taught us that we are all the little letter “g”, not the capital letter “G” when he said: “Know ye not that ye are gods?”

Thus, the better statement for people to say is: “I am an aspect of God”.

Yeshua is indeed THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD because he has one of the most powerful keys to the “DIVINE THRONE ROOM”—knowledge, wisdom, faith, belief.

So did those who came before him and after him as Sages, Priests, Priestesses, Saints, and Prophets.

They were all inspired and taught by the AVATARS— SOURCE— and thus, it is SOURCE who is our continual SACRED SUSTENANCE.

I urge everyone to delve into the ancient sacred texts, to learn the many languages that they were written in for a proper exegesis to be done and to keep praying for guidance.

We are in a time frame whereby leveling-up also involves greater cognitive capability as well as spiritual elevation.

Just watching television ministers or listening to their radio broadcasts and sending them money is not the way to truly know SOURCE for yourself.

Many of them do not know any other languages other than the one they are speaking in, and most of their messages are culturally-oriented, and thus, not of Divine revelation.

Up-Leveling Is Continuous - Source Frequency

Source Frequency

Up-Leveling Is Continuous

Therefore, too much of humanity is following cultural practices or frameworks and not actually following Divine principles.

The LIGHT is removing the cobwebs from our cellular records and and making it possible for us to connect with our Divine inheritance.

When more of the human collective makes the connection, then like the lights that come back on in a city which has lost power due to a storm, humanity will be further empowered, and we will collectively shine so brightly that we will indeed take our place as “gods” while GOD will continually blesses us with more treasures of knowledge and wisdom because no person will be like the prodigal son who left home only to realize that he had left a wonderful bounty waiting for his claiming. Upon his return, all was forgiven.

That parable was a sample of the mercy of SOURCE.

Stay in the LIGHT.

Do not leave home.

For those who do not believe in a SOURCE, there is no reasoning that can be given to them. Debate is futile.

This will also be the case for those who insist on saying that they are GOD.

This too will probably result in futility even as chaos abounds all around the planet in the “3d” perspective.

The Sufi Master, Hazrat Inayat Khan, perhaps said it best: “Not everyone will have the rhythm or capacity for spiritual or intellectual understanding.”

Up-Leveling Is Continuous - New Golden Age

New Golden Age

Up-Leveling Is Continuous

As our planet constantly levels-up, and as humanity is invited to also level-up via the gift of steadily incoming LIGHT (which has been scientifically proven to be transforming humanity), the hope is that the joining of spirit and intellect will increase so enormously that we will realize that the “New Golden Age” was inside of us all the while.

We only needed to call it forth.

Please consider joining THE MANTRA MOVEMENT. Details can be found in the article of this same name.

Those who recite the mantra daily and who invite others to do so are LIGHT AMBASSADORS.

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

Much Love to Everyone!

Up-Leveling Is Continuous – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Mantra Movement

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

More by Dr. Schavi

September Full Moon – Opportunity For Powerful Spiritual Elevation

September Full Moon – Opportunity For Powerful Spiritual Elevation

On Wednesday, September 2, 2020, at 1:23 AM (EST), the lunar orb will reach its fullness. The September Full Moon is known as the “Corn Moon” by Native Americans. The portal for this Full Moon opens on Sunday, August 30th. Both Full Moons and New Moons have a heightened energy three days beforehand, on the day of their exact arrival, and for three days afterwards.

Protection From Electro-Magnetic Frequencies

Protection From Electro-Magnetic Frequencies

Humanity is being changed from electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) being the way of sending messages throughout the nervous system. Crystalline energy deals better with ionization (radiation). As the transformation is being done, humans need ways of handling the incoming potency from the cosmos and of deflecting away from them the harmful creations of many of their own unwise scientists who are attempting to rival SOURCE.

Potent Cosmic Energy Blasts

Potent Cosmic Energy Blasts

As previously discussed, the 2020 “Lion’s Gate Portal” brought a super-charged enormous surge of LIGHT to Earth/Gaia, and the star SIRIUS, which is 26 times brighter than the Sun of our galaxy and twice as large, is the key “Conductor”. The “First Chairs” of the “Cosmic Orchestra” participating in the “Divine Symphony” are the Solar Flares (releases of photons, electrons, and carbon dioxide gases, and other substances), Solar Winds (which push forth the energetics of the flares), and Coronal Mass Ejections (plasma waves of particles of radiation). The “Comet Neo Wise” welcomed all galactic creation to the “concert” entitled “Illumination and Elevation”; and the symphony’s “song” is on-going. It reaches various crescendos.

The God Particle And The Acceleration Of Human Consciousness

The God Particle And The Acceleration Of Human Consciousness

The “God Particle”, which is also called the “God Cell”, is situated between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It is the intertwining of the pineal and pituitary glands known as “ida” and “Pingala” in Sanskrit. When properly activated, this particle is so powerful that spiritual abilities such as instantaneous healing frequencies, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience are all possible which indicate a closer connection to SOURCE.

Earth Gaia Intense Acclimation – Brief Update

Earth Gaia Intense Acclimation – Brief Update

Earth/Gaia is acclimating to the higher LIGHT frequencies which are still coming in from the “Lion’s Gate Portal”, and other cosmic events are also adding to “Her” cleansing and illumination. For example, as of Tuesday, August 11, 2020, there have been a total of 278 earthquakes of M1.5 or larger in the past 24 hours.

The After-Effects Of The Intensified Light Of The Lion’s Gate Portal

The After-Effects Of The Intensified Light Of The Lion’s Gate Portal

The peak of the LIGHT of the “Lion’s Gate Portal” on Saturday, August 8th, was indeed intense and potent. Upgrades for us occurred when concerns for the external world were voluntarily released, and when LIGHT was allowed to flow without interference. Many people around the world engaged in various rituals such as prayer, meditation, chanting of mantras, etc. in order to welcome and accept the blessings of the LIGHT vibrations.

Meditation For August Number Eight

Meditation For August Number Eight

On Saturday, August 8, 2020, the “Lion’s Gate Portal”, which opened on July 26th, will reach its peak of PHOTONIC LIGHT. A “Photon” is a quantum particle of LIGHT, and on August 8th, “PHOTONIC LIGHT” will stream into and onto Earth/Gaia more intensely than on any other day of the portal which closes on August 12th, but whose vibrations will continue all year.

Soaring From The Lion”S Door – The Symbol Of 444

Soaring From The Lion”S Door – The Symbol Of 444

Since last night, Thursday, August 6, 2020, and into this morning, Friday, August 7th, solar winds have been traveling to Earth/Gaia at the speed of 444.1 km/s (kilometers per second) which is approximately over one million miles per hour. The number “444” is a Sacred/Angelic Code whose message is DIVINE POWER, HEALTH, SUCCESS, GREATER INTUITION, WISDOM, and HIGHER PURPOSE.

High Solar Winds And Flares Send Spiritual Messages

High Solar Winds And Flares Send Spiritual Messages

As August of 2020 begins, and as the “Lion’s Gate Portal” is streaming its LIGHT from the star “Sirius”, and as we still experience the energy of three eclipses, solar winds are soaring into Earth/Gaia’s various spheres (stratosphere, atmosphere, etc.) which are causing deep-core vibrational pulses and amplitudes.

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