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The Great Quantum Transition - Unhooking - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition


From 3D To 4D And 5D

Unhooking – By Lev

If Co-Creators and Galacom are so might and smart, and have so powerful tools for spotting and zeroing NAA’s low-freqs generators that block our enter 5D, why they don’t cut these installations off? Answer: because WE ARE such generators, each of us, as billions others, inhabiting this planet. Every minute, hour, day and month we hook on and voluntary download in selves trillions bits and pixels of hate and aggression through smartphones, lap-tops, socials, MSM, TV, Internet, entertainments and the rest countless conduits, and non-stop produce and eject a huge amount of negative energy in the Earth’s field. Just cutting the power means killing us, our kids, parents and friend, who work as live power units.

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Unhooking - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Live Generator

Live Generator

Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D 

That is why, when Co-Creators destroy one Evil’s source, immediately, on its place, WE create dozens and hundreds new. We see how the Darks are raging and how they mutilate and tear to shreds the psyche of every living person. This is a time of serious trials for us and our Soul. Here and now, we are in the midst of a war, and everyone must decide who they are following and realize what they are radiating. The most defenseless are children, especially in the transition age, when the psyche is just being formed, as well as women during menopause and people over 60. It’s especially hard for them today.

Parasitic NAA, Darks and Grays lack own energy, and to get it, they attack on anyone. On a Subtle Plane, it is clearly visible how their dark web entangles our body. Not only from the outside, but also from the inside, it deep roots, turning us into robots commanded by possessors. Their vibrations bombard us from above (the Subtle Plane) and from below (on surface), forming a dense energy X-shaped shell that we carry all our lives. Christ’s Via Dolorosa isn’t metaphoric.

Clairvoyance clearly shows a shining pink-gold cross in the Spiritual heart of Light men. Toxic persons have a different number of crosses depending on the degree of negativity. Usually, an iron-colored cross in a circle burns on the top of the head. Other crosses of gray-green or brick-marsh hue glow on entire width of the chest and back. Sometimes crosses gleam in every organ or even in every cell. The Subtle Bodies of such people resemble those of monkeys, which with long tentacled hands take out and devour thick energy worms from all organs. And the exact same ones slide off their fingers. That’s why it’s so important from which hands we get our food at a McDonald’s, a roadside pizzeria, or a glamorous 5-star restaurant.

Unhooking - From 3D To 4D And 5D - The Hands We Take

The Hands We Take

Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D

DNit Telegram Channel


Every day, a high-frequency quantum stream, like a giant and powerful microwave oven, squeezes out of us all the negativity that has accumulated in our Souls over many millennia of incarnations on Earth and permeated every codon and chromosome, every DNA spiral and cell, every bone and joint, every organ and causal shell. The latter became so dirty that no longer lets the life-giving Source’s Light into us. That’s why we feel so bad, seriously ill and die painfully, not understanding the reasons and not having the will to free selves from their killing consequences.

People who are doomed to leave no longer have an aura, so they constantly radiate hate. Spirituality, love and respect for others are absent. Out of mercy, sometimes, the Curators lower a white-gold mesh on top of them and lift up a Subtle Body, which immediately engulfs the fire. The Soul, or its remnants, is released, and the physical corpus quickly disintegrates. This is done so that the NAA does not take over such bodies. But on the surface, this happens every second, as many people can’t withstand the pressure of incoming Light, aren’t able or consciously don’t want to take it.

For dozens and hundreds of incarnations on 3D Earth, our Soul walks on a razor’s edge and steers where and to whom we go. We are at a crossroads all the time and always make decisions with great difficulty, because are unstable and therefore vulnerable to the penetration of negative energy into us, becoming its active generator and repeater. And in the mirror of new reality, see in shock, who indeed we are, our true self.

The astral Plane, from which NAA control our planet, instantly connects to us on every channel and device we are stuck in, and communicates only at this level. And we hear and obey only it, turning into docile biorobots, which half of humanity has already become. NAA are not interested in our bodies, they need our vital power. That’s what they’re here for. Every day, and especially on Full Moons, they fill special orbs with our energy and transport them to their Dark and Gray eons. These departures are accompanied by flashes, which we sometimes see in the night sky. They also rob everything that emits Light – prayed icons, sacred artifacts, highly spiritual works of art, leaving us only energetically empty copies. But out there, the originals don’t work, because their Light shines only here, thanks to our Soul’s contact with them.

Unhooking - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Light Shines Only Here

Light Shines Only Here

Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D

To turn us into generators of negative energy, the System zombies everyone not only through the conduits mentioned above, but also through irradiation, implants (see – Implants Sensors Chips, Part 1 and Part 2, DNI, 21 and 22 November 2022), shifting attention to distracting things that block development, as well as substitution and erasure memory. For example, special radars quash high Spiritual luminosity. Once on such radar, a person becomes de-energized, feels heavy fatigue, clouded mind, apathy, depression and suicidal thoughts. This facilitates the Dracos and Repts’ possessing, which suppress personality by 80-90%, making it aggressive and brute.

In addition to the well-known HAARPs and GSM, one of the most common facilities are metal detector frames at airports and train stations, which became widespread after high-profile terrorist attacks. The System operates according to a long-tried and perfectly working method – it creates a problem, waits for a public reaction (in 99% it’s pure fear and insanity about terrorism/security), and then, offers a solution in the form of new sanctions, restrictions and prohibitions. Being under massive pressure from the media, people themselves ask to narrow their freedom and provide additional protection to get rid from fanatics. Of course, each such operation has several target levels and chains of links.

Detector frames are one of the most striking examples. They are part of a tracking network for the movement of certain individuals who have come under suspicion of the System and are put under surveillance. In fact, these are the same GSM towers, only fitted differently. They are placed everywhere and their radiation affects everyone to varying degrees. Some doesn’t feel, some faint away, some have severe headaches, as if a red-hot rod passes through the temples, some become vicious and bullying. Many monuments, steles, columns and bridges are also emitters. The larger the object, the more it transmits/amplifies psychotronic waves, working not only as a framework, but also as tools for chipping all objects and people moving nearby.

Unhooking - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Emitter?


Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Its basic principle is the shift keying of electromagnetic field frequencies sync to the rhythms of our body. It includes modulation of the sound wave, affect through the flashing of light and a constant freq, corresponding to our condition up to the monitoring and run mental activity. Psychosemantic diagnostics allows looking into every sphere of personal life and activity, to get answers to a variety of questions. Thus, the System unmistakably reveals whether we are hiding anything that endangers society and its norms.

There is a lot of plug-ins in the subways installed back in the 50s. They look like devices with drills and grooves, although some are no longer serviced by specialists, because today they have more advanced technologies. Implants are placed at the entrance to the metro, and can be felt by pressure, compression, and pain or “drilling” of the head. They plant on or distort thoughts, stressful state, make a person angry and detached. Hence the psychology of rush hour: “life is shit, better to get out of here,” etc. The memory of the books read is also erased if they don’t fit into the desired list. And what the System needs is immediately downloaded via smartphones, which many passengers stared at. All this is complemented by numerous swarms of parasitic entities living in the tunnels.

Unhooking - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Sticking On

Sticking On

Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Many houses are equipped with scanning networks. The bugs are placed in sockets and connected to the central app, which is located on an electric board in the entrance or on the street. The bugs respond to highly vibrational bursts of mental activity and can turn off electricity or Internet in every apartment. They are serviced by small groups of technicians. They walk around the house and use the sensors to scan which room the splash is coming from.

In the apartments where the spikes are off the scale, they put a subtle chip on the door, which also reacts to the spikes, but can subdue a person’s consciousness. As he starts thinking about something supreme, immediately, a jam impulse goes to him. At the same time, something like a recon probe arrives and blocks the channel with the Higher Self. As soon as the bursts decrease, the probe flies away, but not far.

For example, today we wanted to read a Spiritual book or surf the Internet in search of info about alternative history, but there was little time left before going to bed, and we postponed our wish until tomorrow. This interest increases our brain vibrations, and we automatically get on the tracking radar, because aren’t like mass of sleepers. And immediately, we get a bang that forcibly returns our brain waves to a state convenient for the System. The next morning, we may feel headaches or dizziness and completely forget about initial urge. And this can happen in hundreds of cases that we don’t realize in the rush. Such ops are conducted regularly to suppress the people’s desire to develop Spiritually.

Cookies do the same. Many social networks and news sites are uploaded by MK programs that instantly shoot into our brain when we open these sections, even for a few seconds. When we get emotionally involved in content and fixate on what we read and watch, then this is the perfect loophole for plugging in. And the more strongly we react, the more we get plug-ins, with which the System runs us. Usually, sysadmins and stuff don’t know about it, but owners do.

Unhooking - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Plugged In

Plugged In

Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Similar soft are installed in many online stores to increase the affection and dependence of customers. Corporate and private investors are well aware of such technologies and their capabilities and aren’t shy about exploiting them widely. This global web steers not only the Internet, but everything else. Its vibrations affect many spheres and layers of reality, from public utilities to the highest technologies, and are controlled by terrestrial AI.

To make us generators of negative energy, Power Pyramid’s services widely use special complexes for psychosonding. They connect directly to our subconscious, bypassing psy protection, and control our mood and behavior with the help of a whole arsenal of tools. For example, encoded triggering words and phrases in the audio sequence that we listen to; trolls in socials and chats, where we stay days and nights (see – Our Socials, DNI, April 26, 2022); hidden commands built in adds, TV programs, movies and video clips that we watch; impulses that activate our innate telepathic abilities, the so-called sixth sense, to control it.

Unhooking - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Psychosonding


Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D

A modern information network of mobile, satellite communications and the Internet, served by repeaters covering the entire globe, is an ideal tool for psi-influence, and surpass other types of weapons in its effectiveness. This turns our world into an ideal psychotronic prison for live power units by all their guts striving for this state of affairs.

The creation of Artificial Intelligence, which started in the late 40s, in November 2023 allowed NAA to connect it to its space networks and AI, many times increasing the strength and depth of its penetration into the daily life of everyone and humanity as a whole. The technologies of introducing electromechanical devices into the body are known for a long time. But the most dangerous is the mass production of hybrids, i.e. human-phone, human-computer, human-TV, etc. Although hybridization hasn’t reached mass scale, today we are already actively interacting with these appliances by Wi-Fi, remote control and programming.

The widely advertised chipping the population, followed by the introduction of technologies for installing Internet data directly into the brain, significantly increases the capabilities of gadgets. This leads to even tighter mental control over a person who can be disconnected from the information network at any moment and put under direct radio guidance. The material base of this System is already operational. And in December 2023, our existence became completely dependent on the position of the ON or OFF button of the global rule and the moral norms of those whom the NAA set to control the Earth and the cybernetic Matrix.

Unhooking - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Hybrid


Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D

How to unhook and defend yourself from all this? In April 2024, Co-Creators cut off NAA’s space AI System from the Earth’s Artificial Intelligence, which continues to function (see – Subtotals, Part 1, DNI, 30 April 2024). The safest protection against its negative influence is our awareness, the development of own thinking, and not indulging crowd’s and totalitarian rules of the System. The higher are our vibes and morals, the harder it is to hook us. An open Soul, love and joy, respect for oneself and others, mental cleanliness and emotional hygiene, clean water and nutrition, Spiritual practices, inner peace and mental stability, as well as many other things positively affect not only development, but also immunity from any MK attacks (see – Our Vibes, Parts 1-3, DNI, 15, 18 and 25 January 2022).

If irritation, fear and aggression flare up in us out of the blue, thoughts get confused, and all sorts of nonsense comes into our heads… If kicks off syndrome of nationalism, racial superiority, division into friend/enemy or friend/foe… If arises a wish to prove our case with foam at the mouth or hit a dissenting interlocutor, or any other manifestations of duality, look for a catch.

The same applies to our insatiable consumption and obsessive craving to buy (or steal) this or that, especially of well-known brands. There is no shame in using high-quality goods or services. But if we elevate this to the rank of hysterical worship and an irresistible desire to follow the cutting-edge fashion, and even more so to buy for the last of our money or on credit for several years, it’s better to think about a trade or financial egregore for not becoming its next prey and slave. It is also useful to put protection before entering banks and supermarkets, especially on an empty stomach, because in this state the vulnerability is higher.

Unhooking - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Egregore


Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D

And stop afraid of everyone and everything. Realize the existence of an issue, work it out in self and distance self from, declare the inviolability of own will and live life the way you want it. Fear is illusory, and can’t harm us by itself. But the problems it attracts can be real. Don’t engage in open conflicts and simply ignore aggressive and violent freaks. Remain neutral and not impose anything on anyone. Strictly suppress any attempts at manipulation, especially the NLP methods that are currently widespread in business and finance. The fewer reasons and levers the System has, the better chances we have for the world that want to see for us and our children.

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