Understanding The Original Yogas

​Understanding The Original Yogas

During These Transformational Times 

​Understanding The Original Yogas During These Transformational Times. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

With “Mama Earth/Gaia” transforming in vibrational frequency and amplitude at various levels daily and being given increased potencies of LIGHT as well as steadily elevating to a higher placement in the cosmos as “She” travels thru the “Photon Belt” in the first of twelve vortices (which will take 2,000 years to traverse), time lines are merging together which allows a very profound connection to be made to ancient systems of knowledge.

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One of the most ancient profound systems is that of the Vedic “Yogas”. The Sanskrit word “Yoga” translates into English as “Divine Union” which refers to being yoked to the ABSOLUTE, to SOURCE, to which we are always attuned via our Higher Self, the Soul.

Endeavoring in adherence to the “Yogas” is a lifestyle–not a periodic ritualistic practice during a special time or for a quick fix during the course of a day. The original “Yogas” are the root from which many other “Yoga” systems have been created in modern times.

However, when we procure the original “Yogas” as revealed by the ancient “Rishis” (“Sages”) who learned them via Divine revelation, we actually have a stronger connection to the sacred realms.

It is like the difference between drinking distilled water which has had the vital minerals taken from it thru a special technological process and drinking pure spring water which has not been tampered with (other than to remove unnecessary sediment) and which contains necessary minerals. Let us explore these original blessings from SOURCE of the “YOGAS”.

Understanding The Original Yogas Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga

Understanding The Original Yogas 


The word “Bhakti” translates as “Worship” or “Devotion” or “Love”.

Here, we offer our prayers, engage in meditation, perform certain ceremonial rituals called “Puja”, and teach spiritual principles.

We must, of course, learn about the many Vedic scriptures such as MAHABHARATA (” Great Land of the Light of the Soul”) or the BHAGAVAD GITA (“Celestial Song”), or the UPANISHADS “(To Sit Down with Wisdom” [In ancient times, students sat down at the feet of their Teachers in forest areas]).

There are 1008 UPANISHADS, and 108 of them are considered as being absolutely mandatory.

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There are many, many other Vedic scriptures such as the PURANAS which tell of the history of the cosmos, and there are scriptures dealing with what we consider to be academic subjects such as mathematics and grammar.

Studying these books leads us to the next “YOGA” system.


“Jnana” translates as “Study” or “Research”.

We engage in this system when we read and ponder particular intellectual and/or spiritual material, when we conduct experimentations dealing with our studies, and when we consider particular concepts dealing with scientific or artistic or linguistical or musical or spiritual pursuits, etc.–all of the humanistic concerns which constitute a righteous civilization so that it can advance in knowledge and the wisdom to use that knowledge correctly for the betterment of creation.

Understanding The Original Yogas Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga

Understanding The Original Yogas

Understanding The Original Yoga Hatha Yoga

Hata Yoga

Understanding The Original Yogas


“Hatha” translates as “Life-Affirming”. This system is comprised of not just practicing physical exercises such as certain stretches (called “asanas”), but it also consists of eating correctly, keeping our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions centered in harmonious rhythm so that we can help to bring love, joy, and peace into the world; obtaining proper rest, having a regular daily prayer and meditation session, using natural therapeutic modalities such as herbs, essential oils, crystals and gemstones, wearing certain healing colors, keeping ourselves and our environments clean, and when necessary, obtaining the expertise of a qualified “Vaidya”, the Sanskrit term for a “Doctor” who has been educated in “Ayurveda” which translates as “Science of Life”–the healing system of which the aspect of SOURCE known as ” Sri Dhavantre” (“Holy Celestial Physician”) is the “Deva” (male form of the term “Shining One”/the feminine form is “Devi”).

Consequently, this system of “YOGA” is, as stated previously, a total lifestyle–not just physical exercises.


This is the system of “Nostril Union” and deals with particular breathing practices known as “Pranayama” (the Life Force that is the “Spirit”.

it is, thus, the science of nasal breath. As stated by Dr. Harish Johari, “The science of SWARA YOGA deals with the relationship between the nasal breath and the subtle nerves of the body, on the one hand, and the cycles of the Moon and the elements on the other. Swara Yoga can teach human beings the precise way of living peacefully as masters of their own mind and body; it can enable them to become true instruments of Consciousness.

” With this system, we can literally learn how to use our breath as a guide to our daily affairs. There are certain breaths to deal with the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

Understanding The Original Yogas Swara Yoga

Swara Yoga

Understanding The Original Yogas

There are breaths which can give us revelation. For example, at various points during a day, the right or left nostril should be dominant–clear with a smooth cool breath moving thru it. We can even ask a question of our Higher Self, and if an incorrect nostril is suddenly dominant when the other one should be, then we should not engage in the activity that we queried about at that time. If the correct nostril is dominant, then we can proceed.

This system is very profound because we can even tell how to plan our day according to certain aspects of the breath upon arising in the morning.

For instance, if upon awakening we sense a sweet fragrance, this is the earth element, and it governs activities that are suitable for stationary things that require persistence such as worship rituals (BHAKTI) or studying (JNANA).

As can be gleaned, it takes considerable time to learn this system. For details, I suggest reading Dr. Johari’s book BREATH, MIND, AND CONSCIOUSNESS.

Understanding The Original Yogas Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga

Understanding The Original Yogas


This deals with the law of cause and effect. It is realizing that what we think, feel, say, and do causes a vibrational frequency of energy which we attract to us as either a blessing or its opposite.

It is, therefore, wise to continually monitor our thinking, emotive responses, words, and actions so that we are not placing disharmony into the cosmic atomic frequencies which can manifest as an undesirable experience when they become physical atomic structures. We can bring with us into an incarnation the “samskaras” (“conditionings”) of disharmony that either we or our ancestors orchestrated.

However, we do not have to pay a consequence for them if we yoke to the SACRED SOURCE as our spiritual sustenance.

Even when we do housework, we are engaging in this type of “YOGA” because our homes symbolize ourselves–our desire to be clean and neat in spirit, mind, emotions, and body as vessels of the DIVINE SOURCE.

Just as our homes are to be a kind of “temple”, we have a “body temple” too. Here, we are reminded of when Yeshua Ha Messiah taught that “Know ye not that ye are temples of the Living God?” He was educated in these systems of “YOGA” according to ancient manuscripts.

When he was 15 years of age, his Uncle, “Ben Perachia”, took him on a journey to Kemet (Egypt), Bharata (India) and Tibet where he was initiated into the “YOGAS”, and he took his teachings at 30 years of age back to his people in Asrae (Israel). He, therefore, had studied the Vedic scriptures as well as the Kemetic scriptures.


The terms “Raja” (masculine) and “Rani” (feminine) translate as “Royal”.

This is the system of a special meditation which centers upon the Avatar Sri Bhagavan Krishna. However, it also entails all of the other systems already discussed.

Ancient royalty was obligated to learn all of the “YOGAS” because they did not merely spend time in enjoying the delights of a royal lifestyle; rather, they were also Spiritual Teachers, Rishis, Oracles, etc. In other words, they performed certain duties for the advancement of the citizens.

They served the collective. They did not just rule over them and make decrees. They were like High Priests and High Priestesses.

Understanding The Original Yogas Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga

Understanding The Original Yogas

Not all “Rishis” were royals, but they were respected by the royals, and royals were even taught by the “Rishis”. They wrote holy books and received Divine revelation.

A qualified instructor can teach the system of RAJA YOGA. to others and initiate them into it. The term “Avatar” translates as “One Who Descends”.   

It is taught in the Vedic scriptures that when conditions on Earth become terribly evil, then SOURCE descends to Earth and incarnates in physical form to teach the righteous and to destroy evil.

Understanding The Original Yogas Mantra Yoga

Mantra Yoga

Understanding The Original Yogas


“Mantra” is “Mind Tool”. This is the system of using a “mala” (“garland”) which is a set of prayer beads with 108 beads and a 109th “Gugu” bead.

The word “Guru” is “One Who Brings Light from Darkness”.

The number 108 refers to the fact that the Sun of our galaxy is 108 times the circumference of Earth/Gaia and also the 108 obligatory UPANISHADS.

The above are the original “YOGAS”. However, there are some systems in this modern era which have been created by others, and some persons have even placed their own names onto these fabricated systems. 

Some of them are indeed very relaxing and healing. However, as already discussed, such “new” systems are rooted in the ancient systems. It is the ancient systems which are the most potent and which will enhance us and will help to elevate us into the “New Golden Age”.

The root of a tree tells much about the condition of the tree itself. Let us nurture the root! The richest sweet healing “Chandana” (“Sandalwood”) oil comes from the root of the Chandana tree, and the best of these oils are in the ancient land of Bharata.

This is very astounding since the original “YOGAS” are “rooted” there. AUM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI!

More by Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Equinoxes And Solstices – Increased Light And The Eventual Shift

Equinoxes And Solstices – Increased Light And The Eventual Shift

On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (above the Equator) and the Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere (below the Equator) will arrive. At these times (as well as when the Winter Solstice and the Summer Solstice happens), increased LIGHT frequencies actualize from the Great Central Sun into the Sun of our galaxy and into Earth/Gaia which sets the energy for a new season. In the Northern Hemisphere temperatures gradually become cooler, and in the Southern Hemisphere they become warmer. Usually skylines dim in one hemisphere and brighten in another as the Sun’s rays either lessen or intensify.

Anchoring-Up To Source!

Anchoring-Up To Source!

Now that September’s Super New Moon has occurred as of Thursday, September 17th, 2020, at 7:00 AM (EST), an energetic frequency has been established which will move throughout the balance of 2020 and which also can be an anchor to sacred blessings at this time and for 2021 and beyond. This was the first of two more “Super New Moons” for this year; thus, by the end of 2020, there will have been three “Super New Moons” of this late summer and autumn seasonal cycle in the Northern Hemisphere and late winter and spring cycle in the Southern Hemisphere—times when emotive responses are heightened due to the closer proximity of the Moon to Earth/Gaia and its sending forth of electro-magnetic vibrations which mingle with those of this planet.

The Super New Moon Of September 17 2020

The Super New Moon Of September 17 2020

Whenever the New Moon or the Full Moon is a “Super” one, it is closer to Earth/Gaia than normal which makes it seem larger and brighter. However, its closeness also gives it an additional vibrational “pull” such that the energies of creation are more enhanced and elevated, or in other words, heightened. During a “New Moon”, there are opportunities given according to the metaphorical concept of the sign that it is moving thru. The Moon is our fastest moving orb, and thus, it remains in a specific sign for only approximately 54 hours.

The Elements Are Speaking! Pay Close Attention!

The Elements Are Speaking! Pay Close Attention!

As most people know, there are five basic elements of earthly life: FIre, Air, Water, Earth, And Space (which some refer to as ETHER). We all have been given these elements, and in many spiritual paths, devotees petition SOURCE to balance the elements within them for maintenance of their health on all levels—physical, mental, and emotional. For example, the mantra “AUM NAMAH SHIVAYAH” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Transformer”) is often recited on a set of Rudraksha prayer beads.

The Root Chakra – Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Root Chakra – Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The “Root Chakra” can be said to be the “Foundation” of our total health. During the current sensitive and chaotic times that Earth/Gaia is witnessing, political, sociological, philosophical, pedagogical, religious, and scientific frameworks are all being dismantled. New information is being uncovered daily which encourages the consciousness of many people to shift and which confirms what many of Higher Consciousness have already understood via their study and practice of ancient spiritual paradigms.

Intensity Of Light Codes During Geomagnetic Disturbances

Intensity Of Light Codes During Geomagnetic Disturbances

The Mystic and Artist, Nicholas Roerich (1874–1947), traveled to Egypt, India, and Tibet in the early twentieth century in search of Divinely revealed wisdom. He also prayed and meditated daily to be able to elevate to the realms whereby he could connect with his Higher Self, i.e., his Soul, so that he could understand the sacred principles which governed creation and how to more avidly live by them.

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