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Understanding Mama Moon - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Understanding Mama Moon

Understanding Mama Moon – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Our Moon is the fastest moving orb in our solar system.

It remains in a particular sign for only approximately 50 hours, and some of that time it is void—indicating that it has reached its final degrees (which is “30”) in a given sign before moving on to the next one.

Our Moon is sometimes void for only a few minutes, and sometimes it is void for several hours or for an entire day and evening and overnight.

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For example, our Moon was void yesterday, Tuesday, December 13th, 2022, from 10:52 AM (EST) until 3:45 AM (EST) this morning, Wednesday, December 14th, 2022.

Thus, all day yesterday, all afternoon, all evening, and into the wee hours of this morning it was void.

It is wise to have a book called an “Ephermeris” (and to truly study it) in order to keep up with our Moon’s placements as well as with the placements of other planets as they travel throughout the cosmos.

When “Mama Moon” is void, it is wise to not become involved in any new projects, to not purchase expensive items, to not become engaged or marry, and to avoid (in a general sense) any activity that is not absolutely necessary.

Understanding Mama Moon - Moon Craters

Moon Craters

Understanding Mama Moon

A void Moon is like a Mercury Retrograde when the same kinds of activities briefly mentioned here should be avoided.

A void Moon is a time to relax more, to self-reflect, to do general housework, and to think about the future but not to act on it—especially when there is a long void Moon. Why all of this caution?

Because if people insist on acting when they should not during a void Moon, then the projects or ideas moved on will not come to fruition.

Time and perhaps money will have been wasted.

The key phrase for insisting on moving ahead anyway during a void Moon is: “Nothing will come of it”.

This is the same for when Mercury is retrograde which occurs three times each year for three weeks.

We are in the “pre-shadow” of the next Mercury Retrograde, and the shadow arrived on December 7th.

This is the “set-up” for when whatever needs reviewing, reflecting upon, and releasing will arise for us and will become more profound during the height of the retrograde which is from December 29th, 2022, to January 18th, 2023.

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The “post-shadow” period which ends on February 12th, 2023, is when we will recognize how well we have handled certain issues or what is going to need to be done all over again because we did not follow sage advice.

Each sign that our Moon travels through has particular characteristics and messages.

Our Moon is now in Virgo in the Tropical/Western zodiac.

Virgo is governed by Mercury (which is currently in Tropical Capricorn—the sign it will retrograde in), and the Virgo placement will cause us to think deeply and to question all sorts of situations and endeavor to pull apart each aspect of something in an attempt at complete understanding.

Virgo is a very critical and analytical sign.

Capricorn deals with hard lessons, serious issues, corporations, police, military, and the geography of our planet.

However, Virgo’s specific message is about healing, work-related programs, and community service.

It is currently in a trine (harmonious geometrical angle) with Pluto, the planet of major transformation, in Capricorn—the sign it has been in since 2008 and which it will leave in 2024 to enter Aquarius.

This trine aspect can help us to realize where we need to enhance our wellness paradigms, where we need to be more organized in our work (whether we work from home or from an outer office), and how we can be more efficient and wise in serving our community—locally, nationally, or internationally.

With the supposed new health crisis of “Covid 19” and influenza that has reared-up, it is not wise to be too carefree being around others who may be germ-ridden, unclean, or who have taken the Covid “vaxx” and its boosters because they are now what is known as “super-spreaders” because they can shed toxins through their pores when they hug or are too close to the auric fields of others.

Whether we like it or not, it is best to remain vigilant regarding where we go and with whom we are in contact as the evil “plan-demic” plays-out.

It is best not to be careless just because we may believe that the so-called “virus” was purposefully created as bio-weaponry for human genocide.

Understanding Mama Moon - Full Moon

Full Moon

Understanding Mama Moon

The fact is that it has occurred, and we must vigilantly protect ourselves while others may choose to be foolish.

The “BIO-PHOTONS” sent via SOURCE is steadily clearing and cleansing this realm, but we still need to do our part in order to easily receive the “Life Light”.

If you have not done so already, please read or review the article on “BIO-PHOTONS”.

Our Moon will again be void on Friday, December 16th, 2022, at 2:13 PM (EST) and will move into Tropical Libra at 2:49 PM (EST) thus having just a few minutes of being void.

During that very few minutes, just go into meditation. You may receive an important message.

Spiritual rituals are the only activity that we can engage in without concern regardless of the length of time of a void Moon because, obviously, SOURCE is never void!

SOURCE created all of the cosmic aspects!

However, I would not advise attempting to organize a spiritual ritual that involves lots of people during a long void Moon because they may not show-up, or they will be very late in arriving.

Even if you organize it before the Moon goes void, realize that still some people may not show-up and others will be late.

Plans can go awry during a void Moon.

People change their minds and plans.

Never organize a program during Mercury Retrograde either, and if you organize it beforehand, just as with a void Moon, some people will not participate.

The best advice, as mentioned already, is to not do anything of major importance during either a void Moon or Mercury Retrograde.

You can, however, keep regular appointments such as at the beauty or barber shop or nail salon or with your health care provider.

However, they may be somewhat late in servicing you.

So, be patient when you arrive for these regularly scheduled appointments.

There are other activities that should be avoided when the planet that governs them is retrograde.

For instance, it is wise not to travel when Jupiter is retrograde because this—our largest planet in our solar system— governs (besides other things) long-distance travel, and our traveling may be challenged by faulty technological equipment on planes or there could be problems with other modes of transportation.

Bottom line (but not to frighten anyone) it could be dangerous.

Further, never become engaged or marry when Venus is retrograde because the relationship will be beset with problems and usually does not last.

However, the teaching in this article is specifically about void Moons.

It is not meant to be a detailed account for planetary retrogrades.

Therefore, with “Mama Moon” in Virgo until Friday afternoon, focus on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Where do you need an enhancement?
Where do you need more knowledge about spiritual and natural healing?
How can you have a better eating regimen?
How can you achieve better rest and sleep?
What products do you need to stop using that may be chemically-dense?
What do you need to do to nurture yourself better?

We will soon be blessed by the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere on December 21st—a time to really go within and to release so much activity in the outer world.

After all, as already stated, Mercury will be retrograde from December 29th to January 18th of next year.

We are, therefore, profoundly encouraged to make our homes an ashram for going deeply into spiritual principles for the acquiring of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE as we continue to receive the “BIO-PHOTONS” of SOURCE.

Understanding Mama Moon - Higher Knowledge

Higher Knowledge

Understanding Mama Moon

In the Southern Hemisphere, the residents will welcome the Summer Solstice when our Sun will rise there to a hemispheric zenith on December 21st.

Activity will be more outer-focused than inner-focused, although they too must deal with Mercury Retrograde.

So, in both hemispheres there will need to be a slowing-down for self-reflection—just for a short period of time in the Southern Hemisphere with Mercury Retrograde but for a longer period of time while we in the North deal with the winter season—a time of a sort of hibernation.

While we prepare for the retrograde of Mercury, for the Winter Solstice, and while we deal with the many periods of “Mama Moon’s” void times, let us remember the scriptural verse that can help us to slow down when it is necessary: “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD” (HOLY BIBLE).

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