Understanding Fear

Understanding Fear

Understanding Fear. By Burn Notice.

This worldwide virus has served as been a stress-test, showing how humanity responds to fear.

Overall, I think we’ve done fairly well. There is some panic around toilet paper and we’re buying beer like it’s Christmas, but generally, we are pretty calm.

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However, more and more people are becoming aware that something bigger is taking place; something just out of view. None of us know anything for certain.


  • The virus morphs?
  • A nastier virus being hidden?
  • Economic collapse?
  • Evil uprising?
  • Evil take-down?
  • End of days?


The noise around these questions is getting louder. We all stand together facing our greatest enemy.

Understanding Fear - Wuhan Coronavirus


Understanding Fear

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That Enemy Is Our Mind – Understanding Fear

We live in a time where we are being forced to contemplate our fears.

Consider that being able to fear things is an incredible gift. We are designed to feel fear because we value our life and we love others.

Fear helps us survive and protect. Fear works with love as it nurtures our children. Fear is a powerful experience of being alive.

How may we use this ‘gift’ of fear?

As each fear presents itself in your mind, hold it in front of your eyes and examine it from every angle.


  • How is it formed?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Who designed its shape?
  • Who governs the size of it?
  • Where does it live?


We are living through a significant shift in collective awareness, but how each of us understand this, will vary.

Our attention is captured by a world going bonkers!


  • Hollywood becoming cryptic;
  • Military presence increasing;
  • Social networks expanding;
  • Evil being exposed.
Understanding Fear - Shift In Collective Awareness

Shift In Collective Awareness

Understanding Fear

But amidst this ‘soup of crazy’, we notice our spiritual intuition is growing.

Our capacity for love is growing. Our sense of connection to each other is growing. A deep sense of joy within us is growing.

I ponder things like what would it feel like if the “perfect love that drives out fear” actually arrived!

What would it feel like to live through a shift in human consciousness? What would life look like if evil was being removed?

Logically, any major shift in collective awareness will involve a transformation of our own mind.

As we mature spiritually, we were always going to need to disconnect from fear, at some point.

Folks, we are walking this road together! These are exciting days!

Without down-playing trauma or loss of possessions, consider that our experience of all this is taking place within our mind.

Emotions are governed by the belief-filters we apply to what we see. Fear escalates our emotions. Those we listen to influence the filters we apply.

Fear always lives in the future. It is a projection of the mind.

Once we experience something, we no longer fear it, because we are washing in the experience of it. New fears may emerge, but they always define some future scenario, that may, or may not, happen.

Examine the ‘gifts of fear’ presenting themselves to you.

Notice that they make us apply a meaning to an experience. Applying meaning to any experience occurs in our own mind. In fact, this is just our imagination making stuff up!

Understanding Fear - Self-Examination


Understanding Fear

This world-wide ‘fear event’ is a rare opportunity to understand the workings of our own consciousness.

Consciousness creates reality.

We can either energize an old outgoing realm of fear, or create a new realm of love.

Fear can only land if we give it a landing pad. This is the window to calmly examine our fears and loosen the beliefs and expectations that sit behind them.

This is a brutal self-examination, but know that we are all doing it together.

Having fears is not wrong, but this shift is taking us to a collective awareness where they don’t rule our emotions or influence our behavior.

We were born for this time.


Much Love.

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