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The Great Quantum Transition - Trolls - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition


From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition – Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

While is being finalized the preparation for disclosure of Co-Creators and ground team’s new ops in three Asian countries, wish to give Mad props to DNI moderator. In particular, for his patience with commenters, which never tire accusing him of having “totalitarian type of thinking with a very low vibration and (that he) cannot tolerate freedom of speech and other points of view.”

And as a cherry on the cake: “However, everything is for the better, since like attracts like, and does not reject like. Thus, you created a difference between us and now it is on your conscience. I will wait for your explanations when we meet in the Source, I’m just interested in your motivation, and of course you must realize that what you do to others will be done to you.”

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Trolls - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Just You Wait, My Lad!

Just You Wait, My Lad!

Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Not distracting pal from packing for the journey to the Source, here is a short and humble Take Home Message. In Transurfing, there is a saying: “We have no right to judge what we didn’t create ourselves.” This is absolutely true. Judging in any form is a manifestation of latent aggression (weak or strong, doesn’t matter), and aggression is a form of fear. When we judge people or situations, on which we actually have no influence at all, our energy not only destroys the aimed target, but also us. Yes, constructive criticism is important, but we have to know the measure and run our emotions, so they don’t kill us either.

If we criticize or troll to expose another person in a negative light, we become the same due to our thought form. It gets into the appropriate egregore, which not only feeds on our energy, but sooner or later, starts to control us through our emotions’ jets. And we won’t be aware of this, because the parasite will remain invisible and not tangible.

Trolling is especially dangerous for psycho-energetic health. The smart-alecky quickly gets coated with a huge amount of subtle plug-ins (for more about them see – Implants Sensors Chips, Parts 1 and Part 2, DNI, 21 and 22 November 2022). This is a direct path to schizophrenia, loss of energy protection, possessors’ intrusion and trapping in egregores, the vast majority of which today are exploited by the System. The fiercest criticism and controversy on the webs is fueled by trolls. How do men become them?

In simplified form, the standard scenario consists of the following sequence of actions with slight variations. Stumbling across blogs or posts with “unacceptable” content, the would-be troll takes out his negativity on them, often using own netnames from different accounts. He doesn’t just choose a victim: he sets up nets like a spider, pretending to be interested in the topic. Next, writes a few general, short or lengthy comments as teasers to become tedious, waiting for feedback. He prefers the interlocutors, whose posts contradict the “opinion leaders”. After that, begins, at first casually, and then more and more purposefully, to comment on texts of selected author. Sometimes, playing a simpleton, can ask a lot of questions, not interested in the meaning of the answers, but in a response. Each subsequent author’s post is used for exposing “contradictions”. For example, out of several sentences, one is singled out and interpreted as non-compliant with previous ones.

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Trolls - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Exposing "Contradictions"

Exposing “Contradictions”

Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D

If the author or the site moderator recognizes such a person as troll in time, he is banned. If the blogger doesn’t aware whom he is talking to, he becomes a prey. The troll puts on the mask of a whistleblower of the writer’s “ignorance”, and the more he can embarrass, the more enjoys a brilliant victory. Online provocateurs are especially prone to psychopathy and sadism. Power and control, thirst for attention, ego satisfaction, self-importance, and getting pleasure from call someone’s “bluff” lead to the following.

Gradually, the troll’s consciousness starts separating into several alter egos, as he identifies self with each of his share names. On the Subtle Plane, it causes dissonance in the person’s integrity. Its core is destroyed by the chaos in self-identification. Cells of his consciousness remain in each pseudonym – the first step towards splitting and crushing own Soul. Previously, rituals and sacrifices were used for this, but now trolling is enough. Hater’s swearing and insults are also a kind of ritual, especially with the use of four letter words that kill chromosomes.

With constant use, the netnames condense and become troll’s astral copies, and each is embedded in his Subtle Bodies. If known that these “twins” could be used for protection or to throw off his trail on the Subtle Plane, as magicians do, he would have done it. But he doesn’t aware and not even suspect that his aggression through own doubles directly impact on him.

All the dirt that pours out through the hype in the virtual network immediately settles on his energy shells. Their defenses break through. Subtle Bodies fade, get dirty, shrink, and dry out. As a result, our hero begins to get sick, act flaky without reason, becomes intolerant and constantly look for someone to vent his anger on, which kills him physically. He has nightmares, loses appetite, arrogance grows, and tone drops. Friends and family turns away. The Guardians leave him to own destiny.

In addition, hater doesn’t even suspect that he has already become a living target. On a Subtle Plane, he is entangled with a bunch of energy hoses to different users: NAA, Dracos, Reptiloids, Insectoids, egregores, IT corporations, army, special services, etc., and from them – to all his chakras and internal organs. They encourage the troll’s provocative behavior as much as possible, cultivate admiration for him, but at the same time, radically rewire the threads of his fate, and seize control over him and his life scenario. They turn a troll into a drug addict, who needs a dose of negativity every day and is ready to give anything for it, free will, choice freedom and even his Soul.

Trolls - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Army


Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D

This applies to all trolls, not only paid ones. Their Souls perforated by holes, and often completely destroyed. Only the physical body remains, of pompous narcissist, who can exist only by asserting self with rudeness, arrogance and insolence multiplied by impunity. These are the animal instincts of a fully formed parasite, which push him to continuously release accumulated aggression that, in its turn, feeds the more powerful deadheads. The System spares no money to buy such trolls, as they help to distort the information field of entire countries and globally, further poisoning the entire planet.

What do the trolling egregores look like? There are several types of them, but all resemble octopuses or medusa of dirty gray-brown color and have many tentacles with suction cups. They put subtle helmets on the heads of the most active trolls, and fill them with a cloud of nanites. They cause goosebumps when reading some comments, or visiting certain sites, as these “fleas” are very active and deeply penetrating. They confuse thoughts and impact on emotions and mood, and are spreading through contact, physical or virtual via the Internet.

Trolls - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Like Medusa

Like Medusa

Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Emotions for parasites are like through passage – the bigger the release, the wider the highway. They prefer not to interfere directly, but to work through trolls by connecting at the right moments, believing that thus avoid karma. But can as well give whole viperish comments. Of course, they don’t write themselves, but love to manipulate from outside. For example, focus on some phrase or words to enhance a malicious reaction. Or erase the memory of something inspiring, or cloud the mind, or divert attention when reading, or force to remember for a long time only the most spiteful and clingy parts.

If we write positive and constructive text, they can impact on the computer or network at the electromagnetic level, producing a glitch or error on a page, or deleting the post, or slowing down and blocking the entire site or web segment. In some texts, dotted underscores of keywords and phrases are visible on a Subtle Plane. These highlights aren’t discernible by the human eye, but the brain takes them as elements of increased importance and opens a direct passage to the inner contour of the reader’s memory. The rest remains in the external circuit, which is easier to influence, and the person doesn’t feel it.

Such is the reality today. In some countries, the peak of trolls’ aggression hasn’t yet been reached. In others, it brought to a full swing by the System that suppresses independent thinking from early childhood. It was one of the goals for which the Internet was originally created. But now, it used on planetary scale, where the Matrices of entire States are forming. That’s why there’s so much rattling in socials. Everyone and everything is involved: trolls, politicians, businesses, the criminal world, ordinary citizens, special services and etc. – all are connected to a single System, feeding it and being programmed by it.

Trolls - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Beware!


Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Erasure of conventions and boundaries, anonymity and illusion of security create ideal conditions. Since the egregore is common, it doesn’t matter whom to criticize or praise in the Internet. We can participate in a debate on a forum of gardeners or butterfly lovers, but as a result will receive a dose of nationalism, consumerism and submission through plug-ins networks. We’ll never know where these ideas came from in our head, never ask such questions, but act accordingly infused toxic stuff.

The question is not so much about the fact of trolling, but rather about the vibrations that we emit, and how they attract the attention of parasites. Any vibes of hatred, aggression, criticism and intolerance draw like a magnet a huge amount of those, willing to have a good meal on us. They literally crowd around. And everyone has a helmet with nanites ready, subtle substances for our brain and spinal cord, suction cups to the lower chakras, etc. This is their daily la grande abbufata, subtle and invisible, which cannot be proven, and no one even will believe it.

Only through active filtering of thoughts and feelings can we escape this feast. The brain catches a variety of impulses from space, and then, projects them as our emotions and ideas. We need to learn how to separate owns from someone else’s, the signals from the Guardians and the Higher Self from the parasites’ thoughts. The more we think about it, compare the facts, give up aggression, try to understand others, or at least keep calm, without letting emotions take over, the less influence of the parasitic System on us.

Trolls - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Needs Filtering

Needs Filtering

Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D

By jetting out negativity, living it, we lower our vibrations and thereby transfer selves to other branches of reality that correspond to these vibes. And if such a group, party or movement gathers together, then, they can change reality for everyone else, because everything is interconnected, and the System takes advantage of it. Recall how in just a few years the handy Nazis easily conquered the whole of Germany and then, almost the entire of Europe. The endless hype around politics, religion, sports, showbiz, etc. brings a lot of benefits to the Power Pyramid, because we don’t want getting out of this swamp, plunging deeper into a life, filled with countless scandals, controversies, tongue-fences, hair-splittings battles and other hassles.

Actually, they are seeded, ignited and maintained for these purposes. The catch phrase “Truth is sprout in discussion” was introduced in order to justify our inner aggression. The truth exists regardless of opinions and disputes. Empty, but hateful comments in forums, networks and websites only feed, by our negative energy, those who hide behind a scene, mimicking the truth, and run us by pitting against each other.

More By Lev

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