Transiting 4D Matrix - From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 5-2

Transiting 4D Matrix

From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 5-2

Transiting 4D Matrix – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 5-2. By Lev



About attitudes to maintain a 4-D frequency. To continue with a job, relationship, or social group that continually brings a person down, is not consistent with our desire to remain in a high frequency, to grow, and to serve.

Robert Siegel

06/02/2021 at 5:24 pm, Transiting 4D Matrix

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Sorry for the literalness, but the truth is like an ass…. everyone has one. From the level of the mind, we can create absolutely any reality. So what have we created? Let everyone look around them and do an examination of conscience.

For one person there is the end of the world, for another, there is the beginning. It’s just that most of us are stuck in the recesses of our minds. The mind is powerful and is not a bad thing. It is people who make bad use of the mind’s capabilities, they take shortcuts, even though the long road may be only seemingly longer.

It is we who have the mind, not the mind that has us. It is we who, using its unlimited spaces, can create, visualize, believe and create a new quality in our thoughts, and then manifest the reality we want.

There is absolutely no point in joining someone else’s vision, someone else’s a reality because it will always be someone else’s experience, someone else’s creation. You should finally take care of yourself and understand that as many people, as many realities, and as many truths.


04/02/2021 at 8:14 pm, Transiting 4D Matrix

We are Souls, creations of Creator. Humans are chosen animals for us on this planet. Humans aren’t direct creations of the Creator. Humans’ brains create an ego, illogical habits loops. Ego [egoism] is the only cause of all that we call evil. The human body can become part of the Soul when the ego is removed first.

Grzegorz Hoppe

05/02/2021 at 1:46 pm, Transiting 4D Matrix

I see souls imprisoned by absolute evils, pure parasites, low IQ elusive mutant monkey humanoids/biorobots living on the energy of souls.

I hope someone will blow up this evil virtual reality Universe. It is total humiliation to any intelligent being including Source or system to see these parasitic retarded evils and their totalitarian system to control others.

It is not based on free will, it is evil prison. Approximately one-half of the human beings on Earth (about 3.5 billion people) are organic portals, soulless human beings who keep real human beings in line with the status quo, on agenda with the matrix control system.


05/02/2021 at 1:46 pm, 06/02/2021 at 7:42 pm

DNit Telegram Channel


In the transiting 4D Matrix, consciousness, and awareness, the etheric field and chakral system activity play a major role. Together with other parameters, it consistently increases our vibrational asset and prepares us to enter 5D.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Our Vibrations
Our Vibrations

Transiting 4D Matrix

When holding such high-frequency fields by the cells of our body and the Subtle Bodies, we encounter counteraction from the 3D Matrix.

It not only provokes our ego, a product of the duality era, to negative thoughts and emotions in every possible way but also pumps out the energy potential we have accumulated. The 3D Matrix applies the destructive fields for returning us to the previous low-vibration level.

It can be seen in the DNI daily published summaries of Schumann Resonance changes.

As tools for siphoning off our vital energy, 3D Matrix uses parasitic egregores of entire countries, political and social groups, and even individuals around us.

This forces us to constantly maintain high vibrational etheric fields and overcome the negative impact of 3D Matrix programs.

How can we raise our vibrations while in transit 4D? How do you reach a state where we can go into the 5D and then even higher, into other dimensions?

High vibes are always the result of high consciousness.

We can raise our level of consciousness not only by influencing it directly. Working with our bodies and forming very important habits in our daily lives is also very effective.

IT IS NOT SECRET KNOWLEDGE. The ways to raise our vibrations are simple, well known, and available to everyone.

The main condition is CONSTANT AND SYSTEMIC WORK. It must become a way of life.

These are the ways.

​1. MOVE

If we don’t move, our muscles gradually atrophy. The heart stops pumping blood normally. Vital organs and systems don’t get enough oxygen and nutrients. The body simply has no reason to do so – it doesn’t need the energy.

Movement helps us cope with stress. It happens due to the production of endorphins. They make us happier, change our mood from negative to positive. Therefore, if we feel irritable, broken – we need to move.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Movement Is Life
Movement Is Life

Transiting 4D Matrix

​Choose a comfortable form of physical activity: run, dance, do sports, martial arts, yoga, swimming, ride a bike. At the end of the day, just go for a walk, best, out of town or to a park.

That way we’ll be energized, and get a sense of oneness with our bodies. It will give tremendous support to our vibrational potential.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Meditate

Transiting 4D Matrix


This is another simple but effective way to raise our vibration. By devoting 5 to 10 minutes a day to meditation, we begin to notice how our consciousness is cleared of negative emotions and thoughts, and how the body is filled with energy.

Over time, we will want to spend more than 10 minutes on meditation, because it completely transforms us.

All meditation practices are designed to focus as much as possible on something consciously and deeply. It stops the disorderly flow of thoughts and silences the chattering mind.

And in the silence that ensues, deep feeling, a subtle connection with our Inner Selves and Source, peace and tranquility are coming.

When We Pray, We Turn To The Source. When We Meditate, We Listen To The Source.

The best starting point for meditation is conscious breathing.

Find a place for meditation where no one will disturb you. Choose calm, soothing music in advance. Turn it on, close your eyes, and just start observing your breathing.

The higher our conscious concentration on the breath, the fewer extraneous thoughts will be in our heads. There is no need to chase them away. They will simply vanish on their own, leaving us in a space of concentration and clear consciousness.

When observing the breath, concentrate your attention where you feel comfortable. In the Buddhist practice of such meditation (Anapanasati), attention is held on the point of contact between the body and the air, that is, the nostrils.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Meditation - Vibes - Source
Meditation – Vibes – Source

Transiting 4D Matrix

Don’t set a goal of mastering this technique right away and getting it done perfectly. At first, concentration on the breath will be constantly replaced by different thoughts. Don’t worry about it – just keep practicing.

Our task is to constantly return to our breath and body, stopping the flow of thought by doing so.

By the way, absolutely any activity can be meditation. Everything we do in a state of deep awareness and concentration is meditation.

It doesn’t matter if we’re washing dishes, playing with a child, or doing a balance sheet. Many of us have noticed that in moments of deep immersion in a process, all extraneous thoughts disappear.

Moreover, our very self disappears. We merge with our activity, dissolve in the world. It is this dissolution that brings joy and satisfaction. It brings great bliss. This is why we can turn our whole life into meditation.


Inextricably intertwined with the meditation of conscious breathing is the management of the breath. Learn to control your breath – it’s directly connected to the source of your energy.

The mind is also closely connected to the breath. When the mind is agitated, breathing often becomes rapid and shallow. When one is relaxed and focused, one breathes deeply and calmly.

By practicing deep abdominal breathing, we develop calm, balanced behavior and remain calm in the most acute situation. By doing so, we improve our condition and raise our vibration level.

To breathe correctly, yOU have to put our hands on your stomach and take several very deep breaths. If your hand rises when you breathe in, you are doing everything right.

It is how we need to breathe several times a day so that the body is saturated with oxygen. To breathe correctly is to live correctly.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Sing

Transiting 4D Matrix


Singing is an extremely powerful practice for raising vibrations.

It is not surprising, because when we sing, the vibes of our voice, our body, and our feelings resonate. They support and amplify each other, and the vibrational imprint becomes a symmetrical pattern.

Not all singing raises the vibration, but only the singing that makes us feeling light.

A song can evoke joy in us, give strength, and evoke a feeling of freedom.

It can be sad, but it can give rise to a sense of spiritual purity, a kind of inner cleansing. It brings us the Light.

If the song causes anger, aggression, depression, gloating, such singing does not raise, but lowers our consciousness and vibrations.

All Light singing helps raise consciousness. However, the vibes rise powerfully when we reach our full potential, when the sound just pours out of us, easily and freely.

The secret of high-vibration singing is simple. It’s a combination of:

– Proper breathing;

– Feeling of inner freedom;

– Full commitment, involvement in the process.

Singing combines breathing practices and meditation. A few simple rules can help turn singing into a mind-raising practice:

– Sing not for the sake of singing. Sing because you like it and want to;

– Sing with absolute dedication. Don’t just sing with your voice. Sing with your Soul and with every cell of your body at the same time. When you sing, live in the song;

– Feel the vibration of each sound you have sung. Feel the sound penetrate your body;

– Observe your emotions. Notice how you feel with each sound you sing, each word you say;

– Constantly improve your vocal skills. Practice your vocal skills;

– Learn to control your breathing and apply those skills as you sing;

– Note your state after singing. Lightness, relaxation, and pleasant vibrations in the body are sure signs of high-vibration singing.


The great works of art – literature, music, architecture, and painting – uplift us to higher levels of consciousness and are enduring sources of inspiration. They bring perfection and harmony into our world, helping us to grow spiritually.

Art is the work of the Soul, the result of the human touch, whether it is the touch of the human hand, mind, or Spirit.

A genuine work of art that causes us excitement or awe is filled with the love of its creator.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Enjoy Art
Enjoy Art

Transiting 4D Matrix

If we truly connect with that work of art, even for a moment, that love gives us a brief but very powerful vibrational jolt.

By enjoying embodied beauty, we cultivate sensitivity to beauty. It raises our consciousness and vibrations.


Apply creativity to everything, even the most mundane things. Bring beauty and harmony into your life.

The example of contemporary musicians, composers, and conductors confirms that creation and creativity are sources of strength and vitality.

Very often they continue their successful and inspiring activities into their eighties and nineties, having children and living to their full potential until a very venerable age. Their lives are dedicated to creating beauty, and beauty encapsulates and radiates high vibrations of Soul and Spirit.

That’s why great works of art have attracted people for centuries, charging them with powerful vital energy.


Of all the arts, it is music that most often makes us cry and admire, and inspires us to conquer new heights in love and creativity.

Listen to the classics

David R. Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force showed and scientifically proved that:

– classical music,

– classic rock,

– most pop music (including classic rock and roll),

– country music,

– reggae,

– folk, ballads, souls, gospels, etc.

are improving our condition and increase the vibration.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Love Classics

Love Classics

Transiting 4D Matrix

In the same Power vs. Force book, it is said that

– heavy music (metal rock),

– rabidly effeminate rap,

– punk rock,

– mortal rock,

– gangster rap

sharply decreasing our vibes and pump us with negative, destructive energy.

For example, Bach’s music increases everyone’s strength, even if some don’t like the composer. Metal rock weakens people, even if they are fans of that particular music style.


We can make them happy with gifts or give them more time to socialize. The happy emotions of our loved ones are sure to affect us as well. Sincere joy is a powerful source of high vibrations. Unselfish gladness for the people we love is even more so.


Immerse yourself in nature, enjoy its perfection. Try to get out into the fresh air as often as possible.

These are all proven ways to increase your vital energy.

The healing power of nature destroys the artificial constructs piled up in our minds, freeing and expanding our consciousness.

Being in nature helps us to rethink problems, to solve them unconventionally.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Enjoy Nature

Enjoy Nature

Transiting 4D Matrix


Beneficial to the physical and energy state early rise at 5 – 6 am and go to sleep no later than 22 – 23 hours.



We feel an improvement in well-being and higher vibrations when we include as many fruits and vegetables as possible in our diet and bring our menu closer to vegetarian.

The keyword is awareness. Forcing doesn’t work. Use conscious acceptance instead of harsh prohibitions. Don’t tell yourself, “I can’t have this,” say, “This is better for me.”


Alcohol, cigarettes, and other substances are harmful to our bodies and psyche. Awareness, a powerful high vibrational impulse of our will, is very important in giving up bad habits.


All of these things drain our energy off, so we have to get rid of them as quickly and decisively as possible.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Give Up Smoking

Give Up Smoking

Transiting 4D Matrix

Transiting 4D Matrix - Get Rid Of Debts

Get Rid Of Debts

Transiting 4D Matrix


Without overcoming this barrier of judgment, criticism, dissatisfaction, and labeling everything around us, changes in our life ARE IMPOSSIBLE AT ALL.

We should forget about our transformation and don’t waste time on techniques to raise our vibration. We can also say goodbye to the illusion of awakening/enlightenment if we evil-speak/judge/disapprove/displease at least something in our life.


Many of us can’t help but judge, can’t help but traduce. Not a day goes by that we don’t do this or respond with rudeness to rudeness.

But if we will forcefully suppress this wish (although it is very difficult), try not to paint in our mind a picture of revenge on the offender, not to respond with a vicious word to rudeness, although our inners are bubbling with rage, will it be a falsity?

Yes, at first it will be false. But what we have to understand: the realization of any truth/Law of the Universe and its application in life are worlds apart.

Many of us will no longer argue, for example, that we should not get stuck in the past or live in fear of the future. It is necessary to live in the moment, here and now, for this is life itself. Right now means not of something that was yesterday and has already passed, or of something that may never happen in the future.

However, who can live like that although many have already understood?

It is because there is a long and arduous road between “Learned, realized, accepted and wanted to live that way” and “Started living that way.”

Transiting 4D Matrix - Long And Arduous Road

Long And Arduous Road

Transiting 4D Matrix

I don’t know the people who had transformed their consciousness in one day, became enlightened and right next morning became perfect, flawless, and never, ever lost their way, lived at once as the purest consciousness.

It doesn’t work that way. It’s always a hard road for many of us. The other thing that is important about evil-speak/judgment/anger/antagonism/criticism/wanting revenge/retaliation and other negative reactions. Even if we have realized that this is a barrier to our further development, we can’t get rid of it all in one day.

Inertia is too strong. The neural circuits in the brain are firm. Our ego is too rigid.

It doesn’t allow us to change overnight at the snap of our fingers. Past thinking/template behavior will pull us back. Therefore, the path must be different.

Once we decide to change ourselves/our habits – at first it is based on the efforts of our will. Yes, every time we break down, remind ourselves that we have already decided to live differently and that we want to work it out.

Then work through it. Don’t blame yourself for every no-go, it’s counterproductive. But just admit: yes, I failed, it didn’t work now, I reacted in the old way, I wanted to take revenge/insult/write a nasty word/raise at someone else’s expense/ pique someone.

And constantly work with it. Ask yourself: Why do I still want it? What does it mean? What did this man hurt in me that made me want to give him back? Could he be telling the truth? Could he be my reflection? Could he be my teacher? What do I need to understand from this situation? How would a man with dignity behave? What would the Source do in my place? Why am I not like Source? How do I have to change myself?

Conclusion: stopping your evil-speaking or thinking by the effort of will, while inside you may clamor with rage and condemnation, is not a solution. It will not lead to a transformation of your consciousness and life.

But at first, you can’t do without the banal self-restraint and banning of habitual patterns using self-control.

The main thing is that these attempts to put ourselves on a different path are supported by the inner work of expanding/changing our consciousness.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Changing Our Consciousness

Changing Our Consciousness

Transiting 4D Matrix

Our goal is to change it in such a way that the desire for negative manifestations is no longer present in us or is reduced to a minimum. Then we won’t have to watch our every word. When there is a true Divine flow, why control it?

To summarize:

A high vibration level is an opportunity to fill our life with powerful energy, to create the right state for a harmonious life.

High vibrations are available to everyone. The solution to change is within us alone. The entourage and circumstances can’t stop us from doing it. Take responsibility for your level of consciousness and vibration and start working on it.

To feel happy and fulfilled as a person, to reveal yourself through the states of Freedom, Responsibility, Awareness, Creativity, and Sincerity, begin with a 10-15 minute introduction into your life of the practices you like. Over time, they will become a habit, require less and less effort, and changes will be big and sustainable.

Tuning our thoughts, words, and emotions in a certain way, we create our mental field around us and carry this field through time and space, colliding with many other waves on the way.

Getting the necessary recharge, that is, catching other resonating waves, this flow also strengthens our field. This law works regardless of the frequency of vibration of the mental energy waves.

To put it simply, we think about joy – we notice the joy around us – we rejoice – we build up waves of joy in the field.

Transiting 4D Matrix - Vibes Of Joy

Vibes Of Joy

Transiting 4D Matrix

Or we think about misfortune, illness – we notice the troubles and suffering around us – we are sad – we increase these waves in the field.

We already know that everything around us is made up of quanta, including our thoughts and emotions. They can take on the properties of a particle.

It is the basis for the materialization of thought. When the waves reach the necessary quantum mass to capture even more waves of quantum matter, they become overgrown with it, build up the potential and have the necessary strength to materialize in our three-dimensional world, which is characterized by a very high density of matter and a low oscillation frequency.

Constant consciousness raise changes our way of life. And by changing our thoughts, emotions, habits, and lives, it will be easier for us to pass the transit period of 4D. And we will enter 5D already energetically different.

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New Galactic Ops Part 2 – February 2021

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