Today I Saw The First Swallow!

Today I Saw The First Swallow!

Today I Saw The First Swallow! By Interstellar.

Immaginate di essere la Rondine che vola dal Nord Africa e arriva in Italia.

What a strange place, not even similar to that of last year, it seems a New Earth.

A great silence, only Nature speaks, animals everywhere, without pollution, that in past years we had to cross clouds so dense and yellow that it was difficult to breathe.

And there are no longer those huge shiny birds and those horrible clouds they left behind. filling your beak and eyes with something burning.

But where will all the humans have gone? Very few around, when they were used to swarm and emit pestiferous clouds.

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But this is not yet the New Earth, which we all Swallows dream of, insects are missing, even if the situation seems to improve as they no longer have that horrible taste that sometimes make you feel sick, it is still not as Grandpa Rondone told us about his times.

But we’re on the right track, thank you Humans for the effort you put into creating this New Earth!

Today I Saw The First Swallow!

Today I Saw The First Swallow!

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