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To Be Human In 2021 - Allison Coe

To Be Human In 2021

Allison Coe

To Be Human In 2021 – By Allison Coe.

Hi everybody welcome to Quantum Realms 2021.

Me and a bunch of other practitioners we’re all doing these videos to get keep you informed what’s coming.

The topic is about what it means to be human in 2021, specifically a Lightworker.

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The coolest part about this is when we get to actual contact with higher dimensional beings who have information for us about where we’re at and what we can expect.

This information gives us so much hope, it really does.

Recently i had an amazing session with a client… this is going to be a conglomeration of many different sessions but this one was really cool because she went to this planet where everybody was kind of zooming around, moving all over the places, and they were enjoying themselves, they were having so much fun doing this.

To Be Human In 2021 - Old Earth New Earth Portal 4D

Old Earth New Earth Portal 4D

To Be Human In 2021

And i asked “what are they doing?” because they seem so busy. And she answered, well, they’re just doing a lot of maintenance work, they’re doing what they want to do but it’s all just maintenance on their homes and stuff.

They seem like they’re really having fun and eventually we were able to talk to one of these beings and we asked, “do you do you know where earth is?” because we wanted them to know where we were from.

And they said “oh yeah we know about earth, don’t worry you’re almost done.

And i was like “almost done with with what?“.

You know i have to have to ask the questions, whether i think i know the answers or not, it’s it’s my job to ask the questions… and they said “the war, you’re almost done with the war.

DNit Telegram Channel

So this war they were talking about, they said “we had to go through one too, we had to go through a war similar to yours. Different because of the times but very similar to yours. And we want to give you hope that you’re almost there.

I said “okay, when you were in this process, what was that like for you?

They said “well, we lost all hope, we were entrenched in the dark and in the war. We wanted to have hope but we had given up hope.

I said “okay, what would you have liked to have known, at that point?

She said “that all is not lost, that the war is almost over, you’re almost done and it will be amazing, absolutely amazing.” And they said that right when they were at their lowest point, right when they had lost hope, suddenly all this gold and light was everywhere.

To Be Human In 2021 - Connecting To The Field Of The Cosmos

Connecting To The Field Of The Cosmos

To Be Human In 2021

And they shifted, they shifted to a higher state of consciousness, a higher state of being, and it was just so relieving, so beautiful to see that to hear that.

They said “what we would like people on earth to do right now, especially the lightworkers, is stop fighting, this isn’t your battle anymore, you lightworkers have been through so many different wars on so many different planets, it is not your time to fight anymore.

We want you to go within, to connect to your heart, to go within, retract your attention from what’s happening outside of you and hold this resonance, this higher resonance, this higher vibrational resonance, so that all of those around you will get entrained to this resonance rather than you paying attention to what they’re going through and having your resonance adjust down to them.

We want you to actually hold this resonance for them to adjust up to you, we want you to get in touch with your electromagnetic field and hold this resonance.

In other sessions it has been that same theme, echoed over and over and over and over again.

They want us lightworkers to stop being informed of what’s happening outside of us and taking our cues from that and saying… “well, i see this so that must mean this“.

I see people grasping at straws and holding on to any security blanket that they can, for comfort, to hold on to their belief systems.

They said “no, we don’t want you to do that, we want you to get into your heart coherence and start being informed from that space. Stop being informed from the ego now, the ego should not be used to gain knowledge anymore. We want you to have this energetic osmosis that comes from being within your heart and connecting to the field of others, into the field of the earth and then, when you start holding that space, you will actually start connecting to this field of the cosmos.

To Be Human In 2021 - Earth's Coherence

Earth’s Coherence

To Be Human In 2021

You have to start connecting through the body first, through this state of being in your physical body and grounding, and when you ground your coherence matches the earth’s coherence.

Some people don’t know how to get to this heart coherence, it is so foreign to them, to match yourself to the earth or use any of the many tools that are out there.

So they want all of these lightworkers to work on themselves, to go within, some of you know exactly what i’m talking about, working on yourself because it’s become apparent that you know you’re being nudged in these directions and there’s something stopping you.

Some of you are being nudged to leave your corporate jobs, leave your everyday office jobs and this distrust in your abilities, this distrust in being able to make enough, being able to impact the right people, being able to call those people to you, being able to show up in the right way, is stopping you from from taking that next step.

And they’re like… “we need you to take that next step, we need you to clear out your father’s words, your mother’s words, your ancestral lineage that’s stopping you from going on this path, on this journey… we need you to be on everything that’s coming on you, starting to trust yourself.

Then there are those of you who don’t believe in your own power, you think that power is something wrong, there’s something wrong with power, and they’re like… “no, no, no, we need you to know that your power is beautiful, it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s absolutely necessary right now here on this planet. Claim that power, trust it but connect it through your body, get into your physical body, pull the power and connect.

You need to have your power, you need to claim it, and you need to carry that

To Be Human In 2021 - Claim That Power

Claim That Power

To Be Human In 2021

And then there are others who are being asked to write, to create, when we create we get into that heart space, we get into that flow state, and all this information will come through us, all of this knowledge all of this vibration that needs to hit the earth, they’re asking us to go within stop being informed from outside, stop being informed from from the the money that’s going on or the opinions of the family that’s around you, or the fear that’s flooding every media stream that’s out there.

Start going within, trusting yourself, building up that state of power and then you will start getting this higher vibrational information that’s coming to you that will start informing you of how to be.

And when you do that they request that you start toning, you start using light language if it’s coming, if you’re getting nudges in that direction.

It is powerful, your whole system is being adjusted, your whole consciousness is being adjusted to this higher level of consciousness, it will take a while, that’s okay, in order to start acclimating to that and transitioning to that.

You need to be in your body, you need to be connected to earth and you need to have fun, be in a state of joy, be light-hearted, laugh, sing, play, i can’t tell you how often they’re saying this stuff, it is so important right now, and it’s the exact opposite of what most of us think that we need to do right now.

We need to be in the trenches and we need to look at the fear and look at the pain and look at all the negative stuff that’s being revealed right now and say “I knew that, I knew that was coming.

Get out of that, go have fun, because we’re asking you to get into these next levels, this heart level, this love level.”

Get in the state of love, hold love for those people around you that have fear and are trying to climb out of it, use love to help them, get in that state of love, get in that heart coherence, stay there by having joy, by singing, by dancing, by being around those people that give you that light-heartedness.

We are almost through… anybody who asked me about a shift, anybody who says when’s this shift supposed to happen, what information are you getting about the shift, it’s always the same, we’re in it, we are absolutely in it.

If you have any doubt about that look around what isn’t shifting around you, all of everything is shifting, your health should be shifting, your diet should be shifting, the energy around you is constantly shifting, your neighbors are shifting, your parents are shifting.

We’re at the dawn of a new human, a new humanity, step into it, claim it, start using your body as a tool to get there.

Get there!

Allison is here to be of service to others. Today she helps people by guiding them on hypnotic journeys through time and space to meet with their Higher Self. In 2015 she was trained in the Dolores Cannon method of hypnosis called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). After three years of full-time, in-person hypnotic QHHT regressions she moved on to Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) work. This boundary-less technique of healing designed by Candace Craw-Goldman helped Allison serve others around the globe through online hypnotic sessions. Right now Allison offers 4-hour long online hypnotic journeys to align others with their heart’s desire, their soul’s mission, their life’s purpose, their higher self’s wisdom and the relief most human beings are seeking. When her schedule permits she shares some of these poignant sessions via her Youtube channel.

To Be Human In 2021

Allison Coe

More by Allison Coe

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