Time Karma - Return Of The Karma Lords Part 12-1

Time Karma

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 12-1

Time Karma – Return Of The Karma Lords Part 12-1. By Lev.

This post is about the operations of the Higher Light Hierarchs, Karma Lords, and Light Forces ground teams to remove another type of accumulated karma – Time karma. Like all the others, it is completely incompatible with the New Galactic Year’s programs.

What is this karma? How could it have formed and accumulated?

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First, about what Time is.

The Time Energy is a transformed Single Universal Energy of the Universe. For the turning into Time, it is directed (sucked in) by the Reference Time Matrix (Time Pump), and transformed into the multidimensional.

Its circulation in the Universe is a closed system. The created chronal energy goes to the Universal Time Center (the Time Bell) and spreads in pulsed wave-like trenches across the Galaxies in the Rays form. Then, through the Center of each Galaxy, it enters all its parts.

This stream is served by a system of Galactic Time sub-stations – chronal repeaters. They provide the necessary Time’s frequency, strength, and other physical parameters for each Intragalactic system.

Time Flows

Time Flows

Time Karma

The Time produced in the Galaxy is not constant and is determined by the system itself. Intragalactic consumers attract as much Time as they need.

It’s like a power plant. Being unable to save electricity, they generate the amount that off-takers currently require. The problem of accumulating and storing Time is also acute on a cosmic scale.

The Time energy becomes viable for the planet only after passing through the converter – it’s Time Crystal (or Time Reactor).

It can be likened to a nuclear reactor, where the energy of a Single Time serves as fuel, which is processed to the conditions of a particular planet.

The Planetary Time Crystal also performs the dimensional synchronizer function. It reduces the Time vibrations to the dimension in which a given planet evolves. In our case, it’s 3D.

This dimensional cutting makes Time linear for living organisms. They perceive it as flowing only in one direction – from the past to the future through the present.

Due to the 3D’s strong frontal resistance, chronal flow wears out a physical and biological matter. In 4D, the Time is multidimensional, uniform, and distributed spherically. This eliminates its destructive effect.

The higher the vibrations of the chronal substance, the less it wears out the matter, up to the complete absence of such.

Linear time is the lowest level, the most stagnant. It is captivity, a swamp that held firmly in its field without the possibility of breaking out of it. The Earth’s chronal 3D field was like a junkyard and a garbage dump.

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Time Karma - Linear Time

Linear Time

Time Karma

Black Archons and Dark Hierarchs created many Portals in it, through which they implemented projects against humanity. Through a linear Time, they even drained their karma onto the Earth, increasing its accumulated volume.

The task of all biological forms of Intelligence on Earth is to go beyond the limits of linear Time to the consumption of Time’s highest form – the multidimensional Universal.

It isn’t that easy. The body of each person must first adapt to this vibration, synchronize with it. And for it, the physical DNA and the human genome’s upgrading is necessary.

The transition to multidimensional Time will actively promote the Monad’s crystallization and the full realization of man as a Micromultiverse of the Earth-Gaia. It means that adjustment for the spherical Time is an indispensable condition for lifetime Ascension…

The Earth receives Time by continuous traffic from the 12 Spiritual Suns. Through our Sun, the chronal flux enters the North Pole and reaches the Earth’s core. There, it is finally synchronized and through a group of chronal Portals, covers the planet.

Another group of chronal Portals absorbs the spent Time and send it back to the Earth’s core, from where it is then withdrawn through the South Pole and goes back to the Local Universe’s Logos along the same chain of Spiritual Suns. There, its primary quality is restoring and re-launching back.

The Intragalactic chronal balance or the Time Conservation Law must be strictly maintained. As much as the space system has received, so much should be returned. This is how the Universal Time Circulation works.

How the Earth’s Time karma was formed?

There were several reasons.

It began to accumulate after one of the Local Universe’s Co-Creators betrayed the Source and moved to the Dark Side. The DNI covered this topic in its posts.

Dark Hierarchs and Archons built a huge infrastructure on the Subtle and physical plane, which generated and accumulated the Time karma. The work of the infrastructure was run by programs that change the chronal flows on our planet.

As noted above, the Time energy inflow into cosmic bodies, and the outflow must be kept in equal volumes. Being parasites by nature, Black Archons, Dark Hierarchs, and all their structures do not generate their own energy, but live only at the expense of someone else’s, which they need very much.

Time Karma - Time Parasite

Time Parasite

Time Karma

They introduced a virus into the Earth’s 86 chronal Portals which allowed to secretly consume more Time energy than it leaves the planet. The virus helped conceal the imbalance, which was constantly increasing. Thus, the Time karma was formed, adding to the total karmic debt of Gaia and humanity.

Due to the imbalance, the chronal flow was artificially speeded up, accelerating the wear and tear of matter – inanimate and living, including humans, leading to their decay and death. They, as a consequence, emitted more negativity, which the Archons and Dark Entities, inhabiting the Subtle Plane, fed on.

The Time karma was also created by constant chronal tension. The Black Archons destroyed the synchronization of the Earth’s chronal continuum with the Galactic Reference Time. In its stead, they built their continuum, a surrogate one adapted to 3D Matrix.

The disproportion between the actual and Reference Time constants permanently threatened the Earth with chronological earthquakes and the planet’s destruction.

The Black Archons changed the Earth’s Time orbit. The ideal orbit is 360 degrees and the duration of the year is 360 days, respectively. The failure occurred after the Black Hierarchy deliberately infected the Earth’s Logos with a karmic virus.

It led to the Time Field deformation. The planet’s clock went out of sync and stopped showing the exact time. The imbalance created by the Archons had a destructive effect on the Earth and its Logos. This danger is indicated by the inclination angle of the planet’s orbit to the Creation Axis of our Local Universe – 3.14 (Pi number), and it should be – 3.33.

This complex and multi-level structure was an important part of the 3D Matrix that the Dark Hierarchy created as a means of enslaving and total control over the Earth and humans.

In the past, the Higher Light Hierarchy and Karma Lords at various times tried to reduce the Earth’s Time karma. One of these attempts was made by the Mayan Cosmic ethnos. In the bodies of the Mayans were incarnated the Galactic Time Service team, and in the Priests – the Time Keepers.

Time Karma - Mayan Cosmic Ethnos

Mayan Cosmic Ethnos

Time Karma

Their efforts partially worked. They reduced the Time karma and synchronized some of the Earth’s chronal frequencies with the Reference Galactic ones.

After the Black Archons took over the Earth, the Maya race left Earth. The remaining part was quickly subdued by the Dark Hierarchs (see – Light Forces Ops In Mexico, Part 1-2, Disclosure News, 26-27 September 2020).

The Great Quantum Transition and the New Galactic Year advent created favorable conditions for reducing the accumulated Time karma.

The Light Forces’ ground teams are actively involved in this work. Under the Higher Light Hierarchs and Karma Lords’ guidance, they carry out complex and stepwise ops in different countries. The DNI described some of them.

In the UK, Lightwarriors fixed the damaged chronal infrastructure. One of the ops took place in Greenwich, where the planet’s Central Time Portal is located. The other two are at the North and South Poles. Through all three, the Time energy enters the Earth’s Crystal (Center) and supports the Gaia.

On the Greenwich zero meridian, the rod of the metal structure in the form of a circle is oriented to the North Star – the World Axis.

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland - Zero Meridian

Greenwich Zero Meridian

Time Karma

Through this conduit, the Time information channel is transmitted from the Galactic Central Time Portal. It passes through the Polar Star intermediate Portal, where the frequency of chronal energy is synchronized and changed to the level of Earth needs. Polar Star feeds us with time.

After the Great Quantum Transition, the planet’s Axis will shift, and by the Axial Precession Law, the Earth will have a new Polar Star – Vega (Alpha Lyre Constellation).

Now, in the transition period, the actual North Star gradually transfers its functions to another. Our planet says goodbye to Alpha Ursa Minor not forever. In the future, when the Earth’s Axis of the Earth comes a full circle, everything will repeat, and our North Star will again be Alpha Ursa Minor for a while.(see – DNI, The Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 2, 1 September 2020).

In Greenwich, Lightwarriors did the following Time infrastructure work.

The Earth’s 3D chronal continuum was disrupted and a new one – transitional – was formed for receiving the Reference Galactic Time energy.

The Earth’s chronal orbit was restored to the previous 360 degrees. The LFs’ ground team upgraded the Thin-Material Solar Orbital Matrix of the planet to a perfect state.

Together with the Time Keepers, the ground team connected the Portal in Greenwich to the 4D Time energy. To do this, it was linked to the chronal Ray through the new Polar Star – Vega.

Now, in Greenwich, two parallel information (service) Time channels are connected to the planet – 3D of our Fifth Race (through the Alpha of Ursa Minor) and 4D of the Sixth Race (through the Alpha of Lyre).

Both Time flows come through a Greenwich metal artifact, more precisely – through a point in the Earth’s information field Matrix, which corresponds to this installation. A backup Portal has been created nearby just in case.

Lightwarriors synchronized the Earth’s chronal continuum with the Reference Galactic Time (see – England And Scotland Operations, Part 1, Disclosure News, 5 September 2020).

In Stonehenge, the ground team fixed the Earth’s Time Field’s deformation. Once, Galactic Council installed in cromlech a Self-Correction and Self-Adjustment Matrix to the Reference Galactic Time.

Time Karma - Stonehenge


Time Karma

For tens of thousands of years, Stonehenge has been working properly. But Kali Yuga came – the domination of the Black Archons and their civilizations.

The Dark Hierarchs covered the Matrix by Thin-Material blocking the darknet. As a result, most of Stonehenge’s functions were lost.

Lightwarriors restored them. Now, the Matrix – the Earth’s Star Clock – works in its original mode.

It automatically tunes to the Reference Galactic Time and adjusts if the Earth’s Time deviates from it (see – England And Scotland Operations, Part 2, Disclosure News, 6 September 2020).

In the coming New Galactic Year, the transition to 4D Time depends not only on the accumulated chronal karma reduction. It is important to prepare earthlings, their bodies to receive new energies.

To this end, the Higher Light Hierarchy and Karma Lords conducted another experiment on the members of the LFs’ ground team. As a test, their Time Bodies were transformed and connected to the 4D chronal streams.

The process was like changing the oil in a car. First, the waste oil was drained, and a new one was filled. Or like a mill, when a powerful millstone was grinding and transforming the old, three-dimensional time into a new, four-dimensional one.

The test confirmed that adaptation takes place strictly individually and is directly related to DNA. The mandatory requirement to have at least 6 active physical helix and high body’s purity from 3D energies and programs.

For the Earth’s Crystal to receive the 4D Time energy, the Higher Light Hierarchs, and Time Keepers upgraded it. They created a new Time Reactor on the Subtle Plane. The Lightwarriors’ DNA, physical and Time bodies were used as incubators to grow chronal rods. This most difficult and energy-consuming process lasted for several days.

Time Karma - Time Reactor

Time Reactor

Time Karma

The grown rods were then embedded in a part of the Earth’s Crystal that was transformed as a site for a new planetary Time Reactor. Immediately after launch, it began to generate, or rather convert into 4D a single Energy of Galactic Time.

Now the four-dimensional Time is gradually pushing out and replacing the three-dimensional, reducing the accumulated chronal karma. The scale of replacement increases as the number of its consumers on the planet accrues, mainly people who already can switch to 4D Time.

It hasn’t been without surprises. Amid the work, the Black Archons attempted to block it, and destroy the ground team. They tried to infect its members and the reactor with a chronal virus. Hard to imagine what would have happened to Lightwarriors if they had not been covered by the World Mother Sofia. The assault was beaten off.

To operate the new Time Reactor, it was necessary to remove the accumulated chronal stress in the planet’s core. The ground team, the Ascended Masters, and the Light Hierarchs performed this work together at a Lunar Portal in one of the mountain regions.

At the preparatory stage, for a long time, the Ascended Masters and Shambhala Mahatmas accumulated chronoids (Time atoms) in the Earth Crystal, affected by the karmic virus of the Black Archons.

Time Karma - Ascended Masters and Shambhala Mahatmas

Ascended Masters and Shambhala Mahatmas

Time Karma

Lightwarriors were assigned the final part of this op. With their 4D Time bodies, they formed a single dipole channel. It connected the Earth’s Crystal to the Single Galactic Time Center in the Milky Way’s heart. At the appointed moment, they pierced the point indicated by them in the planet’s Crystal.

The effect was stunning. Lightwarriors felt themselves like a cork from opening champagne. The damaged chronoids, under great pressure, burst out in a powerful fountain and went through the channel formed by the group to the Galactic Time Center.

Thus, the planet discharged a significant part of the chronal debt. It reduced the accumulated Time karma and facilitated the move towards 4D Time.

The culmination of the transition in the New Galactic Year will be the complete Earth’s Synchronization with the Reference Frequencies and Constants of the Galactic Logos (the Ideal State Matrix).

At the end of working with the Time Reactor, the Higher Light Hierarchs installed a 4D chronal Matrix in it. Previously, it was formed as a crystal structure in the ground team members’ Subtle Bodies. They helped link the Reactor to the New Time Axis that runs through Vega.

After that, the Co-Creators decided to go on the maximum program and put another bold experiment to accelerate humanity’s evolution. And, as always, the Lightwarriors, or rather their Higher Selves, agreed to participate.

The idea was to transform the team members’ Subtle Bodies in such a way that they could independently generate Time atoms – chronoids. The possibility of their generation even by a three-dimensional person has long been discussed in the Plerome, but it has not been confirmed experimentally.

The experiment had to prove that man is an ideal and universal Divine Creation. In a critical situation, 3D earthlings can be reserve sources of chronoids and other Universe’s fundamental energies.

During the testing, the Co-Creators completely blocked the ground team from the Time energy. It was like cutting off a person’s air. Their body was in shock, then, switched to an over-economical Time consumption, mostly being in sleep or a state bordering on oblivion.

The test was successful. It confirmed that the human body can act as a Time accumulator. The capacity of a personal chronal battery is directly proportional to the size and development of the Time Body.

Time Karma - Human Body as a Time Accumulator

Human Body as a Time Accumulator

Time Karma

The next part of the experiment was the most difficult. It was necessary to prove the possibility of humans to auto-generate Time atoms.

The Higher Light Hierarchs and Time Kippers reformatted the team members’ Time Bodies and introduced into them the Primary Atom (Matrix) of the Unified Galactic Time. The Bodies had to use it as a cliché to generate Time Energy.

Then, Lightwarriors synchronized themselves with the Galaxy’s Unified Time Energy Source, and after that – with the Time Reactor in the Earth’s Crystal. Immediately, a hidden virus was discovered in it, by which the Black Archons and Dark entities parasitized the chronal streams, as was described above. The virus was instantly destroyed.

The culminating moment was the launching of the first-ever Time bio-reactor. To do this, the test subjects had to be completely exhausted, brought to acute chronal starvation.

In the days of fasting, when a person reaches a certain point, his body, following the System Self-Preservation Law, begins to produce vital vitamins that it usually receives with food and does not produce by itself.

In a similar situation of acute chronal insufficiency, the Lightwarriors body had to start generating chronoids. That is, to do what man could do initially as a perfect Divine Creation.



Time Karma

Chronal starvation was very hard to bear by physical bodies. At times, Lightwarriors found it very difficult to breathe.

In some, the temperature rose to 40 degrees, in others, on the contrary, it fell to 35 degrees.

The nervous system was first blunted, and then completely turned off. Wild headaches.

Pressure dropped to 40 over 30. The chronal coma lasted for several days.

Lightwarriors had to either die or start to generate the Time atoms. It is as if scientists planted a grain of wheat in the permafrost, and then waited for what would happen. Such a grain in the members of the group was the Primary Atom of Galactic Time – the Matrix of Universal Galactic Time.

So now everyone kicked their heels wondering: what next?

(To be continued)

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