Tightening Grip - From 3D To 4D And 5D - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Tightening Grip

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

Tightening Grip – By Lev


I think the situation is like that, that it’s rapidly intensifying now to the breaking point. Time flow isn’t the same. Bodies are heavily burdened with various energy influxes and “calibrations”.

I think it will soon escalate in some new attempt by darks to slow this down or manipulate the energies (futile, ofc). Utterly desperate times for them, and they will try to impose that desperation onto masses, which can only accelerate their demise, in big picture.

Even the main pillar of materialistic control, like financial, is now getting under question as there are some visible actions about abolishing the IRS and income tax in US. And we all know that even just visible talk about this is capable to break some dams, as the energy gets directed to break them.


12/01/2023 at 22:49, Tightening Grip

I believe, we can override Earth’s primitive, non-intelligent Noosphere in order to connect directly to supreme knowledge and Intelligence, this is Source.

Most people on Earth are not connected to any intelligence and this is expressed in their parasitic NWO-global communist/dictatorship system structure, parasitic mind or desire. It is beyond their comprehension to create heaven on 3D Earth. They will never know how much they lost as slaves or satanic puppets…

I’m watching now a highway to Hell in California going underwater due to extreme rain and floods. Next storm with big rain is coming soon.

Satanic Bolshevik government in California declared state of emergency. They never built proper water infrastructure; all money is stolen from the people.

Is this intelligence? These retards were building the houses, cities in a flood and earthquake zoning areas.

N. Lisa

11/01/2023 at 02:56 and at 23:04, Tightening Grip

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On January 13th, 2023, at 09:57 AM CET, via Shambhala, came the latest update from the Argorians’ space fleet. Here is its brief summary.

On the Subtle Plane, the field of purple quantum flows GRASIMO changes the structure of the Terrestrial Hologram. At the same time, 5D plasma is synthesized in it and negative and spent 3D information energy and matter are neutralized.

Tightening Grip - Two Spheres

Two Spheres

Tightening Grip

As shown on the scheme, the planet is now comprising two energy spheres that rotate like gears connected by jagged edges. They are driven by a vibrating beam of red with silvery sparks ERFAGON energy, which operates in the frequency range from 575Hz to 1Hz, shown at the bottom of the scheme, forming a new information field of Earth with software and 5D codes (see Our Noosphere, Disclosure News, 9 January 2023).

The sphere on the left is filled with the yellow energy SFALIS, which on the Subtle Plane transforms the thinking process of earthlings. The right sphere consists of a dark blue GRIKADO waves that forms the life support system of the fifth-dimensional Earth.

Tightening Grip - SFALIS Energy


Tightening Grip

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Its biofield is irradiated with the red energy ERMA (right on the scheme). By the frequency pulses in the range from 2 Hz to 879 Hz, it creates 5D Matrix, quantum structure and matter with new programs.

In the center at the top of the scheme, the flows of light green quantum energy FEARO are shown. With the help of waves at a frequency of 572 Hz, it affects the mental activity of earthlings, turning it into a positive way and suppressing their negativity.

On the scheme’s left are the streams of blue FIRSKO energy from the Gerios Galaxy, where the Argorians’ fleet is now moving 5D Earth into orbit around Oryx Star. Currently, space ships are in the last, sixth filter of the inter-dimensional channel. After exiting it, the planet will receive the status of a six-dimensional. This is a step-by-step process of Ascension, upgrading its status.

Tightening Grip - FEARO Energy

FEARO Energy

Tightening Grip

The FIRSKO energy, coming through the Multiverse from the Gerios Galaxy to 3D Earth at a frequency of 821 Hz, cleanses and stabilizes the mental development of earthlings at a new, higher level. It also adapts the brain of those who continue their inner work to receive high-vibration radiation. For those who don’t do this and emanate negativity, FIRSKO blocks or disables mental activity.

Monitoring Solar and seismic activity adds important details to the Argorians’ information.

What the Sun does, especially from January 9 to 11, 2023, is not comparable to anything at all. A series of powerful coronary flares, which have already been nicknamed “plasma whipsaw” … The release of an unprecedented volume of Solar matter on the physical plane and a high-freqs Light substance on the Subtle Plane…

Tightening Grip - Plasma Whipsaw on 07-10.01.2023

Plasma Whipsaw on 07-10.01.2023

Tightening Grip

There is an unprecedented pumping of our planet’s field with new energies and Light. Ground teams had to work on the verge of life and death to withstand the Solar storms and its impacts these days, stabilizing vibrations. How many people’s hearts have withstood such a load, which has never been before in terms of level and intensity is unclear. The peak of Sun’s tightening grip was on January 10.

This is far from the last Solar squalls, and it’s preparatory in nature. Our active upgrading for a new stage of the Great Quantum Transition in all the variety of dramatic events has begun.

It is assumed that it can start as a result of a DOUBLE SYNCHRONOUS SOLAR-GALACTIC IMPACT, FOCUSED ON EARTH, its manifestation bodies in 3D, 4D and 5D.

Tightening Grip - Focused On Earth

Focused On Earth

Tightening Grip

Under its influence, new cataclysms are likely, global or a series of local ones. But even without them, the transformation doesn’t stop for a minute. The North Pole is moving to Taimyr. The circumpolar vortex is bifurcated again. At the same time, the southern vortex starts assembling too early. It’s still only January, it’s summer in the southern hemisphere, and assembly should begin only in March. But as we can see in the screenshot, the red areas of high-speed Polar storms around Antarctica are already showing themselves in red. It’s an abnormal phenomenon.

Tightening Grip - Polar Storms

Polar Storms

Tightening Grip

Large-scale wildfires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – all this is a pinpointed clearing of space from anger, hatred and other negativity,which has accumulated on the Subtle Plane and hinders the Transition of the planet and earthlings to a new dimension.

Over the past week, 1049 earthquakes have occurred. Of these, 773 were of magnitude (M) 3+; 251 – M4+; 22 – M5+; 1 – M6+; 2 – M7+, including the M7.9 earthquake on January 10, 2023 at 03:17 in Laut Banda (Banda Sea), Indonesia.

Tightening Grip - Banda Sea, Indonesia

Banda Sea, Indonesia

Tightening Grip

We all need to prepare for hastening events in order to survive and endure them. And not just to withstand, but to help Earth pass it through, stabilizing storm waves with our Subtle Bodies. And this is, first of all, our high-frequency training through inner work, cosmo-energetic and Spiritual practices that increase vibrations, in Power Places, planet’s chakras, in temples and other sanctums.

When a new mass leap would be possible, Co-Creators decide. Unfortunately, the current chaos and world bacchanalia prevent the implementation on Earth of many planned programs of the Absolutes and Higher Light Hierarchs. There remains an intrigue around the Duel of Worlds in December 2022 and the expected activation of the new Causal Matrix of the planetary Logos on March 23, 2023 (see – Disclosure News, Duel, Parts 1-9).

The most important thing is that we have successfully passed 2022, the first year of the 4D stage. The fourth dimension is a transitional from the old 3D world to the new 5D. Therefore, so many events occurred, relating to destruction and rejection of the System and its way of life, based only on parasitism.

These events will continue in 2023, helping us to awaken, to realize ourselves as a multidimensional cosmic entity, worthy of a higher and happier fate, wishing to be freed from pain and fear, and to establish a society of justice and unity with the Source on Earth.

Tightening Grip - We Are Cosmic Entities

We Are Cosmic Entities

Tightening Grip

The first Veil, which was between a three-dimensional density and a four-dimensional space, was removed by Co-Creators in 2022. But there is still a second filter – between 4D and 5D. The fourth dimension is only a training one, sort of test-drive.

If we play all the halves correctly, pass the checks and all exams, then, in 2023, the second power barrier will be removed, and after that we could see more deeply the Subtle Plan and segments of its multidimensional reality. Now, this vision is partial and sporadic, sometimes, it appears before the eyes, then, again goes into non-manifestation, and melts.

After the Earth’s Transition to the fourth dimension, we are all now very actively distributing between different dimensions, on the basis of similar-to-similar. Yes, we see a lot of men with 3D mentality who ignore and don’t accept the Laws of Transition. But there are also more and more 4D people, with mixed consciousness, as well as those that completely moved into 5D, representatives of the new, Sixth Race.

Everyone is sorted by frequency sub-levels. For access to each, we must have not only the luminosity of our vibrations and consciousness necessary for this. Frequencies can be raised by different techniques and external conditions. But we have to work a lot on awareness. Success depends entirely on personal qualities, accumulated moral and Spiritual strength, wisdom, and GREMO energy (of Love). Supernatural capabilities will be unleashed not just to good, high-frequency people, but only to fully aware, highly intelligent, developed and, most importantly, responsible.

Tightening Grip - GREMO Energy

GREMO Energy

Tightening Grip

Despite the fact that in December 2021, Co-Creators uploaded 4D codes to almost everyone, not all were able to use them. Many fell back to the old programs. They are forced to re-examine their relationships, profession, creativity, lifestyle, health, daily routine and much more. This is how we evolve along the energy sine wave of our attitudes and ties.

Unfortunately, not all of us are at the peak of our form right now, and our indicators are lowered. By running events, Co-Creators hope to wake up as many people as possible, and therefore they constantly postpone the wide opening of the 5D world.

Not all agree with such an approach, which causes impatience and irritation. They believe that it’s necessary to change the old 3D System quickly, no matter how many people have woken up, and give the right to choose not only to the sleeping, but also to the awakened, and not to marinate everyone in a boiling planetary saucepan under 3D lid.

It is curious how our relationship with technology is changing, in particular with the TV and computer, which seem to be becoming sentient. We can ask questions or argue in their presence, discussing a difficult situation with colleagues, and the next days, receive videos or broadcasts with answers and comments from the “cosmic Internet”.

Tightening Grip - Cosmic Internet

Cosmic Internet

Tightening Grip

Co-Creators promise that over time they will provide us with an analog connection to the cosmos, a five-dimensional hybrid IBOC. But even today, technology is changing its character, it communicates, enters into a dialogue with us. Plasmoids, energies halo and aura around people are increasingly appearing on screens. Many feel the touch of power pouring over us.

The conductivity of the communication field is constantly increasing, even though we block it and jam by our depression. The Earth’s space is intensively filled with Light of a new quality. This superconducting live broadcast allows us to communicate with members of our large Star family via telepathic audio, video communication as friends, as relatives, to joke and laugh together.

What awaits us in 2023?

It’s not so sad about our frequency lowering. After working off debts and incompletes, from the second (third and other) attempts, Co-Creators re-install 4D soft in us to restore and increase our luminosity, and, then, for switching to 5D – five-dimensional codes. Codes are settings, as in the cell phone, applications, programs and new features.

Our visual and auditory analyzers, as well as the organs, responsible for telepathic communication, are already being rebuilt for this software. This is necessary for the perception of the Subtle Plane and its frequency spectrum after the expected removal of the second Veil in 2023.

New codes change all processes in our body, physical, chemical, biological, at the molecular level. Our organics are morphing. Nerve fibers adapt to conduct more powerful high-freqs energies. Sacred geometry and Light structure are also arranged differently and change everything, up to muscle tissues, bones, and joints. Therefore, it is undesirable for us to decrease our frequencies. When they fall, the restructuring is suspended, and we are thrown back to the 3D indicators. And this is very hard for our body to withstand inevitable energy drop and all kinds of failures in the “wiring”.

Tightening Grip - Energy Drop

Energy Drop

Tightening Grip

Co-Creators will remove the second Veil (between 4D and 5D) at once, but not everyone will see it. Therefore, the division of consciousness, regrouping and distribution of communities by territories will continue.

Currently, two processes have coincided: the onset of Satya Yuga and the Great Quantum Transition to 5D. How they differ?

5D is a change in perception of dimensions: instead of three we could see five of them. And Satya Yuga brings more tightening grip and Earth’s run by the Light Pole, which won a total victory in the Duel of Worlds on December 15-16, 2022, and activation of the new planetary Logos’ Causal Matrix, which DNI narrated earlier.

The overlap of these important processes accelerates our evolution, including at the State level. Changes are taking place now in our management, only it is not advertised, but in 2023 they will be more explicit. Interaction with the Higher Light Hierarchy, 5D people, and friendly space civilizations will continue.

The division of earthlings between realities will deepen; different densities will fill their spaces and territories. At the same time, two global societies will coexist, the old and the new. There would be two types of cities: Light, evolving in 5D, and stagnating in 3D.

Tightening Grip - City Of Light

City Of Light

Tightening Grip

Not everyone will want to change consciousness; many will stay in the accustomed low vibrations of three-dimensional world. But a person with a 3D consciousness, full of inner aggression, hatred and conflict, no matter how much comfort is created for him, will never love others. Therefore, for those, who are transitioning to 4D/ 5D, it will be difficult to interact with people in 3D territories, and it is advisable to avoid them in every possible way.

On humanitarian grounds, Co-Creators already put protective force fields around men, who have decided to stay in 3D, so that high frequencies do not destroy them too quickly and painfully. They are left to end-of-life option.

For transients to the fourth and fifth dimensions, domes-filters have already been installed over them and Cities of Light. Some feel this cupola with their heads and feet, as high-frequency Light energy is condensing in it.

Tightening Grip - Under The Dome

Under The Dome

Tightening Grip

Co-Creators regulate the supply of energy under the dome individually and dosed to each person, as the next frequency level achieved and successful adaptation to new settings occurred. Those, who cannot accept these energies, will not feel any dome.

Random people are unlikely to want to stay in the space of Light for a long time, or even pass it by, because of its psychological invisibility for them. There, will be only those who can produce the highest luminosity, and fill and maintain the space of Light with selves.

People often ask: “Where will it be absolutely safe to live?” Of course, in the Cities of Light, which we will build supported by Co-Creators. But first, we need to do everything in our power to help ourselves get out of the 3D System and switch to 4D vibrations. The most important thing now is for everyone to actively engage in their Transition, to make of selves five-dimensional men, representatives of a new, the Sixth Race.

More by Lev

Operation Air Matrix – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation Air Matrix – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The operation of Air Matrix Absolutizing has an important place among other ops of the ground team for the transformation of elementals, which are the basic energies that make up the Universe. Each has its soft and infinite number of manifestations, and, mixing with each other, generates new forms and properties.

Shield And Roadmap – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Shield And Roadmap – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The strongest and most reliable personal protection is our constant staying in the Light, the shield of our high frequencies, which reliably safeguards from ANY negativity. It is for this mode that all the Darks’ technologies, described in Duel, Part 10, are programmed.

Duel Part 10 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Duel Part 10 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

As Disclosure News previously detailed, the Dark Pole didn’t resign self to total defeat in Duel of Worlds on 15-16 December 2022 (see DNI, Parts 1-9). Darks are well aware that the download of the new Earth’s Causal Matrix? scheduled for March 23, 2023? will hasten their death.

Operations In Iran – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operations In Iran – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The complete replacement of the planetary Causal Matrix, in which the info-energy accumulates, forming events, is a complex and lengthy process. It includes deleting and cleaning some files, and downloading new ones that contain software and codes of Time, energy and matter of elements and elementals for 5D.

Our Noosphere – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Noosphere – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

What is the Noosphere? This is collective Intelligence of Earth. On the Subtle Plane, it looks like a multi-level field – from the core of the planet and all its energy bodies, including the Anupadic one. This field is continuously created, replenished and deeply intertwined of all consciousness, from minerals, plants and living beings, including Earth, which is also a sapient entity.

Eight Waves – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Eight Waves – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The Karmic Duel of Worlds on December 15-16, 2022, between Light and Dark Forces (see Disclosure News, Duel, Parts 1-9) didn’t delay the Transition of the Local Universe from the old, dual, to the new, fourth stage of Light. And Earth follows it.

Duel Part 9 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Duel Part 9 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On 1st January 2023, at 04:23 PM CET, via Single Hierarchical Channel, Co-Creators conveyed the following new info. According to the results of the Duel of Worlds on December 15-16, 2022, the Supreme Evolutionary Committee of the Galactic Committee made a number of important decisions. It adopted a roadmap for the establishment of a new planetary formation. Geographically, it will be so far only on the territory of the Northern Hemisphere.

Duel Part 8 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Duel Part 8 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

By Part 7, Disclosure News planned to summarize the karmic Duel of Worlds on the night of December 15-16, 2022. But on December 30, at 05:03 PM CET, the Higher Light Hierarchs reported new sensational details in the development of the topic, which add and clarify a lot.

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