Throne Paschal Sananda - Q&A with Lev

Throne Paschal Sananda

Q&A with Lev

Throne Paschal Sananda – By Lev.

Q – Tell a bit more on the following:

  • The Monotron that “Transmits information from the planet Tron – the center of Christ consciousness in our Galaxy”?


  • The Crystal Light Being Sananda is the Ray of Jesus Sananda?


  • Paschal the great cosmic Light Being that revives Life in big and small cycles?

Throne Paschal Sananda

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​The Throne And Paschal

Tron is one of the 20 planets of Sirius A and the main center of the Constellation Sirius, which in turn is the spiritual Center for the Milky Way.

This planet (other names – Troy, Trion) locates in the third orbit from the star Sirius A. The diameter exceeds the Earth’s approximately two times.

On the Tron the sky is bluish-green. The surface covered by mountains. The background is shades of yellow. There is little green vegetation. Reservoirs are very rare.

The surface is illuminated by two suns – by the bright blue star Sirius A, and the small whitish Sirius B, which does not play a significant role. The climate is hot, close to our Mediterranean or tropical.

Since the tilt of the planetary axis is close to a right angle to Sirius A, there are no seasonal climate changes on the planet, i.e. there is no winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

Throne Paschal Sananda - Canis Minor
Canis Minor

Throne Paschal Sananda

Throne Paschal Sananda - Sirius Stellar System
Sirius Stellar System

Throne Paschal Sananda

The temperature is cool at the poles, and the maximum heat is in the equator zone. Gravity is close to Earth’s.

The planet makes a full circle around Sirius A in about four earth years. This planet surrounded by a ring of cosmic dust particles (like Saturn), but the ring encircles not in the middle, but just below the equator.

On the physical plane, the humanoid civilization of Tron is one of the oldest in this Galaxy’s sector.

The main race is undersized – the average growth is 1.3-1.5 m.

Physiologically, they are close to earthlings, so they easily adapt to Earth conditions.

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The eyes are medium in size, not very large, almond-shaped, and without lashes, strongly shifted to the temples. The pupil can change shape, like a cat’s, depending on the light. The eye sockets are without eyebrows.

The forehead is high, sometimes wrinkled. The ears are small, close to the head, pointed at the top. The nose is a small snub, or straight. The mouth is in the form of a narrow slit with little pronounced lips.

Like humans, Trones emotional, but their feelings are rare. It makes them seem expressionless and focused. Hands are five-fingered with long fingers. Relative to the body, the arms seem longer than usual, and the legs, on the contrary, are shorter.

The life span of Trones in one body is 600-1000 years, thanks to advances in their physiology science. They perform rejuvenation operations in a special chamber equipped with emitters that harmonize the energy system of the body and affect the cells, restoring the hormones of youth. After rejuvenation, the body looks 2-3 times younger than its real age.

The Trones-Siriuseans do not do experiments with DNA and RNA because they have seen how dangerous and unpredictable an intrusion into the genetic program of DNA and RNA can be. They warn Earth’s scientists against genetic experiments to cross incompatible genomes – these are dangerous experiments.

The Siriuseans from the Tron’s Earthly gave birth to the Eastern races with yellow skin and narrow slanted eyes. The Chinese, Koreans are direct descendants of yellow-skinned dwarfs from the constellations Canis Major (Sirius) and the Canis Minor (Procyon).

Siriuseans from Tron lived in Ancient Egypt (the pharaoh dynasty) and later spread widely throughout East and South-East Asia, mingling with other nationalities.

They also settled in the constellations of Sagittarius, Centauri, and others. They use many intermediate bases (transfer points) located on planets’ satellites, minor planets, and asteroids.

Throne Paschal Sananda - Sirius - Dog Star
Sirius – Dog Star

Throne Paschal Sananda

On the Tron’s Subtle Plane, there are many Light Beings. They are called the Creators of Creators, that is, of the humanoid civilizations.

These Light Beings are one of the builders of our Local Universe, Galaxies, and planets. They can take any form, clone indefinitely, their thought power is enormous. They can appear in any shape – growing from the ground to the sky or as a powerful energy column. They are the organizers of aboveground Shambhala.

The Light Beings from the Tron came to Earth in two waves – 18 million and 4 million years ago to sow and develop conscious life forms on the planet. They laid the program of I Am (self-awareness of the Spirit) and linked the Earth Logos to the Source.

When our planet was ready for further evolution, the Light Beings from the Tron brought the human energy plasma to it. It created the conditions for the birth of all five Civilizations on Earth. Since then, continuous monitoring of human evolution has begun.

On the Tron’s Subtle Plane is located the Sacred Galactic Time Temple. It is an abode of the Main Time Keeper – Paschal, and the Temple Servants – Time Keepers.

The Global Crystals Operation Part 3 - Paschalia Crystal
Paschalia Crystal

Throne Paschal Sananda

The Time Keepers were created by the Supreme Light Being Kronos about 2 billion years ago for additional means of controlling the interaction of the physical and etheric Planes through time management mechanisms.

These mechanisms used to influence reality, speeding up some processes in time, and slowing down others. To interrupt and change out-of-control evolution, as well as organize the interaction of different time-lines.

Light Being Paschal was one of the New (True) Time Ray’s Founders and linked it to Earth for the great Quantum Transition.

Reaching our planet, that Ray in the form of a spiral stream, dissolved in the unified human consciousness. Now the True Time frequencies of the Local Universe and Galaxy are present not only on Earth but also in the entire Solar System.

The True Time energy harmonizes and synchronizes us as Humanity, connects us to the planet, and is an evolutionary act on the Path to Light. Now, it all depends on how active we will be in our quest to create Harmony on the planet.



Sananda is the Seventh-Level Supreme Light Hierarch. He received his name at birth on his home planet in the Orion Constellation.

This Light Being incarnated on Earth as Adam, Joseph of Egypt, Elijah, Jesus, and Apollonius of Tyana, the great master who taught the Divine laws. But it was not until He became Jesus Christ that Sananda brought the full force of His Spiritual Energy to Earth.

Throne Paschal Sananda - Sananda

Throne Paschal Sananda

He is also the Supreme Head of the Ashtar team.

As commander of the Solar System and various volunteer units from different regions of the Local Universe, Sananda is responsible for coordinating the actions of many fleets related to the Mission on Earth.

When they are not involved in a Mission, they are managed by their Commanders and placed at the disposal of the Interplanetary Confederation for the Higher Light Hierarchy tasks on our planet.

The planets of all Constellations and Galaxies of the Local Universe, fulfilling their obligations to the Higher Light Hierarchy, have their representatives on Earth who are engaged in direct monitoring of the situation on it.

They report the results to the communication centers, as well as interact with the Light Forces’ ground teams.

As the Supreme Commander of the Ashtar space fleet, Sananda headquartered on the largest base ship, and all orders He makes from there.

This ship is a giant cosmic city.

Currently, Sananda and Ashtar have 592 different teams, which now operate in conjunction with the Intergalactic Council.

They are in the Solar System to help the Earth in its Spiritual Ascent and liberate it from Archons.

Throne Paschal Sananda - Ashtar


Throne Paschal Sananda

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