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Three Important Points To Know - Ashtar

Three Important Points To Know


Three Important Points To Know – Ashtar. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Family! It’s good to be here one more time.

How are you? Are you noticing how you are dealing with the new frequencies that come to you every day?

I just want to tell you briefly about it. Lets see, all these high frequencies that have come to you, you have worked on three basic points.

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To believe more in yourselves and out of the patterns that have been imposed on you for a long time. Do you realize that?

More self-confidence, more ability to follow what you really want and believe to be the best for you.

A greater attunement to your innate power, no matter what they say, no matter how threats you; you will not back down because you are in possession of your power.

This is too big, my dears!

What’s more, this self-confidence is reverberated to the point that others will follow. Are you tired of being pruned, canceled, lowered? Here is the point where all that changes. Just allow these frequencies to help you.



Three Important Points To Know

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Focus / Concentration

You are increasing your power of concentration and focus.

The old frequencies, for ages, have deprived you of this high ability to concentrate and have a goal, a focus on a goal.

For a long time, you have been walking in circles! Now, oh!… Now you have a focus allied in a superconcentration.

Have you noticed that nowadays you can connect with your inner deity much more quickly than before?

At least most of you, yes, because these new frequencies that enter Shan (Earth) simply provide that.

And once again, you are an example to others because they see you, analyze you and ask you, “How can you do it?” And then they empower themselves: “If you can, I can too!”

Focus / Concentration

Focus / Concentration

Three Important Points To Know


Here’s a very important point: if you really want to do something, if you have self-confidence, focus and concentration for something, you need discipline.

Dear Gabriel, bring me from your Internet: what is discipline?

“Discipline – feminine noun.
1.1 the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour
1.2 the ability to control yourself or other people, even in difficult situations”

Let’s update this:


A set of inner special qualities that keep the being in deep connection with his personal divine will, allied to a focus and primordial determinations attuned to the Primordial and Loving Source that assures him, uninterruptedly, to a POWERFUL AND DETERMINED WILL TO CONTINUOUSLY FOLLOW.

My dear ones, with this, you are more than unbeatable, unstoppable, inviolable.



Three Important Points To Know

All these powerful frequencies that are coming to you have determinedly activated, in particular, these three very important points for the next movements that you will go through.

I do not want to and I will not frighten you, but I want you to know that many peoples of your Planet will need your collaboration, both physically and spiritually.

Gaia needs to make her adjustments and necessarily some moves happen for releases of old charges.

Adjustments to your tectonic plates are occurring, and will occur a bit more, but all of this is being monitored by our fleets.

Know that even we need help, especially yours, that reads this my message.

For this, be determined in your self-confidence by believing that you are important in this process of updating an entire system, knowing that everything is better and wonderful for the complete change of paradigms.

And for this, you need focus and concentration on all your tasks, whether they are in physical and/or spiritual assistance to many who will seek them.

And, of course, discipline. THE DISCIPLINE. Be open to the new frequencies for everything that is coming to you, whatever it is, you will need these three points, they are very active, and of course, all of them allied to your Divine Faith.

There are a legion of beings and they are supporting all this, I have said this before. Not just me, but several of the Great Family.

Dear Ones! Continuously, we follow you!

I’ll be back this year to talk to you, I promise.

I remain proud of each one of you, wherever I go, I remain proud! Why? Well…


And so it is.


Your brother, Ashtar.



Three Important Points To Know

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