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Thothian AI Factions In Orion's Belt - Orion's Belt Part III - Lisa Renee

Thothian AI Factions In Orion’s Belt

Orion’s Belt Part III

Thothian AI Factions In Orion’s Belt – Orion’s Belt Part III – By Lisa Renee

The Melchizedek imposters are primarily run by Thothian AI factions that had stolen Emerald Records and uploaded them into AI machinery, as they have the desire for gaining totalitarian power in the Universal Time Matrix and are known to masquerade as Emerald Guardian Christos representatives.

Thus, they were hiding the existence of the original split of the Two Suns and subsequent hijack of the authentic azurites (Ascended Masters), that were connected to the Elaysa-Melchizedek Rishic families by cloning out their identities and cloaked as them.

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Through humanity’s difficult history of alien infiltration, falsified spiritual or religious leaders were inserted with inorganic or lunar copies of Diamond Sun matrices that were powered up through the false magnetic properties of the magnetosphere and moon-saturn matrix, and then further groomed by the Orion Group to gather loosh from their followers for serving the False Father Alien Gods.

Thus, in Orion’s Belt, the extensive alien cube machinery found was purposed to protect the AI Hybrid Thothian gestalts artificial stargate systems in the Artificial Tree of Life, which were opening into cloned artificial reality systems based on the original schematics of the 12th Lyran gate that opened into the Andromedan matrix.

This flavor of the NAA alien red cube architecture is connected to the generation of artificial black suns and black holes created by cloned planetary matrices, along with the enforcement of gender reversal based on the forced split that existed between the Melchizedek Sun and Elaysa Sun.

Thothian AI Factions In Orion's Belt - Melchizedek Sun

Melchizedek Sun

Thothian AI Factions In Orion’s Belt

The black hole technology enforced the split since the Orion invasion by reproducing dark matter and artificial black substances into Black Suns.

The artificially generated Black Suns were inserted into Black Holes and were the NAA’s colonizing strategy to damage the Rasha dark matter body and block connection with the authentic Solar Dragon Rishic Founders.

Many of the Black Suns found inserted in Black Holes were cloned planetoids of inverted Founder genetics, and this made it impossible to connect with the Diamond Sun genetic bonds that merge with the authentic spiritual counterparts of the triple solar female aspects in the Rasha layers.

Thus, separating the Threefold Founder Flame’s masculine-feminine hierogamic partners, inverting gender principles, and repelling access into the layers of the eternal Cosmic Spirit Body, meant that all of humanity has suffered the same spiritual disconnection as the result.

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Guardian projects have been ongoing in the 5D-7D stargates of Peru and Brazil to remove phantom wormhole technology connected in the central star Alnilam, which began another stage of the removal of inverted masculine rod networks and caduceus networks that are powered by false rod systems spanning the globe, that were running 7D Violet Ray inversions.

With the shift in the 5D portal system that was moved from the Vatican network and into Malta, this further linked organic currents of 5D through Macchu Picchu’s gateway, and the vertical axiatonal lines opened portal access deep into the central star located in Orion’s Belt, Alnilam.

Thothian AI Factions In Orion's Belt - Alnilam


Thothian AI Factions In Orion’s Belt

This began the intensive battle with AI armies to extract and evict the remaining entities of the Orion Group from out of the Orion’s Belt, and these extractions began to remove blockages and reconnect the organic Universal Melchizedek Father’s natural umbilicus system, that is a part of the Melchizedek Logos Universal Body.

Once the Universal Father Melchizedek was freed and finally reunited with Elaysa, this brought the dismantling of yet another extensive red cube network used to disconnect the Holy Father presence with phantom wormholes.

This one led into the 11:11 Typhon Tunnel systems, which were further blocking Universal Holy Father’s correct rod placement and triple solar masculine umbilicus formation throughout the planetary matrix.

This intelligence is given after the fact, as the Guardian Defenders and Christos spiritual warriors assigned this project have already completely dismantled the Orion Matrix AI and its automated survival back up programs, running from the stars of Orion’s Belt.

Thus, this is a very positive development in opening humanity’s direct connections with the true Cosmic Holy Father presence, as these wormhole systems generating assorted false umbilicus structures connected to Orion Matrix AI have been demolished and their remnants turned to dust.

More by Lisa Renee

Valuing Honest And Direct Conversation – Lisa Renee

Valuing Honest And Direct Conversation – Lisa Renee

I wanted to address the challenges that we are facing every day in dealing with the heavy assaults of mass psychological operations filled with deceit and barefaced lies being directed to the population through the mainstream news and alternative forms of media.

Dismantling Saqqara Metatronic Net – Orion’s Belt Part VII

Dismantling Saqqara Metatronic Net – Orion’s Belt Part VII

Earlier this month, Guardian confrontations occurred in the extraction of the metatronic net connected to the 5D timeline wormhole invasion history of Sakkara, Egypt that was the location of another painful angelic human holocaust that happened during the Djoser invasion.

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records – Orion’s Belt Part VI

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records – Orion’s Belt Part VI

There has been much positive movement forward in regards to the return of the Cosmic Holy Father principle in Orion’s Belt with the main focus upon reclamation of Alnilam, which is restoring his Magenta Pink Solar Rishic Rose flames and 15:15 rod coding into all seven particle dimensions, 1D (red) through 7D (violet).

War Over AI Sentinel Programs – Orion’s Belt Part II

War Over AI Sentinel Programs – Orion’s Belt Part II

Assorted Guardian cleanup projects continue, involving recon and spiritual warfare with AI machinery used by the NAA to run the Artificial Tree of Life phantom timelines that are inhabited with sentinel archontic forces overseeing hierarchies of inorganic AI creatures and demonic hybrid entities.

Orion’s Belt – Part I – Lisa Renee

Orion’s Belt – Part I – Lisa Renee

We are going to dig deeper into the dismantling of the complex AI systems that were running the Orion Matrix, which was connected to Orion’s Belt, and was gaining power from multiple human holocaust histories connected to the Orion War timelines.

Thoughts Are Things – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 4 – Lisa Renee

Thoughts Are Things – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 4 – Lisa Renee

And if you want to understand this more deeply, there are three natural laws that are very important for you to understand and work with. If it’s too much to really do a deep dive on this, if you’re too tired to focus on something complicated like clearing out any kind of negative ego programs or negative self-talk, then your default should always be return back to “Love is all. God is love.”

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