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They Come To See; They Come So They Themselves May Be Seen

They Come To See; They Come So They Themselves May Be Seen

Readers Corner

“They come to see; they come so they themselves may be seen.” -OVID

Horses are so intuitive they can sense a fly landing on a single strand of hair. A beautiful and fascinating skill of evolutionary awareness. I once observed a goat go unrecognized as he swallowed up a woman’s entire ponytail. She only noticed once he reached the scrunchy. Yet, the moment a fly lands on a horse’s body, the horse will twitch that particular muscle to get the fly off. Many are unaware that the nerves under our skin are completely capable of sensing just as a horse’s nerves sense.

This begs the question.

Why is it that many of us remain unaware of this?

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The unnoticed happenings to the untrained brain are either completely unexpected occurrences or something we may individually perceive as non-threatening. The untrained brain may see, but it does not attend. This is why so many have what they call, Déjà vu.

When we scan our environment, we do so, looking for danger. The untrained human brain likes to take mental shortcuts, and it wants to attribute a higher degree of reality to the things we notice outside our bodies. It does this because the majority identify with their Ego. There is ME, and there is the WORLD. There is ME, and there is YOU—separate things.

However, Just like farmers who plant their corn in multiple rows for better pollination, so do we read this text and perceive each word in the sentence as a whole with meaning. We don’t notice each letter independent from the rest. Those who work with the land do not plant one corn kernel because one corn plant will have minimal production, just as using one single letter could never produce a sentence.

Each letter in this text is an individual unit, yet the greater meaning of the text depends on the arrangement of the letters, and the writer must arrange them into a recognizable pattern. Like the Farmer and her corn, our perception makes words work together. This event does so with the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; This is Gestalt Psychology.

Of course, this is based only on the outside world. It is my firm belief that by the use of social media, the untrained brains are working in a reverse Gestalt order, in society’s attempt to pull the inward self outward. On social media, the individual tends to matter more than the collective. An implosion with a detrimental effect on the youth. Thoughts are things and once we hit a specific level of enlightenment in our individual journeys it will not go unnoticed.

By the constant beat down by the programmed throughout new history, our everyday consciousness likes to cast the blame on what is going on outside of our minds. The programmed want to “Throw the baby out with the bath water.” as Thomas Murner would say. In other words, many eliminate the good while trying to eliminate the bad.

Their attention directs to the figure in the front, it likes to ignore the background, and it notices things moving before what is standing still. Just like the horse who instinctively flicks his muscle at the irritating fly, the untrained brain instinctively ignores perception, effortlessly contemplating everything behind the eyes—the Self (of which is connected to the ultimate source). The free wills use of “ignore-ance, ignorance”-Alan Watts. Many people often do not think about the brain in their heads unless there is something wrong with it. I have never heard from another, “I have a headcomfort”. It’s always a headache. Yet, “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”- Edgar Allan Poe. Our inner consciousness is perfectly capable of changing our outer perceptions.

With practice, we can clearly recognize and categorize a vast amount of stimuli simultaneously, why is it that many of us don’t even try?

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I’m not writing this nonsense to sway ideas, beliefs, or deep-rooted opinions; I don’t want to do that. Just as money holds no value to me, control of another holds no substance. We are HERE to learn. We are all on our own journey, and I am just passing through yours on mine.

Thank you for having me. However, every bit of work that we do here whether that be bad or good affects the collective conscious and unconscious. “I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.”-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We are energy transference and energy can also be created. Creation is as real as the universe forever expanding. Sorry, Émilie du Châtelet, I disagree with you.

We could look at this and ask WHY on an infinite number of different levels, fields of study, and parallel universes. Some call it, Agrippa’s Trilemma. A beautiful wave that is never-ending, and I am thankful for that.

Just for this moment, I want to take a step closer.

To explain how the brain can group things together to interpret the world. Gestalt Theory uses similarity, proximity, continuity, inclusiveness, closure, and disconnectedness. They call them laws.

Some of us view laws as optional and only followed by honest people. The first time I have met an honest “people” was when I found Disclosure news. We are our own ultimate authority, and anyone of us could think of ourselves as an honest person, but If many can’t trust their own tricky perception sometimes, why would they give away their mental authority to another to create a law? A deep sleep they are in (Yoda voice).

We must understand that we can get into great trouble with the herd if we don’t theoretically or realistically follow the laws. Either way, the choice, and repercussions are ultimately our own (for now), and laws aren’t always right. Humanity is ever-evolving and the youngest pay the price (for now). I have a story I am working on that will perfectly explain this to you, I just need some non-linear time to arrange the letters correctly. With every interaction I have, faith and fate want it to be a mutual exchange. I give my glory to the ultimate source, whatever name someone else gives it is fine by me.

  • Group Similarity– to make a pattern of things that belong together.
  • Group Proximity– how close together in space they are.
  • Group Continuity– patterns to create a whole figure.
  • Group Inclusiveness– seeing all elements of an image before we see various parts.
  • Group Closure– seeing only a piece of an image and then mentally filling in the gaps by what you assume would be there; this is a risky game, “Assuming makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘you’ and ‘me.”- I don’t know who said that. Sorry about the bad word here.

We could talk about whether these groupings have benefited us as a whole in evolution or if they have overall slowed down our collective consciousness. However, these are thoughts for another time so we will put them back into the flowing river above our crown chakra for now. I personally feel there are no mistakes.

Because egotistical conscious attention allows us to scan the environment for danger quickly, many are often subconsciously or unconsciously allowing themselves to be fooled or persuaded by others.

To use a revamped Alan Watts analogy, when a bat hunting bugs above my barn uses its sonar to search out in all directions looking for a good meal, the sonar will not recognize the space in which there is no object for it to bounce back to its sender. That’s exactly how the eyes pay attention to what some perceive as important. They pay attention to only what their specific values or beliefs tell them, then they react or they don’t.

An action backed by a belief could be either extremely beneficial to society or extremely destructive. And just like laws, majority beliefs or values aren’t always what’s right for the majority or the individual. They aren’t always wrong, either. When speaking of the Earth as singular, like a corn kernel, you might miss how we humans can quickly become dangerous to it. Us being such a variety, large and opinionated populace one click away from each other, solid in beliefs and having access to advanced obliterating weapons.

I sure hope we are careful with these. The human race is very important. How do many overlook the most important things if they tend to perceive the sum as greater than its parts? An unwell collective, attempting to implode.

I am not worried; they will never be able to do it. Those who believe they have the authority, never have nor ever will win. What if ETs in space view our planet and decide not to explore it because it looks safe and constant? I highly doubt that they will come when we are ready. They understand infinite probability. Funny enough, on the other hand, it is entirely possible that this large, opinionated populace is exactly what is keeping us all safe and going; This still begs another question that plagues so many, “Are we alone in the universe?” Perhaps my real question might be, would they even notice if we weren’t alone in the universe?

It is just as much the bat’s job to recognize the spaces between objects as our own, even if it is easier to ignore and let our altered instinct take over. When we ignore the familiar, safe stimuli, our mind will constantly be throwing out input to make room for what we find troubling; this is normal and OK. Everything is fine in moderation; however, if we do this too much, we will feel misery, anger, anxiety, sadness, worry, grief, or fear.

They feel these because they perceive many of the beautiful events happening around them as safe and constant, so they forget to pay attention to them. Or they miss out on threats like a goat slurping up a ponytail or a pickpocket who has mastered Gestalt theory and used it against them.

Instead, if many could only push past this feeling that “I am always right.” They are wasting their own time with this. Suppose they could get over the idea that only their beliefs matter and only their values are correct. In that case, they might be thankful for all of these other humans out here who disagree with them, think differently, act differently, or look different from them.

One shouldn’t want to control another with their own inside point of view of this outside world we are all experiencing together. Anger breeds Anger, and Hate breeds Hate. Simple as that. We are fortunate that there is such a variety within our race, an infinite number of variants because if there weren’t so many, we would end up with no more WHYs to ask. We would then view others as safe and constant, and as a result, we could ignore our own existence. They might hand it all over to a human who believes themselves to be the authority. “Could you be loved then be loved?”-Bob Marley.

We all should know that the difference between objects matters as much as the area between what is similar, what is different, and the moments that take our breath away. That is The Other (We are not just the Ego and the Self); If we didn’t have them, we could cease to exist.

Take this image, for example; without space, we wouldn’t be able to see the dots on the canvas.

They Come To See - Dots On The Canvas

Dots On The Canvas

They Come To See

I want to step back now. The man who painted this picture above surely understood that the background constitutes an essential part of our total experience. He understood the figure and the background, and he understood this 56 years before Gestalt Theory.

If you know of a variety of Theologies and Philosophies, that statement might matter to you more than others. If we notice everything in this universe as a pattern, then the space between these dots makes this masterpiece come to life.

The twinkling dots in the night sky are as familiar of a pattern to us as when we look at ourselves in the mirror, yet it’s the space between where you are standing and the glass that the beauty that is YOU comes to life, absolutely perfect at base level the way you are. No labels, no hurtful words or feelings, just you. And just like the stars in the night sky, you are completely unique, a masterpiece of your very own perception.

They Come To See - The Space Between

The Space Between

They Come To See

If we take the time to step back and pay attention to our everyday average moments, we will become like this painting in the way that every little tiny dot that comes into light is a separate event on which this whole painting depends. And each dot in the pattern would be meaningless if the entire painting didn’t exist.

The ultimate universe couldn’t exist without each one of us, and each one of us could not exist without the universe; This is the interaction of The Ego, The Self, and The Other. I know I AM here because I can see YOU. I pray that other’s may see me and you and themselves.

As a collective, if we can remove some of the concepts we believe to be 100% true and shift our attention to the background or what’s still and constant, we may become aware that our existence is both external and internal. If we turn off our sonar and stop identifying solely with what’s tangible, we might begin to KNOW at the spaces in between. And we may feel more connected to others and better understand the perspective they are coming from.

Very soon we will become too advanced for war and control. Every person we interact with can teach us something about ourselves, and if we together can gain the ability to look at the whole picture…

Life is A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, and music is playing across the water. Can you hear it?

They Come To See - Sunday On La Grande Jatte

Sunday On La Grande Jatte

They Come To See

It Just Got Dark – Readers Corner

It Just Got Dark – Readers Corner

It was still daylight with the sun streaming in through the window as we were having in a conversation facing each other from opposite sides of the room close to the window. Suddenly, we both looked at each other in confusion and asked, “Did you see that? Did it just go dark?”

Dream A Little Dream With Me – Readers Corner

Dream A Little Dream With Me – Readers Corner

This will be my last writing for a little while. I appreciate your work on Disclosure News. I appreciate you who are reading this. “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

This Too Shall Pass – Readers Corner

This Too Shall Pass – Readers Corner

Let me first start this by stating, very often at times I will discuss psychological concepts (like in my last writing) and how they have been used to further push down the individuals in society or as a collective.

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone – Readers Corner

What Is Left Undone Will Come Undone – Readers Corner

We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done. – Common book of prayer. Let’s go on a vision quest together, in which I, the manipulator of letters, and you, the seer, journey through time and space. We will have no worries here because time can never be fleeting and you just as time will always infinitely be in space.

The New Nature of Our Reality – Readers Corner

The New Nature of Our Reality – Readers Corner

Hi, everyone! I’m Betto Mendes from Brazil, and today I’d like to talk to you a little about the new nature of this reality of ours. I’m sure many of us here must’ve heard that saying: “the world doesn’t revolve around you”, right?! Well, with how things are moving at this point, I think it just might.

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It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects.

Nikola Tesla

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