The Zero Phase of the Matrix

The Zero Phase of the Matrix

The Zero Phase of the Matrix. By Lev.

On June 21, 2020, at the peak of the Solar Eclipse, the Highest Light Hierarchy of our Local Universe introduced the so-called “phase of complete system zeroing” into our reality.

This is a state of system “vacuum” when the software of the Old Matrix is completely erased, and the programs of the New Matrix are not yet started.

This is the point of the REAL END of the Old World, the Zero Phase before activating the New Matrix and the New World.

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The Zero Phase of the Matrix lasted until July 5, 2020, the peak of the Lunar Eclipse.

During this period, some of the system information and archived program codes of the Old Matrix were transferred by the Higher Light Hierarchy to the “motherboard” of the New Matrix.

Plus all the memory, that is, the Akashic records.

Since July 7, 2020, active programming and activation of codes and operating programs of the New Matrix has begun. In fact, July 7, 2020, was the birthday of the NEW WORLD.
The first serious testing of the New Matrix was made by the Neowise Comet.

The Zero Phase of the Matrix - Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies - Stonehenge

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies – Stonehenge

The Zero Phase of the Matrix

This Comet was discovered at the end of March 2020 and came as close as possible to Earth on July 23.

But it did not pose a threat, since it flew 103 million kilometers from our planet. It has rounded the Sun and is now heading for the outer Solar System.

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The next time Neowise will return to our Sun in 6800 years.

So what is it about this Comet? What is Neowise on the Higher Planes?

Our Galaxy is similar in many ways to the structure of the human body.

It is, first of all, a self-organizing and self-sustaining living integral living intelligent system. A failure or malfunction in any part of it is automatically reflected and affects all the others.

A person has an immune system. The Galaxy has one, too. It ensures the survival and normal functioning of the body. Immunity is a complex and complex concept.

Phagocytes are “guard cells”, cells – “killers”, cells – “nurses”. They monitor the state of the body and if they detect sick or dead cells, they destroy them.

In the Galaxy, these cells are different celestial bodies, including comets and asteroids. Not all of them, of course.

Comet Neowise, its multidimensional component, is a Galactic Phagocyte, an element of the Galactic Immune System.

The Zero Phase of the Matrix - Leonardo - Vitruvian Man

Leonardo – Vitruvian Man

The Zero Phase of the Matrix

Its core contains the Matrix of the ideal state of the Galactic Logos, with a range of maximum, critical deviations.

Neowise has its own sphere of activity, these are Logoic forms of Mind, near which it flies in its orbit.

The entire Galaxy is divided into such elliptical sectors.

This Comet is a Galactic medic.

When approaching a particular Logos (Star, Planet), Neowise scans the Logos at the point of maximum convergence and compares it with the ideal state and the maximum deviation.

If the Logos is “sick” and this is a critical level, it triggers a mechanism for its self-destruction or external destruction.

It is a well-functioning system, a “Super-computer” that transmits data to the Galactic Logos, which in turn turns on the “Destroy” button if necessary.

The Zero Phase of the Matrix - Galaxy


The Zero Phase of the Matrix

Comet-Phagocyte Neowise came to the maximum approach to Earth on July 23, 2020. So what were the problem and the critical danger? It wasn’t really about the comet…

Very long ago, the Dark Forces created a huge system of Bald Mountains on Earth as part of a plan to destroy it through the capture and absorption of our planet by the system of Demonic Worlds. The Light Forces thwarted this plan.

After that, the Dark Forces decided to use the Bald Mountains system differently to completely destroy the Earth. They calculated everything exactly to the day and programmed. The Light Forces knew nothing about it.

The Dark Hierarchy know how the Galaxy’s immune system works, and all about Phagocyte Comets. And they decided to destroy the Earth Logos in a very cunning and sophisticated way.

According to their plan, by the time of the Neowise Phagocyte Comet’s approach to Earth, they were going to dump a huge amount of negativity on the planet surface, so that when scanning the Comet detected a critical level of deviation and gave a signal to the Galactic Logos to destroy the Earth as terminally ill.

And now the time has come.

On July 19, 2020, the Dark Forces carried out massive dumping of negativity on the Earth, activation of existing karma mortuaries (caches of negative energy), of possessed entities, exacerbation of the COVID-19 pandemic, global, regional and national conflicts, mass riots.

The goal – to raise the level of the Earth’s negative field to supercritical.

The Bald Mountains system had a special mission – to get a dose of negativity from the linked Logos and inject it into the Earth Logos as a prick, using the portals of the Bald Mountains as a nozzle.

The Zero Phase of the Matrix - Massive Dumping Of Negativity On The Earth

Massive Dumping Of Negativity On The Earth

The Zero Phase of the Matrix

For this, the Dark Forces maintained the negative field of the Bald Mountains on the highest level, so that they were constantly ready.

The massive attack on the Earth Logos began on the morning of July 19, 2020. As an artillery preparation – a strike from Space. It was taken over by members of the ground team of the Hierarchy of Light.

They simply closed themselves, through their Higher Selves, the Earth Logos, taking the blows on themselves and processing all the negative substance by their own life energy.

For some, the blows went to the lower abdomen, and the intestines and stomach just turned inside out. Others have heart attacks and all the symptoms of a heart attack.

A few days – from July 19 to 24, 2020 – were the most difficult for the LFs’ ground team. It was necessary just to withstand all the blows fired by the firework at the Earth Logos. Many participants of the Light Forces rallied around Earth to protect it.

The blows began in the morning, and in the first minutes reached several dozen per minute. With such intensity, the black logos bombarded the Earth.

The physical body felt it as if it had been hit with a hammer or a bat, and the whole body spasmed. And so for hours on end. Then they were allowed to rest until the next day.

The energy of life and psychic energy was all gone. I had to lie in a prone position, I didn’t even have the strength to get up.

The Zero Phase of the Matrix - Merkaba of Light

Merkaba of Light

The Zero Phase of the Matrix

The worst was in the early morning of July 23, at the time of the comet’s maximum approach to Earth.

All survived. Neowise did its job – read the information about the state of the Earth Logos, transmitted it to the Galactic Logos, and flew on.

The protective Merkaba of Light created by the Higher Light Forces worked. No critical deviations were detected in the Earth.

Once again, the planet was saved.

(To be continued).

More By Lev

The Islands Of Light Restoration – The Great Quantum Transition

The Islands Of Light Restoration – The Great Quantum Transition

The information came about the Light Forces’ ground team operation on September 10-13, 2020, which I want to share right away. As before, the location and names are not called for security reasons. All work was carried out on-site and remotely from other regions and countries. What were the goals and objectives of the new operation?

Light Forces Operations In Israel – Part 2

Light Forces Operations In Israel – Part 2

Along with the operation on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Light Forces’ ground team was assigned to conduct several more operations in Israel. Their goal was to eliminate karmic burial grounds, repositories of the incarnation Matrices of the Black Archons, restore the Portals they captured, and revive the Light Islands around them. All this was combined under the code name First Autogenic (i.e. self-generated) Incarnation Oasis in a Subtle Plane above this region.

Path To Multidimensionality – The Great Quantum Transition

Path To Multidimensionality – The Great Quantum Transition

The Great Quantum Transition is in full swing, and all of us – Star Soul, myself, and others – are already living in a new dimension of the combined 3D-4D-5D Eon. Even official science, despite the Dark Forces’ ban and strong opposition, found the courage to declare it publicly. The planet without warning already lives in another dimension…

Israel Light Forces Ops – The Great Quantum Transition

Israel Light Forces Ops – The Great Quantum Transition

The main problem of the Black Archons was and still is the inability to create a viable human. To maintain their power on the planet, they need a Homo sapiens that exists by generating its life energy, and not parasitizing, as they do, on the vital power of others.
For hundreds of thousands of years, the Dark Hierarchs have been experimenting with the human genome. They changed their structure. Made animal and vegetable inserts into it. Blocked 10 of the 12 strands of DNA to cut it off the Source’s energy. Created a lot of hybrids. It will take a long time to list all gruesome experiments…

Earth Heart Portal Operation – The Light Forces Ops

Earth Heart Portal Operation – The Light Forces Ops

On September 6, 2020, the Light Forces conducted the second stage of the operation near the Earth Heart Portal. The objective of the first stage of the operation was the extraction and destruction of an energy harpoon by which the Dark Hierarchs on 11-12 August 2020 have tried to strike a fatal blow to the Earth’s Core (Heart) in its Portal localization near Bald Mountain. The harpoon was an extension of the Demonic Worlds Axis created by the Archons during the Cosmic Night.

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland – Part 2

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland – Part 2

Operation Loch Ness – The site of the next operation of the Light Forces’ ground team was Drumnadrochit and Lewiston near Loch Ness and the nearby mountain, which is a pyramid. This area was once the Earth’s base of civilization from the Vega star in the Lyra constellation. Among other things, Vegans conducted experiments here for creating new molecular biological life forms. The research was strictly following Space Law and the necessary safety standards were observed.

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