The Week Of Solar Intensity! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Week Of Solar Intensity!

The Week Of Solar Intensity! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

Energies are intensifying as the week of the “Annular Solar Eclipse” has arrived. The word “annular” does not refer to “annual” as in something that occurs yearly.

The term “annular” is from the Latin word “annulus” which translates as “little ring”.

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However, the fact that the Sun of our galaxy is 108 times the circumference of Earth/Gaia according to ancient Vedic scriptures certainly shows that the “Annular Solar Eclipse” will not have a “little ring”!

The Week Of Solar Intensity! - Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse

The Week Of Solar Intensity!

When the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun on Thursday, June 10, 2021, at approximately 4:14 AM (EST) heralding the Sun in Gemini at 19 degrees in the Tropical Zodiac and in Taurus in the Sidereal Zodiac, a fiery-like ring will be seen.

Most people around the planet are already sensing heightened physical and emotional responses as the event moves closer to occurring.

The eclipse will arrive while several planets are retrograde: Mercury (until June 22nd), Saturn (until October 11th), and Pluto (until October 6th).

However, on June 20th Jupiter will retrograde (until October 18th), and on June 25th Neptune will retrograde (until December 11th).

As has been discussed previously, when a planet is retrograde, its energy is actually magnified.

It gains strength like pulling back on a sling shot or a bow and arrow just prior to release towards a target.

Adding to these cosmic dynamics are the daily solar flares and solar winds which vacillate between high and low frequencies as well as the movement of the planet within the debris of various comets—and the “cherry on top” is the bathing of our planet in the LIGHT of the Great Central Sun.

Thus, the cycles per second of Earth/Gaia’s frequency of movement on “Her” axis and the deep amplitude strength at “Her” core receives all of these cosmic energetics and transmits them to all of creation.

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Like an artist hard at work on a new musical score or on a piece of sculpture or on the manuscript for a new book or on the choreography for a new dance program, Earth/Gaia is busily preparing for newly crystallized tectonic plates, greater currents of LIGHT, and removal of toxicity in “Her” auric fields—all of which are healing and balancing.

As “She” transmits these same messages to humans, animals, and plants, so too will healing and balance occur for those who align with the new “Now”.

The very ancient “normal” turning of Earth/Gaia on its axis as revealed to “Rishis” (“Sages”) has been 7.83 cycles per second; as the planet has shifted, rocked, and been pummeled by the currents of collective consciousness, however, it now turns at higher as well as lower levels because it is wobbling as it turns.

The Week Of Solar Intensity! - Auric Field

Auric Field

The Week Of Solar Intensity!

Thus, 7.83 is no longer (and has not been for a long while) the vibrational frequency that should be stubbornly accepted, especially if it is accepted according to a basic law in the science of Physics that “the only constant is change”.

If we also consider the teaching of “As within, so without”, if the inner core of the planet is capable of being affected by various types of cosmic happenings such that the amplitude is changeable, then the outer fields of the planet are as well.

So too, our inner workings are a reflection of our outer actions. In other words, if we are peaceful and loving within, this will be reflected in our outer experiences.

Even if we witness or hear about traumatic dramatic occurrences in the political and sociological arenas of our nations, we can understand how these situations have manifested from a large percentage of collective consciousness attracting them via certain thought images and feelings.

The reverse is also true—if a larger percentage of the human population really is desirous of peace and love, then this will be reflected in national and international major circumstances as well.

This is why giving LIGHT to the planet via envisioning it and being meditative and prayerful is a constant theme.

If the subconscious mind of humanity can be “programmed” by steady distractions of television news, commercials, and dramatic programming, then it can also be “attuned” to SOURCE by constant focus upon spiritual practices.

The coming “Solar Eclipse” will be very enlightening and will offer new chapters of study in our “Institute of the Cosmos” (ITC) where “higher degrees” of LIGHT are available.

We can, therefore, advance in knowledge.

To prepare for Thursday’s “Solar Eclipse Class”, I suggest obtaining (if not done so already) a 108-bead “grounding” prayer mala such as either Amber, Boddhi Seed, Lotus Seed, Rudraksha, or Sandalwood.

“Seed” it by pronouncing a healing and protecting mantra into each bead, and then wearing it daily throughout this year.

The mala may have “marker beads” (which usually occur after every 27th bead) of Turquoise which contains copper that is excellent for soothing aches and pains, for calmness, for balancing all of the chakras, and for protection during short a well as long-distance traveling, and for attracting prosperity of all types.

The Week Of Solar Intensity! - Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse

The Week Of Solar Intensity!

It was a sacred stone in ancient Kemet (Egypt) and in ancient Bharata (India) and is still sacred to current-day Native America.

The 109th “Guru” bead can be the same as the marker beads but is larger. Periodically, each bead of the prayer mala should be anointed with Sandalwood oil (also known as “Chandan” in Sanskrit).

This not only shines it, but it keeps its “consciousness” (vibrational frequency”, “energy”, “life force”) open.

Sandalwood oil is also calming, healing, and protective.

If preferred, a therapeutic necklace can be worn that consists of the gemstones mentioned, and the stones can be on either a cord or a silver or gold chain.

Another preparatory action is to write-out our desires and to symbolically “mail” the document in the soil beneath a lovely tree.

Some people will prefer to “mail” it within the pages of their holy book.

Also, at whatever time the eclipse is at its height in your particular part of the world, be in meditation as it will be a very auspicious time in which to receive Divine revelation.

The preparation steps discussed open individual portals for consciousness advancement.

As usual, “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS) will likely be experienced by most people due to the intensification of cosmic currents of the eclipse while it is in unison with the other cosmic events mentioned.

All of the chakras will receive further LIGHT.

Lots of extra rest and hydration is being recommended by Spiritual Scientists.

The following is a special potion for this current time line of “Now” which is also an excellent general health maintenance tonic.

The Week Of Solar Intensity! - Light Activation Symptoms

Light Activation Symptoms

The Week Of Solar Intensity!

Each morning just before breakfast, take one teaspoon of “Black Seed Oil” (this oil is formulated from cumin seeds) mixed with one tablespoon of raw organic honey.

For anxiety, take one teaspoon by itself whenever needed.

Black Seed Oil has been scientifically validated to do the following: builds healthy cells through its essential 3-6-9 fatty acids, increases circulation, cures digestive distress, lowers elevated blood pressure, heals kidney issues, heals liver problems, strengthens the immune system, reduces and prevents cancerous growths, cures anxiety and nervousness, serves as an anti-histamine, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and gives energy to a sluggish system.

This oil, like so many others, has been used for thousands of years. It can also be placed in a warm cup of tea such as Chamomile, Linden Flower, Hops, or Oat Straw for relaxation after a long day of activity.

Try to look upon the events in the cosmos (flares, winds, plasma waves, eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, planetary alignments, comets, super-novas, etc.) as spiritual tools being used upon us for opening channels for the downloading of LIGHT for purposes of our upgrading to GREATER LIGHT.

These are also the “forceps” of SOURCE opening “ITSELF” for our birthing-out, and our first utterance will be “AUM!”


(“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Holy Mother”)!

The Week Of Solar Intensity! - Aum Sri Matre Namaha!

Aum Sri Matre Namaha!

The Week Of Solar Intensity!

More by Dr. Schavi

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Major Cosmic Update! – Dr Schavi

A massive blast of LIGHT (photons) from the Great Central Sun arrived into Earth/Gaia’s inner and outer fields yesterday, Thursday, July 29, 2021, at approximately 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). The magnetosphere of the planet is now filled with these charged particles.

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The blasts of LIGHT from the Great Central Sun onward to the Sun of our specific galaxy and through to Earth/Gaia carry enormous sacred codes of enlightenment.

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Knowledge Of The Expander – Brahmahvidya – Dr Schavi

Humanity is coming together in increasing numbers and beginning to appreciate other paths of knowledge with which they may not have been previously familiar. Yet, the most ancient knowledge is the root of the information in the “Now”, and the root of anything is often where the most precious substance can be obtained.

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New Galactic Light – Sirius Has Risen! – Dr Schavi

Sirius (anciently known as “Sepdet”) has risen! It is aligned with the Sun of our galaxy heralding a New Galactic Year! Increased LIGHT frequencies are occurring and will continue to do so throughout this entire year, and opportunities will be offered more for an upsurge in the understanding and application of spiritual principles.

The Mantra Movement! – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement! – Dr Schavi

Because we are endeavoring to assist as many persons as possible in elevating higher in these intense energies of the Earth/Gaia experience, I and other “Lightbringers” (“Spiritual Scientists”, “Acharyas”, “Gurus”, “Vibrational Healers”, “Cosmic Scientists”, etc.) around the planet have decided to orchestrate what we are calling “THE MANTRA MOVEMENT”, and we are inviting all those who are desirous of experiencing a planet of LOVE, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, JOY, WISDOM, and continual connection to SOURCE to join us and to share this invitation with others.

Lion’s Roar And The Full Moon

Lion’s Roar And The Full Moon

The “Lion’s Gate” opens each year when the Sun moves into the sign of Leo in the Tropical Zodiac which this year of 2021 is Thursday, July 22nd, and it closes on August 23rd when the Sun moves on into the sign of Virgo (again, Tropical Zodiac). Thus, the “Lion’s Gate” is not a one-day event of August 8th as many people claim as they focus upon what is termed the “8/8” portal because of August being the 8th month of a 12-month year, and the 8th day of that month being also a focused date.

The Continual Symphony Part 2 – Dr Schavi

The Continual Symphony Part 2 – Dr Schavi

“Sidereal/Vedic Jyotish” (“Knowledge of Godly Light”) is taught within the ancient Vedic scriptures and are messages of events that definitely will and that also can only potentially be experienced by creation—the word “potentially” suggesting that the condition of a person’s or of the collective’s consciousness governs what is attracted.

The Continual Symphony – Dr Schavi

The Continual Symphony – Dr Schavi

In this new “Now”, whether cosmic events are of a low or high vibration, we are receiving SOURCE LIGHT from beyond what humanity can calculate with its sophisticated devices.

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