The Three Realms - Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Three Realms

The Three Realms – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Ancient teachings tell us that there are three realms of existence.
They are

1.) Astral Realm—the heavenly abode of SOURCE LIGHT and “ITS” creative energy via spiritual atomic frequencies,

2.) Causal Realm—where our Higher Consciousness or Soul is formulated, and

3.) Physical Realm—all that exists of matter such as all planets, galaxies, universes (the entire cosmos) and all that these places contain comprised of various types of materialized atomic frequencies.

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Everything is infused with “Nyasa” or “Sacred Energy”.

Thus, to tamper with, or to disrupt the natural energetic flow, or to destroy any aspect of what we tend to refer to as “Nature” is to annihilate the aforementioned “Nyasa”—“Sacred Energy”.

If something “unnatural” is introduced into what is originally “sacred”, it can become depleted of life force or completely destroyed.

This is true whether we are discussing human beings, plant life, animals, or even a crystal or gemstone.

A consciousness which believes in “unnatural”, “chemicalized”, “synthetic” substances is a consciousness which has been “programmed”, “hypnotized” or “trained” against its SOURCE—its CREATOR.

The Three Realms - Sacred Energy

Sacred Energy

The Three Realms

If such a consciousness does not become elevated to higher knowledge of the LIGHT of “all that is”, then its capability of performing great tasks which help to push creation further forward is eventually not allowed to be activated.

It may seem to still occupy space, but it will have no power.

The continual SOURCE LIGHT that is embracing our planet and entire galaxy is awakening dormant DNA and allowing newer choices to be made in how to move through the planetary journey.

The “Higher Self”—the ultimate “Guardian Angel”—is always with us and speaks via intuitive insights as well as via audio-psychic experiences which manifest as clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and in other metaphysical ways.

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It also speaks in the humble presence of animal guides such as, for example, the high-flying eagle which is a message of the high flight of the SOUL or a dragonfly which gives the message of transformation, or a beautiful wide-eyed cat which shares that mysticism is the “normal” activity of creation which can be uncovered by paying attention to what is around us, and indeed, this is why cats are relatively quiet and glide gently or sometimes scamper hurriedly as a symbol of incoming mystical information—slowly or quickly.

The Three Realms - Creation


The Three Realms

Everything in Nature is a message.

Except for those who are the progeny of the most ancient cultural frameworks, most modern humans do not value Nature.

They spit upon it, tear it down, slaughter it, and poison it.

There is an old proverb that says: “People who do not build will destroy”.

Thus, those who de-value our planetary home and all of its gifts and seek to control and manipulate it and all that exists upon it, are those who no longer are helping to develop it nor are they helping to continue their own life force.

When a gift is given that is not valued, it is often best to take it back and gift it to someone who will appreciate it.

This is exactly what SOURCE is doing and why Earth/Gaia is being constantly elevated to higher realms and being given greater doses of LIGHT.

The planet is being “re-gifted” to those who value “Her”.

The Three Realms - Elevated To Higher Realms

Elevated To Higher Realms

The Three Realms

This is also why much of humanity is being crystallized and made into the LIGHT forms that we were originally.

The crystallization process is a “fine-tuning” of our physical “instruments” just as a piano needs to be sometimes “re-tuned” or just like an entire orchestra “tunes-up” before a performance.

The ASTRAL REALM is beaming down, and the CAUSAL REALM is delivering the messages to the PHYSICAL REALM.

The ALL is working in unison with “ITS” very “SELF”!

As we head into the high point of the Mercury Retrograde between September 27th and October 18th (with the “pre-shadow” having already begun), this is an excellent time frame in which to diligently seek greater knowledge and wisdom or to add to that which we have already been blessed to learn.

For those who are so inclined and who collect malas for the chanting of various mantras, prior to the retrogradation, is an excellent time in which to acquire a new mala for chanting healing and protective mantras.

A mala (Sanskrit for “garland”) carries a continual vibrational frequency (life force) when it has been properly “seeded” which is when a certain mantra has been chanted into it for 40 consecutive days.

The Three Realms - Crystallization Process

Crystallization Process

The Three Realms

It develops “siddhi” or “power”.

Therefore, it is not merely an attractive material piece of spiritual jewelry. It is a spiritual “powerhouse” of energy.

Not only does its energetics continually work throughout our auric fields, but the mala also reminds the consciousness of Divine aid, and thus, our safety and assistance from higher realms.

This is why the beads of a mala that are thousands of years of age—known as “vintage”—are often re-strung on a new cord when the old cord has broken.

Many such beads were those used by a highly-vibrating Tibetan monk or Vedic Yogi (male) or Yogini (female).

Often malas are gifted to new initiates by their Gurus or Acharyas.

If the beads become damaged over time, then the mala is to be placed within the ground and thanked for its service because the substance of the mala–whether the seeds of a tree or a crystal or gemstone—all originate on the planet or have arrived onto the planet from an asteroid or comet millions of years ago such as the Moldavite or Labradorite stones.

The Three Realms - Rainbow Cloud

Rainbow Cloud

The Three Realms

The Three Realms - Mala


The Three Realms

Seasonal changes are also a good time in which to obtain a new mala, and soon in this month of September, autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere will arrive in each of their kinds of splendor.

Let us be determined to receive the SOURCE LIGHT of reception and transmission so that our beautiful planetary home and our sparkling galactic community and their “libraries” of sacredness will unfold to us for the betterment of our journey and the strengthening of our life force.

Let us observe all that surrounds us and seek the knowledge that is held there.

Yes, of course, there are repairs that must be made to the damage that has been done to our planet; so yes, there is pollution in the atmosphere and chemtrails pouring down toxins from planes. There are foods that have been genetically altered.

The Three Realms - Squared Clouds

Squared Clouds

The Three Realms

There are dangerous medications being almost forcibly distributed to humanity.

There are animals being submitted to horrible experimentations for cosmetics and slaughtered for fashion.

There is subjugation, oppression and war.

There is prejudice.

Source, HOWEVER, is correcting these “sins” (a term which originally meant “missing the mark” in archery).

The “Energetic War”, the war for “Consciousness Transference”, is being won by the LIGHT.

Choose to support the “Lightwarriors” and “Lightbringers”.

They are not only the people of Higher Consciousness, but they are the individual and collective SOULS of the CAUSAL REALM created in the ASTRAL PLANE.

You are of the same creation.

Embrace the unfolding of your “New Self”.

Escalation Is Elevation,
And Both Are Our Transformation.
We Are Receiving The Beams Of Source
For Our Greater Life Force.
Light Is Brighter And Has A Faster Spin.
Our Dna Is Taking It In.
The Space/Times To Come Are Filled With Wonder.
Fear Not As The Old Is Being Torn Asunder.
A New Foundation Is Being Laid.
The Golden Age Is Being Made.
Every Flare Or Ejection From Our Sun
Is A Sign That Light Has Won.
Rejoice And Celebrate.
The New “Now’ Is Great!

The Three Realms - Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness

The Three Realms

Please consider joining THE MANTRA MOVEMENT. Details can be found in the article of this same name.

Those who recite the mantra daily and who invite others to do so are LIGHT AMBASSADORS.

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

Much Love to Everyone!

The Three Realms – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

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From The Source Apothecary – Dr Schavi

From The Source Apothecary – Dr Schavi

The “Eclipse Portal’ that is now happening (from November 19th with the “Lunar Eclipse” having already occurred) until December 4th (when the “Solar Eclipse” will arrive) is an excellent time frame in which to make a firm decision to procure the blessings of SOURCE.

Dawn Is On The Horizon! – Dr Schavi M Ali

Dawn Is On The Horizon! – Dr Schavi M Ali

When the silvery light of dawn arises, before the pink and orange early morning sunrise, birds begin to chirp, and there is a peaceful stillness in the atmosphere as creation awakens like the petals of a lotus flower on a sparkling pond stretching out to greet the sunshine.

Commencement! – Dr Schavi M Ali

Commencement! – Dr Schavi M Ali

With this understanding in mind, there is a “Commencement” occurring—the beginning of a “ceremony” that has not occurred for approximately 500 planetary years (in the 14th century)—an eclipse portal that extends from November 19th, 2021 with a “Lunar Eclipse” until December 4th, 2021 when a “Solar Eclipse” will occur.

The Great Lunar Eclipse! – Dr Schavi

The Great Lunar Eclipse! – Dr Schavi

On Friday, November 19, 2021, at approximately 3:52 AM (EST), a “Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon” will occur which is purported to be the longest of its kind in several hundred years. It will occur in Tropical “Taurus” and conjunct Uranus which is also in Tropical “Taurus”.

The Solar Vitamin – Dr Schavi

The Solar Vitamin – Dr Schavi

The health benefits of the bright Sun of our solar system which gives us “Vitamin D” are well known in terms of its activations upon our endocrine system, nervous system, and all other aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional beings.

Source Light Attunement Miracle Prayer – Dr Schavi

Source Light Attunement Miracle Prayer – Dr Schavi

Collective focus is powerful and strong. Think of a golden chain which is stronger with each fused link or of the branches of a huge tree connected to the tree’s trunk which itself is anchored into the earth or of the billions of universes that are all a part of a vast cosmos.

Stay In The Increasing Light! – Dr Schavi

Stay In The Increasing Light! – Dr Schavi

The planet is responding to the cosmic forces which are responding to collective consciousness which are responding to the events of human orchestration—sometimes good, but often the opposite (as has been pointed out previously).

Cosmic Update Preceding 1111 Gateway – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update Preceding 1111 Gateway – Dr Schavi

On Tuesday, November 9th, there was an “M.2-Class” solar flare and a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) hurled to Earth/Gaia. Although the CME is said not to have directly plunged into our planet, it still has had an effect upon its geomagnetic field. We must realize that our precious planet is tremendously small relative to the huge Sun of our solar system, and therefore, all that occurs on the Sun, whether the cosmic events directly soar into our planet or not, make an impact.

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