The Super-Charged Lion's Gate Of 2020

The Super-Charged Lion’s Gate Of 2020

The Super-Charged Lion’s Gate Of 2020. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Each year on August 8th (based upon the Gregorian dating system which is amazingly accurate in many ways), the star “Sirius” aligns directly with the Earth, the Sun, and Orion’s Belt, and it rises over the Great Pyramid of Giza.

It will be closest to Earth/Gaia at that time–closer than it will be when it rises on July 25th (known as the “Day Out of Time”) over the Great Pyramid signaling the beginning of a New Galactic Year which was called “TYBI” in ancient Kemet (Egypt).

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The alignment on August 8th is called the “Lion’s Gate Portal”, and it opens on July 26th–the day after “TYBI”. Sirius is twice the size of the Sun of our galaxy and 26 times brighter. During the “Lion’s Gate Portal”, there is an intense surge of LIGHT which activates DNA, cellular records, and the twelve auric fields surrounding the physical vessel.

Since ancient times, it has been taught that Sirius is the “Spiritual Sun” because of its alignment at particular times with the spiritual and physical plains. Its energetics, like most other cosmic events, comes directly from the “Great Central Sun” which is also called “Alcyone”—itself a major portal of LIGHT which sends energy to the Sun of our galaxy and then on to Earth/Gaia.

The Super-Charged Lion's Gate Of 2020 - Orion's Belt over Giza

Orion’s Belt over the Great Pyramid of Giza

The Super-Charged Lion’s Gate Of 2020


The “Lion’s Gate Portal” of 2020 will be super-charged with vibrational currents of energy because of the frequencies that are still activating from the recent eclipses: Lunar on June 5th, Solar on June 21st (along with the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere), and another Lunar on July 4th or 5th (according to time zones), and it is rare to have three eclipses in the same year just weeks apart.

Also, the potent comet “Neowise”, which will come closest to Earth/Gaia on July 23rd, is still soaring thru the cosmos with its two tails of chemicals which are also spewing out into the many spheres of Earth/Gaia which are “Her” auric fields.

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The Super-Charged Lion's Gate Of 2020 - Hattusa Turkey

 Lion’s Gate – Hattusa Turkey

The Super-Charged Lion’s Gate Of 2020


This intense “Lion’s Gate Portal” can manifest certain events such as higher level earthquakes (from 5.0 to over 6.0), powerful volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, strong thunder storms, floods, and other planetary upheavals governed by solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and plasma waves all of which are thrust forth by potent solar winds.

The DNA upgrades, cellular cleansings, and sweepings of the auric fields via LIGHT can be experienced as intensified activations of the usual physical, mental, and emotional “symptoms” that are a part of the elevation of collective consciousness because everything is energy, and the energy of creation is being “evolutionized” in unprecedented ways.

It will be best to get extensive rest, to eat light meals, to drink lots of water, to wear calming gemstones and crystals, to wear healing essential oils, and to take natural supplementation such as herbs and homeopathic remedies.

Also of key importance will be to meditate more often in order to receive Divine revelations and guidance.

Cosmic events are continuing to purge denseness and disharmony to make way for SOURCE LIGHT to move into human life, animal life, and plant life.

The process of the Divine “Spiritual Three R’s” (“Regeneration, Revitalization, and Renewal”) being fully anchored into creation is not instantaneous as some people would like it to be so that the discomforts of the process can be alleviated.

What must be remembered is that Earth/Gaia is being cleansed of many millions of years (not just thousands) of dissonant cords played upon “Her”, and therefore, the need to “re-tune” the planet.

Human conceptualizations of space/time are not the same as SOURCE cosmic/time.

The “Lion’s Gate Portal” this year is one of the most powerful of tune-ups that will occur, and it will symbolically be held open by a powerful lion situated on each side of it. In ancient times, the “Neter” (“Divine Force of Nature”) known as “Sekhmet” was a lion-headed Goddess who walked thru “Geb” (the name for Earth in Kemet) destroying the toxicity of evil.

Thus, “She” was considered a healing aspect of SOURCE. The civilization of Kemet was not poly-theistic. It believed and taught of one DIVINE SOURCE with many aspects. It was, therefore, mono-theistic.

These aspects were depicted as various beings in creation.

The Super-Charged Lion's Gate Of 2020 - Mycenae

Lions Gate in Mycenae

The Super-Charged Lion’s Gate Of 2020


The Super-Charged Lion's Gate Of 2020 - Sarcophagus in Cairo

Tomb of Sennedjem, Deir el Medina – Egypt

The Super-Charged Lion’s Gate Of 2020


Just two examples of one of their over 1500 “Neteru” (plural term) are: “Maat”–a woman kneeling with one knee on the ground and with outstretched wings.

This represented the principles of truth, justice, balance, harmony, and righteousness. Another is “Heru” (known as “Horus” in Greek) depicted as a high-flying falcon, and this represented the Higher Self or the Soul which is perfected spiritual knowledge and protection.

The energies of the “Lion’s Gate Portal”, like many of the other cosmic happenings in the cosmos–the multiverse–will be active for many months, and some Spiritual Scientists say even into next year because, as earlier mentioned, this one of 2020 is super-charged!

We must, thus, prepare to receive greater wonderful SOURCE LIGHT for our upgrades and our elevation of collective consciousness.

The activating code word is “Energize”!!!

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The Six Selves – Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual Transcendental Cosmic

The Six Selves – Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual Transcendental Cosmic

SOURCE then sends loving, healing, repairing LIGHT to soothe and transform Earth/Gaia and “Her” inhabitants. Thus, a type of fertilization, gestation, and finally a “re-birth” occurs, and we soar into a “New Golden Age”—the “Sattva Yuga” (“Age of Peace”) of the ancient teachings such as those of the Vedic revelations. This is why many ancient cultures referred to SOURCE as a “Divine Mother”. In fact, in the study of Linguistics, we find that there are more feminine names for SOURCE than there are masculine names.

Vital Cosmic Update: Major Upgrades In Process!

Vital Cosmic Update: Major Upgrades In Process!

The New Moon in Libra (Balance) in the Tropical Zodiac and in Virgo (Health, Work, Community Service) in the Sidereal Zodiac which arrives at approximately 3:31 PM (EST) on Friday, October 16, 2020 (as usual, according to individual time zones) will square Saturn (Discipline, Lessons, Organizational Structure), Chiron (Healing), and Pluto (Transformation). The portal of it will not close until October 19th. Similar to a Full Moon, human emotions will be heightened, especially since Mercury and Mars are retrograde.

Blessings Of The Light! The Seemingly Impossible Is Reality!

Blessings Of The Light! The Seemingly Impossible Is Reality!

When we perform particular spiritual rituals such as prayer and meditation and also when we send healing currents of energy to others such as is done in Reiki, we not only send vibrational frequencies into the ethereal realm, but we also receive multiplied blessings from SOURCE. In fact, just studying spiritual material grants us blessings. In the BHAGAVAD GITA, Sri Bhagavan Krishna teaches that reading scripture is also worshiping the Divine.

Remaining Calm In Cosmic Intensity: Review Your Energy Tools!

Remaining Calm In Cosmic Intensity: Review Your Energy Tools!

Think of the “Spiritual Three Rs” at this time: Regeneration, Revitalization, Renewal. These words are the theme for this time of heightened cosmic LIGHT. Now, take a deep breath, and move into loving, peaceful, relaxing, healing, retreat mode. Allow SOURCE LIGHT to bathe you more profoundly.

Appreciating And Understanding Pluto

Appreciating And Understanding Pluto

On the day that a planet moves into retrograde motion or into direct motion, we Cosmic Scientists (also known as “Astrologers” which means “Study of the Stars” from the Greek language), tend to use the terms “will station”, stationing”, or “stationed” which indicates that a specific planet will arrive, is arriving, or has arrived at a certain location in its orbit relative to Earth/Gaia’s orbit and seems to either be closer to our planet or further away.

The Dimensions! Ancient Teachings Revealed In The Current Reality!

The Dimensions! Ancient Teachings Revealed In The Current Reality!

The ancient Vedic scriptures, the oldest in the space/time continuum of Earth/Gaia, speak of there being 64 dimensions in just the universe that houses our galaxy (known in modern history as the “Milky Way”), and there are billions of universes! The collection of holy books known as the PURANAS, of which there are 18 in number, teach about the history of our planet relative to the entire cosmos.

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