The Spiritual Tool Kit

The Spiritual “Tool Kit”

For Now And Beyond

The Spiritual “Tool Kit” For Now And Beyond. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

With LIGHT coming into our galaxy at intensified strength and speed from various cosmic energetics such as higher-level solar flares than in recent years, strong solar winds above 500 km/s (kilometers per second), cosmic waves from outside of this solar system, streaming meteors, coronal mass ejections, and more, Earth/Gaia as well as the creation upon “Her”, which obviously includes human beings, are experiencing “activation symptoms” as we become attuned to these powerful frequencies of LIGHT.

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Therefore, as our DNA is re-framed and our cells, molecular structures, atoms, and subatomic particles are cleansed and given illumination, we must perform nurturing activities that keep us calm, grounded, and centered as we elevate further into spiritual consciousness which is the major focus of the incoming LIGHT.

On the material level, LIGHT is photonic energy; however, on the ethereal level, LIGHT is SOURCE VIBRATION which is not actually seen with physical eyes, but it is certainly experienced.

To reiterate the three-step process of LIGHT reception which has been discussed in other documentations , it is 1.) cleansing (of old programming in thoughts, emotions, and behavior), 2.) illumination (receiving of LIGHT frequencies into our physical vessel), and 3.) acclimation (getting used to the new LIGHT).

The Spiritual "Tool Kit" - Human DNA

Human DNA

The Spiritual “Tool Kit”

Also, as has been previously used as a metaphor, this process is like the “labor” of “birth”—the third stage when it is most intense. SOURCE, however, has provided us with many “tools” with which we can be comforted as we continue to move through our “re-birthing” into crystallization.

Many people desire to know when the “activation symptoms” will end. The answer is that, unlike the actual human or animal birthing experience which does indeed eventually end, and then new human or animal life comes forth from the womb, the “activation symptoms” of what is also being called in current times, the “Shift of the Ages”, will not cease until Earth/Gaia and our entire galaxy moves further through the Photon Belt and is fully anchored to a new space/time continuum.

DNit Telegram Channel

The Spiritual "Tool Kit" - Great Conjunction

Great Conjunction

The Spiritual “Tool Kit”

The alignment on December 21, 2020, of Jupiter and Saturn was certainly a further and greater intensification of LIGHT, but we have further to go on our journey into the “New Golden Age” or “Sattva Yuga” (Age of Peace”) as it is known in the ancient Sanskrit texts of the Vedic civilization.

Jupiter and Saturn actually come close together in certain constellation signs every twenty years but not at specific degrees; however, they come together at a specific degree point and constellation zodiac sign every several hundreds of years. The next time that these planets will come very close together, but not in exact degree, is in the year 2080.

It takes approximately 26,000 years for our galaxy to traverse the entire Photon belt, and we are in only the first of its twelve vortices. 

We must remember that SOURCE time is not human time. To SOURCE, our 26,000-year journey is merely a few moments! Thus, we must settle down and employ various spiritual resources as we continue to level-up and move through the above stated three-step process.

This article can be considered as a “Spiritual Prescription” in one convenient place rather than being scattered throughout several other articles.

The “activation symptoms” which, although challenging, are our ticket to super-consciousness and to LIGHT. In all cases, with the suggestions below, also eat well of organic foods, drink lots of mineral-rich spring water, obtain extra rest, and breathe deeply.

​Avoid eating meat. The following is not medical advice. It is, as stated earlier, a “Spiritual Prescription” for the most prevalent “activation symptoms” that people are reporting around the world.

  1. Anxiety, Nervousness, Panic, Fear, Stress: Pronounce aloud daily as much as possible the mantra “AUM” (“Oh, Divine”); wear pendants or prayer malas or bracelets of Amber, Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate, Chrysocolla, Kunzite, Lepidolite, Mangano Calcite, Rose Quartz, Shungite, or Turquoise; take 2 drops under the tongue 4 times each day of both “Aspen” and “Rescue Remedy” by Bach Flowers; wear essential oils of Frankincense or Sandalwood or the flowery oils of Rose, Gardenia, Geranium, and Jasmine; drink calming teas like Chamomile and Rose; when you are talking on the phone, place the receiver on your right ear and place your left open palm on your solar plexus (especially when you are speaking to someone who tends to be filled with trauma and is stress-producing). Covering the solar plexus blocks-out disharmonious energy from entering your third chakra which governs willpower and which is an opening to the central nervous system.
  2. Depression: Pronounce when necessary the mantra “SO-HUM” (“I Am That”); wear the gemstones Amber or Citrine or Lepidolite or Kunzite or Pink Tourmaline; take “Gentian” (mild depression) or “Gorse” (deeper depression) by Bach flowers; wear oils of Rose or Sandalwood or Tangerine.
  3. Heart Palpitations and Irregular Beats: Pronounce the mantra “AUM”; wear the gemstones Rose Quartz or Chrysocolla or Serpentine; take a dropper-full of “Motherwort” herbal extract 3 times per day; inhale slowly from the “tan “tien” (two inches below your navel) to the count of seven (pushing out your solar plexus and abdomen) and exhale to the count of ten pulling the solar plexus and abdomen back. Do this at least 3 times. This provides greater “Prana” (“Life Force”) and is the ancient “Yogic Breath”.
  4. Exhaustion: Pronounce the mantra “AUM SHAKTIAYEI NAMAHA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to Thy Strength and Energy”); wear the gemstones Amber or Citrine or Tiger Iron or Sunstone; wear either the oils of Tangerine or Lemon or Lime or Peppermint (or a combination of all of these); take “Olive” by Bach Flowers; get lots of rest—stay in bed longer in the mornings if possible or go to bed earlier in the evenings and also nap during the day if you can.
  5. Sleep Disturbances (insomnia, awakening several time at night and unable to get easily back to sleep, troubling dreams, etc.): Call upon the angelic realm (especially Archangel Raphael) to give you peaceful sleep; place under your pillow the gemstones of either Celestite or Lepidolite or Rose Quartz; drink “Golden Milk” (Place warm Almond milk in a cup into which you have added 1/4 teaspoon of Tumeric and a bit of organic honey); take “White Chestnut” or “Rescue Sleep” by Bach Flowers; before bed, take a warm bath with 6 to 10 drops of Lavender essential oil; place Celestite around your tub while your bathe.
  6. Muscle Aches and Pains: Take a warm bath with 12 drops of “Rescue Remedy” by Bach Flowers and 1/4 cup of Epsom Salt and 3 drops of Lavender essential oil and 3 drops of Peppermint oil. Afterwards, have a rub-down with a combination of lavender and Peppermint oil placed in shea butter cream or lotion. You can also have a rub-down with Arnica Gel; wear Aquamarine or Turquoise and a Copper bangle.
  7. Mental Fogginess: Take “Scleranthus” by Bach Flowers; meditate with a Clear Quartz Crystal; place Peppermint essential oil on your third eye, your temples, and on the occipital region of your brain (the back of the neck at the indentation between the bottom of the head and the beginning of the neck).
  8. Allergy-type Symptoms (runny nose, clogged sinuses, mucus build-up): Wear the gemstone Aquamarine; wear Peppermint essential oil; recite the “Dhanvantre” mantra mentioned earlier; be sure to keep your living and working areas sanitized.
  9. Upset Stomach (nausea, diarrhea, achiness): Place an Amber or Citrine gemstone on your solar plexus; take “Rescue Remedy” by Bach Flowers; drink Ginger or Peppermint tea; suck on a lemon; rest.
  10. Concern as to whether or not there is really a process of spiritual elevation occurring and if SOURCE is truly at the helm of it: Read ancient spiritual texts from various traditions (such as the Vedic holy books); read scientific documentations by those who are also spiritually-oriented; and read THE KEYS OF ENOCH by Dr. J.J. Hurtak. These will be a start on the reading list of profound knowledge. Then meditate. Listen to the guidance of your Higher Self which is your Soul. All of this will increase your “Shraddha” (“Faith”).
The Spiritual "Tool Kit"  - Mantra


The Spiritual “Tool Kit”

In all of the above cases, pronouncing the Sanskrit mantra “AUM SRI DHANVANTRE NAMAHA” is also superb.

It translates as “Oh, Divine, I bow to the Holy Celestial Physician”.

Many people may want to use a prayer mala when they pronounce the mantras.

If so, either Boddhi Seed or Sandalwood are highly recommended.

These substances are particularly calming and grounding when used in prayer malas, and it is said that they multiply our prayers in the sacred realms countless times.

Be sure to keep your prayer mala clean and in a special place. It develops very powerful and increasingly sacred energy as you use it. At least once each week, anoint the beads with Sandalwood oil.

In terms of the “Bach Flower” remedies, Dr. Edward Bach was a British Physician who was also a Mystic.

He received via Divine revelation the healing energies for 38 remedies, and he experimented on himself with all of them. One of his famous books is HEAL THYSELF.

He realized after many years of being a Medical Doctor that the physical problems with most people stem from their emotional and mental states.

Thus, the remedies that he developed work on both the electrical frequencies of the mind and the magnetic frequencies of the emotions. The result is healing of the mind, body, and feelings.

Protection From Electro-Magnetic Frequencies- Divine-Absolute

Divine Healing Vibrations

The Spiritual “Tool Kit”

Of further assistance, many Kabbalists wear the symbol of the letters MEM HEI SHIN.

These are Divine healing vibrations.

A necklace of these letters can be worn in gold or sliver, or they can be drawn on a white sheet of paper and placed under your pillow. You may wish to explore all of the Hebrew Divine names.

As the final days of December 2020 come to closure, and as 2021 arrives, we will still need to nurture ourselves.

However, as we employ the spiritual and natural therapies suggested, we are actually receiving the nurturance of SOURCE.

We are being soothed and wrapped in “Her” loving embrace.

Our “diagnosis” is LIGHT RECEPTION.

Our comforting prescription comes from SOURCE!

More by Dr. Schavi

Our Personal Solar Winds – Balancing The Third Chakra

Our Personal Solar Winds – Balancing The Third Chakra

As many people know, solar winds come from the Sun of our galaxy, and their normal speed is between 300 and 400 km/s (kilometers per second). This amounts to several million miles per hour. Periodically, solar winds travel above 400 km/s and have been as high as between 500 and 600 km/s in recent months.

The Spiritual Significance Of Auroras

The Spiritual Significance Of Auroras

Auroras are colorful splashes of color. In the case of cosmic auroras, we are dealing with the colors emitted by what is known as “Aurora Borealis” and the “Aurora Australis”. These beautiful pallets of cosmic paint occur when fast-moving electron particles collide with gases at between 60 and 180 miles Above Earth/Gaia’s Surface. Each color or combination of colors carries a particular chemical.

The “Wave Form” Of The Rose

The “Wave Form” Of The Rose

A lovely comment was sent by a reader about the recent article on the “Wave Form” of Earth/Gaia. The person mentioned a special resonance they had with a beautiful Rose in their garden and inquired about the vibrational frequency of flowers. From scientific research which has been conducted over many centuries regarding thousands of flowers and plants, it has become known that the ROSE and its essential oil has the highest vibration —a “Wave Form” of 320 Megahertz!

The Sacred Wave Form Of  Planet Earth/Gaia

The Sacred Wave Form Of Planet Earth/Gaia

Many people are familiar with the healing 528 Hertz frequency and have purchased tuning forks and bowls which resound with this vibration, and this is excellent because this tone is known to calm the nervous system, to reduce stress, to balance hormones, and to create a loving energy within an individual and in his or her external world. However, there is a tone which most do not realize is yet another frequency that we can utilize, and it is the actual normal sacred tone of Earth/Gaia known since ancient times.

Vaak And Sankalpa: Declaring The “Light”!

Vaak And Sankalpa: Declaring The “Light”!

In Spiritual Science, however, such as in the ancient practice of “Ayurveda” (“Science of Life”), our statements regarding our desires must be spoken in the form of what has already been achieved, and thus, our consciousness is merely aligning with the perfection of our needs or desires. Thus, samples are: “I am grateful for having released the need to smoke” or “I no longer eat foods that are unhealthy” or “I have let go of unnecessary weight” or “I continually receive higher knowledge”.

The Helio-Spheric Current Sheet

The Helio-Spheric Current Sheet

Earth/Gaia is moving through what is known as a “Helio-Spheric Current Sheet” which is an area in the cosmos where there are opposing magnetic currents. This “sheet” is like a ballerina’s tutu as the dancer swirls and leaps across a stage. The tutu flips up and down as the ballerina dances as if a whirl of wind has lifted her from the floor.

The Mystical Message Of Energy Wave “1200”!

The Mystical Message Of Energy Wave “1200”!

On Monday, January 4, 2021, the “Energy Wave Frequency” or “Power” of Earth/Gaia registered an awesome “1200”! This is the highest LIGHT pulsation thus far that has soared into Earth/Gaia’s geomagnetic field in recent times.

“Power” Intensification Surges! The Physical And The Spiritual In Unison!

“Power” Intensification Surges! The Physical And The Spiritual In Unison!

In the final few days of the month of December of “2020”, the “Power” of Earth/Gaia registered as being in the very high hundreds in the Cumiana, Italy chart, and now at the beginning of “2021”, it is again registering high and is “450” as of January 2nd. The Tomsk, Russia readings, however, are registering far lower numbers and have been either in the single digits or the lower double digits for some time.

Welcome To 2021! How Light Enters Form

Welcome To 2021! How Light Enters Form

In the new year of 2021 A.C.E. (“After the Common Era”), LIGHT will increase as Earth/Gaia continues to travel higher in the cosmic realms to receive sacred energy (“life force”) which will then be transmitted to all of creation upon the planet.

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