The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3

The Great Quantum Transition

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – By Lev

Why do the Souls incarnate on Earth in the twins? Their share in the total number of births continues to grow. Compared to the 1960s, it increased from 1.18% to 2.78%, i.e. almost by 2.5 times.

In the early ’80s, one case of twins accounted for every 80-90 births, in the late 90’s – already in 40-45 births.

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Similarly, in the early 80s, triplets were born in one in 6,400 births, and in the late 90s, in every 800 to 1300 births. Today, more than 100 million twins are living on Earth.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 - Magnificent Triplet

Magnificent Triplet

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3

What explains their striking similarity?

A huge part of hereditary information is stored not in the genes themselves, but in the wave part of the genome, i.e. in the form of an energy-information field. DNA molecules, chromosomes, and proteins are transceiver devices connected with this field.

These amazing properties of DNA enable the exchange of genetic info in the body and allow each biological cell to instantly know what is happening in any part of our body. DNA is also responsible for receiving information from space.

It is to this wave info structure that our DNA molecules are tuned. From it, they receive the organism’s development program. In that our mental individuality, behavioral peculiarities, previous experiences, and fate options are encoded.

The usual twins are conceived in different eggs, and therefore they are completely different people. Each fertilized cell has its own combination of genes, its own individual ratio of paternal and maternal data.

Their DNA is tuned to different Souls. It happens because each Soul, having attached to a fertilized egg, has formed in it a unique combination of genes for itself. In other words, it tuned the DNA molecules to their own frequencies.

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The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 - Wave DNA

Wave DNA

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3

Identical twins (enzygotic twins, cosmobions) develop by fission from a single egg. They have the same set of chromosomes duplicated. As a result, they are attuned to the same frequencies of the common Soul.

This setting explains the striking coincidence in their lives. After all, cosmobions carry out identical life programs, have one Soul as a controlling center.

Fraternal twins are born when a woman has more than one egg in one cycle which is then fertilized. Then these fertilized cells divide, enter the uterus, and there each fetus develops on its own.

These twins are ordinary siblings, just born at the same time. Fraternal twins may be of the same sex or different sexes. Their blood type can be the same or different.

In general, they have no more in common than they do between just siblings. Often they are completely different from each other, have completely different interests and abilities. The only thing that connects them is a common date of birth.

The birth of identical twins occurs differently. The beginning of conception is standard: one egg plus one sperm. But soon the embryo, which has already gone through certain stages of formation, suddenly splits into two absolutely identical halves.

If the split happened in the first five days after conception, the development of both fetuses is similar to that of identical twins – each has its own placenta, etc. Such twins though very similar to each other, but still, distinguish them.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 - Zygote Creation

Zygote Creation

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3

If cleavage occurred on the fifth to the seventh day, the placenta is one for two and the resemblance in children will be complete.

Identical twins can be safely called copies of the same person.

They have the same sex, the same appearance, the same hair, shape, texture, hair and color, the same eye and skin color, eyebrow, nose and lip shape, the same iris pattern, ear shape, tooth morphology, similar weight, and height, and even similar encephalograms. 97% matched mentally and 92% matched fingerprints.

They even have a remarkably similar course of diseases, which appear within the same time frame.

All that distinguishes them from each other is the consequence of differences in the conditions of maturation, the process of birth, and later life.

There is a well-known story of James Arthur Springer and James Edward Lewis, American twins adopted as infants by different families and grew up apart. In 1979, at the age of thirty-nine, they were reunited.

They have remarkable similarities. Doth was six feet tall and weighed 180 lbs. Both had been married twice. Even more incredibly, both of their first wives were named Linda, and their second wives were named Betty. Their sons had the same names – James Alan. Both had a dog named Toy growing up. Both worked in law enforcement as sheriffs. Both smoked Salems and drank Miller Lite beer. Both have the same habit – biting their fingernails.

All this marked a pattern: twins often show up in life as one person.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 - James Edward Lewis And James Arthur Springer

James Edward Lewis And James Arthur Springer

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3

Medical science has investigated in detail how twins are born and develop physically. But official science does not understand what tasks the Souls of twins solve.

In our Local Universe, there are 14 dimensions, and the human Soul can manifest its aspects in 12 of them – between 12D and 1D.

From the fifth dimension, the Soul aspect, as a part of the whole fractal and being the fractal itself, can allocate its 12 sub-aspects. All of them or part of them. Either in children of one married couple or in different families, countries and times. Either in one egg or two or more.

Souls who incarnate on Earth in this way do so with different purposes. The range of options is wide, from gaining new experiences to solving complex karmic issues.

Often the birth of twins is linked to the karma of the parents and even the entire kindred, so the ability to have twins is passed on genetically.

This is evidence of enormous powers accumulated in the clan that put it on the verge of degeneration. The incarnating Monad receives a part of the parents’ energy as a “gift” and generic karma that leaves an indelible imprint on the future kid’s appearance.

Such an imprint of ancestral karma is the similarity of children and parents. Some children are similar to one person: father or mother. They in some way repeat their destiny, one or both of them.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 - Similarity


The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3

Some kids do not resemble not only their parents but even their relatives. The influence of birth karma on them is minimal. It is manifested in children as long as they live together with their parents.

If people repeat the same mistakes from generation to generation, too much-unrealized good and evil power is accumulated in the lineage. After all, our mistakes are negative karma, and our good deeds are positive karma. For example, if parents were religious, then both children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will know that higher powers indeed help people.

With each generation, with each repetition of generic karma, the amount of positive and negative energy increases. Events in people’s lives become more and more vivid, making their existence more and more insecure.

When these invisible forces accumulate enough to mutually destroy each other, but the preponderance neither in plus nor in minus never comes, the time of birth of twins comes. Usually, it happens on the fifth, seventh, or thirteenth tribe of this kind.

Huge powers accumulated by kin attract several Monads ready to incarnate at once and divide the accumulated powers equally between infants. That’s why twins are born like two peas in a pod.

If a benevolent fate will share their distance, appearance, tastes, habits and even life events of the twins will remain similar.

Numerous examples of separated twins during the Second World War served as a perfect illustration of this rule. The twins were separated as children and, as fate would have it, ended up in different countries, but they found each other and met at an advanced age.

But when twins grow up together, over time they become more and more different from each other. One absorbs all the good that is in the character of both, and the other gathers all the bad.

Parents and others wonder how this can happen: two kids who look so similar behave differently in similar situations. It is as if one is possessed by the devil, while the other is like an angel.

Official psychology and medicine can’t explain this phenomenon. Similar temperaments of children, brought up in one family will compete fiercely with each other. But why is it that they do not divide spheres of influence as a result of rivalry, and change themselves?

From the point of view of karma, this is explained very simply. One of the twins begins to work through the unrealized positive karma of the lineage, and the other begins to work through the negative karma. And as a result, one will go the way of destruction, the other – the way of creation.

“Black” and “white” twins can be equally happy if both choose the path of creation. Only for the “black”, this program of creation will look like “destruction by the evil of evil”, and for the “white” twin the motto of the path of life will be “do good and it will return to you”.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 - "Black" And "White" Twins

“Black” And “White” Twins

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3

If from the very beginning parents explain to the twins their karma, they have less trouble and throwing. Especially since distinguishing the “black” twin from the “white” is not a problem.

For example, the “black” twin likes to cross his arms in his sleep, energetically fending off other people.

A “white” twin is open and sleeps as trustingly as he lives.

Parents can soften the karma of the twins.

If adults process at least part of their karma (sins) through their inner work, kids’ lives will immediately improve.

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what exactly caused the birth of twins, what problem is not solved for many generations in a row? The method of healing is selected according to it as well.

Trouble in our personal life can only be corrected by our personal life. Health problems can be taken away by a healthy lifestyle. Career or professional dissatisfaction can only be removed by striving to achieve one’s goals.

Active work with our subconsciousness helps to untie any karmic knots. By purifying it and patching psychological holes, we guarantee and improve the karma of our kids.

By traveling through our present and past lives, we can free children from 90% of their karmic problems. And it will take a whole cycle of such journeys in which we can rewrite our karma to remove the problems.

In this case, we should not be frightened if after the first trip our relatives or ourselves become ill. This is a frequent phenomenon, as the cleanup from karma leads to the purification of the physical body from diseases caused by karmic reasons.

Twins are very strongly connected energetically. Neither time nor distance can destroy this bond to the end.

If one wears different clothes and different hairstyles from early childhood, then the invisible generic force suffocating their personal karma will weaken. As a result, when they grow up (usually the conscious processing of karma starts after 14) and become independent, they will faster unravel the karmic intricacies of their destiny.

We should not make such mistakes as calling them consonant names. The consonance of the names increases the energy dependence of the twins on each other.

Twins should not be baptized on the same day. It may so happen that the Guardian Angel as a result of this will be one for two and will not be able to help either one or the other well.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 - Not In The Same Day

Not In The Same Day

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3

On the first night after baptism, it is necessary to put the children in separate beds, even if they slept together before: at night the Soul of each kid will talk with its Guardian Angel.

Twins should not interfere with each other, otherwise, their innermost desires will not be fulfilled, and the connection with the Guardian Angel will be fragile.

Besides solving family and generic problems, the Souls of twins also come to Earth for new personal experiences. There are a great number of variants here too.

For example, two Souls who have had joint experiences for a long time agree on incarnation in twins.

When planning such an incarnation, they usually choose such a clan in which there is a genetic predisposition for a woman to give birth to twins. At that, the nationality doesn’t matter.

These Souls, as an alternative, could be offered another family, where they would be, for example, the errand boys. Then their main task would have been to gain the experience of survival. But they still preferred another family option and other challenges.

Sometimes, these tasks can be more complex, combining the individual and the collective.

Two Souls who were a loving couple in a previous embodiment and do not want to separate are incarnated.

Now they are two boys who look exactly alike. The two twin brothers feel and inwardly hear each other. As time passes, gaining momentum, these boys grow.

The kids are so identical that others cannot tell them apart. Only on the energetic level, one can feel that they are different – one twin has a more whole and healthy Soul than the other. Once in his field, the second brother begins to regenerate.

They both died at different times – one brother was young, the other was old. When one Soul lived according to the plan, having received the desirable norm of the energy charge, he/she decided that there was no need to live the whole further joint way. It was the Soul’s own choice.

On Earth, the death of a kid is always great grief and regret the parents and the environment. But there is a Sovereign Plan in everything which can be understood only from the Higher Realms.

A kid’s Soul may leave early to give the parents an experience of compassion. If there are no feelings in the family, the Souls take on such a teaching Spiritual task, incomprehensible by Earthly standards. Such issues are solved only on the Divine level.

One more example. Two twin brothers, one of whom died suddenly at the age of 14-15. In their life together, they were like one, always energetically feeling each other.

The surviving twin became a writer and poet. He always had the feeling that his passed away brother was sending him thoughts and ideas to create.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 - Sending Thoughts And Ideas

Sending Thoughts And Ideas

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3

What task was solved in this incarnation? It turned out that it was the separation of one Soul. She wanted to cognize two experiences simultaneously – of life and death.

Coming to Earth, Souls have to learn from each other. As a rule, they come into incarnations from We as an organic whole, from one Monadic family or stream which freely flows across the Greater Cosmos.

They can have completely different characters, with external similarity after incarnation. 

The experience of being born as twins gives much to the development of mutual understanding, intuitive feeling, and empathy.

Usually, such experiences are chosen by Souls who need to go through a lesson of personal, emotional development. If, for example, in any of the past lives, the unconditional acceptance of a personality has not been worked out, these very Souls can incarnate in twins to solve this problem.

Is there a difference between identical twins and usual twins?

Yes, there is. For the latter, it is a different experience in which the visual effect plays an important role, when one sees oneself in the other, despite the dissimilarity of characters.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 - Despite Of Characters

Despite Of Characters

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3

The task is to learn to accept some character traits of a brother or sister without condemnation, with understanding and love. That is, to come to finding unconditional Love.

He learns to forgive himself, to forgive him. This is working off the denial and rejection of the self in the past. The solution to this issue is precisely the absolute visual similarity of the twins, for a deeper emotional feeling.

When, for example, seven twins are born, it is an impact on those around them. This kind of experience affects more people, causes great resonance.

Everything happens for a reason. In people who hear about such cases, it awakens different emotions, both positive and negative. Thus many Souls have an opportunity to test their embodied aspects for Spiritual development, presence or absence of compassion, sincere joy for someone, a manifestation of generosity and Love.

Through incarnation in twins, Souls accumulate and amplify their Spiritual potential which is necessary for continuing return to our Creator – to the Source.

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