The Silver Cord - Soul Tech:→ Passage

The Silver Cord

Soul Tech:→ Passage

Same Toll, Either Direction


The Silver Cord – Soul Tech:→ Passage – By Clif High

People think that the ‘silver cord’ that connects your consciousness to it’s non-corporeal, non-body bound components goes off somewhere into a distant galaxy far far away where your ‘higher self’ resides.

Doesn’t work that way.

The ‘silver cord’ is well known, frequently observed by people having NDE, or other ‘death’ experiences, more on those later.

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Though, for many reasons, my favor is for the “chord” spelling, the ‘silver cord’ has been observed and documented for centuries.

All around humanity’s many cultures.

Or ever the silver cord be loosed… Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it (Ecclesiastes 12:6-7).

The Silver Cord - The Silver Chord
The Silver Chord

The Silver Cord

As we observe in the quote from the Bible, the loosening of the cord sends one back, but there is no description that would indicate that the cord is itself connected to heaven.

Though it has been considered as a ‘tube’ to heaven, the cord has been extensively studied in systematic ways over thousands of years by adepts in many different traditions.

The consensus continually converges on the concept that the silver cord joins us to our souls.

This is a correct, but things get complicated from here.

You see, it really is a ‘chord’, and though it is not made of metallic silver, it is so purely silver in appearance, that no other description will suffice.

The point it all becomes a bit soft and squishy around the edges is when we consider that the ‘chord’ is actually that, ‘vibrations in a chord’, and further that the individual ‘strings’ within the more complex chord, are all terminating within your body on one end, and disappearing into inter-dimensional blackness on the other.

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The silver threads that compose the silver chord that is called ‘the silver cord’ are all individually terminating into a nerve nexus in your body.

Guess what?

Yes, you knew it, didn’t you!

The Vagus nervous system is the major key to our chord.

The Silver Cord - Vagus Nerve
Vagus Nerve

The Silver Cord

All 10 of the Vagus to Brain nerves are tied into the silver chord/cord, as well as several thousand minor nerve nadi.

Mostly people have NO CLUE as to what it really means to be “human”.

We are indeed special.

But, through ignorance, and deception, most humans are denied their birthright of knowledge of all aspects of ‘self’.

Including the interesting fact that we carry around this inter-dimensional blackness thing.

It’s not really that our silver chord threads are connecting to something lost in the vast reaches of Infinitely Dark Space.

Rather it is a case of while we can glimpse ‘the silver cord’ when dying, or in a near dying state, we can’t see the other end for a very real and practical reason.

As the other end connects to your soul, and forms the conduit for the transmission of all that your soul will record, your soul is not conscious of itself, only it’s task, and, therefore, may not be allowed to record direct knowledge of its own existence.

It is not allowed. By the nature of the process.

So, your soul can record you seeing the silver cord, but not itself being on the other end of of the cord, recording itself.

The Silver Cord - Parasympathetic Innervation
Parasympathetic Innervation

The Silver Cord

Just the way things work.

Thus it appears to go off into inter-dimensional blackness.

Just an illusion of process, nothing more.

The actual terminating points are very near, and can be thought of as being on the ‘inside’ of the gap between your ‘spark of life’ and the surrounding soul that is recording that spark’s vibration changes over time.

In a sense, it is like trying to see the inside of your eyeball using that eyeball.

The Silver Cord is also called the ‘Thread of Life’.

Think how many religions use some form of cord as an expression of ritual.

Note how many times, threads, cords, and fibers are used in religious texts. Countless….

…as are the ties that bind.

And we note how many ancient sages were involved in some form of the fabric trades.

Tent makers, even the fishermen constantly fiddling with cords, with repairing fabrics used for catching.

There are reasons for everything here in the Matterium.

The incredibly dense vibration shell of your soul transports you here through the fantastic energies within the Life-Death Barrier.

The Silver Cord - Thread of Life

Thread of Life

The Silver Cord

It always suffers some damage. You do not.

Your soul makes the journey with you cocooned inside.

It arrives and sets about instructing your mother’s body how to make your body.

It does this through complex coordination between them.

It must be this way as each body is individually created not only for the recipient, but also for the recipients’ karmic burden to be expressed during this Life.

It is not an easy task, but they manage the complex creation of a human body that has YOUR face on it.

Then that body gets born.

That body, like your vibrating consciousness is surrounded by your soul.

Because it is without Matter, to our mothers, it doesn’t matter.

Your body is born.

Time passes as the soul adjust things.

Think hard, now, about your very very first memory in this body’s Life.

Got it? You have it solidly in mind?

Well, likely it is not the rush down your mother’s birth canal.

Sigmund Freud was an activist, not a scientist.

He wanted to pollute the collective consciousness every bit as much as Karl Marx, and both for the same reasons.

No such thing as ‘birth trauma’ for the baby in his meaning of the phrase.

Very very likely your first memory is when your body was many months old.

Maybe even into its second year. This is not at all uncommon.

Again, our soul did it.

Your body has to be taken through a settling-in period, which, from the outside of it, we call ‘infancy’.

The Silver Cord - Infancy


The Silver Cord

It is during this period that the soul connects all the ‘dots’, that is ties in all the connections from the silver cord to the body, as well as checking those to itself, and further, also has to integrate the karmic time connections.

Much work.

When all this work is competed to the soul’s preset requirements, it starts recording.

That’s when our ‘Life’ begins.

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Birth in the physical is death in the spiritual. Death in the physical is birth in the spiritual.

Edgar Cayce

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