The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker Ashtar

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker


The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker. By Gabriel RL.

It’s good to be here again for a message. You have been the ones who have ensured that this entire process of transformation of your planet occurs safely, and as peacefully as possible.

It is always good to talk to you, even if it is to emphasize matters previously dealt with.


When I say “as peaceful as possible” I mean that through your dedication, meditations and loving gestures you have prevented certain movements from those brothers who do not want their expansion.

And even if negative movements occur, know that your commitment to safety at this time, has ensured that these more negative movements are minimized.

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You Are The Source Of Everything

You Are The Source Of Everything

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker Ashtar

It is you, Lightworker, who has made a difference; It is you who have guaranteed nuclear warheads to be deactivated; It is you who have exposed corrupt people in your governments; It is you who have guaranteed that areas previously devastated by war begin to have their first signs of Peace.

But always remember, beloved Warrior of Light: your dedication and your willingness to prevent the old energy from remaining can not be based on the old energy itself.

You can not remove the darkness, revolting against it. One can not end corruption by accusing corrupt people with hatred and fury. You can not bring peace by war. You can not teach by insulting. You can not discipline whipping. One can not help someone who is acting out of his highest expression with judgments and condemnations.

Although certain hardened souls will lack firmer attitudes on the part of disciplining souls, Love will always be the energy that will move and transform.

New Atlantis a World without Dark Forces

New Atlantis a World without Dark Forces

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker Ashtar

Although corruption needs to be eliminated, hatred for those who practice will not help. Even though there are souls who act with misalignment using lies, violence, greed, unloving, know: they, these souls, are also expressions of the Creator.

Even though there is a law on your planet to handle such moves, even though you are a Judge in your city, know that Love must prevail in your heart.

Even though a hard law has to be applied, know that Love must prevail.

Connect to the Higher Self

Connect to the Higher Self

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker Ashtar

Do your part where you are, but do it with Love. That’s it, dear Lightworker; That’s what you’re being called for, constantly.

Is is you. You are the one who has assured this. So reflect a lot on what I tell you.

Although one must be imprisoned for the fulfillment of a law in force on his planet, Love must prevail.

Only Love will aid in recalibration. Only Love will bring redemption. Remember, Warrior of Light, you have experienced all the faces on this planet.

Avete già letto un mio messaggio di recente, La Sala degli Specchi.

The Hall of Mirrors


You have security in these times. The security of the Forces of Light is that you will be the expression of the Divine on Earth, honoring your Divinity and expressing yourself as such, so that all those who are not yet recognizing themselves as divine beings, do it now.

The non-recognition of this leads them to act in disagreement with their sublimated nature. In that case, with your loving gaze they can find comfort and hope for redemption.

And remember, again, Lightworker: you may be a cop who is handcuffing someone who has to, but you can do it with Love. Look at him in the eyes as you handcuff him, if there is the possibility. Even if he faces you and laughs at you, look at him with Love. I guarantee he will never forget your look, and so he will have the beginning of his path to redemption.

Lightworkers! You, as the security of this moment, should not divert your main focus, which is to bring Light to this planet. And when you bring it, keep it anchored.

That is why for many years we have prepared you with messages through channelers, intuiting, inspiring, showing and guiding you to places where many would need you.

You have been those that many look at and feel the comfort in the look and the security of that everything is well.

Your responsibility is immense, Lightworkers, and the strength you have is in compliance. Yes, you will be attacked by simply being who you are. You will be persecuted. You may be slandered, tried, plotted, but who of the Masters who lived on Earth was not?

You did not came to Earth to worry about what poor souls of Love say and exclaim! You came to Earth to show them Home, the Love. You came to remind them of who they are. And a look, at first, is enough.

In recent times, we have seen and talked about the need for unity of all of you in this times.

We asked you to hold hands in a loving way and to stop attacking each other.

Some have not yet realized that when they set off for an attack on a brother, only delays all work.

Bring the Light on the Planet

Bring the Light on the Planet

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker Ashtar

Lightworkers, you are the ones that we place our trust on, and we wholeheartedly hope that you do not attack each other or be manipulated by forces that wish to separate you.

You are important parts. Each of you is an important piece in this game. And when a piece is “broken” or thrown away, all the work is delayed and cluttered.

When you, Lightworker, attack a fellow worker of yours, you make room for the forces that have controlled your planet for millennia to attack you.

Behold, dear ones, the subject of many of our meetings aboard our ships: “Some of them keep attacking…“.

Many of you, Lightworkers attacking on the surface, as they leave their bodies in their sleep come aboard our ships, attend these meetings, embrace with those who attacked or were attacked, and promise not to fall into the trap again when they return to their body, but, unfortunately, some do not resist and continue.

Oh, dear ones!… At least you who are being attacked do not retaliate. This will cut off the Force’s movement toward you.

If you retaliate, you will create a negative vortex that will drag down both involved, and we will not be able to intervene.

When you keep loving, resisting teasing, we strengthen you even more and your “ears” will be more open to us.

Know the importance of your daily meditations in order to remain faithful to your highest feelings, refraining from negative impulses of judgment, slander, defamation, and anything that would hinder the development of all work.

Lightworkers Lightwarriors key for the Cahnge and the Event

Lightworkers Lightwarriors key for the Cahnge and the Event

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker Ashtar

Especially when involved in this great project, where you are the fundamental parts, the Lightworkers in their essence.

For the security of all Work, you constantly have a watchfulness of your feelings and impulses that are out of alignment with the sublimated Love that you are essentially.

You will have all my Fleet at Your Disposal

You will have all my Fleet at Your Disposal

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker Ashtar

I assure you: you will have all my fleet at your disposal when you put yourself in a loving state and at the least sign of your request for help you will be heard.

But those who, by free choice, decide to continue with the old game, end up making our approach difficult.

You know that.

It’s all about tuning. What forces are you really tuning in?

As this phase of your transition has required even more of you, and we know that very well, you have also received more help from the High Spheres to further ensure that you pass through the final challenges that need to be passed.

There are many Lightworkers who have chosen to experience the sum of several lives in order to settle certain issues, and in the midst of all this, due to the pressures that imply a dissolution of a greater amount of karmic baggage, of course some of you end up weakened and give birth to primitive feelings that were still kept in the most intimate.

No matter what it is, no matter how unbearable it may seem, know that you are having our support.

Some Lightworkers have succumbed and may succumb to the intense pressures, but again, we say, You are being supported and it will not be different from that, ever!

Resist the impulses of the old energy, and your Light will shine even more brightly.

In particular, I recommend that when you are in great emotional distress, and acting in a way that you know is not your natural, for example, being aggressive, extremely reactive, and having very primitive instincts of constant revenge and irritability, I know there is intense pressure on you.

And there is also a great possibility that you are going through what I will call the “sum of old moments“, which is when an immense load of negative remnants of the past come to you as a fulfillment of your desire to transmute old energies that might take Years to be cleared.

And you, like the heroes you are, have decided to do it in a short time. Some of you chose to do this in thirty-six months. Some are already halfway through it.

Generally speaking, it does not matter if you have your cranky moments, when we know that during 23 hrs and 59 minutes of your day, you are in closer connection with who you really are: Love.

It does not matter if you say “I’m tired“, when we know they will have a night of rest and wake up refreshed, because we will bring you aboard our ships and we will strengthen you.

It does not matter if sometimes you say “I think I’m going to give up…“, but the next moment you are taken by a powerful force of Love that makes them smile and say “…not a chance!!!“.

Oh! … We are at your side, to remind you of who you are and to help you in your process.

Now, help your brother by your side, as lovingly as you can.

Well, yes! As you read my message and allow yourself to feel the presence of all of us in your stellar family, at this moment, we bring you aboard our parked Mother Ship very close to your planet, and let you feel the energy of Home.

And when you feel it, nothing seems more important than simply being in that fullness. And that’s what you are.

Love and Understanding

Love and Understanding

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker Ashtar

Again, I ask you not to worry about me preserving myself from those brothers who believe they are defaming me, for there is no need to defend me; Just love them.

I only care about one thing: that you see each other as I see them: LOVE.

Unity in Love

Unity in Love

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker Ashtar

I’ll always be here, or there, or there. I’m where you put me. I hope these truths touch your hearts. That’s what we want: that you recognize yourself. Take advantage of this energy to evolve. This is who you really are. It is a great opportunity.

And so it is. Blessings!

Your brother, Ashtar.

Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.

Global Meditation For Unity

It is time to take action again!

It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long.

Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process.

Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Solar Eclipse on August 21st to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy field around the planet.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide!

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