The Rising Of Cellular Records - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Rising Of Cellular Records

The Rising Of Cellular Records – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As of 9:09 AM (EDT) on Thursday, September 1st, 2022, solar winds are traveling at over 575 kilometers per second (km/s), and neutron counts are rated “Elevated” with activations to Earth/Gaia registering as “Unsettled”.

The magnetosphere is once again filled and enveloped with dense particle plasma.

Solar flaring is thus far in the “C-Class” range, but our Sun has a delta class level for “X-Class” flares which NASA states will be geo-effective if they occur because the sunspot for their potentiality is directly facing our planet.

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The Rising Of Cellular Records - Farside CME 30 August 2022

Farside CME 30 August 2022

The Rising Of Cellular Records

The plethora of strong “M-Class” flares which have exploded in the past several days and their attendant coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have not only activated our Earth/Gaia and caused “Her” to toss, shift, and stir—-bringing various weather patterns throughout “Her” such as quakes, storms, and flooding— but they have also awakened very profoundly in humanity the cellular records which must be cleansed and transformed.

Let us consider the process of natural healing in order to understand this phenomenon.

When a person employs Nature as his or her wellness paradigm, usually there is a situation called a “healing crisis” which occurs.

In other words, the person may feel a bit poorly until the healing actually occurs.

With chemical medication, however, there may seem to be an almost immediate sense of feeling better because the medicine has merely masked the symptoms.

No healing has truly begun to happen.

Also, there are often dire side effects to experience, and then yet another medicine has to be induced to handle the side effects.

Let us now return to the solar dynamics.

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The Rising Of Cellular Records - CME 30 August 2022 Hitting Venus

CME 30 August 2022 Hitting Venus

The Rising Of Cellular Records

Our Sun being a natural creation of SOURCE is filled with healing currents of energy or life force which often cause us to experience discomfort as the LIGHT soars through our atoms, subatomic structure, molecules, and cells—thus moving through each aspect of our nervous system, all chakras, muscles, glands, tissues, etc.

Such discomforts are the often discussed “Light Activation Experiences” more commonly called “Ascension Symptoms”.

These “symptoms” do not just work upon the physical vessel, but they also activate thoughts and emotions. These can arise as issues of anger, anxiety, depression, vengefulness, and other disharmonies.

They can also be blissful and loving sensations as we elevate higher in awareness.

The discomforts often arise when we are faced with ideas, concepts, and facts that people are not used to having to deal with because the family, community, school, or religious orientation atmosphere within which they were raised did not require any deep feelings or thoughts or differing knowledge other than what was already a part of the general environment.

However, the “New Now” indeed requires dramatic change.

The old programming of historical, philosophical, scientific, sociological, etc. status quo will not heal our planet or the creation upon “Her”.

As has been mentioned previously, many hundreds of thousands of years of human history that has been filled with hatred, war, and all sorts of abuse must be dealt with—not erased—but realized as errors of thought, word, and deed that got the planet into the condition that it is currently in that needs healing.

As an old teaching says: “Those who are ignorant of their history are destined to repeat it.”

Thus, in order not to repeat certain errors, they must be faced.

In other words, a “healing crisis” must seemingly occur for many.

A “healing crisis” of hundreds of thousands of years of historical proportion can appear as a book, a document, a lecture, a person whose “ethnicity” we are unfamiliar with moving next door to us, a professional person being of a differing “nationality” or “race” than we realized they would be when we made an appointment with them for some needed purpose, etc.

People often “think” that they are above prejudice or discomfort with others who are outside of their usual environment until they have to deal with some situation.

This is where monitoring of thoughts and emotions is key.

Is there a feeling of nervousness?
Of surprise?
Of misplaced ego because someone (or some group) outside of our comfort zone has proven himself or herself or themselves to be highly educated and qualified in a specific high-level field?

One of the very serious problems with much of humanity in the current “now” is that it does not truly accept all of humanity as one “family”.

Magnetosphere Pressure 1 September 2022

The Rising Of Cellular Records

Separation is the unfortunate “norm”.

Thus, a “healing crisis” becomes required in many arenas of planetary life.

Solar energy is bringing us opportunity after opportunity to clear-out old programming, to cleanse cellular records, and to receive new, true, “wiring” of our DNA.

Yet, free will is still allowed.

Humanity can choose to be aligned with a “New Golden Age” frequency filled with LOVE, PEACE, HEALTH ON ALL LEVELS, ABUNDANCE, or not.

However, SOURCE LIGHT will not cease “ITS” playing of the DIVINE SYMPHONY.

We are invited to enjoy the music.

It holds codes of consciousness-correction, and the music is getting louder.

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Avoiding Chemical Overload – Dr Schavi

Avoiding Chemical Overload – Dr Schavi

Whatever we place on our face or on any other part of our physical vessels eventually gets into our cells—some within several seconds, some within hours, and most within a few days. Essential healing oils move into our cells within seconds or minutes which is wonderful.

Cosmic Update 29 November 2022 – Intense And Building! – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 29 November 2022 – Intense And Building! – Dr Schavi

At noon on Tuesday, November 29th, 2002, solar winds are surging at “659.7” km/s—almost “700” km/s! They are thus VERY STRONG. The magnetosphere is being tightly impacted by particle plasma, and the “KP Index is rated as “EXTREME” in big bright red lettering by NASA.

Why Sagittarius Season Is Particularly Filled With Light – Dr Schavi

Why Sagittarius Season Is Particularly Filled With Light – Dr Schavi

Whenever our Sun enters a particular sign, it is considered to be that sign’s “season”. Thus, we are in “Sagittarius Season”. Sagittarius is governed by the expansive, philosophical, future-visioning, planet Jupiter. Each year at this time, there is a greater opportunity for knowledge acquisition and manifestation of needs and desires. The reason is because when our Sun enters Sagittarius, it begins to “dance” with “The Great Attractor” which sits at the sign of Sagittarius.

The Escalating Symphony – Saturday Satsangha – Dr Schavi

The Escalating Symphony – Saturday Satsangha – Dr Schavi

On Saturday morning, 11/26/2022, at 9:18 AM (EST), solar winds traveled at 557.8 km/s as was suspected they would climb from Friday’s levels. The “KP Index” is rated as “Unsettled”, and the magnetosphere is very densely enveloped in particle plasma that is pressing into it.

Cosmic Update 25 November 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 25 November 2022 – Dr Schavi

A magnetic filament that erupted from our Sun on November 19th has arrived as of today, Friday, 11/25/2022. It has, of course, unleashed a coronal mass ejection (CME)—proton and electron plasma particles. All flares— whether they are massive explosions or filaments— carry CMEs because our Sun is comprised of plasma.

Graphene On The Scene! Continuing Research – Dr Schavi

Graphene On The Scene! Continuing Research – Dr Schavi

By now, many millions of people around the world have received the “vaxx” and its “boosters”, and most are experiencing disturbing side effects, and some people have exited the planet. Debates continue on both sides of the issue–to “vaxx” or “not to vaxx” like Shakespeare’s character Hamlet who stated “To be or not to be”.

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