The Power Of Melanin And Our Ancient Roots - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Power Of Melanin And Our Ancient Roots

The Power Of Melanin And Our Ancient Roots – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

All life with a spinal column, vertebrates, have various levels of melanin.

Melanin is a photo receptor, a receiver of LIGHT, and it is a door through which LIGHT enters the human physical vessel via various sensory organs.

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With sunlight, the “God Particle” (pineal gland) releases into the bloodstream melatonin which effects melanin production in many sites throughout the body temple.

Dr. Richard King, who was one of the most expert scientists on melanin stated: “Indeed the pineal gland is the is the uppermost in a chain of glands found from the crown of the head, including the pituitary, with many glands along the spinal column, and of course, the melanin-containing melanocytes in the skin” (MELANIN: A KEY TO FREEDOM, page 33).

The Power Of Melanin - Dr. Richard King

Dr. Richard King

The Power Of Melanin

The ancient Kemetic holy text, the PER EM HERU (“Book of Coming forth By Day”), speaks of sending out psychic energy in the following manner: “Send out your Soul, that it may see with its eyes” (translated from the original Medu Neter language).

According to Dr. King, melanin is a spiritual essence that all humans have but is used only by a few.

The human brain stem has twelve centers of melanin:

1.) locus coerleus,
2.) subtantia nigra,
3.) brochialis,
4.) paranigralis,
5.) intracopularis,
6.) nervi trigeini,
7.) mesencepabsius,
8.) pontis centralis aratis,
9.) tegmenti pedennculopontis,
10.) parabrachnalis,
11.) medialis dorsomotor,
12.) retro ambilgualis.

The Power Of Melanin - Melanin: A Key To Freedom

Melanin: A Key To Freedom

The Power Of Melanin

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For those who lack knowledge of the subject of the power of the pineal gland, which is a major aspect of the endocrine system, these terms can be difficult to understand to the fullest.

The Power Of Melanin - Human Skin Melanin

Human Skin Melanin

The Power Of Melanin

In ancient temple teachings, the pineal gland was taught to be the “holy of holies”–the place from which we connect with other dimensions of existence and from which we can even communicate with SOURCE.

The “Great Pyramid” on the Giza Plateau of ancient Kemet was a place of teaching and learning for those who were initiated into the “Kem Sesasta”—“Potent Mysteries”.

The three major pyramids of Kemet (there were a total of 109 at one point), supervised in their construction by the Nesu (“Kings”) Khufu, Khafre, and Menkara (known by the Greeks as Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerenius), could be seen from miles away because their limestone coverings were so polished that they shone like mirrors.

The apex of the “Great Pyramid” pointed towards the “Pleiades” which houses thousands of stars, the brightest of which is known as the “Seven Sisters”, and this star system can be seen at night with the naked eye.

Each year, however, on or about July 25th (in terms of Gregorian calendar dating), the star “Sepdet” (“Dog Star” of the constellation “Canis Major”), also known as “Sirius”, arose over the “Great Pyramid”, and the “Hapi” (“Nile River”) overflowed signaling the coming overflow of spiritual knowledge as well as a rich food harvest.

The Power Of Melanin - Great Pyramid And Nile River

Great Pyramid And Nile River

The Power Of Melanin

The exact day of its rising was called “TYBI”, and this was the ancient “New Year’s Day celebrated with prayers in the “Hetu” (“temples”), with dancing and singing, and with festive foods.

This was also a day when the reception of LIGHT (“RA”) was most honored because the LIGHT was healing and protective.

A process of transference of LIGHT from advanced initiates of “Kem Sesasta” to those in need of healing frequencies was done on this day as well as at other times. Not just anyone could do this.

It took many years of acquiring knowledge and receiving the most advanced degree—“SA RA” (“Son of LIGHT”) and “SAT RA” (“Daughter of LIGHT”).

To even be tested for this degree, a person had to have already received the degree known as “SIA SEKHEMU” (“Degree of the Masters”), and to be tested for this degree, a person had to have reached the planetary age of “40”.

The first degree was known as “SIA TEMEMU” (“Degree of the Mortals”), and studies began at early ages (which modern-day humanity would call the “teen” years) when a youngster was thought to be ready for the studies, and this was based upon a very developed cognitive and spiritual capability.

Therefore, for many, many years “Kem Sesasta” was the focus of the lives of those who would eventually become various types of “Hebu” (“Priests”) and “Hebutu” (“Priestesses”).

Those who were the “Presidents” (to use a modern term) of the temples were known as “Kheri-Heb” (“High Priests”) and “Kheri-Hebutu” (“High Priestesses”).

The Power Of Melanin - Sirius Stellar System

Great Pyramid And Nile River

The Power Of Melanin

Ancient Kemet, part of the vast continent of “Alkebu-Lan” which included the modernly-known continents of Africa and Asia, was one of the most advanced civilizations that our planet has ever known.

Many untruths about it are told in certain movies and books.

One example is the untruth that the “Habiru” (“Hebrews”) built the pyramids.

The pyramids had been standing for over 4,000 years when the original “Habiru” arrived in Kemet from their north African homeland of “Libu” where a famine was occurring.

They came into Kemet and asked for land on which to raise their families and cattle. This was granted to them, and they were escorted to an area in the “Fertile Crescent” which is in modern “Cairo” that was originally known as “Mem”—a Medu Neter word for “water” that has also become a Hebrew word for “water” too.

How does all of the foregoing history play a part in the discussion of melanin?

It plays its part because we can connect to the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients through the “God Particle” and thereby achieve SOUND AND LIGHT TRANS MISSION AND RECEPTION.

However, it can only be accomplished by those who are worthy.

Worthiness involves being loving, kind, compassionate, non-violent, studious, and spiritually-oriented.

Those who are filled with hatred, who are lacking in compassion, who are racist, who are violence-prone, who are arrogant, who are egotistical, who are religiously-indoctrinated, and who, in general, are of a lower vibration of consciousness, should not attempt the following.

No connection can be made.

For those who are prepared, based upon self-reflection and prayer, they may proceed.

1.) Be seated in a comfortable position. Place your hands on your laps–palms up with thumbs and forefingers touching. Close your eyes. Take several deep, calming Yogic breaths.

2.) Envision your physical vessel surrounded on all sides by a huge pyramid. Remember, pyramids are four-sided. The pyramid is comprised of sparkling clear crystal.

3.) Envision bright SOURCE LIGHT slowly coming down through the apex of the pyramid, moving throughout the pyramid and throughout your physical vessel beginning at your crown. Continue to breathe deeply and relax. Try not to think of worldly issues or responsibilities. Just be immersed in the LIGHT. Concentrate now on your pineal gland. See LIGHT zooming from it flowing throughout the pyramid. Now, envision the apex of the pyramid opening to the skies. Allow the LIGHT from your pineal gland to soar into the cosmos.

4.) After your session (and your Higher Self will tell you when it has ended), release the LIGHT, and record in a journal your experiences. Did you receive an audible message? Did you have a vision? Did you merely feel very peaceful? The more that this procedure is done, the greater will the reception of information become. Thus, it may not come upon the first try.

The Power Of Melanin - Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland

The Power Of Melanin

Sometimes a person will be seen with a dot or a jewel at his or her “third eye”—the pineal gland.

If it is a woman, most people think that this indicates that she is married. This is not the ancient truth.

It is called a “Bindi” which translates as “symbol” or “sign”.

It represents an individual—male or female—who is centered on the DIVINE.

It was also taught to be a protection from disharmonious energy entering the “holy of holies”.

Often in these modern times, it is only a fashionable piece.

It is sad how so many ancient things have been allowed to become merely things of fashion, and thus, how they have lost their sacredness.

This too much change if humanity expects to enter the “Golden Age”.

The new era awaits us, but there must be respect. As of yet, much of mankind is too petty.

SOURCE LIGHT is transforming this too.

Be prepared for a great awakening to occur in the months ahead.

It may arrive initially with further confusion and debates on “3d” situations, but just be patient.

LIGHT is conscious, and “IT” is watching.

Please consider joining THE MANTRA MOVEMENT. Details can be found in the article of this same name.

Those who recite the mantra daily and who invite others to do so are LIGHT AMBASSADORS.

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

Much Love to Everyone!

The Power Of Melanin And Our Ancient Roots – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

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