The Portal 11 11 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Part 30 - Lev

The Portal 11 11

From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 30

The Great Quantum Transition

The Portal 11 11 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 30 – By Lev

November 11, 2021, on Earth, finally closed the energy-exchange fields between 3D and 4D and launched a new scenario transiting the fourth dimension.

Now, on the physical plane, the entire population of the planet is distributed by the vibrations of their Subtle Bodies into the 3D and 4D Matrix. We can all feel it by an increase of destructive events in many countries.

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The Portal 11 11 - Energy Exchange Closed

Energy Exchange Closed

The Portal 11 11

We live our whole lives in one year. It happens because we terminate a great old cycle of experience and prepare to enter into a new one.

The old cycle was the third-density, and the new one is the fifth dimension. Today, these two temporal frequencies exist together, creating a vortex of chaos that is necessary to destroy the 3D Matrix and its energy grids, and activate the 5D infrastructure at full power.

It is difficult to see the big picture in this in-between period. Nevertheless, we need to always be aware of what is important, the background of events, and why some frequencies tenaciously grab our attention.

It is hard for many to remain in the high frequencies of Peace and Love. But we need to be balanced and centered in the coming months to deal with the powerful energies that continue to come to Earth from the Central Spiritual Suns of the Local Universe, the Milky Way, and Helios.

The symbol of the constellation Scorpio, where the Sun will stay till 22 November, is not only the arthropodal arachnoid of the same name but also Eagle and Phoenix. Scorpio represents the lower or shadow aspects. At this time, many people act based on animal instincts and aggression and do not realize it.

The Portal 11 11 - Constellation Scorpio

Scorpio Constellation

The Portal 11 11

The second symbol, the Eagle, represents those who are aware of their Soul and have the insight and wisdom to see the overall panorama of profound change taking place.

Like the eagles, they can soar above the chaos and act unmistakably.

Those of us who adjust to the transformation of Earth will follow the flight of the Phoenix.

This means complete separation from the past and the outmoded, and a continuation of the journey into the new reality of 5D.

It is no coincidence that the Phoenix was the symbol the Star Teachers from Sirius used to describe the process of Creation from Chaos.

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The Portal 11 11 - Phoenix


The Portal 11 11

Following the flight of the Phoenix, can make us feel as if everything we knew has been taken away, experiencing confusion, sadness, or anger. Or it could be the deep inner peace if we go through this phase in acceptance and letting go. We know we are following the Laws of Creation and allowing ourselves to be born into the next cycle as new beings and experiences.

Beginning December 12, 2021, many people will realize that they have lost valuable time and will begin to feel discomfort in a rapidly changing world. Lack of aspiration to Source, expressed in the pains of the Soul, will be revealed.

As of this day, Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchy, and the Galactic Committee are launching a new scenario for the inhabitants of the 3D Matrix. From the multiple choices, a common unified plan is formed that will touch every individual’s I Am.

The Portal 11 11 - Launch Of A New Scenario

Launch Of A New Scenario

The Portal 11 11

All who vibrate at the frequencies of the 3D will find themselves in conditions that will get tougher every year. The reason lies in the dwindling number of incarnate Souls who can feed their energy to the events, as well as the basic codes and programs of the 3D Matrix.

The operational Matrix System of Earth’s 3D energy field is in autonomous control mode. To maintain it, the System constantly creates events that suck the energy potential from conscious and unconscious 3D inhabitants.

The magnitude of this parasitic System and the vital energy volume siphoned off with it is such that it will FORCE people clinging to 3D to wake up for survival.

The Portal 11 11 - Wake Up For Survival

Wake Up For Survival

The Portal 11 11

From December 12 to December 21, 2021, all highly vibrational people who have spent a lot of energy and time on Spiritual development will receive a Christmas gift.

In those who have raised the frequency of consciousness to the level of stabilizing 4D Matrix and increased the energy capacity of their Subtle Bodies to the maximum values of 4D, Co-Creators will load additional Matrix programs of the fourth dimension.

During the winter solstice on December 21, when the rotational axis of our planet takes the maximum 23° 26′ from the Sun, these programs will be activated.

It means that in the coming 2022 and the future life there will be a deep adjustment of new energy connections with the Subtle fields of those who go to the 4D.

In those who are on the 3D timelines, have average vibrational indices and energy capacity of their Subtle Bodies, Co-Creators will load the algorithm of awakening. It will begin to manifest in the form of strong emotional worries about the lost time and false path of life.

The Portal 11 11 - Sunrise On 21 December 2021

Sunrise On 21 December 2021

The Portal 11 11

The inner voice of the inhabitants of 3D will literally cry out for the salvation of the Soul, which will try to escape from the vicious circle of habitual life and switch to the path leading to the Source.

By the impact of their Higher Self, many men will increasingly be drawn with irresistible force to Power Places, ashrams, and temples, or simply to retreat to commune with Source, asking It for help.

The peculiarity of the correction of the 3D energy fields is that all incarnated aspects of Souls have certain meditative or prayerful experiences, both in the present and in the past embodiments.

In the lives of such people, the Higher Light Hierarchy will imperceptibly create situations where they will hear the call to the awakening of the Soul, but at the same time, their consciousness will hang up and lack the energy for rousing up, for actions leading to the Source.

Some will fall into despondency. The others will continue to cling desperately to their former ways of life and attitudes. Thirds are quickened to awaken and start their inner work, resolutely breaking away from the passing reality.

In 2022, will occur a global distribution of all incarnate Souls in the 3D and 4D energy fields, as well as their separation by vibes on the physical plane.

The Portal 11 11 - Lost Time And False Path Of Life

Lost Time And False Path Of Life

The Portal 11 11

High-vibrational 4D people will tune their Subtle Bodies with new vertical and horizontal energy-exchange fields and a new life scenario corresponding to the 4D Matrix. Some will be able to see it and feel themselves, the surrounding Nature, and the Absolute in a new way.

We shouldn’t be deceived by promises of whatever eminent channellers or masters about the mass transition into 4D, and about the meditative practices and guides that automatically bring absolutely everyone to a new vibrational level of Earth.

It’s impossible for people whose consciousness is cemented in 3D.

Everyone will enter (or not enter) the transiting 4D only by individual scenario. Those who by inner work have raised their frequencies to the level of the 4D energy fields have already entered the fourth-dimensional Matrix.

Now, they are stabilizing their vibes field and synchronizing their Subtle Bodies with the 4D energy fields.

The DNI often gets the same question: How many people will enter the 5D? Some are told that all 100% of the world’s population will ascend, while others are certain that 90% or 75%, and so on.

It’s not. Yes, all 100% will eventually leave the current 3D planet, but not all will end up on Earth 5D.

It is impossible to switch to it carrying tons of aggression, anger, hatred, fear, and greed inside and on self. Unfortunately, many still live on the low frequencies of these qualities. They have much less energy to transmute, and they don’t even realize it.

Some claim that an Event, a Solar flash, or a pulse from the Central Sun of the Local Universe or Galaxy will help everyone to jump into the fifth dimension.

This too is a lie. Solar flashes and magnetic storms, which are becoming more frequent now, help Earth to get rid of the remaining lower energies. They also remove the toxins accumulated in human bodies as a result of negative emotions, thoughts, and deeds.

The Portal 11 11 - Earth Cleansing

Earth Cleansing

The Portal 11 11

Solar plasma jets and magnetic storms accelerate the departure from Earth of those who no longer conforms to its 4D/5D frequencies.

They short-circuit and burn out their energy fields.

Many who remain are fully aware of what is going on.

Every day, new tens of millions more are entering the path of Spiritual rebirth and development.

They enter 5D with their physical tissues and vessels, fully merging with their Light Bodies, having gone through the inner work of deep transformation.

Over 1.5 billion people have already accumulated the necessary potential and will soon be able to leave their current “clays” and enter 5D with fully activated Light Bodies.

These Light Bodies are a copy of a new physical corpus for everyone who will be in 5D and instantly merge with it. They are less dense but energetically exactly copy the appearance of the person. Of course, it will not simply be an orb of white Light that moving in 5D.

Earth will also be preserved physically, emitting the frequencies of the fifth dimension with which our 5D Light Bodies will merge. There will be no more three-dimensional energy.

For a while, there will be a wreckage of the glitching Holographic 3D for the few who don’t want to leave 3D. But these remnants will soon be completely removed, as will all the old frequencies that will go to other planets.

The point of no return for all of this was November 11, 2021, when the Portal, known as the Scorpio Gate, opened. It is also referred to as the Divine Gate.

Now that Earth has passed another photonic belt, the 11/11 date is the final chord of a new frontier for Gaia, as it is for us, her children.

The Portal 11 11 - Portal 11/11

Portal 11/11

The Portal 11 11

Through this gateway, many of us have bid farewell to our former lives in the three-dimensional world which exists according to the laws of duality.

More and more people have found another status that allows them from now on to live according to other – the Universal Laws which reign in the space of the fifth dimension.

All of us have a unique opportunity to be the first men existing simultaneously in two planes: still being in our 3D body and entering by our consciousness and Soul the 5D.

The Portal 11 11 - 5D Consciousness

5D Consciousness

The Portal 11 11

It is very important to guard against temptations and not to yield to the provocative actions of those around us and the System which will undoubtedly test our strength in these fateful days for us.

And every time we feel that we are losing our balance and are ready to fall off the ridge of quantum waves carrying us into the fifth dimension, let us remember that we are woven from the vibrations of the 5D, and it does not cost us anything just to fly over this ridge, barely touching it with our feet. We simply cannot fall off it.

Portal 11/11 is a wide Door to New Consciousness and a powerful Time/Space Portal controlled by Antareans and Pleiadians. It is also the closest Portal to the Galactic Central Sun.

On November 11, 2021, Galactic Committee turned on the Portal energies to full power, and we are now receiving waves of Diamond Light Code to help our transition into the 5D.

The Portal 11 11 - 5D Earth

5D Earth

The Portal 11 11

Powerful quantum fluxes have intensified chaos in the lower dimensions. But the more intense the chaos, the more intense the Birth of the New World, and the Phoenix Bird has already begun to show its outline on the new 5D Earth.

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Support System – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 32 – Lev

At first, there were all sorts of dark gray clumps and conglomerates in near-Earth space. Then, from outer space came a quantum flux as thick rain and color like steel with dots which resembled sparks but solid. Then, flushed a stream of Light, white and very bright. It turned golden with sparks. Everything was powerful, strong, and large-scale. Only purity and grace remained. It looked amazing.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

A new message from the Argorians’ space fleet on November 27, 2021, along with their info in previous days, adds to the latest Galacom Update. The design shows more details on how the Argorians’ squadron is now processing 3D Earth by quantum energies while it is transported into a 5D vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, closer to the Central Sun.

Galacom Update 26 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Galacom Update 26 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The protective blue dome was removed from the Earth. Now, in its place, in the background of emerald green energy, there is a wave channel of the light yellow power field. Two quantum fluxes filled with bright green spectrum energy are connected to the channel. In the channel and outputs are installed the light lilac energy filters and two magnetic fields.

Operation Lofoten Monsters – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation Lofoten Monsters – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

This dramatic op followed two others, in Norway (see Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway) and Zimbabwe. It was targeted to the destruction on Earth’s Subtle Plane of one of the most dangerous Black civilizations of our Local Universe, dubbed the Lofoten Monsters.

Duality End – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 31 – Lev

Duality End – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 31 – Lev

Our children are not bodies, but the Souls which have incarnated on Earth 12-14 times in the Fifth Race alone. Now, all of them are already adults and make decisions by themselves. Beginning in the 2000s, new Souls come to Earth in waves – Indigos, Crystalines, Radiants, then, Plasmoids beings will incarnate.

Argorians Update November 19 2021 – Lev

Argorians Update November 19 2021 – Lev

On November 19th, 2021, at 9:50 AM CET, a squadron of 25D Argorians’ spaceships, transporting Earth to a 5D vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, conveyed the following minute: “We have entered the transforming space of the seventh (out of nine – LEV) cascade stage of the third filter between dimensions…

The Souls Of Our Kids Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Souls Of Our Kids Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

In recent weeks, more and more Souls have come to Earth and have been entered the bodies of Radiant kids. This is facilitated by the activation of the planet’s new 5D crystal grid, and the powerful energy flows from the Central Spiritual Suns of the Local Universe, the Galaxy, and Helios, arriving on Earth every day.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Why do the Souls incarnate on Earth in the twins? Their share in the total number of births continues to grow. Compared to the 1960s, it increased from 1.18% to 2.78%, i.e. almost by 2.5 times. In the early ’80s, one case of twins accounted for every 80-90 births, in the late 90’s – already in 40-45 births. Similarly, in the early 80s, triplets were born in one in 6,400 births, and in the late 90s, in every 800 to 1300 births. Today, more than 100 million twins are living on Earth.

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