The Planetary Awakening - Seen and Not Seen

The Planetary Awakening

Seen and Not Seen

The Planetary Awakening – Seen and Not Seen. By Zero.

There are countless sources on the web releasing infos about the Event and the Planetary Liberation, but beyond digital system, there are as well analog ones: words, thoughts, dreams, and all these sources are often conflicting, some resonating nicely and bringing us to dream, or, sometimes, breaking all our best hopes.

Starting from this prelude, we would like to explore what Cobra doesn’t say and cannot say.

Probably some of these are topics that he can’t directly be revealed to the Masses, topics which would shatter the dreams of many of us.

Apparently, there are multiple series of consciousness levels, just read some comments in Cobra’s blog to realize the “bestiary” of the awakened community.

So, it’s very clear that the revelation of such challenging infos to a large audience would be quite “dangerous“.

Cintamani May 2018 Half Price

We’ll talk further down  in this post about what we think the risks would be.

Now, we’ll try, unpretentiously, to express our point of view, just our analysis, based on what we were able to recap from the available infos, so it’s probably including bit speculatations.

Anyway, we would like to inspire a discussion into physical groups, rather than digital ones on the web.

Jumping into 5D

Jumping into 5D

The Planetary Awakening

Many people, again, in our opinion, dream: they dream about the Event, the Reset, Star Trek society, Universal Love, a “click” that will be completely changing this rotten Society.

We are not sure that this is what exactly will happen.

The ultimate goal for the Planetary Liberation and the transition in 5D is surely that, but the timing, in our opinion, is quite different.

Alberi 6D

6D Trees

The Planetary Awakening

According to several sources and reading the Law of One, it seems like that the transitions from 3D to 4D, to 5D and so on, have an accurate timing, at least for planets. Somewhere we read about dimensional cycles lasting 40 years, unfortunately we couldn’t find the source again, but we can assure you we didn’t make this up.

As things stand, to be realistic, according with Mayan’s Calendar and the 9th Wave, this time lapse is resonating with us.

By the year 2013 it looks like we are already in the 4D cycle and within the multidecadal process towards the 5D.

Clearly, this transition will be gradual, it means that, to step into 5D, everyone must be in 4D, so during that time a mix of people will be in different evolutionary cycles, and in the resulting confusion we’ll have a mix of 3D, 4D and 5D, producing inevitable clashes and conflicts between all these three dimensions.

The Event and the Reset are connected to this cycle as inevitable and essential elements to reach 5D.

As the ultimate goal is to lead Humanity in 5D, the Event and its consequences will be a necessary step to start the transformation of the rest of people still anchored in 3D towards 4D and, finally, in 5D.

The Event, again, in our modest opinion, is not the final defeat of Dark, Chimera Group and Archons, but the starting point of their total eradication, their complete erasure from the planet and from our Star System.

If you think, without dreaming, it’s quite clear that when the Event will take place, as we all hope this fall, the Dark will still be here.



The Planetary Awakening

Actually the Event is the breakthrogh of the Veil, the end of the quarantined earth and the start of a period of chaos, probably for few years, maybe a decade, required to the earth’s people to reach definitely and completely the 4th dimension.

The rest of time of this hypothetical period of 40 years will be dedicated to definitely anchor the 4th dimension and then start the real push to reach the 5D.

Supposing our analysis to be true, how many of those who like dreaming “roses and flowers” could back down meanwhile? Probably a lot…

Cintamani Traslucida Striata

Cintamani Stone – Translucent Striped

The Planetary Awakening

The task for the Lightworkers in this scenario is the lighting the path of those who temporarily lost the way, starting serious and productive discussions, attenuating conflicts, fight back to attacks with Universal Love, and keeping to analyze the situation as it evolves.

We think that after the Event the Cintamani Stone function will be not the same, its power and use will be totally different, for now this info can’t be confirmed, we’ll have to wait and see, but it resonate with us in a particular way, so this is the reason you are reading it now.

We are limping on with difficulty researching the truth to disclosure, we’ve been continually and heavily attacked, even from who we didn’t expect, people telling us: “go to the doctor!”, while they looked like to have alternative ideas.

Now, as we could find there’s no “roses” and no “flowers” tomorrow, the battle is not ended, but we’ll still have a lot of work to do, maybe it will not be a “war” anymore, rather a “reconstruction” after a bombing, and we’ll have to work through the ruins.

Again, we reiterate, this is our personal opinion, for our team here, but we believe it, and the purpose of this post is sharing with you and start a productive discussion.

Perhaps we’ll be further attacked, one more evidence that the tenacious resistance from those still completely in 3D is not definitively vanished.

Infos and inputs are coming all the time, so it’s our intention to “evolve” this post with further analysis.

Anyway, we don’t want to break your positive energies, our post has a positive goal though.

The Event will bring us the suppressed technologies, free energy, and other things we already well know.

Let’s use them to awake people and then move all together in 4D, not for amusement and neither letting go who doesn’t choose the Ascension.

We think it’s not possible to leave behind anyone, any human being, except for a little group of wicked dark souls deserving so much their disintegration in the Galactic Central Sun.

Everybody deserves to get back to the Consciousness of the Divine Essence. That’s who we are.

Victory of Light!

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