The Origins of Catholic Religion

The Origins of Catholic Religion

The Origins of Catholic Religion. By Disclosure News.

From the heart of a crumbling pagan world, in its own falling trend, Catholic Religion had risen throughout a roman emperor disappointed by his gods, Flavius Valerius Constantinus, well known as Constantine the Great who, in 312 AC, after about three centuries by the death of Jesus on the Cross, founded the Official Religion of the Roman Empire, laying the foundations for a new flow of the Western World History.

Catholic, from greece ancient language, means “universal”.

In accord with some sources (the italian painter Piero della Francesca in his masterpiece “Il ciclo della vera croce”, based on the polular novel “Leggenda Aurea” by Iacopo da Varazze), Constantine had a prophetic dream, one day before the Ponte Milvio’s battle, on October 28th 312 AC, in which he faced and defeated Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxentius (Massenzio), becoming absolute Master of the Orient and Western Roman Empire.

The Battle of Ponte Milvio

The Battle of Ponte Milvio

The Origins of Catholic Religion

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Roman Empire 400 AD

Roman Empire 400 AD

The Origins of Catholic Religion

In his dream he saw an Angel descending from the sky with the symbol of victory to bring in battle: a flaming cross with the words: “in hoc signo vinces” (in this sign you’ll win).

But the conversion to Christianity by the pagan emperor had different political goals, rather than religious, first the reunification of the big variety of people, cultures and religious believe systems widespread in the vast territory of the Orient and Western Roman Empire, reason of countless conflicts, fragmentations, divisions, incomprehensions and socio-political tensions.

Constantine in hoc signo vinces

Constantine in hoc signo vinces

The Origins of Catholic Religion

By the Milan Edict, in February 313 AC, the Endurance Edict, Constantine gave to Christians, persecuted for centuries by the pagans, fully freedom of their worship, absorbing them within the juridical and social imperial system, rising them into the most higher positions in the imperial hierarchy, empowering them to rule and control his vast Empire, becoming the Protector of Rome’s Church: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic.

This was the historical timeline event marking the refoundation of the Holy Roman Empire under the aegis of Christianity.

Constantine Milan Edict

Constantine Milan Edict

The Origins of Catholic Religion

In few decades Paganism was weakened and repressed, and the ecclesiastical jurisprudence was totally equalized to the imperial one.

Still today, in the italian universities, students hardly study the History of Roman Law, whose purpose is: “knowledge of basic foundations of the roman private law: Family Law, Property Law and other legal real rights, bonds, inheritance, and trial” (the basis of every juridical system!).

But, even though Jesus’s messianic message pointed to poors and frantics, filled of love, brotherhood, forgiveness and humility, after three centuries by His death, His Church, established by Constantine in His name, disclaimed all His teachings and became a tool of the imperial power.

Constantine started the first Nicea’s Council, personally attended into the debate deciding its course, even completely rewriting the New Covenant, removing some principles very “uncomfortable” and dismissing all the “forbidden” knowledge instead preserved by Gnostic Science, a doctrine very controversial, still today.

In the article linked aside a rare English interview with Jay Weidner, writer, director, researcher, today David Wilcock’s collaborator, faces this “rough” topic.

At Nicea’s Council were established many principles of the “Creed”, very familiar to modern christians.

By the obligation of the Creed, clear and accurate borders were established between christians and pagans and between christians and eretics.

Rise of The Archons

Intervew with Jay Weidner

Also the power hierarchies were established, divided in pyramidal castes, consisting, from the top:

  • The Pope
  • The King
  • Nobles
  • Knights / Vassals
  • Freemen
  • Yeomen
  • Servants
  • Peasants / Serfs / Villeins

Just for planting pickets between: who can and who can not.

Council of Nicea Constantine and his Councilor Eusebius of Caesarea

Council of Nicea Constantine and his Councilor Eusebius of Caesarea

The Origins of Catholic Religion

The persecution against those who thought different (dissidents) increased, with the imposition to everyone the veneration of Christ and His Cross, by any means.

The Catholicism founded by Constantin started then a such violent behaviour we can define it much worst than pagan’s behaviour as they before persecuted the christians.

In a very short time, into the whole Empire, christians despoiled and ruined every pagan temple and its idols, and anyone took position against, was murdered (in the name of Christ…)

Christians acted against non Christians in a such radical, bloody and cruel way never happened before in the past during a persecution or a war.

It’s hardly impossible to get the big picture about the vastity, proportion and depth of distruction, pain and suffering inflicted by Christians to the people of the ancient world and to many many other cultures which during the centuries went through the same destiny (Crusades, Holy Inquisition, Indios people’s genocide, etc.). How many lives were destroyed directly or indirectly by those who assumed the right to speak in the name of God?

In 2000, Pope John Paul II publicy asked for God’s forgiveness “seven times” for Church’s sins to the World and Humanity:

Seven Times God’s Forgiveness  – VIDEO – The Origins of Catholic Religion

The Constantine Cross

Christian Cross, the symbol saw in the Constantin’s prophetic dream, predicting his most important victory, concretely stigmatized the forced Christianization, and became a guarantee against the return of Paganism and, in the meanwhile, a legal conquest of the wealth and resources owned by pagan people.

For every population, country, territory fallen down the powerful unilateral influence of the Catholic Church, the story was always the same: a tremendous degradation, infinite tortures, countless massacres, and inhuman cruelties.

Constantin allowed, and even promoted, the christianization of pagan believes, replacing the pagan cults with new christian identities, for example the Cult of Isis became the Cult of Mary, mother of Jesus, who had a higher role in the Catholic Creed, but not in the Bible, and so created by Constantin just to attract the pagans venerating Isis who, otherwise, wouldn’t ever convert in.


Constantine Cross

Constantine Cross

The Origins of Catholic Religion

Furthermore, the Cult of Mithraism was very popular among ancient romans, expecially among soldiers, and then it was absorbed by Constantin in the ritual of Last Dinner, or christian communion.

The sacrificial consumption of Jesus’s body, the Holy Mass or Eucharist, simply replaced the pagan ritual of the sacrificial meal of the god Mithra. (for coincidence, miter is the longshaped hat used by bishops and popes…)

Mithra Diety

Mithra Diety

The Origins of Catholic Religion

Lastly, to solve the loss of the various pagan gods, so much beloved by ancient romans (Jupiter, Neptune, etc.), Constantin simply replaced the Pantheon of gods with the Saints, now venerated by Catholic Church.

The supremacy of the character of the Roman Bishop (the Pope) was created with the support of Constantin and his successors, in order that the Bishop of Rome became the Supreme Chief of the Catholic Church.

So, in this way, government and state religion were concentrated in the same place.

But, when the Roman Empire fell down, the Popes acquired the title before given to the roman emperors:  Pontifex Maximus (maximum pontiff).

Of course, Catholic Church denies the pagan origin of her believes and rituals, masking Paganism, from which she descend, under the false pretence of a very complex Theology, behind the musk of the “ecclesiastical tradition”.

The origins of Catholic Church inhabit in a tragic compromise of Christianity with the surrounding pagan religions.

Diminishing differences and distinctions between the two cults, Catholic Church became so actractive to all various pagan people in the Roman Empire.

The result was that Catholic Church became the Supreme Religion in the Roman World for centuries.

An other result was, unfortunately, that Christianity walked so much away from the real teaching and message of Jesus and so far far away as well from the authentic predication of the word of God.

The insanity of the Constantin’s Christianity, based on the paradox that God, or His Son, dead on the Cross to forgive Humanity, shows itself in the great catholic invention of the concepts of SIN and Final Judgment, absolutely extraneous to the prior pagan world.

God, Supreme Guarantor of the Cosmo’s rationality and harmony, is surely not a bumbler guy, who realize one day he created an imperfect world needing correction and punishment.

Religion has always been a disputable complicate topic.

There are many religions in the world and, above all, there are different Christian Churches, actually founded in Christ principles, but not catholic, each one has own teachings and versions of the “Truth”, even conflicting.

So, we could say that the Religion or, to be precise, the Religions, caused confusion.

To attenuate this confusion, american Bishop  Jon Shelby Sponge, member of Episcopal Church, just one of the many “christian factions” born along the centuries, decided to reveal to the world that the Religion, intended in its general meaning, it’s simply a business organization always utilized as a control machinery, and the sense of guilty and the concept of sin are the principal agents of this control activity and manipulation (and he’s not the first claiming that).

Hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear – VIDEO – The Origins of Catholic Religion

A clear example, taking place at this time,  is the increasing of islamophobia.

Islam has been rapidly turned in a perfect scapegoat in which address our fear and rage, an excuse to occupy other countries creating an intense state of insecurity and precariousness throughout terrorism and violence.

But truthfully Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and violence. Ask to any good muslim.

God is not Christian. God is not Muslim. God is not Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist: all these religions are Human Systems created by human beings to direct observants towards specific behaviours and ideologies.

When we talk about Religion, each one has to do his own research: read the books, meditate the teachings using your own mind and finally find what’s more resonate to you, instead allowing someone else brashwashing and create thoughts for you.

Every sacred text is filled of many meanings.  It’s quite enough to find the meaning more intimate with us and adopt it for the rest of the life.

It’s also possible believe in God not being religious.

Religion is an artificial theoretical concept, it inhabits inside each one of us, always and forever.

Religions as organizations are now changing.

New discoveries in the past last decades (gnostic gospels, apocryphal gospels, Dead Sea’s rolls, Nag Hammadi’s papers, innovative explanations of the Holy Scriptures) are gradually crumbling those marble past old paradigms.

But we can’t growing up without an open mind to accept new possibilities about real nature of reality and real origins of Human History.

It could be puerile keeping old believe systems just only because they are familiar with us or we learnt them at school or somewhere else.

Words of Bishop…

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