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The Operation In Japan

Part 2

The Operation In Japan – Part 2 – By Lev.

Now it was necessary to work on the final elimination of the Black Archon of Radiation at the level of its Super Monad. It still posed a colossal threat to the entire Local Universe.

This was one of the goals of the operation in Japan by the LFs’ ground team, which began in extreme conditions (see – Operation in Japan, Part 1. Oct 6, 2020 Part 1).

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The most difficult was one night when the Archon made a new desperate attempt to escape from his captivity through the emergency Fukushima reactor. Now it used the remnants of the human Monads in the core of his Monad as cover and battering ram.

They belonged to people who were burned alive during the atomic explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Their bodies left shadows on some of the remaining walls and buildings.

Another attempt to break through was unexpected. Everyone who had time to react immediately rushed to contain the Black Archon.

The Operation In Japan - Hiroshima Shadows

Hiroshima Shadows

The Operation In Japan

At the last minute, Lightwarriors and Higher Light Hierarchs managed to block it. They struggled to extract human Monads from the core of the Archon’s Monad. Unfortunately, without success.

To prevent other Black Archon’s attempts to break through, the LFs had to make a difficult decision – an explosion inside his Monad core.

So the Higher Light Hierarchy saved billions of people and the planet from a deadly threat.

The team members withstood the explosion with great difficulty. The vibrations were such that their physical bodies were on the verge of disintegrating.

Without waiting for their full recovery, the team headed to Hiroshima. There they first visited the Atomic Bomb Dome or Gambaku dome – the former building of the Hiroshima chamber of industry.

It was the epicenter of an atomic explosion.

August 6, 1945, became a black date in the history of the entire Local Universe and its Creators. On this day, at 08:15 local time, a B-29 of the US air force, from an altitude of over 9 km, dropped an atomic bomb on the center of Hiroshima.

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The Operation In Japan - Atomic Blow Over Hiroshima

Atomic Blow Over Hiroshima

The Operation In Japan

The fuse was installed at a height of 600 meters above the surface. The explosion, equivalent to 13 to 18 kilotons of TNT, occurred 45 seconds after the reset.

Those closest to the epicenter died instantly. Their bodies turned to coal. Birds that flew by incinerated in the air. Dry, flammable materials such as paper were ignited up to 2 km away from the epicenter.

Light radiation burned the dark pattern of clothing into the skin and left silhouettes of human bodies on the walls. A blinding flash was followed by a wave of suffocating heat.

Within a few minutes, 166,000 people were killed. To date, the total number of deaths from radioactive contamination and diseases caused by it has exceeded 450 thousand…

The Lightwarriors started to search the site for the planned operation. The mood of all was terrible. They sensed what happened here in 1945. It was hard to hold back the tears.

Silently, the team walked around the ruins of the former chamber of industry, which exploded a nuclear bomb. They had to start working, but they just couldn’t… Also in silence, the Lightwarriors sat down on a bench by the river opposite the epicenter of the explosion, trying to recover.

Before them, on a Subtle Plan, as in a hologram, floated pictures of the agony that took place there.

The buildings on fire… Electricity poles wrapped in flame-like pieces of kindling… the earth emitting fire and smoke, flames that writhed up and erupted from underground…

The dark sky, the scarlet ground, and in between clouds of yellowish smoke…Three kinds of color-black, yellow, and scarlet-loomed ominously over the people, who ran about like so many ants seeking to escape…

A whole lot of dead people… Who was alive were bleeding from their faces and their mouths and they had glass sticking in their bodies… All around burning furiously…

Bloated corpses drifting in seven formerly beautiful rivers… the peculiar odor of burning human flesh everywhere in the Delta City, which had changed to a waste of scorched earth…

Voices crying and groaning with pain and begging for water… people so burned that it couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman… The red sky … flames. It was burning as if scorching heaven…

It seemed like the end of the world…

The Operation In Japan - Hiroshima Ruins

Hiroshima Ruins

The Operation In Japan

After a while, Lightwarriors found the strength to get out of the surging pain and full detachment, and started working.

First, they looked at the Subtle Plan of what was on the site of Hiroshima before and at the Earth’s creation. The result was predictable. The place is completely neutral, there was nothing on it. After all, the atomic bomb could have been dropped on other Japanese cities.

The main questions that needed to be answered were: what exactly happened at the time of the atomic explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? 

What is left in their epicenters? Why did the Black Archons and the entire Higher Dark Hierarchy need this? 

The team found answers at the site of the operation.

Events on Earth were a continuation of fierce battles on the Subtle Plane and in the Local Universe.

The Higher Dark Hierarchy and the Archons used the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to create a single Incarnation Portal. It was necessary for the birth of the offspring of the Black Archon of Radiation.

Fortunately, the devil’s spawn was not destined to be born. The Higher Light Hierarchs made every effort to prevent it and saved the world from the evil threat.

It wasn’t just the Little Boy and Fatman atomic bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Archons created a Target Portal for bombarding the Earth’s core on the Subtle Plane with conglomerates of nuclei from the radioactive substance from extraterrestrial sources. There are entire worlds in our Galaxy where all matter is in radioactive decay.

The Local Universe’s radioactive death was the dream of the Dark Hierarchs. For that, they set up many special karmic burial grounds in the eons of Gray and Black clusters based on planets and stars.

At moment X, the Archons were about to launch a collective salvo at their targets in the Local Universe. The Earth was also in the crosshairs.

The Dark Hierarchs wanted to turn our planet into a radioactive Logos. In this case, all the elements of the Periodic Table would also become radioactive.

They wanted to split the Earth’s core and turn it into a decaying radioactive Logos. If one can split the nucleus of an atom, why can’t one split the nucleus of a Planetary, Stellar, or other Logos? The nucleus of a cell, for example, the Cell of Life?

It wasn’t just planned.

The first attempt was made millions of years ago, during the Third Civilization on the ancient continent of Pacifide. At the place where the Mariana Trench is now located. Previously, it did not exist there but was the highest mount on the planet. But more on that later…

The Operation In Japan - Ancient Continent Of Pacifide

 Ancient Continent Of Pacifide

The Operation In Japan

The second attempt to make the Earth radioactive was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The Higher Light Hierarchs thwarted this plan, although at the greatest cost to humanity.

The third attempt was Fukushima. The planetary Logos was saved, but not all the consequences were eliminated.

During the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, the Black Archon of Radiation combined his Monad with the Monads of the victims. This gave him great strength.

The most terrible thing was that it absorbed and split the Monad cores of those people who were in the area of the epicenters. These were the souls of those whose physical bodies had been reduced to ash, or whose bodies had been left in shadows and charred.

Light radiation is one of the damaging factors in the explosion of a nuclear munition. It is a thermal pulse from the luminous area of the explosion. Depending on the power, the action time ranges from fractions of a second to several tens of seconds. This causes burns and blinding, melting, charring, and burning of the humans and animals bodies.


The spectrum of light radiation from a nuclear explosion is close to the spectrum of a Black Body on the Subtle Plane. It is dominated by ultraviolet and x-ray radiation.

Black Fire can be extracted, released from radioactive elements. And the elements themselves are the transformers of the Light of Matter into the Black Flame – the materialized substance of Death.

In Hiroshima, people who were within a radius of strong light radiation were severely burned (to the point of charring) and then vaporized by the shock wave, leaving scorched shadows. So, on the Aioi Bridge (相生橋, aioi hashi) in Hiroshima, there were silhouettes of nine people…

Few remained alive. But still, after a short time, they died from burns, radiation, and injuries. Many were incinerated in the fires and firestorm that followed the explosion. Substances of radiation and Black Fire (nuclear light radiation) are very close to each other and often appear together.

Throughout history, the main goal of the Black Archons was to extract from man his main Power – The Creator’s Spark – and subdue It. The Higher Dark Hierarchs made many attempts but in vain.

Having failed, they decided that the only way to extract the power of the Creator from a man is to split the core of human Monad.

But how to do this?

They struggled for a long time over the solution, and, in the end, came up with a scheme. It was very similar to splitting the atom nucleus. But it turned out to be impossible to do it.

The Operation In Japan - Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench

The Operation In Japan

Then the Archons tried to get their way with atomic explosions. They helped the Black Archon of Radiation capture and split the Monads of people who turned into shadows. As a result, he gained some of the Power of the World Mother Sophia and became extremely strong.

But the Law of Divine Will came in action. It was one of the rare cases in the Super Universe when the Source had to interfere with the course of Earth’s affairs to prevent further crimes of splitting the cores of human Monads. Atomic explosions, their use to kill people, ceased.

The bombing of Hiroshima destroyed the Light eons (White eons) – the worlds of manifestations of the Absolute and Co-Creators. It, too, was part of the Black Archons’ plan to seize power in the Local Universe.

The split of the White eons broke the integrity of its frame or load-bearing dimensions. As a result, they broke. The cracks and gaps began to increase, like a breach in flying airplanes or holes in a ship.

The Light eons began to disintegrate. The Absolute and the Co-Creators had to go to extreme measures. The growth of cracks was stopped and stabilized.

Before the final part of the operation in Japan, the Higher Light Hierarchs once again clarified its tasks. Namely:

  • Eliminate the remnants of the karmic consequences of the atomic bombings of 1945.
  • Redress the White eons’ wholeness.
  • Close radiation Portals in the epicenters of explosions.
  • Destroy the Black Archon of Radiation.
  • Restore integrity to the split human Monads.

Lightwarriors have eliminated in Hiroshima the Portal of the Black Archon. Through it, the Dark Hierarchy periodically pumped the extraterrestrial radiation substance of the Subtle Plane into the Earth. Including from worlds that are closed in the radiation quarantine.

The LFs’ ground team was unable to completely block the external radiation. As a protective screen Lightwarriors installed in the Portal of Hiroshima powerful Anti-Radiation mandala.

The decision was correct. Thanks to the mandala, the Portal began to process the radiation poured into it from the outside, rather than accumulate it. The mechanism will continue to work until the problem of extraterrestrial radioactive sources is solved.

Then the Lightwarriors began to revive the human Monads that had been split by the Black Archon of Radiation.

First, they separated large segments from their Monads and depersonalized them. Then they combined it into a single whole and filled it with the Love of their hearts. Thus, the prototype of future Monadic bodies was created.

The next stage of work took place in cooperation with the Co-Creators of the Local Universe. They introduced into the created Monadic prototype aspects of the Higher Selves of split Monads, which were preserved in the Creational Matrices of the corresponding Monadic flows.

Now it was necessary that these aspects of the Higher Selves, like eggs, ripen in the Monadic prototype, which was located inside the united dipole Monads of Lightwarriors.

This was the first experience in the history of the restoration of the destroyed human Monads in the interaction of earthlings and the Local Universe Co-Creators.

Reborn Monads were born pure, without karma. The Karma Lords decided to grant them full amnesty. At the same time, each Monad’s consciousness was restored.

After completing all the tasks planned in Hiroshima, the ground team boarded a train and went to Nagasaki.

The epicenter of the atomic explosion in Nagasaki was not comparable in energy to Hiroshima. There was no trace of negativity or radiation. As it turned out, this place was cleared by the work of Lightworriors in Hiroshima.

At the site of the atomic explosion in Nagasaki, the team completely closed the atomic Portal located there by the anti-Radiation mandala. Just in case, since the Portal didn’t work.

The Archons kept it as a backup for draining extraterrestrial radiation to Earth. But both – in Hiroshima and Nagasaki – the Portals were a combined structure linked by energy channels.

To restore the damaged Light eons, the ground team went in Kamakura.

Kamakura proved to be the perfect location for the operation. Here was a powerful and pure Source’s energy. The planned actions were carried out in the temple of Hase-Dera.

The Higher Light Hierarchs have already carried out preparatory work there. They created a closed energy chain – the Fuji-Kurama-Hase-Dera Power Triangle.

Lightwarriors, standing at the foot of the statue of Kanon (as the goddess Guan Yin is called in Japanese), pulled the damaged Light eons from the Subtle Plane to the Earth. Then the combined energy pulses were restored eons and cleared of karma through the Buddha-Guan Yin Dipole.

The work was so successful that it was decided to pull all the White eons to Earth. Then they were all reloaded in Pleroma.

It is gratifying that all this was conducted through the Earth. Our planet becomes the new Spiritual Pole of the Local Universe, a direct Pleroma’s projection. It is the first time that the planetary Logos has participated in such work.

Here, in Hase-Dera, the joint efforts brought another sensational result. Lightwarriors and Higher Light Hierarchy restored not only the human Monads from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


With the rebirth of the split Monads, the Black Archon of Radiation ceased to exist. From now on, on the causal plane, the atomic events of 1945 are erased from history. They no longer have a destructive influence on the Earth’s and the Local Universe’s evolution.

The planned program of the Operation in Japan was completed. The ground team had to put the last point in the operation. To do this, she flew to the Mariana Islands.

Once on the site of the current Mariana Trench was the highest Mount of the then Pacifide continent, which was inhabited by the Lemurians, the Third Race of Earth. Here was a powerful Light Portal – the Altar of Creation with the Gaia aspect.

Where is the Gaia Mount gone?

It was blown up by the first super-powerful nuclear explosion in the history of the planet. By the request of the Higher Dark Hierarchy, it was arranged by Yaltabaoth and the Black Archons.

They didn’t just want to destroy this mountain, the Altar of Creation, but to do it using the power of a split atomic nucleus. The technology was developed by Yaltabaoth and transferred through the Black and Gray Archons to the extraterrestrial civilizations involved in the plan implementation.

The Dark Hierarchs created the necessary enriched nuclear material. Some of it was brought to Earth from other planets, in particular, from Mars. A charge of colossal power (Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firecrackers in comparison) was laid at the base of Gaia Mount, the Peak of the Earth.

At the appointed moment, the nuclear charge was detonated. The consequences were disastrous. The planet has moved out of orbit. At the time of the explosion, Gaia, the Local Universe Co-Creators’ aspects, introduced to Earth for the life support, were captured.

By explosion, the Archons hoped to split the cores of the Co-Creators’ aspects. Fortunately, the attempt failed. The Higher Dark Hierarchy did not receive the desired super-energy, which was enough to destroy the Local Universe.

The Operation In Japan - Little Boy and Fatman Bombs

Little Boy and Fatman Bombs

The Operation In Japan

But Gaia’s planetary Abode was destroyed. The Co-Creators’ aspects were entrapped, and Gaia falls prisoner. The Earth Altar was zeroed. In its place, the deepest V-shaped depression appeared.

At the bottom, there was a huge goo, the AntiAbsolute’s and the Black Archon of Radiation’s aspects, and the Portal.

The Archons ignited the mechanism of the Local Universe karmic disintegration. The Radioactive era began, eventually leading to death…

Higher Light Hierarchs released Gaia and captured the Co-Creators’ aspects. They thwarted all the Black Archons’ plans. The LFs’ ground teams actively helped this with their operations. Disclosure News talks about many of them.

It remains to complete this story.

The Operation In Japan - Mount Sabana

Mount Sabana

The Operation In Japan

Sabana Mount is the highest in the Mariana Islands after the blown-up Gaia Abode. Climbing on top of it, Lightwarriors got ready for the final act of the ground operation.

Earlier, before their arrival on the Islands, the Higher Light Hierarchs placed a Crystal of Absolute Light on the Subtle plane next to the negative entities at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

After tuning in, the ground team members generated a powerful energy pulse on the Crystal core.

The explosion that broke out on the Subtle Plane was so powerful that almost shifted the tectonic plates. There has never been such a bright flash of Absolute Light in the Local Universe’s history. It was so intense, that melted Monads’ surface of those who participated remotely.

The matter near the epicenter split, fritted and turned into pure Light, which then froze in the Crystal form.

From goo, aspects of AntiAbsolute, Black Archon of Radiation rest only shadows, but not like in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If in 1945 there were dark shadows of people, then after the Absolute Super-Pulse there were shadows of Light.

Thus were destroyed two more threats to the Earth and the Local Universe.



The Operation In Japan


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