The Okingons Race

The Okingons Race

The Okingons Race, Breach Of Contract And Galactic Reintegration. By Gabriel RL.

About 55,000 years ago, a race called Okingons came from a star system near the star Beta Centauri, in the constellation Centaurus. Due to a war established in that system, part of that race, warriors with strong warlike energy, being cornered by another even more warlike race, left that Star System with their ships and traveled to our Solar System and, approaching Earth, they all decided to stay.

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Inner Earth - Artist Concept

Inner Earth – Artist Concept

The Okingons Race

They flew over the Planet and, especially in the area where they flew, were intimidated by another race already living on Earth that possessed great technological apparatus as well as warlike instincts.

A military confrontation took place in the area now known as Antarctica. It was a conflict that caused a large ships destruction of both the Okingons and the other race, also coming from outside the Earth and called Elealcos. The Elealcos race had come to Earth a little earlier from the Orion Star System, also fleeing a galactic war.

Thus, after that clash that destroyed many ships, the remaining Okingons entered the Inner Earth of the Planet and even there found some races already living there. They realized that there were already divisions and internal political contrasts, and this could eventually cause major conflicts in the future.

Already worn of battles, they isolated themselves in an area of ​​the Inner Earth where they had no contact with any other race, Outer or Inner. For a long time they remained isolated and, despite their instincts, they no longer used technology to attack the races already inhabiting the Earth.

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Instead, they used their high telepathic ability, persuasion and mastery of the mind to try to influence other beings to do their wills, to become virtually their robots. This breed has a great capacity for mental dominance (such as Professor Xavier of X-Man).

For a long time they had influenced many beings on the surface, although they did not wish to be recognized or engaged in direct conflicts, they did so by using other beings as their puppets, through mastery.

They set up a large laboratory in the region of the Inner Earth where they lived, and from there they performed their work, especially the mental domain of some “key” people on the surface.

They, the Okingons, were also contacted by the high command of the Ashoris3/Chimera group to manipulate, from their laboratory on the Inner Earth, the selected people minds to follow certain protocols. One such dominated mind was Adolf Hitler.

The Okingons, after a long time, began to finally feel the need to stop this, when they were contacted by a special allied group of the Ashtar Command, which is acting on the Terran Surface. This attempt of contact had already begun some time ago, but without success, because the Okingons kept silent and avoided any contact with other races, whether they were inhabitants of the Inner Earth, outside the Planet, and even more with the surface, ( because they considered the race of the surface extremely inferior and unworthy to be heard and/or to have any credit).

Milky Way Galaxy

Milky Way Galaxy

The Okingons Race

After some time and with insistence of this specific allied group of the Forces of Light on the surface, they yielded and opened “their doors” for a diplomatic meeting. This meeting happened recently in the Inner Earth, the main entrance for that area is located in the Philippines.

This race has a varied appearance with some individuals being similar to baboon monkeys with beige skin tone, others are darker, and others rosy. The leaders of this group of beings are more humanoid, smooth skin in pinkish tone. They also have the ability to breathe in water.

One of the spokesmen for this group of beings was sent to negotiate directly with the allies of the Ashtar Command on the Terran Surface. The Okingons spokeswoman, a female expression named Nalu-nianina took the message from her superior to the allied team of Ashtar Command. This meeting happened in a spiritual way a few days ago and a big deal was closed.

There was, therefore, the breach of contract of the Okingons with the group Ashoris3/Chimera, which led to a retaliation of this group against Ashtar Command’s allies on the surface, retaliation that was outweighed by the strength and determination of this group.

The Okingons were very happy, because they were able to leave their Inner Earth “prison”. They were reinstated into the Galactic Community and, of course, the people’s leaders were brought to hearings, where they would clarify some actions against humanity on the surface . The leaders were so happy with their integration into the Galactic Federation that, smiling, they said they would agree and bear whatever “penalty” was needed.

They pledged to help Humanity on Earth and the Galactic Confederation in the process of galaxy ascension because they were able to leave the prison where they were in the interior of the Earth.

Thus, the Forces of Light request at this time that all Lightworkers, allies of the Ashtar Command on the surface, unite in support of this Okingons Movement.

How? There are several Okingons representatives on the Terran Surface, and with this process of Race Reintegration in the Galactic Community, a wave of Special Energy was released on the surface and on the Etheric Plans in order to awaken these representatives.

Intensive Light through meditations to stop any attempt by the Ashoris3/Chimera group to continue to retaliate due to the loss of their contract with the Okingons.

Other negotiations with races in similar conditions that remain on Earth are occurring and Lightworkers are being called upon for this special work in support of these Movements.

The Forces of Light call upon all, especially the representatives of the Ashtar Command on the Terran Surface, to support 6 Special Diplomacy Projectors to act and assist directly in these Reintegration Movements of these races to the Galactic Community.

Each one of these Projectors have a specific function, but will generally ensure the necessary security when certain diplomatic meetings need to take place in order for certain contracts to be broken, contracts which will release some races still trapped by other races and will also accelerate their Galactic Reintegration process.

Summary of Galactic History The Galactic Wars

The Okingons Race

There are about 6,000 Okingons representatives incarnated on the Terran Surface and about 600 in areas of the lower astral of the Planet. The Galactic Confederation with the Ashtar Command Force, all PVSE Avatars and allied, all legion of Lightworkers are connected in this diplomatic work, and especially Ashtar Sheran, demand the least respect, collaboration and mutual support among all who represent the Forces of Light on the surface.

I, Gabriel RL, thank you for the opportunity to serve by bringing this information and trusting it to be reverberated and understood, thanks to the open heart of all Lightworkers committed to these Truths.


Gabriel RL

Unity Now!

Unity Now!

The Okingons Race

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