The New Galactic Year - Return Of The Karma Lords - Part 8-1

The New Galactic Year

Return Of The Karma Lords – Part 8-1

Return Of The Karma Lords – Part 8-1. By Lev.

On December 21, At 11.02 Central European Time (Cet), The New Galactic Year Began.

For the first time in thousands of years, a direct Galactic Ray from the Milky Way Center, not weakened by the 12 Spiritual Suns of the Earth, in its full power has reached and anchored in our planet’s core.

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The New Galactic Year - Direct Galactic Ray from the Milky Way Center

Direct Galactic Ray from the Milky Way Center

The New Galactic Year

The operations of the Co-Creators, Karma Lords, Higher Light Hierarchs, Ascended Masters, and all the ground teams of Lightwarriors and Lightworkers described in the DNI played a huge role in preparing for this epoch-making Event.

This Event was also greatly assisted by the participants of the collective meditation on December 21-22, 2020, whose number TRIPLED the minimum critical mass of 144,000 people (see DNI, Pleiades 1 Messages, December 22, 2020).

The flash of the renewed Galactic Sun, which carries the Source’s Primary Light to Earth, fanned out across all the petals of the Milky Way’s new structure. It, as well as other innovations, partially described in Battles For Earth, Part 5, Disclosure News, 10 December 2020.

For a while, the role of the temporary Galactic Ray, as New Pleroma-Earth Axis, stabilizers are paying people – the Lightwarriors’ ground teams. Their Subtle Bodies, as a collective Bio-Axis, support, synchronize and anchor the Ray to the Earth’s Core.

From October to December 2020, powerful ether high-frequency waves helped to adapt the planet and earthlings to receive the new Source’s energies. There is no longer any need for the step-down transformers that the 12 Spiritual Suns performed. Earth and humanity are upgraded to directly receive and absorb radiation from the Source.

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The New Galactic Year - Powerful Ether High-Frequency Waves Moved To Earth

Powerful Ether High-Frequency Waves Moved To Earth

The New Galactic Year

It once again confirmed the correctness of the Co-Creators’ decision to transfer the anchoring of the Galactic Ray in the Earth Heart from the Summer to the Winter Solstice. Then the earthmen weren’t ready to receive it.

Now the Source’s frequencies fill the entire 5D infrastructure of Co-Creators on our planet with powerful energy (see DNI, Nevic Grid Update, Pleiades 1, and GLOBAL CRYSTAL OPERATIONS, PARTS 1, 2, 3, Disclosure News, 29 September, and 1, 2 October 2020).

It means the end of the entire energy structure of the Archons and Dark Hierarchs on Earth. The beginning flow of new, unabated Source’s vibes will finally wipe out the Black 3D Matrix.

Light Forces dismantle and destroy it 24/7 on all levels – from underground to Quantum. They thwart all the Archons and Dark Hierarchs’ attempts to regain and hold their power, influence, infrastructure on Earth, lost positions in the Galaxy and the Solar System.

The last such attempt was the events of December 21-22, 2020 at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

The New Galactic Year - The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

The New Galactic Year

Among the energies’ properties of both planets in these days the two were decisive: of Saturn – the ability to raze, of Jupiter – to give processes cosmic power and scale.

Dark Forces not once used these properties of Saturn and Jupiter for their tactical and strategic purposes (see Battles For Earth, Part 5, Disclosure News, 10 December 2020). In the last days of December, they attempted to do it again.

This time there was only one goal: to disrupt the Galactic Ray anchoring to the Heart of the Earth at any cost. Block it by any means.

The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction was almost perfect for it.

Both planets have very strong energy. Both were aligned in a single axis with the Milky Way’s Central Sun to the Earth’s core.

There were two options. Or saturate the Ray with their destructive aspects and deal a devastating blow to all Light Forces and their structures on Earth. Or block the Galactic Ray so that it does not destroy them and the 3D Matrix they created.

For both purposes, the Archons needed to intercept the Ray from Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

Jupiter is the mainstay of all the Light Forces in the Solar System. Saturn has been transformed from a stronghold of the Dark Hierarchs into their karmic prison (see Return of The Karma Lords, Part 6, Disclosure News, 21 December 2020).

The Co-Creators, the High Light Hierarchy, its space fleets, and ground crews were well aware of the Archons’ plans and took proactive measures.

Additional LFs’ spaceships were pulled to Jupiter and Saturn, which were put on combat duty. Between the two planets was built a powerful energy shield to protect Jupiter from the Archons’ outer attacks. An additional protective sphere covered both planets.

These and other measures were not hidden in the hope that they would have a sobering effect on the Archons and their minions. It didn’t happen.

On December 21, the Black fleet based in Earth orbit, on surface and underground, attacked Jupiter. Their goal was to capture at least a few satellites of the planet (today discovered 79 of them).

The attack was supported by energy strikes from Saturn. Hits and stones’ blows from its rings bumped into the shield and flew off, sparking from the collisions between them.

They were unable to chine through the protective circuit, which was about 1.5 times Jupiter’s diameter.

It glowed with a golden light tinged with lemon. The golden shield began to spin clockwise to a tremendous speed. From its center came a white beam, directed at Saturn. Under its radiation it began to change color, becoming purple, then black.

The Archons tried to neutralize the beam, continued to break through Jupiter’s defenses. One of their ships managed to pass through the barrier. But it was immediately neutralized, driven into a Saturn stones ring, and blotted out.

As soon as other Archon ships approached the shield, they were destroyed into small fragments. Dark Forces burned and spread in dirty patches over the shell of the protective sphere, then were cast into the Sun, where were sucked in and annihilated.

The New Galactic Year - Archons' Fleet Attacks Jupiter

Archons’ Fleet Attacks Jupiter

The New Galactic Year

One of Saturn’s moons opened up like sliced watermelon, and Black Entities poured out of it.

They attacked the shield again but were immediately destroyed by Light Forces ships.

On the night of December 21-22, amid mass meditation by hundreds of thousands of earthlings, one could see on Earth a veritable glow of fiery messages that came in small rays that were woven into swirls of Light.

Reaching the middle of the Solar System, they merged into a huge single flamboyant wind, rushing towards Saturn and Jupiter.

The vortex was so dense and strong that it could blow Saturn out of orbit, which was rapidly approaching Jupiter. Sent from Earth, a powerful beam rammed the Saturn’s stone belt, began to destroy and scatter it so that sparks flew.

From the Milky Way’s Central Sun came out a shining white Ray that flooded the entire space between the two planets with Light. It rushed to Saturn in a powerful wave, enveloped Jupiter with Light.

The Galactic Ray first blocked the Black fleet’s attacks and then turned their ships into the garbage. A multi-dimensional Portal opened, sucked in the debris, and closed again.

The New Galactic Year - Multi-Dimensional Portal Sucking The Archons Fleet's Debris

Multi-Dimensional Portal Sucking The Archons Fleet’s Debris

The New Galactic Year

After that, the stream of Light, merging with the rays coming from the people who participated in this event with their Subtle Bodies and meditation, rushed to the Earth.

Upon reaching the planet, the stream split into iridescent parts, which penetrated the planet’s Heart as powerful red Light at first. Then changed to orange, yellow, and green.

It covered the entire Earth and added emerald shades. Red, orange, and yellow streams began to squeeze out all the negative and karmic dirt from the planet and dump it on the Cosmic Bottom.

A Galactic Ray pierced through the planet, coming out of the Earth from all sides and flooding the Solar System with bright Light. Dark Forces began to panic, some of their ships tried in vain to leave…

Azure, blue and purple waves spread out in the Sky, and the Earth, as if washed by fresh rain, shone.

The New Galactic Year - Shining Earth on 22 December 2020

Shining Earth on 22 December 2020

The New Galactic Year

At this time, Jupiter, huge and calm, began to move away from Saturn. The distance between them widened.

White Light poured out of the Pleroma, merging with the Galactic Ray, and energy streams from Earth, enveloped Saturn. It penetrated deep inside the planet. Saturn became sanguineous, and through the blackness oozed out the purple spots.

Saturn tried to maintain its density. The crimson spots began to pulse and spurt out many dull sparks. It was human souls that were immediately picked up by streams of white Light and carried to Earth.

Saturn was reluctant to give them away. Some souls were rushing back and forth. Then a glowing nebula picked them up and carried them toward their terrestrial home. Our planet brightened, became transparent and light.

But these were not all the events of these days.



The New Galactic Year

Return Of The Karma Lords – Part 8-1

(To be continued)

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Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 – The Great Quantum Transition

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