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The New Galactic Spin: Greater Source Light!

The New Galactic Spin: Greater Source Light!

The New Galactic Spin: Greater Source Light! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

On April 1, 2020, the Milky Way Galaxy (which includes Earth/Gaia) begins a new “Galactic Spin” which it does approximately every 260 days according to both ancient and modern scientific research.

This new spinning on the galactic axis causes a reception of powerful SOURCE LIGHT which clears and cleanses and gives greater illumination to this aspect of the cosmos.

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What essentially occurs is that all of the energetics which comprise the galaxy (which are the same that comprise us too) such as various chemical components in atoms, subatomic particles, molecules, and the very star dust (see earlier article on this) of creation receive faster and higher frequencies.

In other words, “spiritual technology” (the galaxy’s components) gets an upgrade, and so do we. This “upgrade” may be felt for several weeks in the form of increased fatigue, more rapid heart rhythms, some aches and pains in joints, and heat surges.

The New Galactic Spin

The New Galactic Spin

Thus, everything is spinning faster. As a metaphor, think of someone jogging fast down neighborhood streets or running down a sports track (perhaps even jumping over hurdles).

At the end of the run, the person is tired, breathes faster, and is hot and may even sweat.

However, this is excellent training for him or her because the physical vessel becomes stronger. However, we do not have to be a sports enthusiast in order to receive high-powered energy and to be healthier.

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The New Galactic Spin - Galactic Waves

Galactic Waves

The New Galactic Spin

We are being made healthier by the increased SOURCE LIGHT during the new galactic spinning, and this strengthens our immune system. Of course, daily exercise in whatever form an individual chooses is superb–it may be Yoga, Tai Chi, a form of Martial Arts, walking, swimming, golf, tennis, etc.–anything that strengthens all of the systems of the body temple: cardiovascular, central nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system, sympathetic nervous system, autonomic nervous system, digestive, lymphatic, reproductive, etc.

SOURCE LIGHT, however, is giving us our “spiritual upgrades” continually and especially at the times of new galactic spins regardless of the type of exercise we engage in daily.

Even meditation is “spiritual technology” because our consciousness connects with the super-consciousness of the Higher Self (the Soul)–the Divine within us–and we receive messages in whatever form SOURCE chooses for us to receive them: via clair-audience, clair-sentience, clair-voyance, etc.

It may come in a night dream. It may come as a strange intuitive sensation while we are awake and not in meditation. We might be having, for example, a meal with a friend and suddenly receive a “download” of revelation.

The New Galactic Spin - Energy of Collective Consciousness

Energy of Collective Consciousness

The New Galactic Spin

The era of “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) is gradually coming to closure, and the New Golden Age of “Sattva Yuga” (“Age of Peace”) which is also known as “Krita Yuga” (“Age of Purity”) is coming down the birth canal.

This is why so much political confusion, sociological discord, religious turmoil, etc. is rising up. There is imbalance everywhere, but this must occur before balance occurs. Infections must come up and out before healing happens.

The new galactic spin, orchestrated by SOURCE, is a sacred healing balm. It is soothing. Relax, and receive the greater illumination.

Know that any uncomfortable symptoms are activations which are clearing, cleansing, and giving eventual greater LIGHT.

In coming days, Earth/Gaia may increase in vibrational frequency as the “Energy of Collective Consciousness” (ECC) levels-up during the galactic spin.

Therefore, the “Power” levels will elevate as signs of higher and faster movement thru the cosmos as Earth/Gaia rides upon the galaxy as it soars further thru the multi-verse.

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