The New Flavors of the Universe

The New Flavors of the Universe – Archangel Gabriel

The New Flavors of the Universe – Archangel Gabriel. By Gabriel RL.

Dear, how many times have you experienced repetitive cycles in your life, in a way that you are always in it, in a seemingly endless cycle of pain and disappointment?

Know, you don’t have to be constantly experimenting the same. The same thing that always brings you a bad feeling.

The point here is that you have long been attached to these situations that happen to you. They cling to you to always enable these manifestations around.

You cling to pain, to sadness, to grief, to the feeling of being unable or helpless with something, of not having loved enough, of remorse…

A series of feelings that only move that strength and brings you back into a cycle of repetitive, seemingly endless experiences.

Let me tell you: start experiencing everything lightly, even the things you consider good in your life.

Try not to cling so that a natural flow can happen, and you can move on to the next movement without attachment.

Of course, all human beings desire to always experience the best, but I tell you that for this, it is necessary simply to remain in a loving flow of “non-attachment,” so that all repetitive cyclic movements of everything that is not the purest Love will disintegrate in the energy of that flow.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

The New Flavors of the Universe

Try a sweet. If you like it, savor it. Feel the taste with all your soul of that moment and then just let it go.

Do not allow your mind to become repetitive with something like “I need to urgently eat that candy again, otherwise I do not know what will be“.

Of course this may be an exaggerated explanation, but I know you understand it, deeply. It doesn’t matter what you try, dear angel, it matters that you simply live every moment of your life in fullness.

This is what we desire for you, and that is why we always emphasize the need to stay in a loving flow of experiences.

Live every moment of your life in fullness

Live every moment of your life in fullness

The New Flavors of the Universe

Eternal Now

Eternal Now

The New Flavors of the Universe

You have experienced many things in your life, certainly. You have fond memories of some, and not so good of others.

What if you simply unify everything in your heart, in the constant NOW, incorporating the full consciousness of the ETERNAL NOW?

Thus, you break the cycle of things that you consider bad, and advance to new kinds of higher experiences, which will always honor your highest state of being. You will never again experience, dear ones, the same experiences as they were in the foregoing.

Without attachment it is enough to have them as part of the Universe, whether they are bad or good, just let them be in the same loveing soup.

And you will find yourself in a full and unified happiness.

The point here, dear, is not to stop eating a tasty sweet or a delicious salty pie, but to eat and simply open up to new flavors, being completely open to all experiences.

When you cling to something, something you consider good or something that you consider bad, simply, you are blocking more experiences from reaching you, thereby preventing an infinite stream of experiences that will always be available for your expansion.

Remember, you are God the Father/Mother experiencing. Do not limit yourself.

You are unlimited! Think about it!

You are very loved!


Gabriel RL: Thank you, my beloved Archangel!

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