The Molecular Spin! - Dr Schavi

The Molecular Spin!

The Molecular Spin! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

Approximately every 24,000 years, the galaxy (“Milky Way”) of which Earth/Gaia is a part begins traveling through the evolutionary, transformative gateway known as the “Photon Belt” (also called “Alcyone”), and it takes 2,000 years to traverse each vortex of its twelve vortices.

This has occurred countless times in previous space/time continuums, and this has been recorded in ancient texts and on temple walls by ancient civilizations who were highly attuned to spiritual phenomena which often eludes modern-day humanity.

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The Molecular Spin! - Alcyone


The Molecular Spin!

As the galaxy travels, each planet receives increased LIGHT and is given a faster spin.

Let us consider a very simple metaphor. Think of the typical washing machine.

The wash cycle slowly cleanses our laundry, and then after a while, the rinse cycle begins, and spinning increases in its speed and then finally stops whereby we can then place our clean laundry into the dryer.

Similarly, the galaxy is being “laundered” and given amazing amounts of LIGHT while at the same time, it is being elevated higher during its “laundering”.

Being a living being, Earth/Gaia has molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles, etc. just as all of creation upon “Her” does.

The molecules are spinning faster during the trip through the “Photon Belt” and so do those of the human physical vessel.

Our “spin cycle” is assisting in the change from carbon structure to crystalline formation like carbon becomes diamond after millions of years of heat and pressure within the depths of Earth/Gaia.

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The Molecular Spin! - Cosmic Activation

Cosmic Activation

The Molecular Spin!

This ongoing process accounts for the numerous “Light Activation Symptoms” which are being experienced even when solar flares are weak to non-existent and when solar winds are low and when neuron counts are low and when coronal mass ejections are mere flittering energy sparkles on the Sun rather than massive soaring-out plasma waves.

Thus, when people check the readings of various space weather reports and find that conditions are rated as being “calm”, and yet, they are having uncomfortable physiological, emotional, or mental experiences, they wonder why and may worry if something is imbalanced or wrong within them which may need traditional “3D” medical attention.

This is why knowledge of what is actually happening needs to be obtained.

In ancient temples, students were expected to achieve both intellectual understanding as well as spiritual profundity, and thus, the first “Spiritual Science” was developed.

In the “Hetu” (“temples”) of ancient Kemet, we find that the students were taught by seven types of “Sebu” (“Teachers”):

1.) “Mystery Teachers of Heaven” (instructors in the sacred sciences),

2.) “Mystery Teachers of All Lands” (science of the monuments),

3.) “Mystery Teachers of the Depths” (minerals, mining, nature, soil, etc.)

4.) “Mystery Teachers of the Sacred Word” (philosophers, metaphysicians, teachers of the holy books),

5.) “Mystery Teachers of the Sacred Language” (instructors in Medu Neter, [“Sacred Speech’] grammarians, how to correctly be a scribe),

6.) “Mystery Teachers of Royalty” (advisors to royalty), and

7.) “Mystery Teachers Who Examine Words” (judges, lawyers).

Students who demonstrated worthiness after years of rigorous study and testing achieved three degrees over a long time period:

1.) “Sia Tememu” (“Divine Wisdom of the Mortals”),

2.) “Sia Sekhemu” (“Divine Wisdom of the Masters”), and

3.) “Sa Ra” (“Son of LIGHT” for a male) or “Sat Ra” (“Daughter of LIGHT” for a female).

The curriculum of the temples was known as “Kem Sesasta” which translates as “Potent Mysteries”.

The Molecular Spin! - Spiritual Science

Spiritual Science

The Molecular Spin!

The Molecular Spin! - Sacred Science

Sacred Science

The Molecular Spin!

As can be gleaned, knowledge of both the material realm and the cosmic realm were sacred.

From this system came the study of the “Petu” (“Heavens”) and of “Geb” (“Earth”) and of “Aten” (“Solar Disk”) and how the “Ankh” (“Immortal Life”) of the “Khab” (“Physical Body”) could be achieved along with the already immortal “Ka” (“Spirit”) and “Ba” (“Soul”).

The “Kemetu” (people of Kemet) traced their heritage to the star system “Sepdet” which is commonly known as “Sirius”.

The famous Grecian, Plato, who studied in Kemet, once asked his “Kheri-Heb/Sebu” (“Teacher/Priest”) how old the civilization of Kemet was because he was astounded at their accomplishments.

The answer he received was: “We are so old that the Sun has twice risen where it now sets and has twice set where it now rises.” (recorded by Dr. Albert Churchward in PRIMORDIAL MAN, page 9).

This statement is quite a testimony to the advanced cosmic knowledge of the Kemetu, who, like their Vedic relatives, seemed capable of numbering the stars in the heavens and taught of the various “Yugas” or “Ages” of space/time and the characteristics of each.

It seems perhaps unbelievable by many of ego-centric modern-day humanity that as early as 83,000 B.C.E., the foundations of the ancient world were already laid and that they governed themselves by TRUTH, JUSTICE, BALANCE, HARMONY, and RIGHTEOUSNESS which were called “THE LAWS OF MAAT”.

The Molecular Spin! - Maat


The Molecular Spin!

They taught that the celestial and the terrestrial worlds intermingled and that there were “Five States of Reality” which were:

1.) “The Sacred” (eternal SOURCE),

2.) “The Cosmos” (multi-versal laws seen in the dynamics of Nature),

3.) “The Government” ( which administered affairs based upon “MAAT”),

4.) “The Society” (collective citizenry whose needs were considered seriously when making laws), and

5.) “The Human Being” (who was created by SOURCE with two polarities: the physical and the psychic—the physical consists of the five senses, and the psychic consists of the superconscious mind or the Higher Self which is also the Soul.

It would do current humanity much good to reach back to ancestral wisdom in order to move forward.

Earth/Gaia or “Geb” has been traveling throughout the cosmos for countless eons that humanity cannot truly calculate—only summations can be given based upon ancient manuscripts and writings on temple walls as earlier mentioned.

Our ancestors knew that they were both “Galactic Citizens” and “Cosmic Citizens”.

In ANCIENT EGYPT: LIGHT OF THE WORLD, Dr. Gerald Massey states that many of the personalities that the average person thinks were actual living human beings were stars calculated in the cosmos by ancient astronomers: “From the records left to us by Herodotus, we know that the Kemetu computed and registered the stars. To them, Seth was a star 912 years old; Enoch was 905; Kenin was 910; Jared was 962; and Methuselah was 969.

The name “Adam”, the entity said to have lived 930 years is from the Hebrew word ‘adoumah’ which means ‘child of black clay’.”

Was this perhaps a black hole among the stars mentioned that the ancients were referring to based upon their knowledge of the creations of SOURCE?

We do indeed know that it also refers to the skin coloration of the original inhabitants of Kemet and that this is why they painted themselves with this coloration on walls and in statues.

It was considered as the color of sacredness out of which new life comes forth like dawn from the night sky or a pearl from an oyster or like a baby from its mother’s womb.

Light comes from darkness, and therefore, not all that is called “dark” should be thought of as a bad thing.

Modern mankind thinks that it knows much; however, when a person humbles himself or herself and is willing to realize that ancient records attest to far more advanced cultures, then greater knowledge will be revealed.

All major holy books speak of this.

The Molecular Spin! - Feather of Maat

Feather of Maat

The Molecular Spin!

For example, we find the following verse in the HOLY QU’RAN: “God will increase the guidance of the already guided” (Chapter xix, page 123, translation by J.M. Rodwell).

The APOCRYPHA states that a time is coming when: “Truth, which for so long has been without fruit, shall be made manifest.”

We are at the “crowning” of a New Golden Age spoken of many times.

The Molecular Spin! - New Golden Age

New Golden Age

The Molecular Spin!

Earth/Gaia is spinning faster and moving higher and beaming brighter without flares, winds, or plasma waves.

SOURCE is spinning our precious planet’s molecules as well as our own.

Sometimes we feel the “Spin” as heat surges accompanied by sweating.

We hear the “Voice” of the ethereal realms and other dimensions as ringing in our ears.

Many are sometimes fatigued, aching, and anxious. Appetite sometimes eludes us.

However, we are often very thirsty for water because the movement through the “Photon Belt” can cause dehydration, and we must replace the water which is the most prevalent element within us.

We must remember the sacred principle that: “The Spirit moves upon the face of the waters.”

We must be patient with this process of transformation.

We are beginning to realize what our ancestors always knew—that our DNA is long and strong.

We are the manifold works of an Infinite Presence.

We are performing a dance called “The Molecular Spin” as we move upon the “Cosmic Stage”.

As we “spin”, we receive more LIGHT.

As we receive more LIGHT, we activate our “God Cell”, also known as the “God Particle”, situated between the right and left hemispheres of our brain.

As we continue to “spin”, mysteries long hidden in our molecules are being revealed as our atoms and all other particles of what is described as being “human” are made crystal bright!

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Staying In The Light! – Dr Schavi

Staying In The Light! – Dr Schavi

Many people believe in ignoring these happenings and say that focusing on them continues to allow them to occur. Instead, from my study of numerous scriptures, when we ignore disharmony, it continues to “play its ugly tunes” because a door has been opened via ignoring it for it to plunge into the collective experience.

The Coming Stellium And Its Potential – Dr Schavi

The Coming Stellium And Its Potential – Dr Schavi

Whenever three or more major planets are in the same sign, this is known as a “stellium”. Tonight, Tuesday, May 24th, 2022, the Moon will move into Tropical Aries ( at 5:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time), and Mars will join it in Aries at 7:17 PM (Eastern Daylight Time).

Global Consciousness Connection To The Divine Realms! – Dr Schavi

Global Consciousness Connection To The Divine Realms! – Dr Schavi

It is no secret that LIGHT has been intense in its various ways of soaring throughout our solar system and into our planet Earth/Gaia. For many weeks, solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, and more have been at heightened levels. LIGHT is also pouring forth from the Black Hole situated at “Sagittarius A” at the center of our galaxy.

Cosmic Update 22 May 2022 – Non-Stop High Energy – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 22 May 2022 – Non-Stop High Energy – Dr Schavi

Our planet is being given a continuing ride upwards in vibrational frequency and amplitude, dosed with greater LIGHT, and its magnetics are receiving increased energy from the Great Central Sun, the Photon Belt, the Black Hole surging with LIGHT at the center of our galaxy, our specific Sun, and more. A higher percentage of humanity is experiencing these energetics in numerous physiological, emotional, and mental ways. This is all the “new normal” as creation’s DNA—people, plants, animals—is transformed as LIGHT is increased.

High Neutron Counts – Saturday Update – May 21 2022 – Dr Schavi

High Neutron Counts – Saturday Update – May 21 2022 – Dr Schavi

This report is an addendum to the weekend update published on yesterday, Friday, May 20, 2022 and is of extreme importance. It used to be the case that when solar flares and solar winds were high (at this moment Earth/Gaia is inside of a high stream of solar wind), they swept away cosmic rays (also referred to as “neutron counts”) which come from outside of our solar system which can be further challenges to our planet’s inner core and outer field—particularly pummeling into the magnetosphere.

Specific Weekend Energy Report – Dr Schavi

Specific Weekend Energy Report – Dr Schavi

The word “Satsangha” is Sanskrit and translates into English as “To Sit Down with Wisdom”. In ancient times, Vedic teachers (“Rishis”) often sat down with their temple students in forest areas to give them great teachings. We are being given major teachings this weekend by a “Satsangha” of solar intensity. At 0745 Universal Time (UT) or 2:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on Friday, May 20th, our Sun exploded with an “M.3” solar flare, and at 0824 (UT) or 3:24 AM (EDT) a “C.5” exploded.

Major Vital Cosmic Update! – 19 May 2022 – Dr Schavi

Major Vital Cosmic Update! – 19 May 2022 – Dr Schavi

At 0719 Universal Time (2:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time), an extremely powerful “M.5-Class” solar flare blasted from our Sun. Shortly after, at 1009 Universal Time (5:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time) an “M.1-Class” flare exploded. Sunspot numbered AR3014 which is directly facing our planet has a beta gamma delta magnetic field for “X-Class” flares.

Cosmic Update 18 May 2022 – Very High-Powered Energy – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 18 May 2022 – Very High-Powered Energy – Dr Schavi

In the past 24 hours sunspot numbered “AR3014” has doubled in size and has a beta gamma magnetic field for very strong “M-Class” solar flares which could become almost “X-Class” in strength if not actually being “X-Class” upon arrival. At 0824 Universal Time (3:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time), only a “C.2” flare occurred, but stronger flares are building as indicated. Solar winds are chaotically moving at over 500 km/s.

Let’s Get Pleiades! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Let’s Get Pleiades! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

I borrow the famous singer’s lyrics as an honoring of the discussion of what is occurring with the Pleiades star system. So, “Let’s Get Pleiades!” Each year in mid-May, our solar system and our planet Earth/Gaia come very close to the Pleiades star system which is about 444 light years from us but the closest of the star systems to us—a cluster of brightly shining stars, the brightest of which is Alcyone which itself a system of stars in the constellation of Taurus.

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