The Matrix Of The Absolute - New Galactic Ops Part 9-2

The Matrix Of The Absolute

New Galactic Ops Part 9-2 – March 2021

The Great Quantum Transition

The Matrix Of The Absolute. By Lev.

In its daily operations on Earth and near-Earth space, the Galactic Committee makes extensive use of the Quasitron, regulating important aspects of the transition from 3D to 5D.

What is it?

Our planet has many energy fields. One of the main ones is the circular vacuum around the Earth.

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Earth’s Circular Vacuum

The Matrix Of The Absolute

Not every planet has such a field. Only cosmic bodies carrying life in the Super Universe are endowed with it. Our Earth is one of them.

A circular vacuum field is above the ozone layer, covering a large space. It is located only in the equatorial part of the planet.

What is its purpose?

Galacom uses it to create energy plasma, saturating it with information, timing programs, and some additional fields for Earth’s transition to the 5D.

In the field of the circular vacuum, the Higher Light Hierarchs form the 5D Matrix and the rudiments of its matter in the form of plasma, which is then sent to the Quasitron for further transformation.

The Quasitron (or Gravitatron) is a global energy complex, built by the Co-Creators, includes the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic, the Devil’s Sea in the Pacific Ocean, and several dozen auxiliary crystals.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Dragon Triangle
Dragon Triangle

The Matrix Of The Absolute

The Devil’s Sea (or the Dragon’s Triangle) is the area where all the 3D energy planes of our planet converge.

Plasma sent by Co-Creators to this location merges into a single stream and enters the Bermuda Triangle.

From there, the plasma is redirected into the planet’s core and exits as energy in the Mediterranean Sea. It then enters through the Egyptian pyramids of Giza into one of the 4D layers of the atmosphere.

DNit Telegram Channel

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle

The Matrix Of The Absolute

There, in 4-dimensional space, Co-Creators transform energy into 5D matter. Firstly, as habitat for plants and then – of animals and humans.

Galacom uses another function of the Mediterranean Sea, which is very important for the Earth and humanity.

The Mediterranean is a spheroidal point of the planet. A spheroid is an energy formation that sucks into itself psychic, negative energy – chyrons (Evil particles) emitted by people.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Giza Pyramids
Giza Pyramids

The Matrix Of The Absolute

From this energy, Pleiadians form a spheres into which they accumulate clots of negativity. By moving these spheres through all energy channels of the planet, Pleiadians collect all harmful emanations into balls like a vacuum cleaners.

Then they accumulate these orbs first in the spheroidal point of the planet and then direct them from the Earth to different parts of the Galaxy and Local Universe.

Pleiadians also bring out spheroids through geopathogenic zones, where they are often observed by people. Those with clairvoyance can also see spheroids over large crowds of people. These are train stations, airports, markets, and big cities – megalopolises.

Here too, negative energy is formed into orbs, then, Pleiadians use the planet’s relocation channels to send them to the spheroidal point, picking up anything suitable by vibrations along the way. The same suction sweepers are used to clean the soil and water.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Spheroids

The Matrix Of The Absolute

Before the spheroid is evacuated from the planet, all the dirt absorbed into them is destroyed in the planet’s interior. Only then the orbs with the remaining primordial energy are transported by Pleiadians into space.

There is a part where Galacom gathers all the spheroids from all the planets. The energy they carry is used to create new kinds of matter capable of carrying life.

On March 25, 2021, the Sirius cosmic squadron deployed two large spaceships in near-Earth orbit to continue building the new Earth’s 5D hologram and Matrix.

They do this work employing power units aboard ships and a quantum spectrum converter on the Subtle Plane in 4D. Its scheme and description of its operation are given below.

By their force fields, the spaceships rock the quantum field of the Matrix. Using the amplitude they create, Siriusians form blocks of new intelligent energy from plasma for 5D.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Quantum Converter
Quantum Converter

The Matrix Of The Absolute

Siriusians process these blocks in the quantum converter by several energies which are charged with target programs. Namely:

White and blue BLISCORY, builds mental capacity and contains the full range of necessary information;

Blue FIRSCO, cleanses and stabilizes people’s mental development;

Purple GRASIMO, synthesizes intelligent plasma, neutralizes side effects, and removes unnecessary knowledge.

SFARGO, a lemon-yellow color, cleanses matter from outdated intelligence and facilitates adaptation to the new 5D space;

FEARO, light green, forces the new thought processes.

Thus, Siriusians help to form a new consciousness for life in the 5D.

At the same time, Galacom is active, at a breakneck pace, constructing five-dimensional space on all levels of Earth. Sirius ships are also using the above-mentioned quantum converter for this purpose.

They pump MIRO energy, crimson with gold, into the upper atmosphere to condition, purify and sort plasma. With the aid of MIRO, Siriusians unlock parallel dimensions. Small doses of this energy stimulate plant growth and natural selection in the animal world.

Siriusians use the red energy ERMA to build the 5D Matrix, its power structures, and matter; and the red-pink energy ERLAGO to form the planet’s new info field.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Erma Energy
Erma Energy

The Matrix Of The Absolute

​The figure of the quantum converter (see above) shows two vertical platforms.

By utilizing the right platform with KAROS energy, dark purple, Siriusians compact particles, and clear space for new formations.

Through the left platform with GLEMAR energy, light lilac with a pink hue, Siriusians build new 5D structures and cleanse the informational energy flowing into them.

Two platforms are connected by a channel of GRICADO energy, dark blue, forming life support systems for the planet in 5D.

With a quantum converter, Galacom cleanses the 3D plasma energy of duality and directs it into the transitional space of the 4D.

The channel that comes out on the left broadcasts the following energies and programs:

FUARO, yellow with a brown tint, promotes the nucleation of new matter in the 5D;

FERMO, scarlet, forms a 5D matrix with new programs for information fields and human consciousness;

GRASIMO, purple, synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, and removes impurities of unnecessary knowledge;

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Grasimo Energy
Grasimo Energy

The Matrix Of The Absolute

FEASK, green, stabilizes intelligent plasma processes, pulses and fluctuations of magnetic fields, and climate;

FIRSCO, blue, purifies and strengthens people’s mental development;

KEGIFOR, light emerald, changes the properties of matter for the 5D;

BLISCO, blue and silver, lays the intelligence and thought process development program in the 5D hologram;

ERMAGO energy, light green with a bright blue hue and an admixture of crimson and silver, rebuilds the human brain and its energy fields. From this energy, Siriusians make a fractal in the form of a spiral of left-handed rotation.

The channel coming out on the right emits the following energies and programs:

SFAS, yellow, helps the adaptation of the 5D and its wave pulses;

BLEIK, light brown (light beige), recycles particles of Earth’s vapors to create ERMA red energy;

LEKAS, dark orange, reinforces temporary programs for the formation of new matter;

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Lekas Energy
Lekas Energy

The Matrix Of The Absolute

FARMS, blue (ultramarine), develops intellect to new programs and higher levels of consciousness;

SFARGO, yellow and lemon, cleanses matter from outdated intelligence and helps adapt to the 5D;

FEARO, light green (lettuce), forms new thought patterns.

From quantum clots of red energy ERMA Siriusians make a fractal which creates Matrix, energy structure, and matter 5D. This fractal has a right side rotation. It is loaded with programs of the following energies and actions:

FEARO forms the thought processes of a new, higher level;

ERGINO, bright green, awakens and develops the life forces of matter. It accelerates the fluctuations of magnetic fields, aligns the energy of the planet, and provides a certain climate and operation of the hologram.

On the background of ASTRO white energy (the middle of the picture), the pulses of three-dimensional platforms are changing. KAROS energy, dark purple, compacts particles and clears space for new formations. The cones carrying 3D energy transform into cones of 5D energy.

4D fractals are created from clots of quantum energy.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - 4D Fractal
4D Fractal

The Matrix Of The Absolute

GRISPO, blue-azure color energy, forms an environment that facilitates the cleansing and changing of the dimensionality of space.

FIADO, blue energy, stabilizes people’s mental development, and by power’s pulses reinforce Solaris’ 3D/4D resistance (on Solaris, see – Matrix Of The Absolute – New Galactic Ops Part 9-1, Disclosure News, March 28, 2021).

Cones of ERFAGON energy, red with silver sparks, change the frequencies of the sound pulses.

Vectors of the platforms separated by ERFAGON energy have the following filling (lower part of the pic, from left to right, from the lower level to the upper one):

On the bottom left is BLIKGOR, the gray-blue energy of the air layers’ magnetic interaction;

BLISCO, soft blue with silver, lays the program of intelligence and thought process development in the hologram;

ASTRO, white, forms intelligent plasma, saturates it with necessary information;

GLEZIS, lilac-colored, compacts intelligent l-gamma particles in space and folds them into energy structures.

Further down in the center is GRASIMO, purple, synthesizes plasma, and neutralizes side effects, removes impurities of unnecessary cognition;

ASTRO, white energy, creates intelligent plasma;

SLAGO, pink, forms the information field of space;

KEGINO, green color, changes the structure and development of matter through magnetic media with the introduction of KEGIFOR, light-emerald energy that transforms properties of matter.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Kegino Energy
Kegino Energy

The Matrix Of The Absolute

Next on the bottom right is GLASIR, light lilac energy that collects free intelligent l-gamma particles in the planet’s space;

LIBRO, gray-silver, performs the interaction of magnetic fields;

BIGS, gray ash color, changes the overall state of space and opens portals to the inner worlds of the planet;

GRASIS, violet-cream energy, removes residual phenomena with changes in development programs of planetary structures and human consciousness.

This is how the Galactic Committee and friendly cosmic races are laying the foundation of the six-dimensional hologram on our planet and creating fractals of 5D space, and its matter.

As a construction site for the new Matrix of the Absolute on Earth, Galacom is now actively using the transitional 4D which is intensively loaded with new Matrix codes and programs.

They are brought to Earth by the etheric stream. It consists of codes that contain fragments of data.

In the process of grouping into segments, these fragments become denser and are dosed as information for upgrading our consciousness to the 4D level.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - 4D Consciousness
4D Consciousness

The Matrix Of The Absolute

An example would be any electronic photograph containing pixels. Individually they are disparate elements, but when assembled they acquire a density of information in the form of an image. 4D Matrix codes similarly contain structurally compacted etheric information inside them.

Now, as the inner and outer 4D and human 4D space densifies and stabilizes, these elements are rebuilding the whole old 3D Matrix around them into a new one.

At present, there is a strengthening of the 4D, its saturation with four-dimensional Matrix codes. When 100% repletion is achieved, a new layer of 4D reality will be fully launched.

This is helped by the growing number of people who have a 4D consciousness, who have the necessary vibrations of their Subtle Body, and an expanded frequency of consciousness vibes.

It happens when we consciously and unconsciously shift our attention from the material needs of survival to the spiritual development of our Soul.

This is how a highly vibrational etheric energy flow directed in us by the Higher Light Hierarchy manifests itself. And because of it begins the restructuring of our entire body and consciousness, synchronizing with the new 4D space.
4D itself will dictate to us the compulsory and constant development of our Soul. Therefore, many of us will have to turn out all the mossy and unsuitable, to be inoculated with Spirituality, and to bring up the new and unexplored in ourselves on the way to the Source.

Everyone who has entered the 4D Matrix, under the influence of high etheric fields, involuntarily attracts in his body the 4D Light codes at the cellular level and in the DNA chain, and the Light Body is formed. It is a protective light shield for the mental field – the biofield.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Light Codes
Light Codes

The Matrix Of The Absolute

Many have symptoms of the nascent Light Body in the form of the Subtle Body’s throbbing around the legs in the evening after a hard day’s work.

Our real clothes in the new world will be dress of Light – the Light Body and the open heart.

The need to change into Light clothing is required by the new vibrational conditions of the Solar System and the Earth’s Matrix.

New spiritual configurations of habitat on Earth will push us further, toward the 5th dimension.

Whoever has time to change marcescible clothes into Light, as if born again, has a chance to get closer to the Source and not be washed away from the surface of the planet.

Recently many people have discovered the phenomenon of clairaudience (clear hearing), i.e. the ability to hear the information of the Subtle Planes. That is the ability to hear info from the higher dimensions that go beyond the boundaries of ordinary human perception.

With clear hearing, people began to perceive the music of upper spheres, the music of high frequencies.

It’s not just a squeak. Or rather, it’s not a squeak. It is a subtle melodic sound, a beautiful high-frequency chorus of new energies. It could be called cosmic theta healing.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Music Of The Universe
Music Of The Universe

The Matrix Of The Absolute

In previous years, some heard these sounds occasionally, but they stopped after a while. And since the end of December 2020, many already hear the gentle sound of the “ringing emptiness” all the time, 24/7. Day and dark. Sometimes the volume is added, sometimes it’s muted.

And it feels different. Not what it used to be.

Some compare this sound to high-pitched bells or pipe bells. For others, it’s string music playing outside. For some, it sounds like the sound of a television set, for others it is a stereo ringing in their ears from right to left and back, and for others, it sounds like birds of paradise outside the window.

It’s different for everyone.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - String Sounding Spheres
String Sounding Spheres

The Matrix Of The Absolute

Earlier in Christianity, this phenomenon was called the singing of angels. However, not many people were able to hear the music of the higher spheres. Now even children are discovering this ability.

Why is it happening now?

Source Spirit is coming to Earth with increasing quantum waves. We are returning to Life.

We all know that the Universe is like Russian Dolls, with one layer within another in descending (or ascending, whichever one prefers) order.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - On The Principle Of Russian Dolls
On The Principle Of Russian Dolls

The Matrix Of The Absolute

The emptiness that gives birth to it is the cosmic thought base from which our consciousness originates. There is no source of Spirit, it is the Source Itself. It is the Spirit of All, the Creator of All.

This is both what creates and what is created from. Primary state before, during, and after construction; and after the decomposition of the world into primary elements. It is not born, but it gives birth. It is a thought that is diffused in every particle of being.

All the layers of the Universe come out of It. That is, all of them are CREATED. Except for the very first. Which is not born, but isolated, manifested. These are different processes.

They call the highlighted sphere the Eternal Light, the Highest Intelligence, the Reference Harmonious Thinking, the Truth. It alone reveals through Itself the perfection of the idea of the Primordial Source.

All subsequent layers of Russian Dolls look up to this standard in their mentality. They co-tune with it not only spiritually, but also energetically. And they even check, as with a tuning fork, their vibrational sound (vibes signature).

As we move away from the center of thought-making, from the Source, the Worlds begin to violate the primordial harmony for various reasons. As a consequence, their vibrational signature changes, the sound changes, the melodicism distorts.

But they are all connected in one way or another by the Attention Ray of Source. Each planet is strung on Its Rays like beads in a necklace.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Source's Attention Rays
Source’s Attention Rays

The Matrix Of The Absolute

These Rays spiritualizes the matter of the planets, infuses it with Its Consciousness, fertilize it.

In some currents of Hinduism, the principle of the union of Spirit (the Male Foundation) and matter (the Female Foundation) was called the Cosmic Lingam. In Christianity, the union of Spirit and matter was called more chaste – bride and groom. But the meaning is the same.

Matter deprived of its spiritual component is empty, painful, weak, and joyless. It does not sing, it does not sound. It is silent. It is Spirit that fills matter with its meaning, its life-giving power, and its constructive principle. The harmonious dance of the Feminine and Masculine Foundations is accompanied by the melody of Love, by music, by sound.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Melody Of Love
Melody Of Love

The Matrix Of The Absolute

Our planet for the last millennia has been in the very last realm of the Universe, the third-density world. It is not our territory, this is animal space.

The first level of the visible light spectrum is the frequency of the mineral kingdoms. The second level is the frequency of the plant kingdoms. The third level is the animal kingdom.

The human world must evolve at the fourth frequency level of the visible light spectrum (at least). It must not fall into the third. For a Shining Being, this is degradation.

In the third dimension, matter exists in a very dense, compressed to the limit, unconscious form, with a low frequency of vibration.

Our bodies, too, have become like that over time. We, spiritual beings, sons and daughters of Source, have been virtually blocked from receiving the life-giving cosmic Light energy of Spirit into our cells. We have lost the ability to spiritualize our bodies.

Besides, Earth was trapped in a dark pocket of the Galaxy, in a time loop. We were forced into a closed system of 3D Matrix-illusion, artificially created by the Archons and their parasitic civilizations.

We have been separated from the general body of the Universe, from the Whole, for millennia. We were even indoctrinated that we are descended from an ape.

But for the past decades, Earth has been rapidly emerging from the loop-trap. And recently it moved from the outer torus of the Galaxy to the inner torus, back to our previous home harbor.

Now the Radiant Light returns to the planet, bringing with it the energies of the Higher Spheres. The spatial fabric is spiritualized, enlivened, and begins to sound. This is why many of us through clairaudience began to hear this unusual music.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Shining Light
Shining Light

The Matrix Of The Absolute

Especially numerous cases of clairaudience of the music of spheres began to occur in people with the onset of the New Galactic Year when portals of higher dimensions began to open.

With its operations, Galacom prepares the space around us for the division of realities into 3D, 4D, and 5D. Before that, we were all boiling and stirring in the same energy soup, forcibly blended to the average loony bin temperature.

In December 2020, however, the scenario changed. Very soon, three different realities, each with its vibration and sound, will be open in the same space-time continuum. Therefore, people will be able to hear the call of their own space, their frequency.

One more nuance. If we have become SUSTAINED to hear the music of the spheres, it’s no accident. We resonate from within with the energy coming from the Source.

This is a sign of reaching the necessary level of frequencies in the cells of our body. Congratulations, we resound.

Why? It is because rebirth of Light has begun in our bodies.

The word “Light” is not an allegorical image at all. Our ancestors used to shine, like the sun. There were sources in the cells of their bodies that generated and released a huge potential of radiant energy through the intercellular space.

Now the mitochondria of our cells have taken over the function of reviving the source of Light. The process has started: we are returning to luminescence!

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Returning To Luminescence
Returning To Luminescence

The Matrix Of The Absolute

In addition to clairaudience, numerous other abilities are opening in parallel. These include clairvoyance – people see the Subtle Planes and their inhabitants; super tactility – read information through touch; clairaudience – receive information from outside as well as from within, and intuition. Others include empathy, foresight, self-healing, sudden insights, awareness, and self-determination.

Many raise their freqs without realizing it. Each Soul has its keys to open the door to a new reality.

It turns out that the children, too, have begun to hear the music of the spheres. It is good that in many families everyone knows about multidimensionality, including grandchildren, about the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions, about our great past, and the great future. Such knowledge can be very useful now.

Parents should be prepared that their children may one day suddenly see a new magical reality. And there is no need to worry. As our intuition tells us, it won’t scare our children in the slightest…

On March 30, 2021, the Unified Hierarchical Channel received new information about the Absolute.

At present, our Absolute is preparing to radically change Her manifestation in the Local Universe.

Initially, Absolute has been manifested in our Local Universe in a non-equilibrium manner. Feminine Foundation was a priori dominant, for it was so with the Absolute Herself.

Male Foundation, being originally manifested in our Universe through Female Foundation, was a priori defective.

It has had grave consequences. Male Foundation, sensing its inferiority, has, throughout the history of the Local Universe, attempted to dominate, belittle, and diminish the Female Foundation in every way possible.

Instead of the creation and manifestation of a dipole pair (the union of feminine and masculine), two twin brothers were born as a Local Universe’s Co-Creators. One of them soon betrayed Source, crossed over to the Dark Side, and began to build his Black Empire which DNI told a lot about.

The Matrix Of The Absolute - Feminine And Masculine Foundations
Feminine And Masculine Foundations

The Matrix Of The Absolute

All of this is now in the past. Soon our renewed Dipole Absolute will conduct the manifestation of Her Foundations into the Universe in a new quality.

Feminine Foundation will be manifested 100% through the Absolutella, a name got as a result of the past Local Universe’s by termination, and moving from the Second up to the Third Hierarchical Level of the Absolutes.

Male Foundation in Her will manifest itself 100% through Absoluttellos, the name of Her Dipole half which is now common to both parts.

Mirroring the same pattern, this action will also take place in the Universe of the Male Dipole Absolute.

In the new Matrix, there will no longer be a confrontation and struggle between Male and Female, Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Higher versus Lower, and so on. There will be no duality in the Matrix of the new Local Universe.

It all means that the future Local Universe from the begging will be perfectly balanced to continue evolution in a harmonious scenario, including our Earth.


(To be continued)

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