The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies - Dr. Schavi

The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies

The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

The “Magnetosphere” is the upper atmosphere surrounding Earth/Gaia which is often affected by “charged particles” from the Sun which are driven to the planet by solar winds.

When solar winds are strong, the “charged particles” have a more intensified result.

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The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies - Magnetosphere


The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies

According to much scientific research, normal solar wind speeds are between 300 and 400 km/s (kilometers per second), but other scientific studies indicate that normal solar wind speeds are between 250 and 350 km/s.

Regardless of the “correct” figure, both systems indicate that the solar winds stream throughout our galaxy at well over millions of miles per hour.

The “charged particles” that they bring are comprised of photons, electrons, carbon dioxide gases, and other substances which reside in solar flares.

The Sun of our galaxy receives its energetics from the “Great Central Sun”—a bright vortex of LIGHT that serves as a gateway.

The human physical vessel also has a “Magnetosphere”.

It is the Vibrational Frequency (oscillation of energy or movement of life force) surrounding it comprised of twelve circular vortices of energy.

When outside forces affect this human “Magnetosphere”, human thoughts and emotions are activated, and particular types of physicality develop.

For example, when a person is the receiver of a good deed or when a person performs a good deed, or even when we merely observe a good deed being done, a hormone which is called “Anandamide” (from the Sanskrit term “Ananda” which translates as “Bliss”) is released into the cellular structure.

The result of this is a sense of happiness and peace and literal revitalization.

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In other words, we can be healthier by not just receiving the kindness of others, but by doing kind acts and also by witnessing them being done.

The opposite is also true.

People can feel angry, forlorn, depressed, anxious, etc. if they are the receivers of evil actions, if they perform them, and even if they see them being perpetuated.

SOURCE allows free will to be a “certificate of permission” to think, feel, or to act in the manner that we choose.

However, the side effect is that we either suffer consequences or enjoy blessings by our choices.

This is “Karma”—cause and effect–which can either be good or bad.

Prayer and meditation is also revitalizing because we are in direct connection to the ethereal realm of SOURCE.

As Proverbs 15, verse 30 states in the scripture known as HOLY BIBLE: “Have awe in God, and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.”

As Sri Krishna teaches in the BHAGAVAD GITA: “Those who preserve the Dharma are protected by the Dharma. Do not fear.”

The word “Dharma” translates as “Path” or “Way” and refers to the sacred principles which were Divinely-revealed to the ancient “Rishis” (“Sages”) via the process called “sruti”—“to hear”— that involves a special deep ritualistic process.

As Tehuti (Thoth) said and recorded in the EMERALD TABLET: “The Mind of God comes unto those who are holy, good, pure, and merciful.”

Other world scriptures relay the same teachings in their various languages.

The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies - Human Magnetosphere

Human Magnetosphere

The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies

The Divine revelations of SOURCE creates a “Magnetosphere” in everything in existence. Even a bee affects the “Magnetosphere” of a flower during the pollination process to produce delicious and nutritious honey.

The “Magnetosphere” of Earth/Gaia is, of course, the greater arena of vibratory power of our consideration in this particular discourse because based upon how it is affected, so are we affected as well.

Currently, solar flares, solar winds, and coronal mass ejections are building in strength as they tend to do during certain portals of cosmic energy such as during seasonal changes, during New and Full Moons, during major planetary retrogrades and direct motions, and during “stelliums” which is when three or more planets occupy the same astrological sign.

Subsequently, LIGHT ACTIVATION SYMPTOMS (LAS) can also build in intensity at such times due to the cosmic action upon the physical vessel’s “Magnetosphere” which is penetrated and acts then upon the nervous system.. Envision twelve sparkling vibrating circles around your body.

Each one comes closer to the material form with the most outer circle being approximately three feet out from your physical body.

The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies - Light Actvation Symptoms

Light Activation Symptoms

The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies

However, Yogis and Yoginis and Tibetan Monks can have a “Magnetosphere” that stretches far beyond this—even outwards of many more than three feet and even into many miles.

Thus, they have the capability of affecting others in amazing ways.

Often, their distance healing power is astounding. To have a prayer mala activated by such an individual is a wonderful blessing.

However, everyone can affect others by just being within three feet of them. Imagine, therefore, how we are being affected by everything around us–both inside our homes as well as in our offices or outside in the general air around us.

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions have an effect upon our entire existence on Earth/Gaia and throughout the galaxy.

Yes, we are indeed this powerful, and many do not realize this.

No, we are not as powerful as the SOURCE that created us. It is misplaced ego to think so.

However, we certainly do have quite an array of capabilities, and as the LIGHT increases within us, these capabilities will also increase.

We will seem to be like the small “g” in Yeshua Ha Messiah’s teachings when he said: “Know ye not that ye are gods?”

It is important to strengthen our “Magnetosphere”—the vibrational field surrounding our physical vessels— via our spiritual practices according to our preferred paths, but also we should perform the process of bringing down our “PiIlar of Light”.

The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies - Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness

The Magnetosphere And Personal Vibrational Frequencies

I repeat the teaching on this especially for those who are new to the process.

Envision LIGHT streaming down from the Great Central Sun into the Sun of our galaxy and into Earth and surrounding you from your crown to your feet.

Take slow deep breaths while doing this, and have your hands and arms outstretched.

When you are enveloped in LIGHT, allow yourself to bathe in it for several moments.

Then send the LIGHT back up and out into the cosmos.

Now say: “I am blessed by SOURCE LIGHT!”

This ritual is both healing and protective, and as just mentioned, it enriches and seals your personal “Magnetosphere” so that you are less likely to be penetrated by disharmonious energies coming from others.

However, if you are in the vicinity of someone’s disharmony, quickly say to yourself “I am blessed by SOURCE LIGHT”.

This will be a reminder to your consciousness (your HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS already knows) that you are surrounded by LIGHT because you performed the complete ritual before you left home.

The more that each of us does our part to engage SOURCE LIGHT for the sealing of our “Magnetosphere”, the faster that we can help to crystallize our existence and to traverse the stars at will because we will have deflected away from us dense, disharmonious, erratic energy coming from others.

The addition of having good thoughts, peaceful emotions, and doing good deeds adds to our “LIGHT QUOTIENT” (LQ).

Sounds like science fiction? The Avatars, Prophets, Sages, Saints, Devas, Devis, and Angels would disagree with you.

In this “Now”, even traditional scientists are daily being astounded in their research and thereby having shown to them that what they thought was impossible is and always was the TRUTH.

Many are reading and receiving knowledge from the ancient scriptures, especially those of the Vedic civilization.

We are more than we thought we were and not yet what we shall be.

Remember another teaching of Yeshua Ha Messiah: “And greater works than these shall ye do.”

We are intertwined in a sacred dance with Earth/Gaia and the entire galaxy.

We are dancing to the rhythms of cosmic frequencies playing the tunes of the “Symphony of LIGHT”.

We are being given an introduction to the “Golden Age Concerto” when we will be fully playing as a collective orchestra.

The operatic song is called COSMIC MAGNETOSPHERE OF LIGHT.

“Sarvesham Savastu Bhavatu!” (“May there be wellbeing in all”)!

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Some time ago, people were interested in acquiring the texts I often refer to in my articles. Thus, for anyone who is interested in detail, here is one of the best companies from which to obtain books about ancient Vedic wisdom. (Click on the image)

Upanishads - Ancient Vedic Wisdom

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The Light In This “Now” – Dr. Schavi

When any entity (which includes earthly humans) attempts to say how old the cosmos truly is with all of its planets, galaxies, and universes, only speculation is possible for the age of the space/time continuum is a mystery relegated only to SOURCE who is timeless, eternal, and therefore, immortal.

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The Solar Surge – Prepare For Lift-Off – Dr. Schavi

A “CME” is a release of sub-atomic charged Plasma Particles of radiation from the Sun which, whether or not they are directly aimed at our planet, still affect it such as causing technological black-outs as well as the familiar “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS). However, when a CME definitely does indeed directly surge to the planet, its effects are even more profound. Its ionization strength or radiation intensely flows into the geomagnetic field.

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