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The Luciferian Cult | Death Cult Ideology Part 3

The Luciferian Cult

Death Cult Ideology

Part 3

The Luciferian Cult. By Lisa Renee.

The Luciferian cult pass their own kids around for programming and sexual abuse for the purpose of preparing them to carry on the activities of the cult, as these children will rise to power one day and be required to rule with an iron fist.

Ritual abuse is the systematic destruction of neurons in the brain, which help progress natural human characteristics. This kills the human heart and turns it black.

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A heart center devoid of love, compassion and truth, and authentic being; this severely damages the lightbody by creating holes and tears in the layers, creating bindings between the person and demonic entities on the astral plane for the purpose of generating attachments and possession in that individual, to incite the trauma needed for maximum damage of the human consciousness.

They repeat the trauma over and over to literally create brain damage so that the child’s brain will not develop properly into adulthood, because the actual neurons have been burned out from the intense voltage of the traumatic experiences that they have had, and this burns out the circuits in the brain.

The trauma, mind control, and physical abuse repeated during childhood is how psychopaths and serial killers can actually be molded, shaped, and generated into adulthood.

The Luciferian Cult - Death Cult Ideology

Death Cult Ideology – Fashion

The Luciferian Cult

This is the result they want, and this is very hard for a sane person to understand.

But we need to wake up to this and try to understand it, because we are being ruled and governed by these people who have split personalities, alternate personalities running the show, as well as partial to full possessions while this activity is happening behind the scenes in secret.

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The Luciferian Cult - Luciferian and Satanic cults

Luciferian And Satanic Cults

The Luciferian Cult

The Luciferian and Satanic cults have devised specific blueprints for ritual abuse, mind control to systematically create psychopaths from specific methodical and premeditated abuses that can program certain characteristics that the cult can exploit for their agenda.

As a result, they have shaped demoralizing and dehumanizing spiritual beliefs and spiritual systems into this world, because they are aware spiritual suffering causes a culture to be damaged and weakened.

Therefore they can exploit, control, and manipulate humanity through their deceptions.

Most people are unaware of the level of deceptions we have been exposed to.

We are lied to about pretty much everything, and that is happening in the global scape in order to shape a narrative that controls our perception of this reality.

We are starting to see more of how this happens, such as through the mainstream media, entertainment.

It is becoming more and more obvious that we do not have independent journalistic news, but news was replaced with propaganda and consumerism a long time ago.

Apply this media deception to these people, as it is very similar, and how they keep appearances to deceive the population into believing their outer projections.

They are well aware truth does not matter, it is only the perception that matters, and they are masters of disguise, masters of falsity, masters of deception at levels most of us cannot even begin to fathom.

Telling lies is like a sacrament to Luciferians; the more they can lie and deceive people outside of the cult, and those people believe those lies, the more proud of themselves they are, and they raise higher in rank in the cult.

They create a façade of charitable organizations or, let’s say a charity to help children, when in actuality it is a shell company designed for money laundering, child trafficking and pedophilia, and they congratulate themselves on a job well done.

When we give money to their cause they think of us as stupid sheep or cattle, which gives them full consent to carry out their criminal activities.

Unaware people give their consent to them and their organizations, and as a result we become complicit by supporting their narrative; we enable them to engage in child trafficking or pedophilia, because it would not happen without our participation or looking the other way.

Thus, they cultivate gullibility and take advantage of human kindness and gullibility in order to manufacture consent in those people that are being mind controlled to actually support the death cult’s nefarious plans. Until we wake up to see these deceptions and manipulation tactics in action, or are willing to be more responsible in our interactions with these types of organizations, the situation will not change.

In this context knowledge is power and this is why I am committed to educate the public on these particular matters, as they are very unpleasant to most. But more of us need to see this; more of us need to understand how these people in power are, and how they act in the cult, how they think, and how it relates to the control given to them by the NAA.

The Controllers based in Luciferian or Satanic power is contingent upon their deceptions working on us, that they deceive us with false beliefs, and then manifesting that narrative of deception out into the world which we believe is truthful.

We must take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, paying more attention, educating ourselves, increasing awareness in order to unlock the consciousness traps they set for us every day through masterful deceptions and manipulations.

The disembodied Luciferian and Satanic forces feed on the energy of human beings, they feed on our soul and emotions.

This energy, when they’re stealing it from our lightbody is called loosh.

Compassion – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 3 – Lisa Renee

Compassion – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 3 – Lisa Renee

Compassion is different than love and for a lot of us, we may not have known what love is. As we go deeper into our spiritual meditations and reflections, when we open our heart deeply, we will experience a force of love inside our heart that was unknown to us previously. Because we didn’t know it, we didn’t know it existed. But it does, it exists inside of us.

Hidden Intergalactic Conflict – Lisa Renee

Hidden Intergalactic Conflict – Lisa Renee

Humanity is in the midst of a hidden intergalactic conflict over personal sovereignty and spiritual freedom that is becoming increasingly visible in the physical material world when observing the current global events. This is a time of heightened spiritual warfare against all aspects of human freedom.

Dark Arts Training – Lisa Renee

Dark Arts Training – Lisa Renee

Dark Arts Training – This term refers to a period in your life where you are pushed, usually through some sort of suffering, to go beyond your current frame of reference in order to fully comprehend what is happening to you. People at this stage may start to register there are energetic forces around them or influencing them and that awareness can be felt or sensed in different ways. Sometimes, this means pulling back the veil that hides negative alien interference in human evolution.

Absurdism – Lisa Renee

Absurdism – Lisa Renee

As we emerge from a dark aeon, we have a better vantage point from which to view just how decrepit and destructive the thoughtforms of the past mind-controlled reality had become. During this massive shift of the ages these constructs are slowly losing integrity, allowing much more freedom to move out of highly controlled structures and thoughts forms.

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The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of worse men.


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