The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization - Lisa Renee

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization – By Lisa Renee

As the ascension and disclosure experiences are becoming more amplified, we are slowly starting to recover The Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization, which reveals highly refined periods of living in harmony with natural laws, to promote beautiful and healing environments supportive of consciousness expansion and unity intelligence.

This is a momentous time for human liberation. Yet, it is also a time of awakening into greater realizations of betrayal that may be prevalent in many situations as they are being revealed to us.

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Trying to find balance within the expansions and contractions of this rebirthing process as it is transpiring in the midst of a hidden war over consciousness, is stretching many of us to the outer limits at this time.

For many years, it has been made obvious that the heliacal rising of the star Sirius during the time of the pharaoh’s observance of the new year during the Sothic cycle, generates powerful effects in the planetary grid network in current times.

Many worldwide events, wars, tragedies and timeline shifts have occurred in the collective consciousness within this small window of time.

The start of the new year coincided with the heliacal rising which was during mid-July, in which the date stamp of July 17th repeatedly surfaces to be an historical timeline trigger event during the most prominent of the Egyptian timelines, like the important events transpiring during the 18th Dynasty.

During the phase between July 16th through July 19th on the midpoint of July 17th, we have a more direct access to the entire angelic human tribal shield genetic records which include assorted fragments of information that are connected to historical events recorded in the organic timelines.

This time portal opening is generally associated with a major consciousness shift in the future direction of timelines, and the Controllers attempt to hijack the direction of the momentum with assorted divide and conquer warfare tactics.

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization - 18th Dinasty Pharaohs

18th Dinasty Pharaohs

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization

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This opening allows us to more easily form a conduit to connect directly with other stations of identity and spiritual family from the past or future timelines.

It functions like the personal rainbow bridge to the transtime continuum that opens a clear path in order for those with the inner eyes to see, to be given the gift of spiritual vision in order to see more of the truthful events that have been hidden from us, many of which are found buried in the missing historical records.

The missing pieces of humanity’s historical records contain energetic signatures that can be tracked and found in the planetary grid network itself, which can be translated by angelic human beings that have retained some of their original DNA memory.

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization - Sirius and Canis Major

Sirius and Canis Major on 2021 Autumn Equinox at the entrance of “Grotta delle Stelle” in Central Italy

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization

There are also many records comprised of physical evidence, artifacts and ancient writings that have been purposely hidden from the public by those serving the Luciferian Covenant and ongoing Atlantian conspiracy.

However, the biggest problem with recovering our historical records is that they have been weaponized against humanity in every way possible.

These records have been the main source of the conflict in the timeline wars for thousands of years, as they open awareness to free energy devices, off planet origins and are connected to recovering and reclaiming The Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization.

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization - Migrations And Galactic Wars

Migrations And Galactic Wars

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization

In 2021 the heliacal rising of Sirius actually begins on August 11th’s magnetic peak cycle; and it has been clarified that with this astronomical event another stage of great bifurcation is upon us.

The surfacing of the next level of historical records actually shifts timelines into an organic alignment of ascension-disclosure, and this is transpiring in the collective consciousness in which the monadic family is making decisions upon the future evolutionary direction of their entire spiritual family.

There are many varieties of star families that are the original source of monadic lineages incarnated on the Earth through different Ray systems, and thus the decision is based upon the maximization of future evolutionary growth potentials.

The intensity of this stage of the bifurcation brings many more cracks to see through the façade of the mainstream deceptions, as the propagandists are desperate to blare the foghorns of fear throughout the masses to keep them marching towards the desired goals of mass genocide carried out by the nonhuman Controllers.

Indeed, there are areas that pose higher risk and are even dangerous as descending hubs, and we must be careful to pay attention to where our inner spirit is guiding us.

A line was drawn in the sand on 7-7 between the spiritual warriors for Christos and those serving the anti-Christ spirit, in which rounds of aggressive technological warfare have been targeted to many spiritual groups, spiritual communities and newly awakening individuals.

This could be compared to the next generation of weaponry in deploying asymmetrical warfare, using surprise ambush attacks targeting many different groups.

We are witnessing another level of covert high technological weaponry of extremely insidious mind control tactics along with the intimidation rhetoric, being used to mandate the injection of a bio-weapon.

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization - Sirius Stellar System

Sirius Stellar System

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization

This is another heightened level of spiritual warfare which can have serious impacts on the mental health of those caught in its crossfire. Thus, all means of spiritual edification through prayer, meditation, inner study and developing a passionate connection with God and Cosmic Christos to guide you in divine alignment and divine location is the best defense.

As we move into the upcoming gateway of the heliacal rising of Sirius leading into the magnetic peak cycle, it opens the access into more of the timelines of The Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization. This has energetic impacts which support the alignment for collective awareness of free energy sources, and the many advanced technologies that we used before the intruders invaded.

To combat this from occurring there is an obvious retaliation to all of those groups working for the disclosure of such technologies as well as aggressive attempts to erase and distort the more accurate accounts of our previous history.

We are in the midst of another global attempt made by the Power Elite to erase recent history; young children are already undergoing another level of trauma-based mind controlled public indoctrination of falsified histories as written by the Controller’s narrative.

The NAA mind control weaponry has been accelerated into another quality completely and this is sourcing from the red cube matrix designed by Wesa black hole entities, in which the prime headquarters for its nested operations has been identified underground in the Carpathian Basin.

Sadly, this appears to be some of the most treacherous and insidious mind control programming broadcasts of fanaticism, zealotry, radicalism with misguided and violent types of hero-saviorism that are laced with pure poison, in order to generate as much harm to those involved as possible.

Those that are deeply emotionally wounded, traumatized and with addiction problems tend to be more easily manipulated in order to be used as sleepers for dark portal possession and pawns for carrying out asymmetrical spiritual warfare for divide and conquer methods.

Sadly, this appears to be happening more often as an overwhelming level of disinformation is being dropped to rouse confusion and distraction, to derail groups and the greater population from staying in alignment with truth when over the target.

To reveal lies we must stay in the truth of our core spirit which shines the bright light on the darkness which can only survive in the shadows of ignorance.

Although it can be tough out there navigating in the control matrix and its propagation of blatant lies and deceptions, very important breakthroughs are occurring in the field which hold many incredibly positive revelations about our past, as keys to remembering The Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization.

All over the world more hidden truths are revealing on a range of topics that are slowly coming into view through concerned groups that are growing larger by the day, which are public citizen investigators sharing their research findings.

It is the concerned public citizen with powers of critical thinking and investigative inquiry that desire to find the truth, that begin to ask the right questions of the control narrative we’ve been told.

As a result of these groups investigative efforts and sharing their research online with others this generates a big ripple effect for disclosure, this starts to uncover inconsistencies, obvious cover stories, wrong and mismatched dates of supposed events in our history.

The spirit of truth seeking lays the groundwork for revealing the many lies and deceptions that the human race has been told by the supposed authorities put in charge of telling us about our history, timelines, wars, public figures, presidents, inventors, artists and so forth, which begins to bring clarity to the many tall tales told about the origins of ancient civilizations on the Earth, and how this supposedly led humanity into the current culture.

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Absurdism – Lisa Renee

Absurdism – Lisa Renee

As we emerge from a dark aeon, we have a better vantage point from which to view just how decrepit and destructive the thoughtforms of the past mind-controlled reality had become. During this massive shift of the ages these constructs are slowly losing integrity, allowing much more freedom to move out of highly controlled structures and thoughts forms.

Self Esteem Makes Better Choices – Lisa Renee

Self Esteem Makes Better Choices – Lisa Renee

The outer chaos is slowly escalating into the next stages of revealing more pieces of the collective trigger event. Yet for many of us that have been observing the controller agenda unfold and watch its narrative slowly dismantle, the psychological and emotional pressure for those awake to these events has been incredibly intense and sometimes overwhelming.

Chartres Cathedral Ritual – Cathedral Activation Part 7 – Lisa Renee

Chartres Cathedral Ritual – Cathedral Activation Part 7 – Lisa Renee

Through the evocation of the beloved Holy Mother Sophia in her Solar Female Christos-Sophia emanation and by invoking her sacred Ankh mysteries, another section of her Triple Solar Goddess body was unearthed from the decaying dead elemental bindings and risen through the element of sacred divine fire water through the consecrated Cosmic Aether ritual.

Sisters of Avalon – Cathedral Activation Part 6 – Lisa Renee

Sisters of Avalon – Cathedral Activation Part 6 – Lisa Renee

During the Yeshua and Mary Sophia Iron Age Christos Mission, they held 8D hierogamic union and were able to produce children. Their female descendants were known to have retained the Dragon Queen bloodlines of Avalon, and their male descendants became known as the Fisher Kings in Gaul, which later became France.

Fallen Annunaki Shapeshifters – Cathedral Activation Part 5 – Lisa Renee

Fallen Annunaki Shapeshifters – Cathedral Activation Part 5 – Lisa Renee

Not unlike what is occurring now, 5,500 years ago the NAA invaders began systematically destroying the existing historical records, cultures, artifacts and monuments of ancient builder structures in order to obliterate the existence of the angelic human past and the evidence of the Diamond Sun Solar Dragon bloodlines, as the genesis of the original Celtic Grail Kings from Hyperborea, Tiamat and Venus.

Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings and Disinformation Campaign – Lisa Renee

Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings and Disinformation Campaign – Lisa Renee

The authentic Celtic Essene groups from Hyperborea were the progenitors of the original Nazarene Christos teachings, preserving the knowledge of the original Diamond Sun templar locations, male and female Christos-Sophia lines, historical and angelic human genetic records for Earth while she was under dark siege.

Celtic Druid Grail Bloodlines – Cathedral Activation Part 3 –  Lisa Renee

Celtic Druid Grail Bloodlines – Cathedral Activation Part 3 – Lisa Renee

From approximately 22,000 years ago until the more recent histories of nonhuman entity invasion to subvert and takeover the Christos angelic human DNA, the Celtic-Druid grail bloodlines organized and went underground to hide and protect the genetic records and gnostic wisdom of the original Maji grail lines, as well as the ancient texts of the Solar Dragon Kings.

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